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Big Brother After Dark - Sweet Candy and Sour Attitudes 8-11-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Friday night, and in the wee hours of Saturday where I live.

Today there was a Have Not competition, with Danielle, Shane, Britney and Joe being the losers there. America chose Candy Canes and Cod as the add-on foods for this week.

Frank as the HOH nominated Wil and Joe for eviction.

(Supposedly Wil is the target, but I can't believe they would waste this HOH with such a relatively-weak target.  Although, they don't want Wil or Joe voting with the Jury, so maybe this is the real goal.)


1.  The show opens with Britney, Shane, Danielle and Ian pawing through a mound of multi-colored candy sticks on the dining room table.  They are sorting them by flavor and Britney gathers the flavors deemed "nasty" into a separate glass bowl, to isolate them.  These so-called nasty sticks include Spearmint, Sassafras, and a few others.  The maker of the candies is Gilliam.

 Danielle is eating a blueberry stick and her tongue is very blue.  I predict we will see many different colored mouths this week, and maybe longer.  They have A LOT of candy sticks.  Are they really Candy Canes though?  I guess Big Brother can call them anything they want.

Shane tries a blackberry stick and offers to break off a piece for Britney but she says she is not that interested in trying it.

Frank went outside with Danielle to develop a Spiritard cheer.  BB wants them to have that cheesy "shunning" ceremony when he removes it for good tonight and since Danielle was a cheerleader she helps him come up with a cheer.

Something like:  Bye bye Spiriitard wearing you has been so hard. B - I - G - B - R - O....

You get the picture.  I think it is going to be a good cheer.  The ceremonies are always cheesy--they usually have to do it in the living room and everyone has to say something about it.  I don't see Ted involved at this point, but BB didn't spend the money to put Ted in a Spiritard for nothing.

2.  Lots of candy crunching noises since the mics are right there by their mouths.  Britney and Ian played pool.  I don't think they have booze yet tonight, from the sound of it.  The pool table is very crooked tonight but Ian wants to wait until the game is over to level it.  Mike is going to help her.

Britney and Dan are whispering in the bedroom.  I think about getting picked for the POV by Wil.  He is going to pick Britney or Danielle to play for him if he gets the choice.  Britney tells Dan that Wil approached her today saying that he and Ashley need a place to go now and people to work with.  He said Frank and Mike were bullies and he's tired of their attitudes.

(Why didn't he keep Janelle then?  What a disaster Wil has turned out to be...)

Dan advises Britney to tell Mike and Frank about Wil picking her in advance, so they don't think it is weird if it happens.  I think that Britney and Dan are both nervous about getting backdoored this week, so they are being extra careful with perceptions.

Britney, whispering:  Mike and Frank need to go!  But not if we're involved in it!

3. Jenn does a mini commercial for the iPad, telling Dan he should get one immediately.  He can use it to show people his real estate properties and other presentations.  Dan doesn't like the touch screen but Wil says you can attach a keyboard.

The pool table is still crooked.

Ashley is laid out on the bathroom on the lounge and Frank came in to give her an update on what has happened in the house.  She was trying to sleep but figures out it wasn't a very long nap.  Frank told her about the candies and offered to get a Pina Colada stick and she said not, she's trying to "get skinny with all of this hurt stuff".

(If you don't know, Ashley is in a lot of back pain and can barely move.  Due to her pain she was excused from the Have Not competition.)

Wil asks her pain level and she gives it a "9" right now.  She said the pain is concentrated on her butt cheeks, and it feels like she is being hit with a stun gun.  Wil says that sounds like a nerve, and that this is not a muscle problem.

Ashley:  I think I'm just really disappointed, because when I got the shot two days ago on the other side it helped.  But this time, on the other side it didn't.

She got the shot directly in her butt.  Wil says that he hopes she feels better.  Frank jokes that they are all "talking mad shit about her out there".

Ashley: I would hope so..this is Big Brother!

Now Britney comes in and asks how she is, and Ashley doesn't respond.  Instead, Frank does all of the talking for her.  Then Ashley kind of interrupts to say she doesn't want to keep talking about it.  (Hmmmm.  Interesting...)

