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BIg Brother After Dark - Quiet Desparation 8-28-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Monday night, and early Tuesday morning where I live.

Frank is HOH and Britney and Danielle are on the block.  One of them is going home on Thursday. All sorts of drama and surprises have happened this week.  You can click the tag at the end of this post to find recaps of all of the other BBAD episodes this season. 


1.  The show opens with Danielle and Britney laying on the hammock, talking about their jobs.   Britney quit hers to be on the show, and she asks Danielle if she works in a hospital.  Danielle says "sort of" and explains it is a long term care facility--rehab patients who can be there for years.  She says she has an awesome boss and tells Britney she is a "charge nurse".  Britney's not familiar with that term and Danielle explains that she's kind of "a head nurse".

Britney says that she loves Ian, but he is getting on her nerves and is making her feel so nervous all of the time. Danielle says that Ian wants her out so bad...and right on cue here comes Ian, of course.

Ian is angry and is grumbling about Frank.  Britney tells him that the strong powers in the house will probably want to pick him up in the game.  Ian agrees and says Frank told him that "the more people think they hate each other, the better it will be."

They complain now about the POV ceremony---Britney is very bitter that Ian had to use his Golden POV first, before Jenn did.  They seem to feel like this is some sort of heinous rule change, even though Ian has mentioned several times this week that he would be using it first in the ceremony.  Britney and Ian both point out they were told there would be a SECOND veto this week, and use this to support their bitter argument.

Britney asked Ian to give she and Danielle some time alone to talk, if he doesn't mind, so he leaves.  Britney starts asking Danielle if Joe's going to give her his vote...did he say?  Did Shane say he would give her a vote?  I didn't hear Danielle answer.  Britney tells her that Ian doesn't want Danielle out, he just wants Britney to stay.

Britney's mad at everybody---Jenn, Dan, Frank.  She says she understands that Dan just wasn't going to lay down and die in the game, she's just upset that she's getting the brunt of it.  Danielle is making it clear that she thinks she is the one staying in the game this week, because she says things like, "if I win, I'm takin' us both shoppin', and I don't mean TJ Maxx, I mean real shoppin'."

Now they both tear up about not wanting to campaign to get the other out.  Britney doesn't understand what Jenn felt she had to prove by winning the POV.  She had no idea how badly she needed to win.  She doesn't know how they can climb out of these bad moods and just wishes it was Thursday.

2.  They discuss who Danielle should trust in the game once Britney leaves.

Britney:  Well, you know you can't trust Jenn.  She told you that she wouldn't use the POV, and it turns out she knew for 12 hours that she was going to use it.

Danielle is silent.

(She made a final two deal with Jenn on Sunday night.  When will Britney figure this out?) 

Britney wants to know if Jenn has spoken to her since the POV and Danielle says no not really.  The hammock rocks gently and we can hear Ian talking to somebody across the yard.  Dan told Britney that he lied to Britney last night about his gaming efforts, because she would try to stop him.

Britney tells her that when Dan puts on his "nice guy face", Danielle shouldn't fall for it, because Dan is not a nice guy in this game.  He might be outside the house, but not in the house.  He announced Danielle was dead to him in the house meeting and he meant it. (No, he didn't.)

Britney decides to make some coffee and goes in the house.  She is wearing Ugg boots and is dressed for fall in a long sleeved sweater.  Now we see Joe and Ian perched in the hot tub, talking to Jenn who is also sitting there.  I think I can see the weight loss in her face already.  She's drinking a protein shake.

In the kitchen Frank is snacking and speaking around a mouthful of something big.  He has been wearing his carrot costume rolled up at the bottom to his waist to keep it clean. They talk about their DR sessions.  Britney hasn't been called in today but Frank has.  Britney tells him that they have to get a lot of coverage of all of his scheming.  Frank comes over and gives her a hug from behind and she says thanks.

The camera closes in on the plate of food Frank was decimating.  I think it may be slop cookies, but he was dragging them through some sort of sauce on the plate---like waffles maybe?  Britney takes her huge cup of coffee into the Arcade, where Dan is lounging.

She tells him Ian is pretty angry in the backyard.  Britney can't decide who to be mad at,and starts naming names.  Dan says it is okay if she's mad at him.  He thinks she's a nice person but in this game that isn't always rewarded.

Britney:  I thought you were nice too, but I was wrong.  Maybe outside of this house, so I'll reserve judgement.  You were a really good alliance person.  I was so sad that somebody from our alliance had to go.

Britney really tried to win the POV. It's not like she threw it and has to live with that.  Britney is confused that now Dan is aligned with Frank and Jenn---Dan is working with his biggest nemesis. And Jenn went from being on nobody's list or radar to causing major ripples.

Britney:  Danielle trusted Jenn.  And Jenn is so disgusted with you...so disgusted.

