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Big Brother After Dark - The Week-Long Janelle Beating Begins 8-6-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Sunday, and early Monday morning where I live.

Sunday was a slow game day, as there were no competitions or other events scheduled.  That doesn't meant the players took the day off, however.  There was plenty of plotting and scheming  to be had, however, as everyone (except Janelle, apparently) prepared themselves for Monday's POV ceremony.


1.  As we now know, the Monday POV ceremony changed everything.  But on this night Frank and Mike are hopeful, but aren't sure things will go their way with Danielle's POV ceremony.  Mike and  Frank sat in the nomination chairs (why would they sit there?) and talked in low voices about everything going on.

They discussed that "they are making this way too hard" and I think they are whispering about Dan, wondering why he couldn't just commit to the new plan.  I am fairly certain Frank spoke of going back on their word in a week or so, once it was okay for them to do that.

Mike, muttering:  There's Joe over there, looking at us. Yes Joe, we're over here talking.

Frank implied he wanted to go off on Joe today but held back.  I think at this point in the evening, they don't think their plan will work, and they are bitter that things won't go their way.  The cocky air of this morning isn't there yet.

Mike notices someone in the kitchen is separating the M & M's by color.

Mike:  Why would she do that?  They all taste the same.

Frank:  Why would anybody do anything in here?

Mike:  I hate it here.  I hate it.

Mike doesn't want to stay up all night.  He just wants to have one more meeting with both he and Frank in there, and maybe one more chat tomorrow morning.

2.  Ian and Dan are in the pool, talking about the game and other seasons of BB.  Dan tells Ian that Britney got some information today about Mike and Janelle teaming together.  Ian thinks that if the HOH competition is a "knock out" competition, Ian will "win for sure".  (In that game two people face off and the one who gets the question wrong is knocked out. The winner gets to pick the next two people to face off.)

Ian:  Joe is fucking Chicken George of this season.

There are a lot of small planes flying over and they are quite loud.

Back in the living room Mike and Frank continue to smirk and complain.  Frank says they sound like a bunch of grumpy old men.

Frank is thinking about bringing up the fact that his dad is a professional wrestler, trying to bond with Dan, but Mike thinks it might be too late.  Frank thinks Dan might be a wrestling fan and Mike says he is the right age to be a fan.

Danielle is the one who separated the M & M's and Mike talks with her about it and mutters something about it.

3.  In the backyard they have a race between Shane, Britney, Jenn and Joe where they crabwalked backwards across the yard and Shane kicked everybody's butt.  The came back inside.  When they came back inside Mike said "why did they have to come back in here?  it was so nice.."

Mike:  I'm about to explode.  Let's just go somewhere and fucking talk.  This sneaking around and waiting around...I can't take it...there's so many people in here... I hate Jenn's laugh, don't you?

Frank:  Just about everything about her..

They laugh.

Now we see all of the M & Ms have been separated, and they are counting them by color.  I guess they are analyzing how many of each come in a bag.  Finally Dan comes inside and motions fro them to follow.  Frank joins Dan in Skid Row and starts his pitch.  He wants to know what Dan's plan is if Frank goes home.

Frank:  This seems like a good plan for all of us...if we just go with this six and keep going...I've been trying to play this game as honest as possible so there's nothing out there that can hurt me...

He is whispering and Dan is stone-face, wearing a lime green towel around his waist.  Frank thought this plan was great for he, Mike and Dan especially.

Dan wants to know who Frank would nominate if he won HOH.  If Janelle is gone, Frank says he will nominate Wil and Joe.  Dan is concerned that this is a very aggressive move.  Frank says that she might be all buddy-buddy this week, but next week whoever wins HOH will be her buddy.  Frank is surprised, since Janelle didn't play that way in the past.

Dan really does have a great poker face.  He says his group will meet and let them know "later for sure".  Frank's cheerleader skirt swishes around his legs when he walks.  The skirt is so small, he can't wear it at his waist because his junk will hang out, so he pulls it down to cover.  It's not very cute.

(Don't large cheerleaders exist somewhere?  Doesn't CBS have seamstresses?)

4.  Janelle sat outside and talked to Ian at the hot tub.  Ian says the Endurance comp was one of the best ever.

Janelle:  Why was April wearing a dress?

Ian:  From BB10?  I don't know..

I guess April had a dress on for the endurance comp.  Thank goodness Ian remembers those important details.  Ian thinks the viewers really enjoyed the Walk the Plank because it lasted longer by today's standards.

Janelle:  How long did the BB13 ski comp last?

Ian:  It was over before Showtime.

Janelle was surprised.  Ian explains why it was different, and how the BB12 surfboard competition was different.  Britney said the surfboards were not as slippery as the planks, because there was a ridge down the middle of the surfboard you could hang on to.  Ian describes the order people fell off the surfboards, and explains that the first 5 off were Haves, so there was an incentive to drop for some people.

