Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dan Invited Mike to his Wedding #BB14

and also to the bachelor party.  Mike wants Frank to point that out to Shane, that Mike was the first person Dan wanted to speak with after he won BB10, to get advice on what to do next.

Mike:  And he still credits me to this day for the good advice.  And then he asked me to his wedding...

Frank:  Did you go?

Mike:  Nah..

Frank:  That's why we're in this situation, dog!

They laugh.  Mike says to point this out, and to say that if Dan will fuck over Mike Boogie, who he calls a friend outside of this game, and and invited him to the wedding, what will he do to someone he has known for 43 days?

Frank:  He's Essing your Dee, man.

Mike doesn't understand that slang.  Frank explains that Dan was sucking his dick.

(ha ha ha  Frank has the best slang.)

Mike thinks he is a nice guy outside of this house, but in here Dan is a fucking liar.  Frank thinks it will be hard to leave that reputation at the door for him after this season.

Mike:  The thing with him, is he doesn't have any absolutes.  Like I would absolutely not vote against you.  He got lucky with Memphis...if he wasn't certain that he would smash him with the votes, he would have taken that old man with him in the end.

Frank:  That's somethin' I've gotta tell let him know that is how Dan plays this game.

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