Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Britney's Tired, But Not Too Tired to Bash Janelle #BB14

Britney is outside now and she discusses the "weird" wake up call they got this morning.  I guess because it is so early with no looming events today.

Mike thinks that with the "big event" that happened this week, Production needs to get more DR comments and reactions to put Wednesday's show together.

Britney makes fun of Janelle always counting the votes she has, and including Britney's vote among them.  Britney makes it clear that she will not be voting for Janelle.

Mike can't believe people stay up so late in the house.

Mike:  What, do you want to stay up until 6:00 am just to dirty dishes?  Every morning it's like there was a 6 year old's birthday party in here.  I can't imagine wanting to be awake a few more hours a day in here.  No thanks...

Mike tells Britney that he gave Janelle's mom and husband a shout out this morning, and that she would be home with Violet very soon.  Britney points out that Janelle certainly doesn't need the money.

Mike:  Well, I would assume that she wouldn't have gotten married if there was no money..

Britney:  Did you hear what she said about her nanny?

Britney starts talking about Janelle's 18 year old nanny who lives in her house and is a nanny full time while Janelle is away.



  1. how much did the coaches get piad to come back on the show?

  2. Yes, that is what I heard at the beginning of the season. That is like their salary for agreeing to appear.

    They will have to pay income and self employment taxes on that, so they'll be lucky to keep half of that after taxes.


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