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Big Brother After Dark - Poker and Paranoia 8-8-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Tuesday night, but in the wee hours of Wednesday where I lived.

Janelle  is still on the block, politely trying to win votes.  Personally, I think she needs to pull the mean card and start badmouthing Frank and Mike.  Because nice isn't going to cut it at this point, I don't think.


1.  The show opens with Janelle sitting in the Arcade Room talking with Joe and Ashley about the vote.  Poor Janelle thinks she has Ashley's vote and Ashley doesn't correct her.  She actually makes a comment about how Frank knows to not even try and get Ashley's vote, she so solidly behind Janelle.  Sadly I do not believe this is true.

2.  Now we see Britney and Danielle chatting in the HOH suite.  Danielle is trying to find out who Britney thinks will be America's Choice at the end of the season, winning the $25K.  Britney says she thought Matt would win her season, because he was making her laugh all of the time.  But she didn't know about the lies he told, and what a big deal was made out of them.

Danielle wants to know why Britney thought Matt would win.  I'm guessing Danielle thinks she will win this year, but I must stress I haven't heard her say that.  Yet.

She has apparently told Britney that she is indeed a nurse, but didn't want to tell everybody because the HG would think she was rich.

Britney:  But why wouldn't you say you're just a nurse?  It's not like you're some big rich doctor--nobody would think that.

Danielle:  But nurses make a lot of money!

(She's not an RN yet, I don't think.)

3.  Now we see Shane and Mike working out hard in the backyard.  Shane is wearing tube socks and they are both sweating profusely.

Now we go to the storage room, where Ashley is whispering to Wil and Jenn (Team Tits) about her conversation with Janelle.  Wil is mocking Janelle.  (I still like Wil, but damn he is mean.)

After the commercial we see them pouring cold bubbly beer into wine glasses.  Jenn has mixed Tecate and Coors together and they all like it.   The beer drinkers include Team Tits, Ian and Dan. Danielle, Britney and Janelle took a bottle of red wine out to the hot tub.

So, boozing is in progress.

Dan is putting candies out and assigning values to them, so they can play a game I guess.  It looks like they have also fashioned playing cards out of the game that they had earlier---questions on cards now have numbers and colors like a deck of cards.

They go outside to the hot tub and Wil gets the girls plastic cups for the wine---they aren't allowed to have glasses out by the pool or hot tub.  Janelle apologizes to BB.  (All of the haters in the house mock her for that every chance they get.)

4.  Janelle wonders if there is sequel to Hunger Games coming out and Wil says they are filming it now.  Janelle couldn't finish the third book, and Wil couldn't finish the second one.  Hunger Games reminds Janelle of Big Brother, and the second book is like All Stars.

Danielle:  Don't tell me--I haven't read it yet.

Wil:  Don't worry--that wasn't a spoiler.

(Hey Danielle, Mike Boogie won the Hunger Games!)

Janelle spilled her whole glass of red wine in the hot tub and is upset about it.  Wil will never take having a lot of beer for granted again.  If Janelle is evicted she is going to drink a whole bottle of wine in her hotel room.  (They have to stay overnight in a hotel with a security guard after they leave the house.)

They start asking Janelle about media appearances and Wil seems to think they will fly to NYC for the Early Show.  They don't think that is the case anymore since Julie Chen is on The Talk. Janelle tells them that only the winner and the Fan Favorite get to visit the talk shows in person.  Everything else is taped.

She tells them last year when Rachel won Julie Chen said to look for her on The Talk the next day.  (You can read about that here and watch the video.)

She started to tell them that when she appeared on Regis and Kelly that Regis didn't know anything about BB and was asking some stupid questions.  We didn't get to hear the rest, unfortunately, because the cameras shifted.

Danielle offered Janelle some of her wine and Janelle was grateful.

5.  The guys set up the dining table to play cards and Mike gets glass bowls for each player's "stack" of "chips".

(Last year Rachel made playing cards out of teabags and nail polish.  It was pretty creative.)

Ian is trying to make a pizza in a skillet and expects it to be a disaster, "worst than lunchables".  Shane likes lunchables.  Mike preheated the oven and is going to help Ian put the pizza directly on a rack.  Ian worries about that--it might fall apart.  I think he's going for a cookie sheet instead.

They have Rachel Ray cookware.  You know, with the orange handles.  Mike says that workout with Shane was tough but if he did that every day in the house it would have been killer.

6.  Outside at the hot tub they were talking about some club that Janelle used to party at--she had so many great nights there where she says she was "clueless". Jenn says the girls from Danity Kane used to hang out there too and that Aubrey O'Day was hot.

In the HOH Danielle is acting sloppy as Shane is ready to shower.  She told Shane she drank the entire bottle of wine, except for a "half glass" she gave to Britney.  I think she is referring to the bottle of white wine from her HOH room.  Britney and Janelle were drinking the red wine from the storage room.

