Monday, August 6, 2012

Dan's Web of Lies #BB14

Dan and Janelle go in the storage room to talk.  Of course Dan is wearing his red T-shirt and bandana to cover his thinning hairline.

Janelle:  Dan, what the hell happened?

Dan:  I asked her and she said you told her you didn't want to work out last night.

Janelle:  I ate too much for dinner and didn't feel well!  I can't believe that!

Dan:  I played with Memphis....we didn't have all of this female emotion bullshit.

Janelle is trying to get to the bottom of it.  She didn't even put on make up today---she was shocked to be nominated.

Janelle: I'm probably going home...

Dan:  You think?

Janelle:  Yeah.  Joe is probably working with them, and Mike and Frank.  Wil is the one who sold me down the block, too.  I need five votes.  I have Ashley, and Britney, and probably you...

Dan says that if there were discussions about this, he didn't know about it.  He doesn't want Janelle to leave.  Janelle eats a banana.

Janelle:  At least I'm against Frank, huh?  Do you think Shane will vote for me to stay?

Dan:  I think he's under Britney's control.

Janelle:  Did you tell her that if she puts me up, I'm probably going home?

Dan:  We didn't even talk about this.

The camera closes in on Dan the Liar.   I guess it's okay with Jesus if Dan lies, huh?  I mean, because he's so into prayer and all.  I guess he cleared that ahead of time.

Ian came in to get some food and took it quickly.

Janelle is disecting everything that Danielle told her and she'll figure it out soon.  She mentions that Danielle told her "one person after another" came upstairs and told her that Janelle is coming after her.

Dan is worried about getting caught.  You can see it in his face. 

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