Saturday, August 11, 2012

Danielle Talks About Trey Again #BB14

Britney started it, by asking her if she spoke with Dan about Trey.

I guess there is a song called "Forgot about Dre" but they two of them sing "Forgot about Trey". 

Dan grills Danielle about Trey.  She says they went on two dates.  One was for lunch at Jason's Deli, and the second was a group function.  (We all know that was a lake party---Danielle told us!)

Dan:  Did you kiss him?

Danielle:  Yes.

Dan:  After two dates?

Danielle:  Well I've know him three years!

Now Danielle launches into a story about her friend Petey and why she didn't get with him, but apparently he introduced her to Trey.

Danielle told Trey that she might "get kidnapped" and not be around, so she told him if she doesn't respond to his texts he shouldn't get upset.  

They "took her phone away" so she couldn't talk to him before he left.  Britney enjoys a cup of coffee and some of Joe's baked slop delicacies. 


  1. wow more lies and exaggerations. went to treys twitter and he did nothing but badmouth and say how danieles lying. this chick is crazy and delusional. she needs professional help. and she just won't stop it. keeps bringing it on herself. psychopath.

  2. To be honest, the show needs a good villain, and who would have expected it to be Danielle?

    She is making things interesting for the live feeds, although Production is probably wishing they could tell the real story on the CBS show. Maybe they will start by airing the Zingbot comment on Wednesday. So far they've been focusing on the "Fauxmance" with Shane, but the real story is much more interesting, in my opinion.


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