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Big Brother After Dark - Whispers, Lies & Deceit 8-2-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Wednesday night at 9:00 pm BBT, and in the wee hours of Thursday where I live.

Tonight, there was a mixture of excitement and dread in the house.  On Thursday there will be another live eviction, with a potentially EXPLOSIVE blindside, a Twist Reveal by Julie Chen, then the season's first endurance competition, which may or may not include some or all of the Coaches.

The house guests have been locked down since Tuesday, so they know to expect something BIG this week.  Here's the thing:  if the Coaches are dressed for competition, the newbies will figure out what is happening tonight, and that may impact their planned vote.  For example, if they believe they will be fighting against the Coaches, they may want Frank in the house as their leader and top target.  (I know I would.)  Janelle has said that if Julie announces the twist before the votes to evict tonight, her plan is screwed.

I guess the Coaches can dress out for competition after the vote, but they need to be ready for that.

OK. I had insomnia last night (a neighbor's dog died and I was sad) so I ended up watching almost all of the show live.  In an attempt to be somewhat productive today (I have to make a living...) I will summarize the show here so that you know what you need to know.

1.  As usual, there is a frenzy in the air as they scramble for votes and information.  Thursdays are not a good time for game play, since the HOH room will contain the entire cast for several hours, and then the room is locked to prepare for the next HOH.  There are only so many places to go in the house to chat privately, and most of them will be unavailable on Thursday.   There are also rehearsals to deal with, as well as pre-show preparation and anxiety.  So if you're nominated, you really need to have your votes in place before you wake up on Thursday morning.

2.  Ever since Shane used the POV to save Ashley and nominate Frank, the general feeling in the house is that each team will vote to save their own, with Danielle providing the swing vote.  Team Boogie is concerned, but feels confident things will go their way.  Mike has been talking to Dan and feels pretty good about Danielle's vote.  But Danielle seems to be smart enough to know that getting Frank out is in her best interest, since he is part of such a strong team.

Team Janelle has spent a lot of time with Danielle and Britney in the past few days, and they feel good about their vote.  Wil caused controversy this week by having a fight with Janelle, and spending a lot of time with Frank working out, as well as socializing with Team Boogie in the off hours.

Wil has said that he wants them to feel very comfortable that Frank is staying---he even told them he may vote in Frank's favor.  He wants Ian to be totally blindsided tonight by Frank's eviction, so that his ability to compete is damaged.  (Wil thinks the two of them have good chances to win tonight, since the endurance contests often reward smaller house guests with a high strength-to-body-weight ratio.) Wil wants badly to beat Ian and then nominate him for eviction.

So, both teams feel good about their chances in the vote tonight, but both teams are nervous. Personally I think Frank is going, but as you know there is a decent chance that he will have an opportunity to come back in the game.  I also think the Coaches will have to compete to come back in the game, or have some other price of admission. (How could AGP just let them in the game without a little risk on their part?)

3. As the show opened Danielle was blabbing about her Shane-related theme for the day, that Janelle is "being mean to her" by mentioning in her presence comments about Shane and Ashley.  I've heard some of these comments, and I think Danielle is being ridiculous as usual.  She forgot what show she is on, and thinks she is on Rock of Love or The Bachelorette.  And as usual, Danielle can't just think these thoughts---she has to go over them over and over and over with Britney and whoever else will listen.

She was in the Have Not Room with Britney and Dan, talking about how Janelle said "Ashley has a better chance of winning the HOH" and so forth.  (Ashley is on Team Janelle---what else is Janelle supposed to say?)  The camera gives a close up of Dan's face during this---he is so over the whole "Crush on Shane" storyline and has asked Danielle to cut it out numerous times.

Britney, whispering:  She tries to hurt Danielle's feelings!  She does!

Dani:  Constantly!  And she tries harder because I don't show it!

Danielle whispers that Wil told her he's sick of Janelle---she's such a bitch.  Danielle wants to get away from Janelle for a while to avoid the personal attacks.  She says that Janelle told her that she is taller than Ashley, and weighs more than her.  Britney is horrified at this!  How dare Janelle say this!

