Wednesday, August 15, 2012

CBS to Goose Their Ratings this Week #BB14

by having Jeff Schroeder announce that he will appear on this week's show.

Maybe he's hosting a competition?  Or just sitting on the couch with Julie?  Maybe they are grooming Jeff for Julie's job? 

The fans don't care, they just want to see Jeff.    Who knows, maybe they will throw him in the game by creating a new "Tag Team" twist, similar to the wrestling world.  He can tag out with Frank so Frank can take a few relaxing days off living with Jordan.  And Jeff can break the Bromance spell that Frank has put on Mike Boogie before tagging Frank back into the game.

(I totally made up the above, of course. I've had a lot of coffee today.  But you know that AGP hired a writer for BB this year that used to write scripts for the WWE, right?)

 The ratings for BB14 haven't been very good this year--some people may attribute that to the Olympics, but others say it is the quality of this BB14 season.  Pulling out a few Jeff Schroeder appearances might be just the thing Alison needs to get things going in the right direction again....


  1. I'm impressed with Jeff's interviewing skills. I hope CBS takes him under their wing and promote him. He does it with ease and humor and doesn't dominate the conversation - three great qualities.

    He is a true asset to BB & CBS. :)

  2. I like Jeff and I like his interviews, but sometimes you can tell he doesn't really watch the show. In the interview with Kara, he didn't know how to pronounce Ian.

  3. Sorry Allison Grodner Jeff or whoever will not get me to watch the show and hope your ratings continue going down the poop shoot, with the cast this season since Jani was treated like crap and backdoored. really. I cancelled feeds and stop watching on TV this is the first time i ever did this, so that should tell you something..WORST EVER and Booger, please, that nasty elf looking arrogant most hated piece of crap Barf! you would have to pay me to watch that...ratings keep on going down down down...and maybe CBS will get it! think?


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