Monday, August 27, 2012

Dan Talks to Himself, and Us #BB14

Dan has been talking out loud, alone, on the patio for some time now.  I've been working on my real job, but I've been listening to Dan, too.

A few summary highlights:

*  He tells us that while he was in  isolation, he had plenty of time to think about next steps.  He now understands what is is like to be in prison, with nothing to think about but what happened, and how to fix it, and worrying about who is going to shank you.

*  He held a House Meeting last night which was supposed to be "his funeral".  He went around the group and said something nice to everyone except Danielle.  He said that "she was dead to him".  He is sorry that he had to hurt her, and play on her emotions that way.

*  It is all up to Jenn City right now.  If she uses the POV today, then he can be safe.  If she doesn't, then he is sure he is going, and he might not compaign too much.  He might just enjoy the time he has left in the house.

*  He thinks he struck a deal with Frank for Final Two.  He feels much better working with him now that Mike Boogie is gone.  He says it was unsettling to make business deals with a man dressed in a carrot suit.

*  He says his mom Sue Gheesling has probably not slept in three days, since Dan is a Have Not and was in isolation.  Last time he lost a lot of weight and she was very worried.  He ate part of a slop cookie and some matzo now to make her happy.  He left most of the slop cookie because he "didn't want to make Jenn City mad".  He said the matzo looks like a Pee Wee Herman version of a saltine cracker.  He likes them.

*  He knows his mom and other family members love Janelle, and he hopes that Janelle has contacted his mom.  He is sorry that he couldn't keep her around.

*   He mentions his Uncle, who I think he said "got in trouble" last time for being on the live feeds too much.  (at work?)

*  Jenn was upset that Dan didn't come to her directly to discuss her use of the POV.  Dan understood this, and apologized over and over for her.  Jenn was the only one who "saw right through the funeral, and what he was trying to do".  She's smart, and he hopes her music is good.  A true floater would never make a move, so he doesn't think she is a floater anymore.  She won the POV, and might just use it.

*  He likes Britney, but she needs to go this week.  She needs to "watch herself a little bit".  She has an "incredible, epic stinkeye".   He can see right through her.  He says Ian is obsessed with her.  Ian told Dan that if he voted Britney out, Ian would "rip his face off".  (Dan:  Ian, start ripping..)

*  He knows America likes Ian, but says the Ian who came in the house is not the Ian who is here now.  The Ian who told Danielle to Fuck Off in the POV competition.

*  He tells Jun Song to stop bitching about him on Twitter.  He hopes Rob Cesternino is enjoying the game play this year, and he will see him at some podcast conference somewhere.

*  Shane is a nice guy, but he has never seen a full season of BB.  Dan doesn't know how that will happen.

*  Joe Arvin and Ashley are "true floatation devices".  Joe is a trouble maker and needs to go soon.  (Dan:  Sorry Levi)

*  Dan just said Ian "threw the POV to Frank on the live show".  What??  I don't think so...

*  Dan apologizes for his conduct in the Pandora's Box episode, specifically saying he'll rat out Ian, "M.F'er".  He knows he has young cousins who were watching and he is sorry.

I wish Dan had talked to use more this season.  He's been a big bore and hasn't shared anything with us on the live feeds, or in his DR sessions.  There is a bird that has been flying around the backyard.  Dan fed it some bread, but the bread just sits there now, and the bird doesn't come back to eat.

Dan says we can contact him at to let him know if we like, or don't like him this year.  We can also "sign up for his mailing list".

He misses his wife "like a fat kid misses cake".  In the past he has made fun of house guests who miss their spouses, but now he understands.


  1. About Ian throwing the comp: I heard other houseguests complaining about that.

    So since I still had that episode in my DVR, I went back to watch.

    When Ian went back to find his second 'thingy' (I forget what they were called), all he did was search through the balls on the surface. He didn't go deep into the lane of balls as he did with the first one.

    This gave Frank time to find his second 'thingy', and win.

    I remember during the show my observant daughter-in-law yelled at Ian for not looking very well. She said "What's the matter with that boy? Is he trying to lose?"

    I didn't know what she was talking about until I re-watched the show.

    BTW, love your blog. I love your writing style, how you think & I especially love your humor.


  2. Wow Denise.

    I might have to go back and watch that again. I did watch the live show again a few days ago, and it was funny to see Ashley still digging around for her first clover after the POV was over. And then Dan slammed the Arcade door in Britney's face when he went to talk to Ian.

    So many funny moments...


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