Frank comes in and they change the conversation to how the tops of the Have Not beds are attached with Velcro.  Joe has been sleeping on the floor and Dani says that their first week in the Have Not room they would get yelled at if they tried to sleep on the floor.  They agree that BB got the footage they needed for the "Have Not Storyline" and aren't as strict now.  Dan doesn't think they tested the room by having people sleep in there beforehand.

Britney has her ever-present HUGE glass mug of coffee heavily diluted with milk and sugar.  Danielle announces that she would like to have some coffee, if she could drink it.  When Frank asked why she couldn't, Danielle announces that she "isn't allowed to drink dark liquids because she's had so many kidney infections".

(That Danielle is her own biggest Cock Blocker.  Danielle, men DO NOT want to hear about that, nor the number of times you have been cheated on or hit in the face by your ex-boyfriend.)

Now she describes the pain of waking up and feeling like there are knives in your bladder.  (***gross***)

Danielle:  I've also had IBS, and a spastic colon, so dark liquids don't help that either.

(Danielle, at the rate you're going, not even Frank will fuck you in the Jury House. Sorry, but the truth hurts.)

4.  Janelle came in and asked "whatcha doin'"?

Frank:  Talkin' about acute liver failure and IBS!

(Janelle and Frank are going to shadow Danielle all night, to ensure that the other won't sway their vote.)

Dan jokes about acute "penile" failure and they continue to chat about medical issues.  Frank ate Playdoh as a child and loved the way it felt in his mouth.  Frank and Janelle are both laying on the Have Not beds.  Janelle knows how to make her own Playdoh.  There are jars of Playdoh in the storage room for each house guest.

5.  Ian is in the living room talking to Mike and says he thinks this will be a boring night for the Showtime fans.  He actually has a heavy mustache stubble going, which I've never noticed before.

Danielle chooses Yellow Play Doh and Dan chooses Red.

In Skid Row Wil is telling Mike that he's not talking to Janelle anymore, and they whisper about the HOH competition and touch knuckles to seal the deal. I think Mike is planning to trade players if he can, choosing Wil to replace Jenn.  Wil jokes that they hope Jenn doesn't come out of nowhere to surprise them, turning out to be a Super Fan.

(Wil is supposedly lying about all of this in order to blindside them.  If so, this will be the source of the EXPLOSION tonight.)

Wil meets Dan and Danielle in the storage room, and they agree things are stil on track.  It looks like most of the food on the produce counter has been removed.  There are some very-ripe bananas there, and a watermelon, along with cannisters of Froot Loops.

Dan tells Wil he thinks he should try and remove as many roadblocks from the game as he can.  He should also control his emotions---you can mess yourself up like Willie does with just a small comment.

Wil chose blue Playdoh and is toying with it. There is a box of Betty Crocker pancake mix just over his shoulder, as well as three glass bottles of pancake syrup.

Now Frank comes in with only Yellow and Brown Play Doh to choose from.  Dan gets called to the DR.  Before he leaves, he tells Danielle that "Wil is going to play emotional" and she needs to remove herself from that.

Danielle starts crap with Dan by saying he is always disappointed in her.  He tells her she has mastered many skills in the house, like getting people to trust her, but needs to master her emotions. She demands to know when she has been emotional in the house.  Dan points out the Shane situation and she calls him a liar.  He says he is trying to help her, and she needs to work on her poker face.

Danielle:  I AM NOT EMOTIONAL!!  (ha ha ha)

6.  In the HOH, Ashley is laying in bed with Shane, chatting with Britney.  (Paging Danielle...)  Britney says she thinks the Coaches Comp will be combined with the HOH comp, and they will all be ready to compete.  They discuss the possibility of bringing back another player.

Britney:  Another reason to get rid of Frank--if Boogie wins and gets to bring back someone, he will have a team of four!

Ashley brings up the "whole game Frank is doing with Wil right now".  She says that Frank is flirting with Wil.  Shane says that is disgusting.

Shane: I don't think Frank is Wil's type, but I could be wrong.

(Why is that any different than Shane flirting with Danielle for support in the game?  I don't think she's his type, so....)

Ashley:  Ever since they slept in the same bed together, Frank just keeps making these comments, and Wil makes comments back....

Shane:  I didn't realize they slept in the same bed together.

Ashley:  This was when Frank was HOH.

