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Big Brother After Dark - Someone Has One in the Have Not Room - 8-14-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Monday night, and in the wee hours of Tuesday where I live.

Today was the POV ceremony and Frank did not use the POV.  So Wil and Joe are both still on the block, and one of them will be evicted on Thursday night.


1.  When the show opens, Shane's Boot Camp is in full swing, and we see Shane struggle with a very difficult abdominal exercise.  We know it's a hard one, because Shane actually says he's having a hard time.   We hear Jenn agreeing with him off camera. They're working up a sweat out there.

Then we see Ian and Dan talking in the living room.  Ian is talking about the BB ladies from seasons past that he thinks are fine.  He visits a website where they admire Dani Donato and Britney Haynes.  He says there is "spaghetti falling out of pockets" about Dani Donato.  He had to explain it to Dan, but Dan didn't understand the expression and neither did I.  He seemed to mean getting embarrassed when an attractive person is around, but who knows.  He also talked about Kristin from BB12 and makes the "call me" gesture to the cameras about her.

2.  Outside we see Britney having a hushed conversation with Ashley about this week's vote.  Britney promises to tell Ashley what she thinks will happen as soon as she knows it.  Ashley might be throwing Wil under the bus by talking up how much Joe likes Britney.  She says Joe is always saying how funny Brit is, etc.  Then she says Wil is having anxiety attacks and kind of thinks he's the one going this week.

Frank came outside to sit with them and mentioned the camera "focusin' on him while he was fixin' his junk".  Britney tells everybody to relax and says the cameras are "pervy sometimes".

Britney:  I've never watched the live feeds, but the person I was dating the last time said that he would get really mad when he was watching the live feeds....the cameras were really pervy..

Ashley:  Do they focus on your boobs?

Frank starts talking about his new briefs he is wearing---they are still super tight and he's "always havin' to stretch 'em out".

Britney, continuing: I don't know that for a fact, but the person complained to me about it...(long pause)..but what didn't that person complain about, know what I mean?

Ashley:  Oh...one of those!

(For the record, I think Britney has watched the live feeds.  She used to talk to the live feeders a lot during BB12, and I think she said in the pre-season that she and her mom watched them every year.  Also, she wasn't "dating" Nick, he was her "fiance" and she said that constantly.  Just keeping it real Britney.)

3.  After the commercial Britney is doing "curtsy lunges" and says they are "courtesy of Janelle Desanto" and Frank says "for real?" and does a few with her.  I think these are moves from Janelle's Brazillain Booty class.  Frank starts jump roping and makes it look really easy.   He says the jump rope is too short for him to go backwards with it.  He says it is easier to do on a hard surface as opposed to the fake grass.

Britney and Danielle are stretching and just kind of standing around.  I'm sure the slop diet isn't conducive to wanting to work out, but Shane is on slop too.

Joe is doing side by side shuffle-type moves across the backyard and Britney says that is a "straight up basketball move".  Joe and Jenn are high fiving as they move through the intervals created by Shane.

Looks like the Boot Camp is over. Shane is running laps now and Joe is walking laps to cool down.  Mike already gathered his stuff and went back in the house.  Frank works the jump rope like a pro and says he does a lot of "jump ropin'" at home.  Danielle does bicep curls but doesn't hold her elbows steady so her biceps aren't isolated, she's just swinging her arms.

Inside Dan is asking where Ian would take him and Chelsea if they visited him in New Orleans.  Ian said for an authentic meal you would want to go to Dickie Brennan's, and then says he has a "palace, or something like that".  (Does he mean the Commander's Palace?)  Ian says that Dickie Brennan has a steakhouse that is underground and it is really cool.

Dan says Chelsea wouldn't like that because she has a fear of buildings collapsing.  Ian says it is in a skyscraper (in New Orleans?) but you have to walk downstairs to get there.  Now Ian mentions The Commander's Palace and Dan says that sounds like his kind of place.  Dan mentions the King Cakes and the little baby that is baked in the cake.  (If you get the baby in your slice you have to buy the cake next year.  I worked with a guy who chewed it up and swallowed it so he wouldn't have to pay.)  Ian says the cakes come in many flavors and are delicious.

Now Dan talks about Monkey Bread and Ian says that sounds like a "New Year's Pretzel" which he says has icing on it and doesn't taste like a pretzel at all.  Dan asks if Taylor likes to eat those and Ian says he didn't talk to her about that.  Dan asked what they did talk about and Ian said classes she would take and stuff like that.   Dan asked if Ian was nervous and he said yes.  (I guess Taylor is a girl Ian likes at school.)