Ian's goal on Thursday was to stay long enough to make a deal.  He did his best. 

Janelle:  Is this going to be your favorite BB season?

Ian:  I don't know.  I have to watch it first.

Janelle:  You will.  Because you like BB3 best.

Ian explains that there has been more action than past seasons.

Janelle:  Anything can be better than BB12.

She started talking about how she had to watch the live feeds because she had a show on SuperPass with Jordan and the cameras changed.

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5.  Ashley came downstairs and for some reason they all clap and cheer for her.  I guess she had a bath and everyone is getting boozed up.  Britney wants to do something fun tonight.

Outside Janelle asked Ian if he liked Season 8.  He paused and said he liked Season 4 better.  Janelle started to give her opinion of Season 8 and we went to commercial.

Now we see Frank whispering frantically to Mike in the Have Not room, likely repeating his conversation with Dan.  Yep, he is.  Frank says they will meet up later and then talk to them.

Mike:  I wonder why he didn't want me in the room?

(Mike was going in there and Dan gave a hand motion not to.)

I hate it when they whisper, and my dog does too.  She has made it very clear she doesn't like BBAD and won't stay in the room with me while I am watching.

Now outside the gorup is bigger at the hot tub and they are talking about Danielle Donato, and who will be on BB Allstars.  They decide that Jeff will be asked, and Janelle says the fans will want to see Rachel without Brendon.    Then we go up to the HOH, where Mike is talking to Dan.

Mike is presenting himself as trustworthy, and saying once he picks a team, he stays with it.  He points out that there are a lot of  bodies to get rid of.  He says that if Ashley, Joe or Wil wins HOH, if Mike and Frank are around they will be the targets, rather than Dan.

Mike tells Dan that Britney is not a master strategist, not on their level.

Mike:  She's playing a great 4th place game.  But you and I aren't hear for that.  I feel like I'm beggin'....

Danielle walks in and Mike asks her to stay.

Mike repeats that he's begging.  He knows Dan and Danielle are hooked up with another pair, but why not have two more?  There are a lot of bodies to get rid of!

Mike:  C'mon Danielle!  You want Janelle out!  Let's get out the Queen Bee!  You wanted to Reset? You pressed the Reset button?  Well let's reset this motherfucker!  Let's keep the Queen Bee off the jury, and get her lying ass out of here.


Danielle puts on a jacket, spoke some spanish and left.

Mike:  What was that about?

Dan:  She said she didn't speak very much English.

Mike:  Oh, so that was her way of not contributing?  (ha ha)

Dan asks Mike if he's worried about a BB13 situation, where the newbies rise up against the veterans.  Mike reminds him that a veteran won.

Janelle came upstairs, looking for Danielle and left.  (I think Dan is so paranoid about his double dealing that he is a nervous wreck.)

Dan:  She knows you're up here trying to do a deal.

Mike:  So what?  I'm here helping out my boy Frank.  Who cares what she thinks---you're in power.  Tell her I'm begging...

Dan: She'll ask me what you said later.

Mike asks Dan what he thinks will happen next week if "one of them" wins HOH.  He says Frank won't be around, and it won't be Britney.  It will be either Mike or Shane going.  Mike didn't want to fight this year, but if Janelle is gone he sees a different game.

Dan wants to know what Mike would do if that happened, and Mike doesn't know.  He would have some other options to hook up with Jenn or Ian.  Maybe he'll even be HOH and everyone in the house can sweat. 

Mike: Janelle and Joe are responsible for about 80% of the drama and lies around here.

Mike is very passionate and basically bad mouthng Britney's 4th place game, and then Janelle and Britney came in the room, saying they want to talk.

Mike, clearly irritated:  Well, I'm talking to Dan right now.

Janelle:  No, we want to talk to you Boogie! We want to have a Coaches meeting!

Mike smiles and Britney says the timing is good with everyone else in the houses.


Mike:  OK.  What do you want to say?

Britney:  Well, I think the seeds have been planted, but we haven't really talked?

Mike:  Well, my guy is against your guy.  I can't work with you this week if we're against each other.  We're still with our guys...

Janelle:  Well let's get rid of our guys!

Mike:  Great.  Then let's get rid of Wil!

Janelle:  OK.  I want to do that.  I want to work with you Boogie.

Mike:  I don't trust you.  You've done of dragging my name around with the people in power, and there is no way in the world that I would support sending my #1 guy home, for some kind of future.....I just can't...I can't bullshit you.............we have a history and I obviously like you as a person, but  just can't...

Janelle points out that Frank said he is going after Mike.  Mike laughs and says that is obviously false.   If she wants to show some trust, go ahead and let Wil go home and then they'll see.  But he knows she's not going to do that.

Mike:  Your guy Joe is the biggest troublemaker in the house!

Janelle:  What did he do now?

