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Dick at Nite Show - Feat. Marvin from BB5 8-23-12 #BB14

This episode of Dick at Nite was taped just after the double eviction last Thursday night.  Dick's guests tonight were James Rhine (BB6 & BB7), Annie Whittington (BB12) and Marvin Latimer (BB5).

This is Marvin's first appearance on Dick at Nite--Dick has been trying for years to get Marvin as a guest.  If you don't know who Marvin is, you're really missing out.  He is one of the funniest people to ever be on Big Brother.  I was constantly laughing at him on the live feeds.  They had to water him down quite a bit for the CBS show, but he was profane, witty, and unafraid to say whatever, whenever.  He was a large black man and was famous for wearing cheesy necklaces and chewing on some type of cigarillo.  Also for cursing constantly.  He is a mortician from South Carolina and did a lot of cooking in the BB house.  He always wanted his own cooking show.


1.  Annie has her natural blonde hair color tonight.  BB asked her to dye her hair brown for the show.  They already had two blondes on the show--Britney and Kathy, so one of them had to change.  Annie is from Chicago, I think, and she and James Rhine are sitting on his bed for this appearance.  Annie is a lesbian so we know this is one girl that James hasn't banged.  I guess.  She is so pretty, and so naturally thin.

 2.  Dick introduces Marvin as the "only real black man" that was ever on BB.  I wish I could type exactly what Marvin says, but it would lose something in the translation and I'm sure I would end up getting blamed.  Suffice to say that Marvin throws the N word around better than any comedian.  For example, he says that "people say I was the only 100% "N" on the show!"

James wants to know why Marvin is drinking a Corona tonight and not a "40 out of a paper bag".  Marvin explains that he had a 40 before the show tonight, to get ready.  Here he is, taking a swig of his beer.

 Marvin also has his cigarello thing, too.  I think it is called a Swisher Sweet.  Damn I love Marvin.  He and Frank would have a GREAT time in the BB house.  You know, rappin' and cussin'.  Maybe smokin' a little...

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3.  Marvin corrects Evel Dick by saying it 's not just "James", it's "Super Model James Rhine".  James says thanks and smiles but then Marvin said he heard James was "dating Drew from his season".

This brought up a discussion of Drew Daniel and his recent arrest for "domestic battery".  Dick asks Marvin if Drew ever formally came out of the closet---everyone seems to think this has happened yet there is no definitive proof.  Marvin says he thought he was gay while he was "dating Diane" so he's not much help.

Dick says that of all the people to play BB, Jase Wirey from BB5 seemed to have the biggest expectations about becoming a star from appearing on the show.    Marvin laughs and said that "Dr. Zachary tells you, don't expect to blow up after this!  You won't make any money!"

(Jase used to talk about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston watching him on the live feeds.  He said he thought Brad would offer him a role in a movie.  True story.)

4.  They finally get around to BB14.  James thinks that Mike Boogie's biggest downfall was going for the $10K and not HOH.  If he was in Frank's shoes, he would have been making some side alliances immediately after his partner made such a selfish decision.

Dick:  James, you did that every fuckin' time you've played Big Brother!  You had side alliances on top of side alliances!

They all laugh.  Annie has very little to say---one of the only things I remember her saying was when Dick made a disparaging comment about his daughter Daniele.  Annie said, "don't you talk about my wife Daniele!"

They discussed the purported cheating during the POV player pick.  Dick says that when these segments are filmed, you often have to do things over because the audio didn't pick up, etc.  His understanding is that Frank had to re-film his POV pick so they asked him to palm the House Guest so he could pull it out again.

 5.  Dick's phone rings and he shows us who is calling.  It's Amy Crews from BB3.  Jun Song was supposed to appear tonight and had a change in plans.  Dick called her to appear but she's too late now since the show is underway.

Marvin says who is that?, and James says it's the "Cheese Girl" from BB3.  (Amy always talked about how much she loved cheese.)

Marvin has been watching the show this year, and also the live feeds too, I think.  He says that he thinks the show should change the rules so that everybody plays for the POV every week.  That way people won't be able to float and avoid responsibility for so long, and it will prevent guys like James and Frank from getting backdoored out of the game.

They all agree with that.  Marvin says Frank is a fighting machine and that he's "on the juice or some shit".  James says that he's like Samson with that hair and Marvin says "Frank looks like a Breck girl!"

They all crack up at Marvin.  He just has a way of saying simple things in a hilarious fashion.

6.  Dick asks Marvin if he knows who Frank's dad is.  Marvin is a wrestling fan so Dick tells him Frank's dad is Sid Vicious or Psycho Sid.  Dick mentions seeing a video of Sid breaking the shit out of his leg in the wrestling ring.  He pulled up a still of this to show the group.  That is his left leg you see, broken and pointing in the wrong direction.

OK I found the video for you, but beware it is pretty gross to watch.  I wonder if Frank was in the audience that night?

7.  Now they discuss how high Ashley was on tonight's show.  Annie wanted to know which P.A. was giving Ashley pot in the BB house.  Marvin said it seemed more like Oxycontin and Ed says it looks like some sort of opiate muscle relaxer.  He says she was on muscle relaxers since the first bed competition.

I don't know about you, but I think I will go with Evel Dick's assessment, for obvious reasons.

They all loved Britney's goodbye message to Mike Boogie, saying that almost justified her casting this year.  They also loved Ian's goodbye message and Marvin gives him big props for that TV moment. 

Marvin said it was obvious that Ian was playing both sides, and it was Mike Boogie's fault that he didn't see that.

Marvin. Stevie Wonder could have seen that shit!

(ha ha ha)

8.  Ed says he's totally over Dan now, and he's so obviously "sucking the dick of Janelle's fanbase" right now with his comments to Julie Chen when placing his votes.  (This was before Dan pulled his big move last weekend.)  They mock Mike Boogie "tebowing" at the door when he left.  (I didn't realize that was what he did.)

Now Ed plays "tribute" to Scott Long from BB5, and shows the group a tape of Scott on the VH1 show The Surreal Life.  This show was an extremely cheesey BB rip off, but with washed up D-List celebrities who lived together for a few weeks.  I don't think there were any prizes involved, or even a winner.  Apparently Scott competed with three other "reality guys" to be chosen by the current cast to join them in the Surreal Life house.

He showed them a few still pictures of the video, where Scott tried to be sexy but apparently did not check the back of his pants before appearing that day.

James says this is why Annie doesn't date men anymore.  Well, you know I found this video for you, too.  I'm not proud of that, but here it is.

I feel like a need a shower now.  Or maybe a Wet Wipe.  I have to say that in the Big Brother of today we see house guests trying to hide their prestigious jobs.  Like Kara the Playboy model, or Andrew the podiatrist, or Danielle the Nurse.  But Scott Long went in the BB5 house saying he was an NFL football player.  I think someone on the internet found out that he played on a Steelers practice team once, but that was about it.  I think Scott Long thought he would be a big star, too, like his buddy Jase.

Sorry for the gross videos today.  Marvin has a local talk show that appears on ABC affiliates.  I found a link from last December that discusses the show.  I'm going to try and find it in my market, but I don't think that will be an easy task.

Love you Marvin!  I'm a big fan, a big fan.

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  1. Are you going to keep posting recaps of Dick at a Nite shows post season such as episodes with Ian, Frank, Dan, ect?


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