They decide they trust Wil.  Janelle gets called to the DR and Shane says she was just in there.  Britney asks Ashley if Janelle tells her what to do.  Ashley answers, but doesn't answer, but telling her that Janelle never wants to study for comps with her, she always says we'll do that later.  Then Ashley says she doesn't take advice for the game from anybody, and Janelle knows she will vote how she likes to vote.

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7.  The cast sits around the living room, playing with Play doh.  They ask BB if they can have a board game or something.  Frank explains how his friends play Monopoly with beer and not money.  You have to drink beer instead of paying money.  Ian is going to take that game back to Tulane, I think.  He likes the idea.

Frank has a mini beer bong that an old girlfriend bought at a gas station that he loves.  They used to drink beers at college formals that way, when they weren't allowed to bring alcohol in.  They would drain the beers at the door before entering the dance.

 Dan went to a Weezer concert and had a drink with Matt Hoffman in some bar afterwards.  Matt had tweeted him about it, I guess. Ian asked if Dan liked Matt and Dan said yes, and added that "Matt is tiny".

Frank makes a sun out of his yellow PlayDoh, and then a tortilla.  Wil made blue eyeshadow out of his.  Ian mocks Showtime for showing three hours of this fine entertainment.  Ian tells kids who are watching to go to bed, and Wil tells the kids to raid their parents' liquor cabinets.

Now Frank makes a doughnut, a wedding ring, a slice of pineapple, and "a cock ring".  Also, a ball sac.  (That nutty.)

8.  Janelle visited the HOH and Britney told her that Frank has been making a lot of promises trying to save his life in the game.  Frank thinks Janelle is depressed about losing Joe on Thursday and I think that is what Janelle wants him to think.

Janelle doesn't trust Frank, and hasn't from the start.  Janelle is wearing a cashmere striped top from Theory that she bought at TJ Maxx for $50, marked down from $200.  (Orange and white horizontal stripes when you see it on TV.)  She buys all of her pants there, and also Violet's baby Juicy clothes.

Britney compliments Janelle's hair color and suntan, saying they complement each other perfectly now.  Janelle put her make up on because she had several DR sessions.  They discuss that Frank read the Laws of Power and Janelle can't believe Frank doesn't know they all know what that book is about.  Britney and Janelle have both read "Why Men Love Bitches" and Janelle mentions a book she read about how to work different types of men--i.e. athletes, business types, etc, and that it really works.  The title of it has the word Maneater in it.

(I predict Britney will tell ALL of the guys in the house what Janelle just said.)

9.  They discuss how Frank stinks because he doesn't wear deodorant, and also how Ted stinks too. The are offended by the odor of Frank.

Britney:  If he doesn't leave tomorrow, I may kill myself!

Janelle:  I will just leave too...I'll be out of here.

Britney tells a story of a conversation where Mike joked that Ian would be so nervous on the live show, that he might vote to evict Frank by mistake.  Shane commented that might happen, and Mike said that "if it did, he would actually murder someone!"

(Tonight is going to be good......)

Janelle:  He's going to blow up, then.  I'm not scared of him..he's a sniveling little bitch and I've seen it all before.  

They know Mike will start badmouthing all of the girls.  Janelle says he likes to pit women agains each other.

Britney:  If he is evicted from this house, he's gonna literally die.

Ashley:  Well, it's gonna happen.

Britney:  I asked him if Dr. Will would come to the finale, and he said only if he is in the Final Two.

Janelle:  Well I guess Dr. Will's not coming..  Sorry Will!

Britney:  Thursday's gonna be good!

Janelle:  Let's see..Frank's gonna be blindsided, Ian's gonna be blindsided, Jenn's gonna be blindsided, and Boogies gonna be blindsided...that's four people we've completely fucked over.  I JUST LOVE IT.

Britney wants to spend some time with Danielle tonight to make sure she's solid, and Janelle asks her to keep Wil up in the HOH too.  They mention how shocked they would be if Wil voted for Joe to leave, but they don't think he would do that---it would make him a huge target.

10.  Ian mentions BB Slovakia, where they brought in a mentally handicapped person to be in the house.  They announced to the HG that he was handicapped and they all accepted it.  Then they called the guy in the DR and it turned out he was not disabled.  They told him that if he could go one week without being discovered, he would get 2 weeks immunity.  If someone figured it out, he would be nominated.  He pulled it off though.