Dan whispers he is going to try and get Frank out next week. After commercial Britney says "today is her brother's worst birthday ever".  Dan asks it is Raymond's birthday?  Britney says yes, and he is a huge BB fan and had so much fun last time with her being on the show.

3.  Dan asks Britney if Frank is "running around outside acting like he's safe"?  Britney says not really, but he was yelling at Ian about how Ian wanted Dan out so bad, and now he's staying.  Britney had to tell Ian to relax.

Britney: Frank told me last week that you have an inflated ego about your worth in this game.

Dan smirks.  And now Britney says she tells Frank that Dan is the best player ever for getting out of being evicted and Frank's blood was boiling.

Now at the hot tub Danielle has joined the group and is laughing and joking with Jenn.  They are discussing how Mike Boogie masturbated four times in the house.  They think it might have happened in the bathroom.  Ian says that act is considered the same type of "bodily fluid function" as going to the bathroom, and that they "won't sit there and watch you take a crap".

Now Frank the Carrot is in the Arcade talking to Dan and Britney, telling him that they can't turn of the lights and sleep before midnight anymore.  His mouth is full while he says this.  I think he went in the DR and asked for beer today at four--he said, look we made some good TV today, can I please have some drinks.   He's not hungover now, but he's just really tired.

Britney is not going to live by the new rules---she's not getting paid any more money for doing it, so she won't agree to observe them.

(Oh yeah?  We'll just see about that...)

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4.  Outside Ian is still angry, crossing his arms and jiggling his legs in the hot tub.  He is hoping the HOH is a quiz about what happened on each day.  He says it's "game frickin' over" if that is the game.  He starts splashing and kicking his legs in the hot tub like a child having a tantrum.

In the Arcade Britney points out that the white band that runs lengthwise up the side of Dan's blue flowered shorts is almost brown.  Dan tells Frank he has never washed them, not once.  Frank is disgusted by that.  Dan points out that the back of them are blue from sitting on the steps of the pool.  He explains that after BB10 he "sold everything but his shorts and sunglasses".  He put them in the garage in case he ever came back in the house.  He thinks the chlorine keeps them clean and Frank scoffs at that notion.

Danielle is in there with them now and the camera shows us the welts on her neck.  She thinks they are from the stress from the House Meeting and thought it was shingles at first.  The DR wants to wait until tomorrow before getting more medical attention for it.

Britney is gone and Frank, Dan and Danielle whisper about Ian.  Danielle tells them that he's been saying this week is going to be a bumpy ride and Frank is going to be road kill.

Dan:  That kid runs his mouth way too much.

Frank doesn't think Ian's argument will get any traction with anybody---Shane doesn't trust him and Joe hates him.  Dan asks if he would nominate Frank and himself and Danielle nods.

Frank:  He's out there saying to Joe and Jenn to get on his bandwagon...they can either get on the train or be roadkill.

Dan wants to talk to him.  Ian is just so pumped up about Britney's nomination and just needs to calm down. Frank leaves the room and Danielle whispers with Dan.  She's scared about the vote.  Shane hasn't told Britney yet what his decision is, but Dan thinks he will tell her on Wednesday.  Danielle is worried about Joe's vote, too.  Dan wears two red rubber bracelets, one on each wrist.  I think they contain "inspirational messages" but I was not inspired to remember what those messages are.

Danielle is sad and is still hurt about what Dan said in the House meeting. He says it was just an act----why is she so upset?  She says the whole house thinks it was true, and that's what is hard for her.  Dani is disturbed---she says she's over it, but she's not really over it.

(She always falls into the "naughty daughter" act with Dan when they are alone. You know, love me daddy, love me daddy type of thing.)

Dan smirks and laughs at her.  He tells her to just be cordial to him in the house...let it all play out.  Danielle is nervous because the "carrot's outside!" and he could be blindsiding Dan.  Dan tells her once Britney is gone, Danielle will become the #8 target, and that is worth her being mad at him.  He doesn't think anybody will target her.

Oh now Danielle says what if I was your daughter, and some guy did that to me?  And gave me hives?  Dan makes a joke about giving her his credit card to go to the doctor.  She swears this has never happened to her, ever, before this.  And it's all Dan's fault.  She goes on and on, saying she can't wait until he has a daughter and this happens to her.

Dan:  And what, my daughter is on a reality TV show?

(ha ha ha)

(I resigned from a job one time and my boss started getting hives on his neck while he sat in my office, reading my resignation letter. It was kind of amazing to see....)

5.  On the patio they are all yawning.  Jenn has been on her new diet for three days now and she's starting to adapt to it.  She loves drinking the protein shakes---she can't have milk so she is asking if anybody else is going to drink the soy milk.  Ashley used to drink it, but no one else.  Jenn wants to go in the DR and ask them a few questions about that.

