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Big Brother After Dark - When Confined, the Monkeys Groom Each Other - 8-16-12 #BB14

This eipside aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Wednesday night, and in the wee hours of Thursday where I live.

Frank is the HOH, and Wil and Joe are on the block.  Someone's going home on Thursday.  Unless of course Production decides to change the rules on us again.


1.  As the show opens there is a poker game underway in the HOH Room.  It looks like there are six players---Mike, Frank, Joe, Britney, Dan, Shane  and Danielle.   Frank asks Danielle where her big stack went and she pointed at Joe.  Joe's glass bowl is chock full of tootsie rolls, which I think are worth $25 each.  He's rich.  Danielle's glass bowl is nearly empty.

Britney's fingernails are painted white and remind me of White Out.  She asks Frank if he is going to Vegas after this and he says he may need to stay home with Nana. She might be upset about "all the burpin' and fartin' he's been doin' this summer".

Frank and Britney are just watching, and aren't playing.  The Have Not week should be ending soon---maybe at midnight.  They are usually allowed to eat in order to replenish before the next HOH competitiion.

Downstairs Ian and Ashley are eating pizza in the dining room.  Wil and Jenn are joking about Wil finding out that after eviction tonight he will be in sequester for "three months, in an undisclosed location". 

Britney looks at the Spy Screen and makes a snide comment about Ian and Ashley's "pizza date" downstairs.  The poker players joke about looking around for the casino waitress and raising their hands for a refill.  Mike is distracted and says he was thinking about his DR session.  Britney asked him what it was about and he didn't answer.

2.   At the dining table Ian is muttering about making it another week, and tells Ashley he hopes it is not their last night in the house.  (He suspects a double eviction in the next week.)  Ian needs another week in the house to ensure he goes to Jury.  He doesn't want to have to go home for the rest of the summer.   They are very bored and start tapping on the table in unison.  Ian stops tapping first.

Upstairs Mike looks at the Spy Screen and says Ian has "little shot of closing the deal with just a DiGiourno Pizza and no booze or no private bedroom".  They say he and Ashley at least need to move to Skid Row...

Ashley and Ian went up to the HOH and Ashley commented on the good vibes up there--it felt friendly and nice.  For some reason Ian started talking about Marcellas Reynolds and said "Doesn't Marcellas try to distance himself from BB?" and the cameras change.

(I think it is likely the other way around, after Marcellas' deplorable behavior on All Stars.  He sat around and constantly complained about how the show was rigged by CBS.  There was absolutely no trace of the humor and charm he had back in BB3.  And he wasn't even voted to be on BB7 by the fans.  He was one of the ones "appointed" to the All Star team.  Yep.  Just like Mike Boogie and Chicken George.)

3.  In the bathroom Britney and Danielle decide to take on a new Ian project.  They wanted to use Nair to remove the hair under his arms.  Ian laid down on the bathroom lounge and Britney applied the Nair using yellow rubber kitchen gloves.

Ashley tells him to breathe deeply--this is "a zen thing".  Danielle is holding zuchini slices over his eyes, like a spa (should be cucumbers though).  Britney says he looks like he has dead animals under his arms, then later says a moldy ferret.

Britney:  I seriously think we need a jackhammer to get to the root of this problem.

They tell him to just relax and Britney gets a wet cloth to put over his face while they wait.  Ashley starts pointing out the blackheads on his nose and he says "Stop That" like BB does.  Britney says his underarms look like what you would pull out of the shower drain.  (Ewww.  It does.)

Britney uses tweezers to see if the roots of the hair are loose yet.  They're not.  She says he needs more time.  After waiting for some time Britney decides now is the time and is wiping off the hair with a wet towel.  Ian is saying it burns, it burns, and he wonders if he is bleeding, or if the skin is coming off.

Ashley says that it is awesome---the hair is gone but they did "miss a few spots".  He is grimacing while she removes the hair and then he stands up and looks in the mirror.  His skin is very red so he strips down to his bright green underwear and gets in the shower to wash his underarms.  He gets called to the DR but calls out he has to wash off first.