Ian told Dan the newbies were in the house for about an hour before the Coaches came in.  Ian knew somebody was coming in because the four corners of the memory wall were covered up.

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4.  Wil cooked some chicken pieces in the form of small nuggets and a big pan of sauteed vegetables.  Ashley loads up a bowl with the veggies.   I think he cooked them with honey and soy sauce.  Jenn is going to eat after she rests from her workout for a few more minutes.  She asked Shane about the vanilla protein shake and plans to try it.  She will have to mix it with water since she can't digest milk.

Outside Shane tells Boogie that Muscle Milk also comes in a Low Fat Chocolate flavor and Mike is excited to try it.  Now Shane helps Danielle work on her abs by pushing her feet back down when she does leg lifts.  Shane has a ton of little exercises like that, where it feels like fun but I'm sure it is painfully effective.

They do another set and Joe asks if that is a harder exercise than what he did during Boot Camp and Shane says yes, it is very intense.  Frank likes it and wants to try it sometime.  Shane says it is good for your oblique muscles.

Wil makes himself his frequent dessert of two cookies sandwiched with peanut butter between them.  I just saw him dip a cookie into the Peter Pan jar and make a sandwich.  (yum)

5.  Outside Frank and Britney are running laps.  Inside Ashley says she "wishes she could google how to get rid of flies". They are doing a pretty good job cleaning up the kitchen and Ashley sprays the counter tops and wipes them down.  Wil is doing the dishes, with assistance from Joe.  There are a lot of dirty dishes, since they don't have a dishwasher for the plates and glasses.

(How would you ever get the silverware clean enough without a dishwasher?)

Shane and Danielle are in the storage room and she tells Shane that Frank almost used the POV to nominate Dan.  She was sick to her stomach waiting for it.  People kept coming in and out so Shane says they will talk about it later in the Have Not room.

6.   Ian and Dan are playing pool and the pool table is crooked again.  Dan called Shane over to help and he did what he could hoisting the table up so they could prop up the legs accordingly.  It's still crooked and Ian thinks it is ridiculous.  Dan can't lift the table by himself and calls Shane over.   I guess Dan wants to be careful not to crush Ian's hands, because anybody could move the table, right?

Shane is very cheerful about helping when asked.  I would say he is one of the most polite house guests at this point, if not the most polite.

Danielle walks through the room on the way  to "get the sweat off her face" but we don't get to see that process.  Instead we see Wil put away clean pots and pans and then we go back out to the pool table.  Ian just did something that hurt his hand but we couldn't see it.  Everyone in the back yard was watching it and Ian says it's probably going to be on You Tube and Jokers,  like old Jerry from BB10 falling in the pool.

Ian discussed a UK BB house guest who blew snot into a cake that was being baked, or something charming like that.  He just lost the vote to win at the end---it was 51% to 49%, Ian says.

7.  Wil did a very thorough job cleaning up the kitchen all alone.  People helped in the early stages, but now he is alone putting the washed dishes away, and organizing the counter tops.  I think the camera is paying tribute to him.  He's not "on" right now, he's just doing something everybody does at home.  We will miss you Wil, at least I will.

At the pool table Dan says "Stop That!" and then they went into the whole "Willie Stop!  Go in the DR!", and then Ian recited Alison's speech:  "House guests.  As you know violence is not part of the Big Brother game and your safety is of utmost importance to us.  Willie has been removed from the game and the game goes on."

Now we see Britney and Danielle in the hammock.  Britney is red-faced from doing pushups and she started whispering with Danielle.  Danielle was telling her about what happened last night about Dan getting backdoored and Joe came up.  Joe said he wanted to stay in the house, but had no part of what happened last night.

Britney plays dumb and has Joe explain it.  Joe says that Wil and Ashley went upstairs and pitched to Frank pulling Joe off the block and putting Dan, Danielle, Britney or Shane, claiming that the four of them were in an alliance..  Wil thought it would happen and came out and hugged Joe because he was so excited about it.

Joe:  Obviously it didn't happen.  He was sure it would.

Joe tells them he feels very much alone in the house and he's looking for a home.  Britney listens and asks clarifying questions and Danielle is quiet.  Joe says he is a loyal guy.  It's true that he could win some competitions, but his vote is worth more than that.  He wants to lay the groundwork and make sure everybody knows how he feels.  When Britney is ready to talk deeper about it, he's ready for that.  He wants his family to be proud of his honesty and integrity.

