Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dan is Stressed Out. #BB14

Just look at him.  He laid down to read the  Bible, but jumped back up to sit in the living room.

Maybe he knows Britney is upstairs, kissing up to Frank to be sure of her safety.  I hope Frank isn't as dumb as he sounds, "trustin' Britney". 

Britney explains how the How Bad Do You Want It competition works, and the point system. 

Frank:  I don't see anybody takin' prizes today...

Another dumb comment.  Jenn won't take the fucking prizes?  Ian won't?   Even Joe...OH YES THEY WILL!

Britney mentions that when she was HOH in BB12, "those guys" who she thought would try to win and back her up took all the prizes and blamed it on Matt.  Hayden won a bunch of stuff and blamed it on Matt.  Lane had to cop to taking the phone call, but he shouldn't feel too proud of that.  Lane wasn't even a big enough factor on the show for CBS to show the phone call on the air.  No one ever saw that....

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