Friday, August 10, 2012

Candycanes and Cod #BB14

Are what America voted for the Have Nots.

Mike tells the group that Geisha House has a delicious black cod with a soy glaze that is buttery and delicious.

Joe fried some cod and Britney ate it. Danielle refused, saying she doesn't like fish.

Mike:  A southern girl who doesn't like fish?

Britney:  I don't really like fish--I wouldn't order it in a restaurant.  But fried fish is good!  This fish is good.

Danielle refused to try it, choosing instead to eat a candy cane.

At least she gets to sleep in the same room with Shane, huh?

Britney has some sort of a blindfold or sleep mask.  Not sure where it came from.

Frank just had a quick meeting with Joe in the storage room.  He gave him a heads up that he would likely be nominated, but as of now he is not the target.

Frank:  If things go well, the person that you want out of the house may be leaving.

Joe nods.

Frank:  Just keep this quiet.  I mean really quiet.  And act like you expect to leave.  And we'll try and get you to the jury.

Dan is making a salad and Joe is teaching Dan to make a balsamic vinaigrette.  Dan looks interested as Joe explains how to put it together.  He added a little sugar to balance out the acidity of the vinegar.  (I might try that myself.)

He is broiling some cod and it sizzles on the pan when he turns it.  The fish has smoked paprika and a little butter on it.  Dan chopped up the veggies for the salad that you see here.

Joe assembled the salad for Dan.  He went a little heavy on the salad dressing, if you ask me.  Jenn tasted the salad dressing and the fish and said it was "stupid good", adding she knows it sucks to be a Have Not though.

Jenn is going to split the salad with Dan.  She can't believe how good the cod is and says the salad dressing is "just stupid".

I guess she likes it then.

Joe says the fish they got today is Black Cod Butter Fish and it is so delicate and delicious that you don't want to do too much to it.  Tomorrow they will make British style fish and chips if he can get some seltzer water.

Joe can't eat it because the fish will have flour.  Jenn says do whatever works.

She really wanted the fish and chips, with malt vinegar.

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