Britney will think about it and get back to Joe.  Danielle "me too's" everything Britney says.

After he leaves Britney confirms Joe's story.  She saw the action go down from outside and it was just as Joe describes it.  She says Wil is so fake nice now all of a sudden.  Britney says Ian is pissing her off now--he will never nominate Frank or Mike.  And Dan is way too good with both sides of the house, Britney says, he can't have his cake and eat it too.

They agreed that if it got down to the four of them, Dan needs to be the first to go.

Frank came over and they told him Joe just made his pitch.  Frank described what he said to Joe after he won HOH about laying low and being the pawn.   Ian came over and they started making light conversation.

Frank hates going in the DR right after he's worked out.  He's all sweaty and one time they told him to go "outside and finish up" and come back later . Danielle said she was in there earlier and they told her to go "wipe her face off or something".

8.  We see Mike and Dan in the bathroom talking about the Banana Suit.  The details are fuzzy, but apparently Dan found a box in the bedroom with question mark on it. Inside there was a Banana Suit.  No one knew what to make of it and were guessing Dan was America's Player, etc. Turns out Mike brought that in there as a joke.  He said it had been on that chair for days and no one saw it, and it was in a drawer before that.

So now we see them talking about it, and Dan was trying to find out who approved bringing that in, throwing out initials.  Mike said they never actually approved it, but "it wasn't okay but it was just there".

9.  The cameras change to the backyard where Frank and Britney talk about their DR sessions for quite a while without getting a warning from BB.  Frank had to re-do a number of statements he had recorded earlier.   Then Ian asks Britney if Andrew from BB12 wore boxers or briefs. (WTF?)  Britney doesn't remember seeing him in his skivvies.  Britney describes Frank's perfect girl.  Frank had said that he like "full briefs" on a woman and then Britney went into a fanciful description of an athletic, really chill girl who doesn't wear much makeup.  Ian interrupted to ask if she was describing BB12 Kristin to make him mad? They all laugh.  Then they say the Kristin stuff is getting old.

Danielle worked at Hollister, Victoria's Secret and Kay Jewelers in highshool.  She says she is "almost a certified gemlogist".  She's been working since she was 15.   A few minutes ago they discussed how dark it is in the Hollister store, and how much it stinks of perfume.

In the middle of the conversation, Frank blurts out that "for some reason he wanted to wrestle around on the ground with Ian".  (WTF #2?)

10.  Mike discussed options for people who lose their iPhones, to wipe the phone or lock it remotely.  I have heard Mike say that he has the latest iPad, too.  He likes to lay on the couch and watch TV and surf the internet that way.

Outside at the hammock they discuss Natalie. Ian thinks that if she tried, she might be cute.  Frank agrees and Britney stops herself from saying something she said would be a back-handed compliment.

Britney said that she is ready to kill in order to not be a Have Not next week.   She says Lane never had to be on slop in BB12, but Ian corrects her about that.  The Saboteur locked the storage room and they all had to eat slop for three days. Britney says it was stupid.  (It was.)

11.  Now we see Dan and Daneille on Skid Row and they are having a mini argument about why Dan thinks Danielle is mad at him.  Turns out she is suspicious of his relationship with Ian and Dan understands that.  Now she is telling him about Wil's plan for Frank to nominate Dan.

Dan seems calm and says that it is normal for people to say things like that, but actions speak louder than words when you look back at it.  He wanted to know if he looked surprised and she said no.

Now Danielle brings up how Britney makes so many jokes and comments about Dani's IBS.  She had to tell her to lay off, and Dan apologizes if he said something to offend her like Britney has.  Now she tells him that Shane is being such a jerk.  He is making jokes that are hurtful and she told him that he is too harsh with her.  Dan asked for an example of what Shane said, but Danielle tells him that Britney said Shane was probably a douche outside the house.

Now Danielle comes up with an example of Shane saying so many sweet things to her, but then he tells Britney he hopes Dani Donato is at the finale because she's so hot!  Dan wants to hear the sweet things that Shane has said and she gives him examples of Shane "putting up a wall" inside the house.  She mentions Shane thought he would get backdoored and Dan wanted to know why.

Dan:  That's why I said, no showmance!

Danielle:  There is no showmance.

