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Dick at Nite Show - 8-12-12 Feat. Kara Monaco & Jodi Rollins #BB14

This episode was taped on Sunday night and includes a Big Brother Star-Studded panel of James Rhine (BB6 & BB7), Russell Kairouz (BB11), as well as Kara Monaco and Jodi Rollins who were both evicted this year from BB14.

Once again they played the intro in a corner of the screen and could see the panel watching it.  I feel like I haven't seen Kara in a long, long time.  Russell was late and then showed up with a big glass of white wine.  When I first saw that pop-up window in the middle of the second picture below I freaked out, thinking that Russell was calling me.  

Hint:  I would not have accepted the call.

 1.  For some reason Dick starts out talking about BB9 and what a disaster that was.  Then he compares that show to BB14, and how the newbies got screwed this year just like they did back then.  (In BB9 the house guests were unexpectedly teamed up by Production.)

Now Jodi says she was prepared to do "whatever she had to do" to stay in the house.  And she says she was kind of glad to be picked last for a team, since that meant that no one saw her as a threat.  She made a comment that indicates she is aware that Wil is telling jokes constantly about her in the house.  (I hope we talk more about that later.)

2.  Dick brings up Jordan running across the yard in BB11 to chest bump Russell and is comparing it to Willie's headbutts, I think.  Russell says that was an entirely different situation, and then launches into a discussion about how if he were in the house, he would be targeting Mike Boogie and getting his face the way he did with Ronnie.

Dick makes it about him (of course) and starts talking about his situation with Amber in BB8 and I couldn't follow it.  Or didn't want to follow it.  Whatever.

They all agree that if they were in the house they would target Mike Boogie, except James, who says he would keep him close the entire game and then kick him out at the end.  James thinks Mike would respect that game play.  Dick doesn't give a damn who respects him, Frank and Mike would be at the top of his radar if he were in the game.

3.  Now Dick makes a slur about Kalia's eating habits last year and Jodi jumps in to defend her, saying that everyone has faults in the house---Kalia ate, Dick smoked... Dick jumps in and shows them the photo of Kalia shaving in the HOH tub and everyone is horrified when Dick puts it up on screen.  James warns Russell to look away...

Jodi says that if Kalia didn't shave, we would be talking about that, too.  Dick said he has no problem with her shaving, but she should go into a space with a door and close it before doing so.

Dick:  Where is the video of Kara shaving?

Kara:  There isn't one!

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4.  Now they get back on the topic of backdooring Janelle.  Kara thinks it was a good move because Janelle is a strong player, but Jodi doesn't understand why Danielle hated Janelle all of a sudden.  She doesn't see a real reason why Danielle didn't like her.  James says it was Boogie's move, not Danielle's.  They discuss Danielle's lies.

Dick:  Danielle is out of her mother-fucking tree!

Kara says Danielle is really young and James says , "oh, Kara is so nice".  Russell is just sitting up in that corner looking pervy, as far as I'm concerned.  Dick says Dan's wife has gotten threats regarding his treatment of Janelle---Dick thinks Danielle is going to get it even worse.

Russell:  But its some guy sitting behind his computer!  Why be scared?

James:  It's likely a 500 pound cat lady...don't be scared Danielle!

5.  Dick's email notification sound on his phone is a fart sound.  He wants us to know what that sound was.  There is a bad squeaky sound on the podcast and they can't figure out what it is. 

Dick mentions that when Chima went nuts and was ejected on BB11, Michelle Noonan's HOH reign was terminated and she got screwed over like Shane did.  Jodi says she told Shane that Frank was dangerous and needed to go.  (!)

Russell asked Dick who he would go after if he won HOH.  Dick said Boogie "because of Frank".   Now Dick brings up how Kara said on the show that she wanted Dan to win "because he was so honest".

Dick:  He 's the biggest lying motherfucker in there!

James:  No shit!

They lost Jodi and Russell at one point but then they came back.  You can see Russell chugging his white wine out of one of those Riedel stemless glasses.  Fancy.

6. They brought up Britney, and the edit she is getting from CBS to whitewash her lying and nastiness.  Dick has not seen this type of edit since Jerry from BB10, who Dick says was a nasty old man who was nothing like he seemed on CBS.   Kara had a hard time listening to Jerry's voice.

Dick says Britney has been talking shit nonstop since she came in the house.  Dick heard tonight a Flashback of Britney talking shit about Joe's kids.  Kara says she is just a Shit Talker--she was nice to Kara but talked shit about everybody all the time.

Dick:  You're either talking shit with Britney about other people, or she's talking shit about you with other people.

Jodi says that is Britney's hobby.  Dick's problem with Britney is that she'll shit talk in the DR or behind your back, but never to your face. 

7.  Now it's Danielle's turn. James thinks that CBS is trying to give her a bigger role in the house, with the showmance and all, where people like Jenn are never on TV.  Kara says that she was never around and was always hanging out alone.

James is horrified when he sees Danielle on the show with and then without makeup.

8.  Russell thinks that they need someone in the house to start controversy--they don't have anyone like that this year.  He said Willie Hantz was a "poor man's Chima".

Russell:  How long was he in there, anyway?

Dick:  Longer than Jodi!

They all laugh.  Kara was sequestered until the Coaches came back in the game, but Jodi went home a few days after her eviction.

Jodi:  What sucked, was having to go back the next day for the pool pictures!

Dick laughs at that.  She had to return to the house to shoot the cast pool photo the day after Dan gave her the boot.  Poor Jodi.

