Friday, August 3, 2012

Dan: This is the Best Time to Have the Live Feeds #BB14

And then he says Danielle isn't even shaking.

(OMG, ugh ugh ugh)

Janie is hunched over and looks like she won't make it.  But Shane won't be far behind her.

TRIVIA.  Any minute they will throw down new rules to make it harder.

Mike note's Danielle's "defiant swagger" and says it is "kind of weird".

Wil is about to drop, I think.  Shane talks to himself, "hold on as long as you can".

Frank:  There you go Vermont!

Shane and Wil jump at the same time,  and everyone claps.

Frank starts cheering for Ian now.

Here's who's left:  Danielle, Janelle, Britney and Ian.

I predict Janelle will go next, and then it's going to be a horse race.

Frank finds a "pimp cup" in the boat wreckage and plans to use it.

Janie's down next. And Frank says "that's what we needed" from the sidelines.  Dick.

And so it goes.

Ian and Britney are talking.  Mike encourages them to make a deal up there.

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