Shane needs a hair cut---it's been 8 weeks and it's getting long.  Frank yawns and Shane says he hit a wall, too, and can't wait to go back to bed.  He just checked the storage room and there is no beer yet.

Frank:  We can't let that little fucker win HOH....

Shane and Joe agree.  If it is endurance Shane is going to hang on as long as he can. Joe says "one of the girls can win, too".  Inside Danielle and Jenn are talking.  Danielle says she needs a shower and she "looks like shit".  She feels like a leper with the rash on her face, too.  There is a butter knife on the table that she is playing with and the camera shows us food stuck al over it.

I'm confused about Jenn's attire.  Did she have to give her clothes away for the POV?  I guess she may have been wearing a lot of layers, because it seems like she is wearing something different tonight.  All of her clothes kind of look the same, due to her particular style though.

It turns out that Frank ate all of the slop cookies Joe made for Jenn and Dan.  Jenn is bummed out because she wanted one tonight for dinner.  Frank is very sorry---he was daytime drinking and lost control.

6. Outside the guys are talking I think about the best nights for TV viewers so far.  They know Willie's fight was a good one, and then they mention spin the bottle night.  Somehow this leads to a discussion of how big Wil's junk was.  Joe said that he could "rock a Speedo" that didn't appear to have too much in there.  Shane says he didn't look, but has to admit that Wil has nice legs.  Joe jokes that when you see him from behind, it's like, whoa...

(I always said Wil's legs could rival a Rockette's.)

Now they discuss Ian's comments about getting on the Ian train.  Frank says pretty soon the competitions are going to start "falling in Ian's favor".  Frank says they "have to take a shot at him quick".

In the Arcade Dan asks Britney about nail polish---does she ever paint the underside of her nails?  Britney says no, and Dan seems to know that Adele does that.  (WTF Dan?)  Britney says that is kind of a new trend, and that Adele paints the underside a darker color, and a lighter shade on the top.  She says you must have to soak her nails to remove it.  (I'm pretty sure someone does that for Adele...)

Britney says Ian is very upset about her being nominated.  He feels like it is his fault, he should have saved her with his Golden POV but he had to make that choice before Jenn used her POV.  Dan wants to know if Britney is going to get wasted, but she says there is no booze to drink yet.

7.  In the Arcade Britney complains to Dan about how Mike Boogie left one week earlier, and he gets to go home to his baby.  She's going to be stuck with Ashley in the Jury..  She says she is getting backdoored, but that isn't true.  A backdoor situation is one where you don't get to play for POV.  Because Britney got to play for POV, she could have saved herself.  So that's not a backdoor.  A key feature of the backdoor is that you can't do anything to protect yourself, including winning a POV.

Britney says that there is something going on right now that she's not seeing yet...it's evident that Dan thinks Britney is going home, and that he is working with Jenn and Frank. (And Danielle, Britney!)   Dan tries to give her some ideas to keep herself here, to lobby for votes, but she's in the mood to complain now, not take proactive steps.   She accuses him of making a deal with Frank, and he says he only promised Frank to get Ian out of the game next week.

Dan says that he can say whatever he wants to Frank....that doesn't mean he has to actually do it.  Britney knew that her game was "a fragile house of cards".  She knew that Frank didn't trust her, but she tried to get Frank to believe her.  She wonders if Dan thinks he is going to reconcile with Danielle if she leaves?

(Wow Britney totally fell for that whole routine during Dan's House Meeting.  This might even be worse than getting Brigaded in BB12, huh?  She's going to be mortified when she finds out.)

Ian came into the Arcade and announced that today he got to "sow his wild oats".  Dan asks how and then explains that his mom thinks that is having romantic overtones, but Ian is just referring to getting buzzed and yelling at Frank.

8.  Outside Britney brings pill baggies for herself, Joe and Danielle out to the back yard to distribute them.  Everyone cheers and Britney says "bottoms up" as they all take their drugs.  I think they are all for allergies, and Danielle's hives, of course. 

Joe jokes about how waking up is a "4 hour journey" for Danielle.  It takes her that long to be civil and he feels sorry for her husband one day.  He'll be doing a lot of waiting for her to get ready.  They all laugh.

Now Britney's back in the Arcade with Dan and Ian.  Ian shaves about every three days in the BB house, but almost every day at home.  Dan wonders why there is a difference.  Ian says in the outside world, he is "around different people".  Dan peppers him with questions about that, trying to get down to some facts about these "different people", but it doesn't happen.

Britney says that she is glad to hear Ian sound more like himself now, that he is settling down.  When he's upset, she's upset. She says he is her favorite, and he says likewise.

