Thursday, August 23, 2012

CBS Live Show Summary #1 #BB14

Tonight two people will leave in a double eviction.  Jenn gives a LONG speech when it is her turn.  Mike Boogie thanks his business partner and says hello to his son.  Mike appeals to Joe directly, but in a nice tone.  He was really great, and finished with flair.

Ashley:  vote to evict Jenn
Britney:  Mike Boogie
Joe:  Mike Boogie
Frank:  Jenn
Dan: Mike Boogie
Ian:  Mike Boogie
Danielle:  Mike Boogie

Frank is wearing Mike's Chilltown basketball jersey tonight.  Dan said he "did it for Janelle". 

I will miss covering Mike Boogie.  Always a pleasure to cover with some sort of action in words or deeds.

Ian said something to him at the door and gave him something to take with him.  Ian said that Mike will see some things that happened in the house that he won't like.  He put whatever Ian gave him in the inside pocket of his blazer. Then when Mike embraced Frank as he was walking out of the door he told Frank Ian is not to be trusted.  Frank was on it already.  They expected a 4-3 vote, but is was 5-2, so they know someone lied to them.

Britney's goodbye message was a faux Chilltown "Brriiing" call and was obviously scripted but funny.  Ian told Mike the truth about the Quack Pack in his goodbye message and it was really touching to see Mike's face as he moved through anger to admiration.

That was a new BB history moment, Ian's goodbye message to Mike. 


  1. Thanks SJ for pointing that out---I fixed it.

    That was crazy last night...easily the best BB episode this year.

    Whatever happens with Ian now, he will be an All Star due to his admissions in his good bye message.


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