Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Danielle Obsesses About Shane #BB14

 Now Britney and Danielle are back together in the HOH.  Danielle is eating cereal and complaining about Janelle speaking to her downstairs.

Britney:  If we were out of the house right now, I would tell you that Shane is a douche and I would say to never speak to him again.  If he was your boyfriend I would never like him or be happy you are with him.

Danielle says that Shane is "terrified of the word showmance" and she just wants to hang out and have fun, but that Shane keeps "bringing up his feelings for her and feels bad about it".

(I'm working on my recap of of last night's BBAD, and that is not what happened AT ALL.)

Britney:  Not to be a Negative Nancy, but the two of you having any sort of relationship or romance are next to nil.  Well, Jeff and Jordan did it...

Dani:  And Brendon and Rachel did it..

Britney:  But she moved to LA for him.  And there was no hot and cold about their relationship.  They were both together all the way and didn't care who knew it.

Now Dani brings out "Trey", whoever the hell that is.  Maybe another one of her "boyfriends" at home?

Britney wanted to hear the whole story, but BB didn't want us to hear it.  Maybe it would violate some sort of restraining order or something.

I mean, "allegedly".

Now Danielle says she told the DR "do NOT put a picture of Trey in my HOH room".

She spent 2-3 days with Trey the week before she got kidnapped for the show.  Britney is asking questions that I think are designed to determine if Danielle is a really a psycho outside of the house.

He has dimples and is very good looking.  She says that HE was the one that always wanted to kiss her goodbye.

Britney wants to know the "red flags" with Trey.  Danielle says there weren't any, and starts describing some sort of lake party that he took her to with his ex-girlfriend there.  The ex-girlfriend had a great body and an ugly face and wasn't nice to Danielle.

Danielle:  The fact that he took me there!  And we've been to the bar together and I didn't know that she was the bartender there....and I'm wearing scrubs when we go, because I'm a "charge nurse" because even though I'm so young I am in charge of other people, but boy does he look good in scrubs..

Danielle is tearing up over "Trey", saying that he holds her hand, and likes taking pictures with her, etc.  Trey did not treat her like Shane.

Now Danielle is not worried about Shane, but is worried if Trey will want to be involved with her anymore, after her being on the show and "all of the kissing".

Danielle:  If he had just asked me to be his girlfriend before we came here, none of this would ever have happened!  I would have aligned with Shane, and been under the same covers like I do with Dan, but nothing else!  He might just think I'm a fatass on TV!  Is he even going to want me after this?

(Damn this bitch is crazy!)


  1. I'm sorry, but clean health care practitioners do not wear scrubs to go out. A charge nurse should know that her scrubs would be filthy with God knows what after working a shift in a hospital. Danielle is crazy and I think she is so deluded that she must stroke her ego into thinking the a nurse is a genius and the number one person in healthcare.

    1. I see people in scrubs EVERYWHERE all the time.

  2. I don't get why Shane doesn't like daneille I thought you guys would be a great couple but shane had to ruin it

    1. Sometimes a guy just doesn't like a girl, you know. Its sad that Dani is throwing herself at him (she was my favorite until she started doing this). He should just kindly let her down, but he instead is going to use her so he can stay in the house. Outside the BB house he is probably one of those jerks who treat girls like meat and throw them away when he is done. BTW I've read a lot of stuff saying he is gay and there is quite a bit of evidence throughout the different BB blogs to support this.

  3. Danielle is an LPN in a long term care facility. In my part of the country, charge nursing is simply being responsible for the logistics of running the unit (calling the laundry when linens are short, etc.),something that nurses take turns at. It does not require any special talents or education although at my hospital LPNs can't do this. Yes, my colleagues and I wouldn't dream of socializing with our scrubs on; you want to shower and change the minute your shift is over. And everyone, from housekeeping to doctors, wear scrubs. It's no badge of superiority.

    This woman is odd and terribly insecure.

  4. Why is she crazy? It sounds as though her and this Trey guy were only seeing each other, not committed just yet. She went into a house and got a crush on an attractive man there, who at two points kissed her. And we blame her for crushing on him? I think she wants things to go further with Shane but she doesn't actually expect it to, which worries her because she kind of threw away things with the guy she was dating before the show since she knows he has seen this and has most likely moved on too. How is that crazy? Clearly, you are either jealous or have never seen a true crazy bitch.

  5. Are u kidding me with this and Danielle crap! I am so sick of her. She lies more then any person I have ever seen in real life or on the bb. Yes I am huge fan and have seen every show! I am fully aware that in the bb world that it does in fact require for you to lie to some degree but this crazy chick takes it to a whole other level. She is still lying about past house guest all if the time, there is NO gameplay there. She tries to make everything about her and needs contestant reassurance that she looks good and is smart and about her non existence relationship with Shane. Even all the other houseguests are catching on and they are sick of hearing about. Shane is on a show to get money and win to better his life. He has tried numerous times to tell her no he doesn't want anything to do with dating or her other then being friends. I actually feel bad for him because now the HG's are doing exactly what Shane thought and trying to get him out all do to her. Which is very sad because he really dies need the money and now he is going to have a hard time winning all do to the crazy things that go through her head. The only part fun about watching the show is CBS is finally showing this girl in her true light of being a crazy stalker. She has lied so much she doesn't know where the truth is anymore like about her family. I find it so disgusting that she felt like she needed to trash her parents on national TV. I just hope this will be her wake up call to get the help she needs and I am not joking I think she has serious mental issues.

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