Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dan is Effed Up #BB14

They say he's been vomiting in the Have Not room.  Danielle went back in to sit with him but he said he didn't want her touching him.

Finally everybody else knows this is serious.  Finally Britney is out of the DR and Dan follows Danielle to the DR room.  Shane asks if "Tartar Sauce" is in ther with Dan.  (They have had the same medic in that house numerous times this season.)

Britney says the last time anybody spoke to Dan was at 7:00 last night.  Shane said the Have Not Room smells like hot body odor and vomit, and that would make him even sicker.

Daniele said she found him with his toothbrush in his hand, slumped over the sink.  She asked Britney if "they" hurried her out of the DR.  Britney said, "No."

Danielle: I kept saying to let me in the DR so we can see a medic!  I kept saying it. They won't be able to give him medication orally...

Britney: What do you think happened? I think he was in a state from the competition and being in there just exasperated.

They think that the reality of the situation may be hurting Dan.  He thought he could win the POV.  I think Danielle said one of the first things he said to her was "can we just go to the finale?" but I'm not certain.

I have to give Danielle props for her Nurse Mode---she is very calm and  knows what she is talking about.  She may need to come clean to everyone about this whole nurse thing. 

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