Friday, August 3, 2012

Britney Wants to Settle It #BB14

and says they can "ask for privacy".

Everyone is called to the storage room to get booze, I guess.  Here come the poopy seagulls.

I think they are alone now to discuss their plan.  Ian assumes they are all safe, but wants to check first.

 In the storage room, it sounds like a mutiny might be afoot.  They are bitching that it is like starting over, but the coaches know all of their game info and alliances.

Ashley:  What messed the newbies up in BB13 is not sticking together.  We have to make a plan and stick together.

Shane bitches about being on the block this week again.

(Remember on the Biggest Loser where the cast walked off?  I didn't watch that season, but I know they were upset about a change in the game rules.)

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