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Dick at Nite - Feat. Ronnie Talbot & Lawon Exum 8-1-12 #BB14

Evel Dick introduces Ronnie Talbott as one of the most hated houseguests of all time.  And Lawon as the guy who thought he would get evicted and have superpowers.  This episode was taped the evening before the Coaches came back into the game.  (So they don't know yet what happened with the twist, and that Danielle won HOH.)


1.  Dick asks Ronnie who is more hated, Maggie (BB6), Natalie (BB11) or himself.  Ronnie thinks long and hard about that question.  Dick says that Maggie has disappeared and is not present on any kind of social media at all.

Lawon, clueless:  Is it that serious?

Dick:  There were death threats.  Seriously.

Ronnie:  When I put up Jeff someone threatened to cut my wife up into little pieces and throw her in the river.  It's the Jeff fans--they're psycho bitches!

Dick summarizes that Shelly was also threatened when she voted to evict Jeff.   Then he says sarcastically that most of their fans are wonderful people...or Lawonderful people.  Lawon loves that.  Lawon understood that.

2.  Dick says last year Lawon was the DR Screamer, but Joe has outdone him this year.  Lawon says last year he was excited to be there, but he doesn't know what Joe is up to.  Dick and Ronnie laugh the entire time Lawon talks.  Maybe they're laughing with him.  Uh huh.

3.  Dick says that this chef, this mothfucker, is not washing his hands when he comes out of the bathroom and everyone online is talking about it.  (ha ha ha)  Now Dick brings up that filthy porno Coach's Comp, and Lawon shows us his tongue.  Now Dick has to demonstrate his view of things.

Can you see that?  Now Dick says people online are expressing pity for Dan's wife, due to his poor oral skills.  Dick hates to be the messenger--this is just what everybody is saying.

4.  Dick brings up Michael O'Sullivan, who managed all of the competitions from BB2 through last year.  He jumped ship to the sinking ship that is Glass House.  Dick says their rating was .6 last week, and will probably adjust that downwards.  He says that Bachelor Pad runs 5 minutes over to get people to tune into Glass House and once they quantify that they will adjust the ratings down.

So Dick is blaming the new competitions on the new guy.  The POV tonight gets panned as well.  I don't remember which one Dick is talking about.  Oh it is the one where they had to keep two balls on the tracks.  Dick liked the theme and the outfits, but the execution was poor and unimaginative.

5.  Dick isn't finding the humor in Britney this year.  He thinks she is too snarky.  Lawon has to start every comment with "I'm gonna be honest wit'chu".  He feels that, to be honest wit'chu, he doesn't think people are being honest, and he's comparing that to his own season, to be honest wit'chu, and then he starts talking about his old grandfather and what he thinks about everything.

So, Lawon's grandfather feels it is "hard to follow".   Uh huh.  Here are Dick and Ronnie listening to Lawon speak.  Everyone is confused.

Lawon just saw Jenn on the show for the first time and wonders "where she at?"  Then he says they bring up her "gay moment" and he didn't like it.  Ronnie says that Ian is worried about being liked by America instead of being himself.

6. They agree that the newbies aren't getting enough camera time---we aren't getting to know them so we can root for them. 

7.  Evel Dick says that Wil is shaping up to be a worse competitor than Enzo.  And then he starts talking about Shane...let's see.  He brought up Shane's comment to Janelle about loving Chanel earrings.  (Janelle was offering her wedding ring as collateral and mentioned she had Chanel earrings and Shane immediately said 'I love Chanel earrings!')

Dick:  Maybe he thinks they will look good with his pink tops!

Even Lawon wouldn't touch that comment with a 10 foot pole.  Dick agreed to move the conversation along.   Lawon clarifies that he likes Chanel earrings too, but only for his niece.

8.  They talk about how hard the competitors were in BB13--Danielle Donato, Brendon, Rachel, Jeff.  They then compared the competitive landscape to BB14---with JoJo, Ian, Jenn, etc.  The point is that Shane is coming off as very competitive, but the field of competitors isn't that tough.

9.  Ronnie would not answer Dick's point blank question about whether he likes this season or not.  He said he is detached for the first time this year.  He is just watching it.  He says he watches BB for the drama, for the craziness and without Willie that might not be there anymore.  Ronnie says that he still has pent up disappointment from BB13 because he wanted to see Evel Dick tee off on Brendon and Rachel.

Dick points out that the fact is that Jeff said "boo" to Rachel and she went into the bushes and cried.  He thinks she would have tried to kill herself if he went after her.  He knows that he and Jeff would have gotten into it---he says Jeff has a HUGE ego but he has one too.  Dick adds that he knows how to play the game and Jeff doesn't, so there is that too.  He says Jordan is really nice, but dumb.

10.  He thinks Shane has a chance of breaking records this season because there is no competition for them.

11. Dick thinks Dan's strategy is flawed.  Everyone knows he is throwing competitions and it won't work for him.  He thinks this is going to be "the season of Janelle" and it isn't fair. (Oh Dick, if only you knew the truth...)  Dick compares James Rhine's accomplishments and says he also won a POV for Sarah his girlfriend, so he would add that win to Jame's list as well.  They think Shane could win BB based on winning POVs alone.

Ronnie pointed out that Shane won that POV because he caught the ball and held it for a second, looking over at the other chute before letting the ball go.  He is the only one who was doing that and it worked.

12.  Lawon calls the Final Two as Janelle and Mike Boogie.  Ronnie says he thinks it will be Ashley and Janelle.   Dick says no one believes Dan--he just talked to Eric Stein in Florida and Eric said talking to Dan is like talking to a used car salesman.  You have to tune him out after a couple of minutes.

Dick would like to see Dan leave before Mike Boogie.  He doesn't think they will bring any players back, and they might have to have two double evictions because there are so many players in the house.

13.  Dick doesn't like Jenn, either.  He is angry that some websites built her up to be the next Evel Dick because of the hair and tattoos.  Dick said Kittie was a "small band" but they were "big enough that he had heard of them" so he expected her to do something but she has done nothing.  Lawon has said that Jenn will go far in the house, just sitting there and Ronnie and Dick both agree.

14.  Dick says there are "retarded Big Brother fans" who are saying Frank is getting backdoored.  Dick corrects this by saying it's only a backdoor if the player did not have the ability to play for POV.  (correct)  Because Frank played in the POV, he had the opportunity to save himself so this is not a backdoor.  People seem to think that if you go on the block as the result of the POV you are getting backdoored, but this is not necessarily the case.

15.  Dick thinks there is no chance in hell that the newbies will go against the Coaches.  And this will be their downfall.

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