He is very sore but says he might keep his underarms shaved but isn't sure.  Danielle says it "looks way better".  They are playing a 10 Questions game about guessing which BB house guest they are thinking of.  Ian wants to keep playing while he is in the shower.  Ian is very good and always guesses correctly.  They decide that they can't ask which season--that makes it too easy.

Ashley laughs that they are sitting there playing the game with Ian and he is totally naked behind the glass.  Ian says "true".

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4.  And now we're back to the HOH, where the guys are playing poker at a fast rate.  They are raising and checking and Mike is putting in "two candies".  They are playing Texas Hold 'Em and Dan is talking as if he was the dealer.  Mike has a lot of candy in his "stack".  I think Shane folded.

Frank talks about a trip to LA (during the BB interviews) and he talks about the booze he drank, and visiting a Hooters right next to the Coffee Bean.

Mike:  That's right where my office is!

Frank, joking:  Well, I tried to call you!

5.  Britney teases Ian about Ashley turning him down for a third date--she might be busy.  Ian shows off is armpits to Shane and Britney tells him that they left the Nair on for 10 minutes.  Shane is shocked---the maximum time should be 10 minutes!  Shane thinks Britney used the wrong sort of Nair--there is a version for use in the shower and she should have used a different version.

Ian has Britney read the instructions aloud.  Ian hopes that the endurance contest this week doesn't involve holding metal bars under your arms. Ian said it really stung him.  Ashley "had a blast tonight".

Now Ian reads the directions and Britney looks guilty and rolls her eyes at Danielle.  The directions actually say to "get in the shower one minute after applying", but Britney protests that the maximum time says 10 minutes.  Ian says that is 10 minutes in the shower, not dry!

Ian thinks he might scab due to chemical burns.  He went in the storage room to get an ice pack.   After he leaves Ashley talks about everybody getting diarrhea from Joe's cooking.  They can hear him in the kitchen talking to Mike Boogie.  He's loud, you know.

Danielle:  If he ran a restaurant he'd get a bad, bad food score.

Britney is watching him down the hall in the kitchen and said she watched him "take a spoonful of mayonnaise, put it in his mouth, and then put it back in the jar.   Ashley saw him stir something with his finger and then lick it, without washing his hands afterwards.  They are all skeeving on the cleanliness issues.

Britney: I can't believe the Zingbot almost died!  I was just thinking I heard the sounds of death out there.  It was loud!

Danielle:  He stepped forward, and fell back!

6.  The cameras change to the dining room, where Frank is working on some project or game with Dan.  It looks like they made a grid and are using candies as game pieces.   The grid might be formed out of strips of Play Doh.  I think the playing pieces may be made from Play Doh, too.  Maybe a form of Tic Tac Toe? Dan says they are "playing gravity", and if you put one in one row, "you drop it in".

I'm glad Shane understood, because I didn't.  There are still two HUGE bowls of candy sticks on the table.  As it turns out, the Have Nots will not eat until tomorrow night, and they are all starving.

Ian can't believe his grandmother may have watched him get Naired.  Shane says Ian should have come to him for advice.  It burned him to the first time he did it, too.

(What is this world coming to?)

Ian rocks to and fro at the dining table.  The backdown is locked in preparation for tomorrow, so he can't rock on the hammock right now.  Britney is enjoying a Tutti Fruitti candy stick, and Shane is loving the Watermelon flavor.  The cameras just love to focus on Britney eating candy sticks.

Ian is preparing for a Season 12 recap and Britney is holding a seat for him in the living room.  He is going to sit in one of the nomination chairs and recite the season's results for her.  Britney asks Ashley if this season is everything she thought it would be.   Ashley says yes, it is, and she loves it.

Britney:   How do you think it will affect your life going forward?

Ashley:  I dunno.  Probably have more Twitter followers.  Maybe if people live out here they'll see me at the grocery store. I'm gonna go back to spray tanning, and go home to Pittsburgh for a few weeks.