James thinks they cast the season specifically to exclude the personality types who would cause problems.  They set up the cast so that a Coach would win and knew that Willie would align with the Coaches.  He points out that Shane appeared to be a badass on the first few episodes, but now we see his real personality is much more gentle than that.  Jodi said they would know all of that from the psychological exams.

9.  Dick has a funny story to tell about that.  He had to take the psych tests numerous years each time he reached the finals (BB5 & BB6) and then again for BB8.  When he took the test again for BB13, Dr. Zachary went over the results with him and when she compared his scores she said that he was becoming less aggressive, calmer, and said that it was normal for some one who has aged 5 years.

Then she noticed that she was looking at Dani Donato's scores, not Dick's, and made him promise not to tell anybody. Dani's scores had gone up, not down!

Jodi wanted to talk crap about Dr. Zachary, saying she was weird, but Dick cut her off and said that her husband is a huge entertainment lawyer in LA.  James commented that he likes Dr. Zachary!

10.  Kara says that Wil's hair is actually curlier that Frank's, but you wouldn't know unless you lived with him.  Kara said he spent a lot of money on that hair but Dick says it looks horrible.  (not true)  Kara said he was her friend in the house, but he stabbed her "in the front"

Now they discuss Ashley and neither Jodi nor Kara knew about the S & M lawsuit.  James points out that Ashley's "boyfriend" was a 56 year old man.  James said that something was "very off" about Ashley on the last show and Dick says Ashley was "way fucked up".   They discuss her use of muscle relaxers and why she's on them.  Kara says that it was from the Have Not beds, but Jodi is shaking her head and is just dying to talk about the real reason for the pain.  Alas, they didn't go there and discuss it.

11.  Dick brings up the scene about Frank talking about his dream of JoJo and that they then badmouthed her and brought up Kara.  Russell said that that was totally irrelevant to the game and didn't matter.  Dick agrees--it was unfair to JoJo since she was out of the house.

Now they discuss Mike Boogie asking Dan if he wanted to go up as a pawn this week and how ridiculous that idea was.  They say Dan looked ill.  James says Dan would never want to go up because he fears that people are treating him the way he treats other people--lying and stabbing them in the back.  I guess James is not a member of Dan's fan club.

James is very involved in the conversation tonight.  He's still looking at his Blackberry, but is doing it on the sly and not holding it up.  He's making comments and observations, and isn't showing signs of needing to "bolt" early like he usually does.  Is it Kara James?  I'll be it is.  He could have dressed up a little, and shaved to get her attention.

12.  James says they always get all of the pretty girls out before sequester.  Kara said she tried to start an all girls alliance, but no one went for that idea.  Russell said he likes that idea, though.  (ha ha) They discuss Ian and Dick thinks as long as he goes to Jury, he'll be happy.  Jodi disagrees and says that she thinks they are underestimating Ian.  Dick overrules her and says Ian doesn't have the will to win.

Jodi says she wonders what would have happened if she had to wear the dog costume, saying what would happen if they did that to a black person on TV. (she' s not being combative, just humorous)

James:  You would never be the dog Jodi.  CBS doesn't plan to have a black person on the show longer than three weeks.

Jodi:  I would love to argue with you James, but I can't....

They all laugh.  Dick says if he was in the dog costume, he would have "taken a shit in the backyard right next to the doghouse.".  Kara laughs.

13.  Kara said they all hoped that Dick would have been a Coach.  Dick says they didn't ask him, and that they wanted Dr. Will.  He said Janelle kept calling him to ask if he had been contacted by CBS and couldn't believe he had not received the call.

Now they talk about the lemon and lime costumes they had to wear last week.   Dick said that he had a similar competition in his season, where they were dressed as cows, and that the costumes weigh at least 75 pounds when wet.  He said Jordan had a hard time with the weight of the costume, and mentions Joe just laying there in the juice. 

Jodi and Kara both agree that the comps look fun on TV, but they are very difficult in person.  James says that in BB6 they had great competitions that were physical and mental.  Then, "when Arnold left" in BB7 they had "stupid competitions where you lay there and push a button".  (I remember that ---they had to lay in graves!  That was the one where Chilltown won all of the prizes.)

Whoops-James is on the Crackberry now.  He's a busy guy.

Russell says the competitions are just like Wipe Out now and they all nod.  Jodi thinks that Big Brother needs an overhaul to make it fresh, like it used to.  Jodi says kicking someone out the first night didn't add anything to the show.  They all agree and James points out that Jodi has been a fan of the show for a long, long time and to do that to her, to put her in sequester and rearrange your life to be on the show, it's a kick in the face and was unfair.

Dick mentions the beginning of BB All Stars, where they left all of those All Stars who didn't make it on the front steps.  He thought that was cruel.  James says that those people who left that first night made about $7,000, which was more than Cowboy (BB5) made all year.

Jodi says that if they are going to kick out somebody the first night, they should have to fight and struggle to be the one to stay.  She would have fought her ass off to stay in the house.  Dick mentions the first HOH in BB6, where the cast had to sit in a tree to win a car.  That was interesting and suspenseful and fun to watch.

14.  Evel Dick asks Kara to say hello to Bridget and Sarah--he hasn't seen either of them in ages.  I guess they are Playboy bunnies.  Everyone rags on Dick for name dropping.  Earlier in the call Dick said he had "10 guys downstairs waiting for him".  They are friends who are on the way home from Sturgis and are stopping by Dick's on the way to California (I guess.).  The names included one guy from Guns N Roses, Ricki Rachtman, and some other guys I didn't know.  That doesn't mean they aren't famous, though.

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