When we come back from commercial they were filling Ashley in on the fish dinner they had tonight and how good it was.  Joe fried the cod for them and the had pickles on the side.  Now Britney is having dessert coffee.

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 4.  Outside the BB Cornhole game is getting some action---Dan and Danielle are playing.  Danielle is pretty good but Dan beats her.  The beanbags are yellow and green, so maybe they were involved with the Have Not competition today.  (Those were the colors of the two teams.)

Shane has an upset stomach and Britney called him out, saying he has "explosive diarrhea".  They are blaming the butter Joe put on the cod.  Mike says if you don't eat much butter it can make you sick to eat it.  Shane isn't there to defend himself---I think he is in the HOH bathroom.

Britney says she has a compulsion to end a staircase on the same foot she started on.  Frank had an issue at one time with having to walk around the island in the kitchen the same way he came in.

Ian came in with a half-eaten candy stick that Britney left in the Have Not room.  He apologized to Britney about it, but says he is a neat freak and doesn't want ants in his clothes.

Now Shane appears and denies having any gastric issues.  He says now that his back was hurting and that Frank misunderstood.

Shane: No, no diarrhea this week!  (yet)

Britney says the worst thing is when you really need to poop and there are eight people hanging around in the bathroom.  Frank agrees and says that is the best thing about being the HOH---having that huge private bathroom.  Britney says the door downstairs offers no soundproofing and Shane cosigns that.  Britney would like the WC to be padded like the DR for privacy.

5.  They discussed their pet peeves and it was a good conversation.

Britney:  Hates it when people use the wrong plural with words that end with "f".  For example, when they say "knifes" instead of "knives".  She also hates it when people text and say "no"instead of "know".

Shane:  Cosigned that and hates when people say "to"  instead of "too".

Frank always tries to use proper punctuation in his texts.  Shane:  "Me T-O-O."  (ha ha)

Britney:  Hates when people use LOL and don't mean it.  She demonstrates people with grim faces texting LOL.  (true)

Frank uses "ha" instead of "LOL".  (Me T-O-O.)

Frank hates it when in a restaurant someone fills up a small plate with appetizers, but then eats off the big appetizer plate until it's gone and then still has their small plate to eat.

Frank:  Zebra Cake Chris always does that!!  I hate it!

Frank likes it when he goes to the restroom in the restaurant and returns to find his dinner waiting for him.  Ashley hates it when you order an appetizer and it arrives the same time as your entree.

Frank hates it when a guy goes up to talk to a girl in a bar and the girls are bitchy about shooting them down.  He says it takes courage for some guys to do that and the girls should at least make conversation for a few minutes and be polite about it.  Britney says it sucks when you feel like the worst person in the world because you're not interested in them.

6.  Outside Jenn is working out with weights, and Mike, Shane and Wil are working out also.  They have set up interval stations and take turns rotating through them.  It is a great workout they are getting and Jenn is breathing hard.  Shane counts out the time and/or number of reps to encourage everyone.  He asks Jenn how she is doing and she says "Great!".

(This is a good way for Jenn to get in with the guys....)

Wil, breathing hard:  It's hard to believe this is Friday night!

One of the intervals looks easy, but I know it is hard.  They have taken two pieces of cardboard (from a cereal box, I think) about 8 x 11 each and put them under their feet and get in push up position.  Then they slide their feet up to their chests back and forth.  This is a great ab exercise and it is hard for them as they rotate through rotations of the intervals.  Shane looks like a Boflex commercial doing this.

They take a short break now and Mike and Shane discuss adding new intervals.  Shane demonstrates the new exercises:  a curl turn with the bicep weights, a reverse lunge with weights that uses the cereal boxes.  Shane is training everyone and wants them all to try the reverse lunge now so he can watch them and not get hurt.  Joe tries it and I think he may have hurt himself already.  Shane cautions them not to use weights doing the reverse lunge if it is too hard.  Now he demonstrates a side plank with forward motion and Joe has trouble doing it.

