Friday, August 17, 2012

Britney's Snack, Featuring theTriscuit Box #BB14

The Triscuit box gets some good camera time with Britney Haynes, who is enjoying them dipped into a container of hummus.

Britney had a hard time with Have Not week.  After she won the Safety last night she immediately started obsessively worrying about whether she would be safe from slop, as well as nominations.

Finally Production told her that there would be no Have Nots this week.

The ants are back, too, and are crawling all over the sink.

You can see Jenn shuffling around in one of the pictures up there.  She thinks the problem with her back is that she fell square on her mic pack last night.  Her back really hurts.  She's been icing it, and taking Advil.  She announced a little while ago that if it still hurts after 24 hours, she will "do something about it".

Don't wait too long, Jenn, to lay the groundwork for your back care plan.  You're not the one whose idea it was to scurry back and forth for 90 minutes on a slick layer of Crisco.  Here she is putting the ice pack back in the freezer.  Their refrigerator has french doors, you know, with the freezer on the bottom.

Danielle came in the kitchen and poured a glass of Sprite.  Britney thought the fizzing sounded refreshing, so she poured herself some, too.  She pre-complained about it though, assuming it would not be fresh enough to meet her lofty standards.

They decided to snack on the bathroom lounge.  Danielle is eating Breton crackers.

Shane came in and they whispered about what he should do with Pandora's Box.  She is instructing him on the way to lie to hide winning a special power or a sizable prize.  Basically she tells him to pretend it is a money tree and quote some strange amount as the prize.

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