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Big Brother After Dark - Revenge of One Nerd 8-31-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 10:00 pm on Thursday night, and in the wee hours of Friday where I live.

Britney Haynes was evicted on the live show tonight, and Ian Terry won the HOH endurance competition. So this is a pretty big power shift in the house.


1.  As the show opens everyone is sitting around the dining table.  Danielle has a pink towel wrapped around her head.  There was a line for the shower after the competition ended and I think she went last.

Ian mentioned that tonight the baggie with Danielle's medication spelled Danielle with only one "L", the way Dani Donato spells her name.  Danielle says that Daniele Donato spells her name incorrectly.  There is friction whenever anyone brings up Dani's name because Shane thinks she is hot and of course Danielle Murphree resents this.

There is a lack of energy in this group.  I think most of them are physically tired from the HOH competition, and would probably go to bed if they could.  Ian is eating a slice of cheese pizza and it looks really good.  Shane shaved earlier today so we can see his face again.  He describes how hitting that "meteor" during the competition would send him spinning around and that was the hardest part.

Jenn sat alone in the Boom Boom Room, deep in thought, toying with a pink bandana.  Dan is in the Diary Room and Danielle is unpacking her bags on Skid Row.

At the dining table Ian tells them that the Arcade was a gym during BB7, and that in BB9 that room had a sauna and a massage table.  He says if you want to see gratuitous sex and partying, you should check out BB9--its 's more like Real World than BB.

2.  Jenn sat with Danielle while she unpacked.  Dani held up different dresses to show Jenn and told her when she wore some of them, and others she hasn't worn yet.   She held up a bright pink dress and said she wore it to come inside the house and Jenn said she remembered it.

Jenn:  Oh yeah...I saw that and it was a total pageant dress. I was like, here's Miss America up in here..

Dani:  Really?  You thought I looked like Miss America?

Jenn:  Yep.

Dani held up another dress and said, I wore this one the first night I was on the block.  Jenn said she remembered it and Dani commented that she looked "like a present" because of the big bow.

(That dress was horrid and ill-fitting.)

Jenn made some kind of comment about "your boyfriend Shane" and Dani said, "he's not my boyfriend".

Jenn:  That's not what he said!

Dani:  What?  He said he was my boyfriend?  What did he say?

Jenn:  Umm..He said something about having to chose between his Coach and his girlfriend.

Dani swears that they haven't even kissed since that Pirate Ship, and that's not okay. She'd love to kiss him again.

Jenn:  Then why don't you?  Just slip him one.

Dani:  Oh.  Nothing's worse then trying to kiss somebody who doesn't want to be kissed.  No thanks.

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3. Dani tells Jenn that Britney started campaigning against her today.  She knows Britney talked to Joe and gave him a list of reasons why Dani should go.  She also talked to Shane and Dan.  Dani didn't blame her for trying to stay in the house, but she didn't like Britney lying to her.

Jenn:  She was salty when she left---she didn't give me a hug, and she walked right by Frank, too.

Dani:  That's not nice.

Dani says she's not trying to trash Britney, but she felt so smothered by her.  Britney tried to keep tabs on her all of the time so she couldn't talk to anybody.  Jenn said that Britney probably knew that she was leaving unless she "pulled a rabbit out of her ass like Dan did".    Jenn could tell that Britney was stressing her out---she could see it.

Dani: And you're so low key and's nice.  She was always running around and asking me about the POV, it was driving me crazy.

Jenn said that what she said on the live show about "loving Danielle to pieces" was genuine and was kind of a dig at Britney.  Dani asked her to repeat it, since she couldn't remember everything that was said since she was up on the block.  They discussed Britney calling Dan "Judas" and Dani reports that Britney thought that would be a very funny thing to say.

Jenn:  It wasn't funny. You could hear the audience go Ahhhh.  That's pretty serious, calling somebody Judas.  In my book, anyway.