I can tell Shane is very good at being a trainer.  He quickly came up with an alternative for that interval---doing bicycle ab work instead.  Shane is going to call 15 reps so they know where to start.  Now they go.  Joe wishes he had a personal trainer at home.

It is certainly not poetry in motion watching Joe struggle with the bicycles. Everyone else is fairly athletic and impressive to watch, but I feel like Joe is going to stroke out any second. 

Wil is just running and not doing the interval training.

7.  In the bathroom lounge Dan is asking Frank questions about his academic and sports background in school.  Dan asked if his dad played football but Frank says that he didn't go to college.  Zebra Cake Chris went to school with Frank, but Jungle Juice Daniel went to Fayetteville, where Britney went to school.

Outside Shane wants everyone to "walk it off" during the break and high fives everyone on thier accomplishment.  He congratulates Wil too on his run and thanks him for "organizing" the work out.  Shane is going to go get one scoop of protein for a shake and I think he's going to make one for Joe, too.  I think they have an agreement for slop week that Joe will cook for Shane and Shane will make the protein shakes.

Inside Britney tells Danielle she is the worst in the house about singing, and getting warned by BB about it.  Dani is surprised about that.  Britney says that Danielle hums all of the time.  (she does)

Britney sings along with Lady Gaga in her car and swears they sound just alike.  If they played "You and I" as a wakeup song she would love it.

(They actually did play it the next morning and Britney loved it.)

In the backyard Jenn is stretching and doing pilates moves.  (Or P90X superman bananas.)  Wil is still running and Joe is walking in a labored fashion.

(Mike is older than Joe, right?  That should inspire Joe to take better care of himself.  Because he can barely move around and is always talking about his high blood pressure.)

8.  Mike came in the bathroom and said he heard them talking earlier about guys trying to talk to women in bars. He suggests politely that they tell the guys that they are married.  Britney and Danielle go off on a tangent about how the worst thing is when a guy buys you a drink and then thinks he owns you for a night.

Danielle:  I'll make conversation for about 10 minutes, but that's it!

Mike:  Well, these are nice problems to girls are all so fetching that guys are going to want to come talk to you.

Ashley:  I like to have bitchy friends who do the blowing off for me...

Mike:  Is that the one you told me about?  The one who was on Bad Girls?  (is that a show?)

Ashley says yes and the cameras change.  Of course.

9.  Ian and Dan are running laps in the backyard.  They are on 57 now.  I think they are going to 100.  I would say Joe is walking, but strolling is a better description of what he is doing.

In the bathroom Mike says working out so late makes it hard to go to bed.  He has too much energy after a workout.  I guess someone mentioned Britney being negative, and she said she's just being herself, and she's negative.

Ashley:  I like you for you. It's kind of refreshing..I work so hard to be positive...

Mike:  It's how she got on the show.

They allude to the fact that in Britney's interviews she listed all of the things she hates.  She says she talks back to Production all of the time too. 

Now Mike talks about the upcoming competitions where the players and non players are isolated for hours by themselves in the house, waiting.  (Usually this is the case if there is a timed exercise in the backyard and they all do it separately and the lowest time wins.)

Danielle just did the Spiritard cheer for Mike and he liked it.  They are all chanting now "Yeah yeah, Big Brother!  Big Brother".  Frank needs to practice---he has one hour until show time.  (or actually until the end of Showtime).  Ashley got up and put on make up, so that is a sign she is feeling better.

Outside Dan and Ian are on lap #93.

Britney is bitching about her situation and Shane asks if a glass of wine would help her.

Britney: I'm a frickin Have Not!

Shane:  I know.  I am too!  And you put me on it the first week! And I did it the second week!

(Britney couldn't win the Coach's Comps...)

Now Dan and Ian are finished and Ian plans to get in the outdoor shower to hose off.

10.  Wil sits with Jenn by the hot tub and Wil says a little about the nominations---if they stay the same he's going to have a hard time being positive about it.  They decide that many things can happen before then.

