Saturday, August 25, 2012

Britney Makes a Breakfast Not for Champions #BB14

Now that the POV players have been picked, everyone is settling down.  Jenn, Danielle and Shane lay down for a nap in the Boom Boom Room.

Father Dan relaxes with his Bible in the Have Not Room.

Britney makes some cinnamon toast in the kitchen, with Joe watching.  To Joe's credit, he does not interfere with her preparation methods.  She tells him she is worried she will go on the block, and she doesn't have the votes to stay over Danielle.  She tells Joe that Shane will vote for Danielle.  She knows that if it is the Who Wants it More competition she will lose.  (How great would it be if Britney shaved her head?  I think the fans would LOVE her for it. )

That is Britney sprinking sugar on the buttered toast.  She did this for a long, long time.


The cameras show us the giant globs of butter on the bread. Or margarine.  Whatever.  I know they don't have real butter in there and Joe is angry about it.

Then she applies the cinnamon.  Most people mix the cinnamon and the sugar beforehand, to ensure equal flavor application, but not our Britney Haynes.

The toast is finished, apparently.  But there are still pools of melted margarine on the bread.  She should have spread it first.  I can't believe Joe didn't comment on this.  Good for him.

Britney sits down to eat and Ian comes in wearing a towel for his piece, too.  It sounds very crunchy.

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