Dani:  That old guy Jerry from BB10 got hate mail for years for calling Dan that!

Dani also said she wants to keep her alliance with Dan a secret.  That's why she wants Shane to share the bed with her, so no one would suspect.  (Because Dan would not approve, I guess.)

4.  In the dining room Jenn asks the guys how dinner was. Ian reports he had five pieces of pizza.  Frank and Dan verbally jab each other about their ages.  Dan acts like he's so old but Frank says they are the same age.

Ian says his CD might be from Weezer, but he's not sure.  Dan loves Weezer and says that the song he and Chelsea "walked out to" (at the reception?) was You're My Best Friend.  The CD might be Matt & Kim's "Sidewalks" or anything from the Arctic Monkeys.  It might be something else too but I didn't catch it.

Frank starts singing Time Won't Let me Go and BB has to reprimand him.  Again.

Danielle walks through, dragging her feet in slippers.  They can't wait to hear the bugle music that will signal that Joe needs to Hula Hoop.  (He has to Hula Hoop on command every hour for 24 hours.)

Danielle and Dan whisper in the Boom Boom Rom.  She tells him that Ian is going to nominate Frank and Joe, but I don't know how she knows this.  She is very excited about next week's HOH because with Ian and Frank not being able to play, she has a great chance of winning a quiz comp.  I heard Dan whisper that they need to get Frank out of there next week.

5.  Dan walks through Skid Row and asks who is sleeping where.  Dan says it is awesome that Britney is gone, and Danielle says that she is pissed that Britney talked to everybody about her.  Dan didn't care for her speech.  He mentions that she made fun of his BB Funeral, and that the Judas comment doesn't bother him too much.

Dan:  You're in a great position to make a run at this thing...

They whisper about Final Five.  He says he can tell that Jenn is nervous.

After commercial we see Shane checking out Skid Row and Dan is moving his stuff in there, too.  It sounds like they are going to share a bed.  Shane tells Dan that he washed the comforter two days ago, and Dan tells him he doesn't move around too much.

6.  We hear the sounds of Reveille and there is Joe trying to work the Hula Hoop. It was pretty pathetic to see.  The hoop has blue lights that light up when it gets going.  After the song ends he can stop doing it.  He must carry the hoop with him at all times, even in the shower and all night long.

Shane:  They can wake you up for that?

Joe:  Oh, not just "can't", they will!

Danielle tries it and is not as good as I would expect her to be.  She tries it a few times, and Frank does too.  They says Frank has trouble because of the Carrot Costume but Joe says that it's not as easy as you think it is.

Jenn tries to do it and Frank says the best part was watching Jenn's game face when she does it.  She was better than Danielle, though.

Joe:  My wife can do that for four hours straight...

Shane:  Is that why you married her?

They all laugh.  Then Shane tries it and has obviously done it before.  He not only keeps it going, he can walk while he does it.

(The FeedWatcher can work a Hula Hoop like nobody's business....just so you know.)

Danielle tries to give Joe pointers.  There is a whole pizza sitting out on the counter, but it looks like they are all finished eating.  Frank laughs that Shane has the secret weapon.  Joe tries to roll it on it's side but even that doesn't work.

7.  Frank meets with Joe in Storage and Joe tells him he thinks he has the votes to stay this week.  Frank goes through the people and says it depends on who he's nominated against.  Frank doesn't think Danielle will vote to evict Jenn or Dan.

They have the little basket ball net in the house and Jenn and Shane are playing with it, moving around the kitchen and challenging each other.  Jenn seems like she is in good spirits and is very playful with the ball and the hula hoop.

(I would ask them to put that big ass pizza away if I were her.  That would drive me crazy being on Slop.)

Shane says he went to summer camp for three years and that is how he learned to hula hoop.  Jenn shakes up her vanilla protein shake and laughs at Joe's sexual innuendos.  They discuss Julie Chen calling Shane out on live TV for crying and Frank says Julie "hit him hard".

