Thursday, August 2, 2012

Britney and Janelle Can't Stop Talking about Production #BB14

The HG have been awakened are are scurrying around, getting ready.

Upstairs Janelle is out of the HOH shower and she and Britney blow off some steam with trash talk.

They think the vote to evict Frank is a done deal.  Janelle says she wanted to give Wil advice but she says he doesn't want it, so she's not giving it.

They say that if Frank manages to stay in the game, they are both screwed.  They think he will win the game if he stays after tonight.

Britney mentioned going into the game tonight and then Janelle starts whispering.  She was telling Britney that she thinks they will go in the DR and "receive an invitation" to join the game that they will have to accept.

We go to TRIVIA on is hard for them to control all of this chatter.

Janelle's hair looks very tangley and she works to comb it out.  Janelle announces that she had to sleep in the room with Frank last night and he "fucking stunk".  (Frank has said he doesn't like to wear deodorant  because he is worried the aluminum will cause Alzheimer's.)

Janelle:  I couldn't sleep because I was fucking choking on it!  I can barely sleep in the same room with him, much less ever fuck him.  Ewww.

Britney  I've never slept with someone who stinks.  Sorry Nana!

Janelle:  Yeah, sorry Nana!  But Frank stinks!

(ha ha ha)

Janelle may say something to him during the HOH lockdown about smelling bad.  (Sounds like someone needs to.)

Janelle:  I almost went in the DR to leave another mean message but I decided not to.

TRIVIA on that..

Shane comes in the room and they change the subject quickly.  Janelle tells them that Mike and Frank are so cocky this morning..they think the vote is a done deal.  Joe comes in the room and agrees.  They all think Joe is going home, and that he accepts his fate.

Dan makes his way upstairs too, with a pillow.  Joe announces that BB made him "sleep on the slab" last night and that he "fought with them about it" and we go to TRIVIA for a moment.

Danielle came upstairs and got in bed with Britney and Wil with wet hair.  Britney wanted to look at her wedding picture for awhile, since she has to give up the picture when she checks out later today.  Wil looks at it and makes a fuss over her husband.  Britney holds up the picture to the camera and gives us the name of the photographer, so we can go to his website.

(Last night she was bitching about trying to keep her married name private, but the fans have already figured it out.  It is Britney Godwin, but she was calling herself Britney Haynes this year in an attempt for privacy.  Janelle uses her maiden name, too, but told the cameras the other night that we can find her on the Mary Kay makeup website under her married name, Janelle Di Santo. I tried to find a link, but couldn't.  I think I'm spelling her last name wrong.?)

Downstairs Frank and Mike are the last ones eating, and are scrambling to get ready.  Frank is talking about who told Danielle that they planned to backdoor Shane.

Frank:  She wouldn't tell me. I think it was Joe and she won't tell me until he walks out the door tonight.

Mike:  She's fucking stupid.  I can't wait until we don't need her anymore.

(Yes, tonight is going to be GOOD.)

Frank make breakfast for Mike too and Mike is thankful.  He says it was delicious, and meant it.  We had a brief moment of TRIVIA and then Mike and Frank are obviously told they can wait a few minutes before the HOH lockdown starts.  They went in the Arcade to talk.

Frank fills Mike in about his conversation with Danielle.

Mike:  She's as much of a kid as Ian....I mean, I know we have Wil, but I'd like to be sure...

Frank:  That's why I'm angry at Shane for even puttin' me in this postion...

They are very hateful about Danielle.  Mike would like to nominate Ashley and Danielle, and then put up Shane in Ashley's place, so he will go against Danielle.  They are considering various choices.  It is clear that Mike expects to trade for Wil tonight, using Jenn.  (Or Ian, I guess.)

Mike says again that Danielle is "so fucking stupid".

Mike:  I really want to ask the Producers....why did you put her in here?  Obviously you wanted the sweet southern belle, but she's not that.


Frank:  No, she's kind of a bitch!  And she's always lookin' in the mirror!

Mike:  What's she seein' in there?  And comparing herself to all kinds of celebrities?  Like Kate Beckinsale?  Are you fucking kidding me?  And Jennifer Lawrence?

(OMG   Danielle would die if she heard this.  She would seriously go straight out of her mind.)

Now they badmouth Britney, blaming her for putting Frank on the block since they don't trust Team Boogie's vote.

Frank:  Yeah...don't trust us, but leave us both in the house and see what we'll do...

(It is true that pride comes before a fall.)

Oh snap:

Mike:  Danielle is the insecure chubby girl, trying to hang with the cool chicks.

Now they call Shane a pussy for being scared to kick Janelle out of the HOH last night.

Mike: Yeah, how's that POV nomination going now, Shane?

(I think AGP delayed this HOH lockdown specifically so that these two guys could have this conversation.  They may not have the opportunity later.....)

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