Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dan Has a Plan #BB14

and it involves "exposing everything" when he comes out of there.  Dan's back is against the wall right now---he has nothing to lose.

When you see the camera shot sitting on the door like that, you know something is about to happen.

And Britney bounds out of the hallway, shaking the shackle chains and asking where Danielle is.  They get chained together and start learning to walk in unison.

I know I've heard people compare Frank to Carrot Top, but damn.

Jenn met with Frank and his Carrot Costume.  She says the Beast is Unleashed.  She might not use the POV, although she is considering it.   In the middle of the conversation, Ian comes in and says he is going to use judgment and not use his Golden POV!  They all laugh with relief.

Meanwhile Joe tells Britney and Danielle that he saw Frank throw it to Jenn.

Britney had to pee so Danielle held the door for her and laughed at the cameras bird dogging her.

Britney's going to have to take a shower, and warn Danielle about it.  Danielle whispers that she told Jenn not to use the POV, because then she would have to choose between two people she loves.  (i.e. Frank would nominate Britney in place of Danielle).

Frank got DISQUALIFIED after something he said, and he apologized in the DR afterwards.  It sounds like Frank would have won if not for that. 

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