Danielle says she "has the munchies bad".  Joe dips cookies into the Cool Whip container and does his share of double dipping the second bites.  Joe thinks BB knew the "old fat guy" would be the first one to fall so they came up with the hula hoop idea. He asks Shane to show him how to do it again, but slower.

Shane shows him how to start, and not to move his whole body around, just his hips. He got one rotation in and Jenn says "okay..".  Joe is being a great sport about this and is having fun with it.  It could be a lot worse----for example Frank is dressed like a carrot.

8.  Ian is in the DR and they are waiting for him to come out with his HOH key.  The camera gets sassy and zeros in on the empty red nomination chairs.  Danielle comments that she wishes they had let her wear long pants tonight.  That rope hurt her legs so I guess they wanted everything to be fair.

Lots of silences.  They're tired.  Joe says that he and his brothers have agreed not to discuss religion or politics and they get along much better now.  They have come close to having fist fights in the past so this works out better.  Dan says one of his aunts doesn't like him because they got into it one time about those topics.

Shane asks BB for another trumpet, please, and BB does it for Shane.  Joe stood up and gave it a try. He went to sit down and they said he had to keep going until the music stopped.

9.  Ian comes out of the DR and says Who Wants to See My HOH Room?  And they all file upstairs quietly for the unveiling.  Ian makes a happy sound and they laugh at the way his hair is styled with a combover in one of this pictures.  Shane says Ian your Mom is hot!.  He shows them a little baggie with his crystalized bizmuth that he made last summer--it is #83 on the periodic table.  His CD is Actic Monkey's Suck and See and he is thrilled.  He got potato and cheddar perogis and a wide variety of snacks.

There is a big stuffed snake he calls "Snakie" that I think is from childhood (I hope) and a slinky.  He says he loves slinkys.  There are cans of Fresca and Ian is thrilled.  There are Rice Chex and Diet Dew and he says it is all so "caish".

His letter is from his mom and dad.  It is a good letter and they say they had to explain to grandma why he didn't get the HOH room last time.  She tells him that he has so many people rooting for him from all over, and to make the best decisions he can for his own game.  She mentions that he has been watching it since he was 10, so he knows how to play Big Brother.  They all think Ian has a shot to win the game.

Dan asks if there is a story behind the snake.  Ian says nothing big, but he won it in the 7th grade when his class went to a Chuckie Cheese type place.  Ian tells him that he doesn't have a story like old Jerry did about "Hissy". He explains that in BB10 Jerry had a snack called Hissy.  Dan says he had to listen to a 45 minute story about Hissy.

(ha ha ha)

10.  Ian got one of his brother's D & D dice sets and he's happy about that and says it is an awesome treat. He explains again to Shane and Frank about the bismuth and how he got that.  Dan mentioned Pepto Bismal and Ian says that is where the name comes from.

Ian tells them if they are bored they can leave.  They shouldn't feel like they have to stay.  We see the picture of Ian and his parents and his mom looks pretty.  Ian tells them his dad sells door-to-door for Verizon and his mom works in the Verizon call center in customer service.

(OMG maybe I've yelled at her before!)

Ian is glad his grandmother will get to see him get the room.  Ian says that letter was a quick letter but a good letter.  He's glad to know that his dad thinks he may have a shot at winning.

Frank tells BB to sound the trumpet!  Shane says he wants to see it again before goes to bed.  Ian says again that he's bored and wants everyone to go if they need to.  He got a lot of goldfish crackers and he's going to put them in the kitchen for everyone since he has so many of them.  Ian has the HOH rules and they are laminated and written on two pages.

Frank tells him that it is good "toilet reading material" and looks amused as Ian reads his instructions.  Ian is a bundle of nerves and says he's bored and he wants to go downstairs.

Ian:  Once you've read the letter and seen the snacks it's kind of boring.