Jenn tries to suggest ways to make him feel better but then apologizes, saying that she will let him be.  Today was a tough day for Wil and she says he should just get through today.  I think they got some sort of awning outside to provide shade and Jenn says she likes it.

11.  For the Have Not they had to wear lemon and lime costumes that soaked up liquid.  Then they squeezed the liquid out.

(I heard Mike guess this EXACT type of competition weeks ago....)

Wil is in the Boom Boom Room with Ashley and is very down.  He has none of his typical humor or sense of humor.  Ashley knows it sucks to be on the block but tries to listen and be there for him.  Wil is embarrassed about something that Frank said to him---I missed it during the commercial, but now Wil says Kara should have stayed week #1 instead of Frank.

Ashley: I know.  I think about it all of the time...

(Then why did these two kids leave him in the house last week?  Coulda shoulda woulda...)

Wil says things will turn around for them tomorrow---it is their turn to shine.  He said if he won HOH, he would never waste the week on evicting Joe.  He would go after much bigger targets.  Ashley is eating a big box of Nerds and they crunch between their teeth.  Wil thinks the best thing would be her winning POV and taking Wil off the block.

Wil and Ashley agree they need to be careful what they tell Jenn--they think she will go back and tell Mike and Frank everything.  They say it really is just the two of them now. 

Wil is very angry about the conversation he had with Frank. He says that Frank made it sound like he had to work hard to get Janelle nominated and to save himself, but Wil says he was never in any danger at any time during the week.  (not true)

Wil thinks Jenn is acting differently since the competition, like a mother and she's never done that before.  He said he went upstairs to talk to Frank and just say that there were no hard feelings for nominating him, but Frank was so cocky and blamed Wil for his actions. 

(Mike said Wil was giving a lot of 'tude and swinging his hair around and I think the hands were involved, too.)

Frank breezes through the bedroom and spoke cheerily with Ashley. He told her there are only 20 minutes until he gets to remove the Spiritard.  Ashley thinks Joe is the target this week, and I can tell Wil wants to believe her.

Ashley:  People like you. And that means a lot in this game.  You make people laugh, and that goes a long way...

Mike comes in and they start talking about something else.  Mike's stuff is in the dresser in the corner of the Boom Boom Room.  He is about to shower and leaves the room.  Ashley plays with her mic and the sound is terrible for those of us who can hear.

Wil thought it would be easier to separate personal feelings in the game, but it isn't.  He misses Kara and wishes he had kept her, but he realizes she would be with Dan now, too.  Wil says at the end of the day they are playing their own game.

Ashley:  I think having Janelle as a coach really put a damper on our game.  Coming in here, she was just such a huge target, and with all of her lies...she just didn't play the game the right way... and now look what happened--she went home.

They discuss how Frank likes to make himself look good in the house.

Wil: He's a fucking bastard!  He is! I'm not going to stoop to his level!

Ashley thinks Shane is making comments that throw Britney under the bus. After the Have Not competition he made a comment that this time he lost himself---he can't blame his Coach for him being on slop.  She thinks Shane is upset about the Twist too.

Ashley:  He compares himself to Hayden...he just wants to be the Beast, but the twists make it so unpredictable.

12.  Mike told Frank he spoke with Wil today and they kind of cleared the air about the meeting yesterday.  Wil had said in front of everybody that Mike was doing all of the talking for Frank this week and it was intended to offend both of them.

Mike:   I told him the house is obviously full of duos.  And me and you are one of them, and it is obvious that I had input and consultation with you but whatever you do is ultimately your decision.

They discuss how Wil's attitude is so different today.  He's not using his funny voices or being humorous.  Mike also says every time he walked through the Boom Boom Room just now Wil and Ashley stopped talking and looked at him.  Then Mike says that he had a quick conversation with Joe about how Joe should just lay low this week, act like he's going home, and cook some cod.

Mike brings up how loyal Joe was to Janelle, even to the bitter end.  That makes him feel better about Joe, but they will need to remind him everyday to keep it cool.  Frank told Joe to try to campaign like he needs the vote, but not too hard.

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