Thursday, August 30, 2012

Britney Mentions Evel Dick #BB14

She is eating the almonds from the green cannister (chewing with her mouth open, of course) and then says to Joe that if she doesn't try to stay, she'll go home, and if she does try to stay, she might go home.

Britney:  A very wise man named Evel Dick told me one time to try to make moves at the last moment.

Joe said that sounded good to him.  Not sure if he knew who Evel Dick was.  Joe said earlier that if she could get a vote from Shane, he'll think about keeping her.

Now Britney talks about Ian, and how he is the "only smart one in his family".  She also says that he did not graduate high school at 16, no matter what anybody says.

Joe:  Then why would he say that, butt ass drunk?  Because why would you joke abut that then?

Britney says she asked him about it, and he denied it.

Joe:  My daughter--she's not a genius, but she's graduating  a year early.

Britney: I graduated at 17, and had two college degrees by 21.

A few minutes ago Britney was pointing out how filthy the floor is in there.  They joked about the rats moving in the house.

Joe sat at the dining table and clipped his fingernails, and his toenails too.

Britney is going to wear a pink dress if they aren't told to wear athletic clothes.  (Which they will...)  It is the dress she got engaged in, and she brags about how she and Ryan went to a 'private dining area in a New York City steakhouse.

**NOTE** I think Dan won an endurance competition in BB10.  I remember him hanging or standing in a cold "rain" and what saved him is that he wore a lightweight jacket that was water-repellant.  The jacket had a hood, too, that Dan used to protect himself.   I don't think BB lets them do that anymore, since it gave Dan an obvious advantage against the elements.

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