Now upstairs Reveille sounds and Joe struggles with the hoop.  Ian takes the hoop and asks if he can use it.  He put his hands behind his head and worked the Hula Hoop like Shane did.  Frank is amazed.

Ian tells Joe it's all in the thrust and you have to put something out there to keep it up.  Danielle sits down with a big bowl of cereal.  Ian has a knife and is scratching his BB stats on his water bottle.  He is very intent on this, like it is homework or something. The room is very quiet and Ian says he might have to "hit the sack soon" because he's tired.

11.  In the bathroom Frank pulls his hair up in a ponytail with his headband so he can wash his face.  I guess Big Brother wants them to wake the fuck up, because they get called to the storage room and they find 8 cans of beer in there.

Shane is asking about the beer negotiations the other night and it turns out that Shane is saving his two cans, and Dan is taking to also.  Then they split more and of course Joe is managing the process.  No one wants to drink it unless they have enough to get a good buzz.  Otherwise Joe said that they are just empty calories.

(What about that Cool Whip Joe?)

Earlier someone said Britney's probably got a bunch of tissues and a bottle of wine.  After a pause they said, maybe not after the other night..

Shane said "when she came back she was fine".  I think he meant that after she saw the medic she felt better. Maybe they pumped her stomach?  Or forced her to vomit?  I guess we'll never know, because Britney may not remember.

12.  Frank got called to the DR and when he came back he told them that Showtime was still on tonight. They all forgot that the show started an hour late tonight.  Shane is getting called next and he is pissed to have to fix his hair first.   They probably want to shoot his blistered hands---what's he bitching about?

Frank said that Jenn went to bed and the DR called her and I think she refused to go.  Then Frank got called to the DR and "at first they said you're next, then they said you didn't compete, so maybe you can wait awhile..".

(implying that the people who are tired from competing should go first)

Joe came in and asked Frank if he is "allowed to lay down, because he's already gone in the DR".  Frank said yes, that they only need four people.  Then Reveille sounds and Joe does some energetic Hula Hooping and while hugging Danielle good night they sound the bugle again.  Less than one minute later.

Joe does it again facing the mirror and then says good night.  He's going to say god night to Ian upstairs and we can hear him breathing heavily from the 60 seconds Hula hooping.

13. Ian tells Joe that he won't be going up unless it is as a replacement nomination.  Then Joe left.  It was short and sweet.  Ian goes into this HOH bathroom and is reciting the laminated rules and instructions.  He has the laundry bag and and reads that he needs to place his laundry in storage room by tomorrow. He goes downstairs with the bag and BB comes over the intercom and says not to discuss the nominations.

Downstairs in the bathroom Dan says, Oh I guess Joe did a little more than say good night up there!

Ian comes down there and says how weird that was.  He didn't think he did anything wrong up there and he knows you can't tell someone they will be nominated, but he thought you could tell someone they weren't going to be nominated.

14.  Frank visited Ian in the HOH and at first it felt like Ian was trying to get rid of him, but then Frank launched into a clear set of facts that should help him stay in this game.  Both of them have lost their closest allies in the game.  They both know that Shane, Dan and Danielle are a tight threesome.  Frank says if you're on the block I can win POV and save you, and if you keep me I'm not competing for HOH next week, and that improves the odds for everyone.  Ian says that is a great point that he should start selling all week.  Frank also said he won't suggest any nominations for Ian, because that's not his style--to throw people under the bus.

Ian thinks Frank would beat him in the end and Frank says not necessarily.  He points out that Ian duped he and Mike, big time.

Frank:  It's kind of amazin'..You've got two HOHs, and you went against your team..I wouldn't be so sure that I can beat you.

Ian is glad Frank is putting these thoughts in his head.  They are both big fans of the game and Frank says he would love to have a week where he's not nominated without being HOH.  Ian knows, and says he' like to work with Frank and will think about the best way to do it.

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