Jenn said that is so fucked up, but Ian said it is on YouTube with subtitles.  Ian said all four networks in the US wanted BB, since it was such a big show in Europe.  Ian tells them that the US show is popular internationally, and some of the HG are surprised.

(I'm not---a big HELLO to all of the international BB fans who visit!  I'm assuming some of you are in the military.  Please let us know what's up--I allow anonymous comments so you don't need a blogger account to leave your feedback.)

OK, here is my summary of stuff that happened sometime after this...

11.  Team Janelle had a meeting and she congratulated them on a great week--they kept themselves safe and are about to remove the biggest threat from the game.  Ashley says she doesn't think Team Boogie has any idea what is happening.

They discussed Janelle's comments to Danielle, and Wil doesn't think she is that upset. (ha ha ha Those comments are ALL Danielle can talk about tonight.)

Janelle had a friendly meeting with Dan in the storage room while she ate a banana.  It sounds like they will have a choice regarding entering the game tomorrow.  With three players left, Janelle has to consider how her chances of winning are greatest.  She asked Dan if he was excited about going in the game and he nodded.  They had a joyous hug to celebrate.

12.  Big drama started, when off camera Joe apparently said to Jenn that if he is evicted on Thursday, he has a "vital piece of information to tell her on his way out".  It is understood that Wil has told his team that Mike thinks he is going to trade Wil for Jenn if he can, and that this is what Joe is planning to tell Jenn if he is evicted.

Wil confronted Joe in the storage room, where he was talking to Janelle, and was LIVID!

Wil:  They're going to know that I told you that!  Don't you understand?  You were safe, but now they are in there and they're going to figure it all out! 

Janelle looks exasperated with both of them, and tries to calm everybody down.  Joe stormed out and Janelle tried to tell Wil that maybe that was Joe's strategy, but Wil knows it will come back to him eventually.

13.  Meanwhile, Jenn is digesting this upsetting news in Skid Row.  She has let her hair dry naturally and it is very wavy.  I think I like it better, but I know Jenn feels strongly about straightening it--she said it in her pre show interviews.

Jenn points out that she has competed in two HOH's, and has never been picked for POV, implying that no one really knows her true capabilities.  I think she realizes the "vital tip" is related to her place on Team Boogie--the term "expendable" comes up in her words several times.

Jenn:  People forget that I'm thirty-frickin-seven years old, and I don't get upset about little things....

Mike comes in, and it turns out that he was waiting to go in the DR and he heard Janelle say to Joe "why did you tell Jenn that?".   (The hallway to the DR is just behind the storage room wall.)

Mike tells Jenn that they are just trying to incite drama, and it is a tactic for them to win a losing battle.  He is having to do heavy damage control with Jenn, which I'm sure he hadn't planned on tonight.  Jenn says she just wanted to plan for tomorrow and not deal with shit like this.

(Then why wouldn't Joe tell her the news now, and not wait until he is walking out of the door?  It's too late to get her vote then.)

For the first time, Jenn is the center of the action in the game, and the rest of Team Boogie just might be a little worried about her vote.  It is important to know that Wil was present in Skid Row as Mike talked with his team, so he was working the situation as best he could, bad mouthing Joe and his lame efforts to stay in the game.

(Of course, FartGate caused a stir two weeks ago with Jenn's vote for Frank to stay, but that was minor compared to this.)

14.  Britney spent time with Danielle in the HOH, making sure she is solid for the vote to evict Frank.  Once that is taken care of, Britney starts trash talking Janelle big time.  Danielle wants to discuss the fact that Janelle tries to hurt her feeling, and Britney agrees, and says Janelle is only teaming up with her because she thinks she can beat her.

Danielle:  Do you trust her?

Britney: No!  Didn't I tell you that she wanted to make up lies to keep Joe in the game?

Danielle: She really hurt me when she said Ashley could beat me, because I'm bigger than her.  But I saw the scale and Ashley weighs way more than 140, and I weigh 136.  You don't know the fire to win I have inside of me!

Britney tells her that Team Janelle has questioned if Danielle is actually a kindergarten teacher.  Britney is totally on to her and questioned her over and over, hammering her to ask if she is a PhD student, if she has a Masters, is she a scientist.  Britney promised to keep her secret, but Danielle keeps saying she doesn't have one.

