Sunday, August 19, 2012

Check Out Shane's Hair Today #BB14

He's got a different doo today.    He is laying in bed with Britney, telling her about his conversation with Mike Boogie today.    He tells her that he even pulled out the New Hampshire card, trying to build rapport.

Britney said that Mike and Frank were downstairs acting cocky, like they were sure that Dan would go up on the block tomorrow.

Shane:  Why would I do that?

Shane can't believe that Ashley or Jenn haven't come to talk to him about his nomination tomorrow.  It sounds like he is leaning towards putting Jenn  on the block.  He is going to tell her that she represents a possible vote for Mike.

Now Britney discusses Danielle's weird behavior with Shane.

Britney:  She just gives you hints but won't tell you...she kept saying don't you think Shane is acting weird?

They don't know why she keeps trying to stir up trouble, when she is the least targeted person in their group.  Shane says he likes her as a person but in the game she is really annoying.  Shane says he keeps trying to get rid of Frank and he keeps escaping.

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