Now she brings up a conversation about brown M and Ms where Shane accused her of caring for Dan more than him, and of being jealous of Danielle taking a picture of Wil with Wil holding her up in the air.  Danielle picked out all of the brown M and Ms for Dan and feels that Shane was upset about this.  Now Danielle says Shane should know better to talk to her like that, because she "was in a marriage" and when Dan asks her about that she says "well, we were engaged and it was like we were married"....

Danielle:....we were living together...we might as well have been married...we shared bills....it was a nightmare and I paid all of the bills...I looked at his books and it was all lies...i saw the payments were made for another woman for a gift three years ago.....do you know how sick I was payin' all those bills?

Dan, after a long silence:  Crazy.

Now Danielle jumps right back into her story about Shane.  Shane is super-jealous and Dan wants to know, of what? 

12.  Danielle tells Dan she shuts Britney down quickly if Britney starts questioning Dan.  She tells Dan that Wil is targeting Dan, and how Joe has approached she and Britney about keeping him.

Now Danielle starts talking about Trey again...She starts talking about the "Trey Situation", and that "she hasn't really told Britney anything, but then it starts spilling out really fast:

Danielle:  we've been friends for years but it's been more than two dates...we've hung out as friends and all and in big groups and then we went to lunch at Jason's Deli and then I left on Friday but he left on Tuesday for a guy's trip...

Then we go to commercial.  What does she mean she hasn't told all of this to Britney?  I've heard her tell Britney all of this twice.  So you know there have to be more occasions than that...

13.  Now we go outside where Wil is talking to Mike about his anxiety attacks.  Mike knows he is susceptible when he is hungover, and around a large amount of people, like flying home from Vegas.  He knows he it is going to happen and pops a 1/4 Xanax pill then.  He also gets anxious if he has to sit in the center seat on a flight, or in the back of the plane.

Mike likes to know Xanax works when he needs it, and wouldn't abuse it to lose that protection.

14.  Now Dan asks Danielle how she thinks they are being portrayed.  She thinks Ashley is portrayed as stupid. And says that Britney is the same negative complainer that she was back then.  She says she tries to tell her to stop complainin', and sometimes she does.  She says that Shane "always looks perfect, and she doesn't know what she looks like".

She doesn't mention how she might act on the show.  Dan says she might be perceived as sort of a Dani Donato type, kind of ruthless and a tough competitor.  Or if things keep going well maybe a Rachel or a Janelle.  Britney came in and Danielle called her Negative Nancy.  Britney starts talking again about what Joe said to them.  She thinks he would do whatever they want and does not to ruffle feathers in the house.

Britney reports that there are ants all over in the kitchen.  They changed the subject because Wil walked through on the way to the Boom Boom Room.

15.  Danielle gets Britney to tell Dan about what she heard in the Have Not room the other night.  (Joe masturbating.)  Britney imitates the sound but says it was not possible at first based on the acoustics in the room to see which guy was doing it, but then the sounds afterwords made it clear it was Joe.  She was very funny acting out the sounds under the comforter, and then breathing hard.  They were laughing and then Mike came in and wanted to know what was so funny.

He got in bed, which was right next to them, and Danielle begged Britney to tell Mike.  She says she is so mad at Danielle---she knew that she shouldn't have even told her.  Now Dan knows and now Mike is going to know.

She did the routine for Mike and he can't believe it.  Britney said that she went straight into the DR the next day and said "I got masturbated on!"  Ian comes in, in a burst of energy and is surprised to see all of them in the room.

Ian thinks this is a "shit room" and Britney says it was the Have Not room in BB12, and points out where the shark hung from the wall.  Ian loved that room.  (You can see that here, from the FeedWatcher archives.)

Ian says last year this same room was the worst room in BB history, when it was the Ice Cream Room.  You know, that room with the Ice Cream cart and striped bedspreads.  (Yes, that was a bad one.)

Ian hates the big sneaker on the wall.  He thinks that is tacky.  Danielle tells the story about their first day in the BB14 house, when Ian asking Danielle if it was okay if they slept in the same bed, and she said yes.  Then she went into the bedroom and Ian had already put his stuff down, before he even asked.

Ian started to apologize, but Danielle says it was okay, she was flattered by it.

Mike says that he can imagine how excited Ian must have been, coming in the house.  He knows Ian must have been freaking out.  As the show ends they talk about those first few moments, running in the house.  Danielle thinks Ian might have been right behind her, but isn't sure.

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  1. Is any of that stuff Danielle was saying about Shane and Britney fighting true? I don't recall them ever arguing and am not certain Shane is capable of arguing. He agrees with everything everyone says, except Danielle, of course.


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