Mike thinks if Joe wins all of the coaches are gone.  Janelle knows that and that is why she wants the coaches to work together.  Janelle wants to put it all behind them and play a new game.  Mike says the problem is that no one wants to sacrifice a player right now.  If he thought Jenn was "any sort of threat he would offer her up, but he knows Danielle doesn't want to waste her HOH on that".

Then he qualifies that Jenn is a nice girl, blah blah blah.

I feel compelled to state that Janelle is wearing a version of her disco Coach's Comp costume.  She is wearing the day-glo tights and tank top.

Mike keeps going for awhile, but says that he is about to wrap up in the next 15 minutes, and then he's done for the night.  He won't stay up all night to beg.  He's putting everything on the table now.

Mike points out that Frank may not want to go to the end of the game with him--he's too good at talking and might win again.   He thinks Wil isn't anti-coach, and wants to be involved with something.  But he wants Janelle to admit that  Joe messed up her game.  He would also like Janelle to stop running to the power and make up lies to them about him.

Janelle:  What lies did I say?  Can you give me an example of the lies?

Mike:  Well, I'm referring to your whole group...

Janelle:  Are you referring to Wil's lies?  I told him not to do that, that telling lies would get you in trouble..

Mike says Peace and gets ready to leave.  Britney wants to leave, too, since the Anti-Coach sentiment downstairs is still around.  So Britney and Janelle got up and left.

Dan:  Well, that's never going to work.

Mike thinks that little meeting proved his point.

Dan:  All I've gotta say is if you've gotta cut somebody, make it Shane, or Danielle or Britney.

Mike starts going into a song and dance about knowing Dan a lot longer than Frank, and wanting to go to the Fnal Two with Dan, blah blah blah

They hug and snap on it. Dan wants to keep Mike's "Brady" T-shirt (picture of Mike's son) as collateral and seems to be serious.  Dan also says that nominating Frank can end up being a great cover for the alliance.  In BB10 he put up Memphis early in the game and no one expected them to work together.

6.   Frank came in and Dan said something to him to indicate they were on board now and Frank gives him a hug.    There is a celebratory air.

Now we see Britney and Janelle talking on Skid Row.  Janelle is upset about what Mike said---she thinks he is delusional of he thinks they want to keep Frank in the house.

Janelle:  How can he be so attached to a house guest?

Britney:  That didn't go well at all!  Not at all!

7.  Now Frank and Mike leave the HOH and Danielle comes in and wants to know what is going on.  She locks the door.

Dan:  All four coaches were in here.  Did you know that?  (she didn't) and Mike Boogie just called out Janelle and she didn't say anything.  She just left.

Danielle says she didn't watch her season.  What does Dan want?  Dan points out that if they leave Frank in the game they are leaving a huge target.   Dan says that if anyone gets "scumbagged, it's not going to be the two of them".  They start to argue about Danielle's excessive emotion and we go to a commercial (thank god).

When we return Britney is there and is telling Danielle how tense it was in there.  Shane comes in and Britney starts to go through the whole story.

Shane is wrestling with his shoe and listens closely to how Mike owned Janelle and what he said.  Dan said that he watched Janelle and she had nothing to say---she just crumpled.  Dan said she couldn't even defend herself.  The fact that she wouldn't sacrifice Joe seemed to seal the deal.

Britney tells Shane she heard something from Janelle about him that really upset her.  Janelle told her that when she asked why he nominated Joe, he said because Britney made him do it.  Shane fights back against that--its not true he says.

Ian came in to take a bath and had to leave to get his own towel.  

They are blaming Janelle for all of Joe's lies.  (Won't Joe still lie after Janelle is gone? )

Ian gives his view that getting rid of Janelle is the best option because she could win HOH at any time.  Right in the middle of his speech Danielle decides it's Janelle and takes a vote.  She got three votes and said it's done.  Janelle's gone.

She wants Frank and Mike to come up now to give the news.  Britney is scared.  Danielle crows that sending Janelle out is the biggest move she could ever make in the game.  We hear the audio from Danielle and Shane while we see Dan move through the house, looking for Mike.

8.  He found Mike playing pool with Ian and asked him to come to the Arcade.  Mike went and woke up Frank and brought him in with him.  They go upstairs and Dan says the name of the group is The Avengers.

Mike starts to tell the group how he called out Janelle and it could go well, or really hurt him.

It is a big rah rah group right now.  Britney was impressed with how Mike handled Janelle. A little while ago Britney told the group that if someone offers you an alliance, you ALWAYS say yes because it is "too awkward to say no" and she gives as an example her agreement to work with Brendon and Rachel.

I'm pretty sure they were all wondering about their alliance agreements with Britney, as well.  Right?

Mike is leading this meeting, saying that when that POV box closes tomorrow, the game is on.  He'd like nothing better than to look at this group going into the next HOH.  He likes their chances.

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