Ian starts addressing Dan, saying he's a nice guy, and he's not sure what happened today, but he doesn't know if left is right, up is down, but things will probably change in two days.  For some reason Britney and Dan get up while Ian is  speaking and leave the room.  He is left there alone.  Ian got up a moment later and went to the bedroom and roots around in a drawer to retrieve a very noisy bag of candy.  He tries and tires to pull it open, but can't do it.  The crackling sound against his microphone is deafening.  (My dog is pissed, and demands answers.)  Ian finally gets the fucking bag open---it is a large bag of peanut M & M's.  He poured them all in a big bowl and tossed a handful into his mouth.

9.  OMG on the patio Britney tells Joe that she heard him masturbating in the Have Not room in the middle of the night.  Britney describes the sound and Danielle backs her up.

Frank:  Old Joe with the late night rub and tug!

They all laugh and Joe laughs the loudest, admitting nothing.  Britney says at first she didn't know if it was Joe or Shane until Joe started coughing and made the answer obvious.  Britney kind of acts it out and says she was in the "line of fire".  Joe said she should think of it as the "call of duty".

Shane says Joe was using that "purple HOH blanket" and Frank says he's not using that blanket now. Britney wants to know if he only got caught once, how many times did he actually do it?  Joe's not answering that.

Britney:  I'm glad I got that off my chest.

Joe:  Me too.

Frank:  Old Joe...in the most uncomfortable room in the house, making it work!

(ha ha ha)

Now Britney mentions when Ian told her that Joe had a big boner right in front of her one time.  She went to the storage room to change Joe's batteries for him one time first thing in the morning and when she brought him his mic pack he had a boner under the covers.  Joe said he didn't even know it--he was asleep.

Danielle popped Benedryl and tells them they all have about 45 minutes before it take effect.  Britney wants to sleep all day and make a pact to not get up until 5:00 pm.  Ian says he could never do that.

10.  Britney says she misses her husband so badly.  She feels like she'll never get mad at him again, for anything.  There is a long silence within the group.  Dan breaks it by asking how Joe's doing without cigarettes. Joe says he's doing fine and is missing that burning feeling when he coughs--he realizes he had that now.

Ian brought the bowl of peanut M & M's outside with him and everyone digs in.  I guess he was keeping them in his room for a special occasion. They discuss the fine comedy stylings of Larry the Cable Guy and Joe says "get 'er done!" and certainly has the redneck accent down.

After the commercial break Danielle is telling the group about going to Nascar races.  She says if you think girls are crazy at Mardi Gras, you should go to a race. She demonstrates how girls yell "whoo Jeff Gorden!" and pull their shirts up, wearing slutty clothes.

Jenn:  Interesting....

They all laugh.

Joe:  Places to visit....

Jenn:  And it's like Daisy Duke style....that's hot!

11.  Now we are back inside, listing to Shane telling Britney that one of his risks with Danielle is that she's so emotional...that could be a drawback for him.  Britney says that Dan is in there "acting like he's all alone in this game" and that's not true, he's with Frank now.  Britney asks Shane if Frank is still his main target and he says yes, of course.

Britney knows Shane's in a tough spot with this vote and she doesn't want to make it worse.  He says don't worry---it's already difficult.  He plans to let them both know what his decision is soon.  Shane and Britney are both standing at the kitchen counter, crunching the Have Not Matzo and it sounds fresh and crisp.  Britney says that she hopes he can go on and win the game if she can't.  She's sorry that Shane has to feel like it's all up to him.  Shane says he knows Frank told Joe that if he doesn't vote with Frank, Frank will hold it against him.

(Shane likes to throw people under the bus. Just ask Britney.)

I can hear Frank Eudy yelling outside.  Britney just can't take it right now, and doesn't want to go outside.  Britney asks Shane if he thinks that Danielle will "go back with Dan".

Britney:  I hope not.. I really hope not.

Britney tells Shane that this game does not define her life.  If she has to go to Jury, she'll understand.  She doesn't want him to think she won't vote for him..she'd like to see him in the game.  She reminds him that she came into the game to be his coach.

Oooo... Now Britney says she feels stupid that she's in the house being so upset about this, and Danielle's outside laughing and having the time of her life.

Britney:  Maybe she's just playing the game....

12.  Outside Danielle asks the guys an interesting question---if they're outside and they have to pee, how often to they just go outside?

Frank says he's had his shares of outdoor pees, and tells Danielle not to be jealous.

(ha ha)

Joe said he goes on his deck now and then, if no one is looking.  Frank clarifies that he never pees in the ocean though, because that's disgusting.  You have to go right there in your swimming trunks and that's gross.  So he goes inside to take care of that.

Frank asks the group if anybody's ever done a "number two" in the ocean.  Danielle yells "hell no!" and they say Dan did, Dan did.  Dan says "no comment."

(oooo maybe in those filthy flowered shorts!  Didn't he go to a deserted island in BB10 with Michelle for a luxury prize?)

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