Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dan's Not Feeling the Music, Apparently #BB14

He's one of the whitest white guys I've ever seen.  Dan would probably consider that a compliment, too.  He is pacing back and forth while the music plays.  He doesn't even walk to the music.  He doesn't bob his head.

He didn't do that last night, either.  Even with his own strobe light and disco mirrored ball.  WTF is wrong with Dan?  It would have been fun to see someone go in there who can dance and have some fun with it, but Dan is in a special kind of hell now.  He knows his options to stay in the game are fading fast...

And here's what I've been waiting to see---an update on Dan's party cake.  Dan's put quite a hurting on that cake, huh?  It still looks like he's been fairly neat about the slices he's eating, but I'd say nearly half of the cake is gone.

FYI Dan has a small curtained area in the corner that is set up with a camping toilet.  Not sure how he's washing his hands, or if there is any way to do that.

Frank, Ian, and the Carrot Costume are discussing the game on the patio. 

Frank:  The one motherfucker who would take me to the Final Two is gone...

Danielle and Britney got up and went to the bathroom a little while ago, and got back in bed.  Danielle hit her head on the wall when she laid down and they laughed about it.  They're having fun with their punishment.

As opposed to Dan, who continues to walk in circles...

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