Britney:  If it ever gets around, you'll know I told.

Dani:  I know.  But I'm a kindergarten teacher!

Britney points out that Dani knows too much about medicine, nutrition, the body, and other things to just be a kindergarten teacher.  Britney guessed over and over, including being in medical school, being a resident, etc.

Britney tells her she hasn't believed Dani's job for some time, but hasn't asked her about it yet.

Britney: Have I guessed it yet?

Danielle nods, and says she won't answer, and keeps repeating her teacher statement over and over.  I can tell you this went on for some time, and I don't think Danielle ever told her, but she will eventually tell her. She loves the attention and brings the topic up with Shane when he comes in the room, fishing for compliments about her intelligence.  And then she brings up Janelle's hurtful comments again, of course.

15. Jenn went up to the HOH and is obviously troubled.  She talked to Shane and Britney for awhile, and then asked if she could stay there awhile to relax.  She was laying on the velvet couch with a blanket over her.  Britney acts nicely about it to her face, but makes a crack about it after leaving the room.

(I have to give it up to Britney---she carries out a total Janelle Hate Fest in front of her team, and tells all of Janelle's secrets, but in front of Janelle she acts like the President of her Fan Club.)

16.  Frank shadowed Janelle all night, following her when she want in the same room as Danielle.  When Janelle got up to leave, Frank followed her, saying "he could do this all night".  Britney repeated this over and over, pointing out Team Boogie's tactics.

17.  Janelle went up to the HOH while Jenn was laying on the sofa, and asked Britney if it was okay for her to take a bath.  Britney was in the process of packing up her things in the HOH bathroom and they whisper-chatted while Janelle prepared to bathe.

The WC in the HOH bathroom has swinging saloon-style doors, with no full-length door.  Janelle went in there and secured the door with a towel to change into her bikini.  When she came out, she had a partial "nip slip" on her left breast and shouted  Oh No!! A nip slip!!  Janelle knows we saw this, but I think she thought the Showtime broadcast was over--it was in the final minutes.

She wasn't that upset.  She just adjusted her top, and kept talking.  (Janelle has done Playboy..)

Britney and Janelle had a friendly, if a bit frantic chat about Team Boogie following her around, and the drama downstairs.

18.  After commercial we see Danielle downstairs in the bathroom.  Britney found her and they went in the downstairs WC to whisper.

It is rare, but the show closed with a camera shot from up high, looking down on Britney whispering with Danielle right in front of the toilet.  That little room is TINY.  There is a yellow laminated sign on the right of the toilet,  just above the toilet seat cover dispenser.  (We can thank Scott from BB4 and his genital warts for that...)

There is a little shelf above the toilet on the left---maybe two shelves, with what looks like a package of baby wipes on top of it.

They only use this camera shot if the HG are plotting in there, or using the room for non-toilet purposes that involve the game like this one.


  1. "...just above the toilet seat cover dispenser. (We can thank Scott from BB4 and his genital warts for that...)"

    Wait, they don't STD test people before they go into the house? How is that NOT a liability on CBS' part?

  2. I would think so, but during BB4 Scott started throwing chairs around and refused to go to the DR.

    They turned the live feeds off, but he explained to the HG that he was upset he had contracted genital warts. He was removed from the house and the girls were crying in fear.

    So they installed the seat covers. I think the laminated sign above it recommends that they use it.

    They've let in drug users, so someone with a live STD wouldn't shock me.

  3. Also, I need to add that Scott from BB4 appeared to be having a mental breakdown. Having his ex-girlfriend Amanda on the show was one of the twists, and it didn't go over well with him. He became depressed about seeing her, and his whole personality changed.

    I think the warts were actually contracted years back, and when he brought them up he was losing it mentally. Maybe that even had to do with his break up from Amanda, who knows.

    I assume many of the HG have herpes, right?

    And Mike Boogie had genital warts removed by Dr. Will on that reality show on VH1. Once you have the virus, you always have the virus, so there's that.

    Janelle warned the girls on the first night of the live feeds to stay away from Mike's crotch!

  4. Hi and many thanks for the updates from a huge BB fan from Romania! :)


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