Thursday, August 30, 2012

Britney Finally Turns on Danielle #BB14

and is in the Arcade making a pitch to Dan about staying.  She is giving him reasons to keep her in the house instead of Danielle.  Ian is a big part of her strategy, and Britney wants the three of them to work together.  All she needs is one more vote, and she thinks she has Joe's vote.

Dan has his Bible on his lap.


Dan is listening, but is probably loving the fact Britney is saying that he doesn't have to work alone in this game anymore.  She says that when she was shackled to Danielle, she'd never spent so much time with Shane before.  He was with Danielle constantly.

Britney thinks Frank wants her out because "he knows she's coming after him".

(Actually, her relationship with Ian is the main reason Frank wants her out.  And neither Frank or Dan trusts Ian very much.

Danielle is vacuuming while Britney is doing a lot of this talking.  Ian comes in and joins them, creating a tag team of whispers against Dan.  Dan is mostly silent, as the two of them pull out all of the stops, really pushing for Danielle to go.

Ian:  We have the chance to turn this around TONIGHT!  TONIGHT!

Ian is trying to be very persuasive, saying that they might as all write Frank a check right now.  (Frank can't play HOH for two weeks....)

I wonder if either of them realize that Dan is not doing any talking.  He looks like he's trying to read, to me.  Like he's on an airplane trying to tune out the chatty salesman next to him.

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