Britney:  Are you going to meet up with Ian?

Ashley: Yeah!  We're going to go to the Science Center, and the Andy Warhol Museum, and a Pittsburgh Steelers game, and go to Kennywood

Britney says that's a lot of stuff to pack into two weeks.  She wants to see text pictures of the events.  Britney says she misses just hanging out with the cast sometimes.  She wishes they could all get together for like, one night every four years.  Just everybody spending one night in there to see each other again.

7.  The house guests play a game in the living room where they have to go through the alphabet and name a band when it is their turn.  I don't know who is monitoring the scene tonight, but they keep singing songs without interruption.  I just heard them sing Hero and Monkeywrench from the Foo Fighters, Volcano Girls by Veruca Salt, and Danielle sang a Supremes tune.

The cameras had to move to Mike Boogie laying down in the Boom Boom Room to get away from the singing. 

(His ear infections are getting worse---he is having problems in both ears and was told later today the worst one may not fully heal for another week to 10 days.  I think he asked for an ear piece tonight so he can hear what Julie is saying to him, particularly during the competition.)

Back in the living room they are going through the alphabet a second time.  Frank said Halifax for H and Jenn confirmed that is a real band.  They can't use a name twice.  When it is Dan's turn they are on K and he says Kittie.  Frank says "Kitty?" and Dan told him it was a band.   I'm sure Jenn is loving this game.  She has her eyes closed in concentration.  She said Slayer for S and made two devils' horns with her hands.  Danielle got stuck on U--someone already said U2.  Jenn tries to give her a hint about UB40 but she didn't get it.

Mike is still laying quietly in the bedroom. 

Back in the living room Britney finally said the word UB40 but says she has never heard of them.  Frank started singing their hit Red Red Wine and we go back to the bedroom with Mike.  We can hear BB telling them to stop singing.  I think the warning was a live voice, and not recorded because Mike got out of bed to investigate.

I think BB said something about knowing English was difficult to understand, but said stop still means stop and you need  to STOP SINGING! Mike repeated it for Ian, who was coming out of the DR when that happened.  He was sorry to miss it.  He had to show the DR his armpits.

Joe names a band and says it is a hard core rock band and Jenn is calling his bullshit.  I think he said Cattywampus, or something like that.   They just keep going through the alphabet again.  Jenn pulls out Kiss for K, and Frank says "Niiice!"  Ian says the Mamas and the Papas for M, and Frank says Oasis for O.

7.  They went another round and then changed the category to TV shows.  Jenn couldn't promise anything, she's not a big TV watcher, but she starts with All in the Family.  Dan goes with Big Brother, and so on.

Somehow they got all the way through the alphabet and started again.  Britney has been complaining about the "peanut gallery"--people helping each other when they get stumped.  At one point when they were all discussing a letter, Britney said "Why is this even a game?  Why don't we just sit around and talk about it?"

They ignore her and keep going.  I guess they can just zone it out by now.

Oh now, now Britney bitches about it again and Frank says "C'mon now Britney!  We're tryin' to have a little fun!"

That shut her up for a few minutes, I guess.  Frank just whipped out The Jetson's for letter J and says "Preesh" when congratulated on it.    Mike walks in with a tilted head, with fresh ear drops I think, and they explain the game to him and ask for a letter K.  Mike wanted to know if it mattered how old it could be (no limit) so he said Knot's Landing.  Frank congratulated him on that.

Now they have to pick reality shows and Britney says Teen Moms for T. It's Jenn's turn and she is stumped--they all told her it would be easy. 

Britney tells Ian that "his pits are lookng better already" and he agrees.  I think he just told Britney that they asked about it in the DR and she said "really?"    (Because you know this is going to be on the show, right?  Maybe even tomorrow night so Julie can ask Ian about it.)

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  1. Dan and Frank are probably playing connect four, not a kind of tic-tac-toe.


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