Friday, August 3, 2012

Britney is a Tattletale #BB14

and a damn good one.

She went right up to the HOH and Danielle is complaining that the parade of people to talk to her has started.  Britney says she needs to make it fast, then.

Britney reports that Frank talked to Wil and Wil gave him all sorts of shady answers and Frank didn't believe him. 

Britney:  So, Frank and Wil now hate each other.  And Frank and Mike both hate you.

Dani:   They hate me?

Britney:  They think you are a liar.  And Boogie says he can go home this week smiling.  He doesn't care.

Dani keeps saying someone ratted out her vote to them and she wants to know who.  Britney starts telling her about the conversation she had with them last night but then point blank denied being the one to rat her out.  Britney is eating Cheez-Its and has closed and reopened the box several times.  Danielle has two boxes of Cheez-Its (at least two boxes too many) and a big box of Honeycombs cereal on the HOH table.

Britney: They say Dan won't even look at them.

Dani:  That's because they're so damned awkward!

Brit:  They want you to go and talk to them and apologize. 

Dani:  What?

Brit: We were arguing out there!

Dani brings up nominating Janelle, but Brit tells her if she nominates Janelle with Frank, Frank will not go home.

Brit:  If getting Frank is your target, you can't put up Janelle. 

Dani:  It's been Frank's time to go for weeks.  I'm tired of seeing him in this house.  I'm tired of smelling his stinky butt in this house!

Britney thinks a lot of things are coming to a head this week and it's going to get nasty.   She says there are so many people they need to get rid of, and they can use Janelle as a replacement nominee.

Brit:  Mike is mad that Dan pushed the button.  He knows he did and he's pissed.

Now Britney says she needs to tell Shane to stop throwing so many names out, and that Joe is the biggest liar in the house.  He denies that he told anybody anything about the blindside plan.  (That Joe has balls!)

Danielle says she is so stressed out. She is bitching about having to make this decision.

Danielle:  I can't even eat today!  All I've had is cereal and Cheez-Its and two Twizzlers!

Danielle is going around in circles.  She says she isn't changing her mind, and then says she wants Janelle out.  Britney confirmed that Janelle is a dirty, dirty player and needs to go.

Danielle manages to find the strength to open a box of crackers and start eating them. 

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