Danielle is going to play poker and wants a "good kiss" from Shane if she wins.  He tells her he "will marinate" on it and says Dan is coming up there.  (Poor Shane.)  He says the group might play poker up in the HOH and she's not happy about it.

Danielle blames Janelle for saying at the hot tub that the two of them are in a showmance.  (For some reason she is upset about this.)

Dani:  Britney and I were just looking at each other--I knew she was going to do that.  She was sayin' people are calling me Shanelle.

Shane:  They're not saying that.  At least I get to come before you.  It's not Danane, ro something like that.

Danielle is pissed at him and is pouting that Shane won't admit the showmance.  You know, the one she is angry at Janelle for perpetuating.

7.  Outside they talk about Gossip Girl and then Vampire Diaries.  Janelle said she dated the one "with the blue eyes and brown hair".  They worked for the same modeling agency and he was very nice.  He was from Alabama.  (No idea who she is talking about.)

Now they talk about Chase Crawford and how his sister is married to Tony Romo.  Wil was "working a Chanel launch party in SoHo" and the entire cast of Gossip Girls was there.  Wil was embarrassed to be serving them.  One of the girls slammed a drink down on another waiter's tray and yadda yadda yadda it sounds like Wil dropped his tray too.  We went to commercial and afterwards at the end of the story Wil was asking the Gossip Girl actresses if they wanted anything else to drink and someone came up and told him not to speak with them directly.  (ha ha ha)

Now in the HOH Shane is finished with the shower and Mike is ready to go in.  Danielle says it's okay if he takes one up there.  Shane is all clean now and Danielle is still face down on the bed, seemingly buzzed.

Danielle is pouting and Shane tries to guess what's wrong. Is is her mother?  Her father?  Big Brother?  She says no to all, but says it is kind of about Big Brother.  (Duh..she's pouting about Shane not wanting to kiss her.)

She says she is good at Texas Hold 'Em but asks Shane to review the rules with her.  She needs to know what a Royal Flush is and he snickers and says she's screwed.  (In the poker game Danielle, don't get excited.)

Danielle is out of things to say, so she tells Mike and Shane that "Janelle yelled at me because I didn't drink when she wanted me to drink".  (??)

Mike:  Oh, she's the boss of you now, huh?

OMG.   Now Danielle is making an issue out of Janelle wanting to do the Brazillian Butt workout with her.

Danielle:  I professionally.  I don't have to go around and do that..

Mike:  Did you do it though?

Danielle:  Yes.

They laugh at her.  (Didn't she nominate Janelle because Janelle wouldn't work out with her?)

(Is she a professional dancer now?)

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 8.  Outside the group at the hot tub is getting crazy.  Janelle, Britney and Will stand up and start dancing to music that we can't hear.  They are jumping up and down with their hands in the air like they are at a live show, and then they joined hands and spun around in a big circle, getting dizzy.

Janelle picked up Britney and swung her around like a rag doll.  They yelled for Jenn to join them so she got up and started dancing too.  They joined hands again in a circle of four and spun around for a minute.  Then Jenn and Britney start knocking the badminton around with the rackets.

Upstairs on the Chess Board, Ian, Joe, Mike and Dan start their first card game.  Danielle joins them and Joe yells for someone to go get Janelle.  They expect to have 8 players.

Joe is wearing shades and Mike calls him Chris Moneymaker.  Tootsie Rolls are worth $25 each.  They also get Splenda packets and Good and Plenties, but I don't know what the values are.  Everyone starts with a certain bankroll of candies and Splenda packets worth a total of $50.  There is a penalty for consuming your "chips".

Frank is there now in his cheerleader outfit.  Outside there is a raucous game of badminton in progress.

Janelle won a hand and cheered, saying "that's what I'm talkin' about!"  She clears the table and now her bowl is full of Splenda packets.   Frank isn't playing, but is sitting and staring with a horrible look on his face. I think the Spiritard is getting to him.

Shane won a hand too, I think.  He's dealing the next game.  Oh, Frank got in trouble for not carrying his pom poms, apparently.  He tells Janelle he has to carry them everywhere and to her credit she does not laugh.

After the commercial Ashley has joined them, looking on.  Ian won a hand and calmly grabbed the pot of Tootsies and Pink Good & Plenties.  Someone jokes about playing strip poker.

9. Outside I'm not really sure what went on.  Britney, Wil and Jenn were running in circles and Britney was yelling "Jenn-o-cide!" Then they went inside and tried to get into the storage room, but with no success.  The door was locked. 

I think Britney is making a calculated move here.  Ian told her last night that Joe told him that Ashley, Jenn and Wil formed an alliance with him.  I think Britney is hanging out with these two to do some preliminary damage control in case one of the wins HOH on Thursday.  I'm sure she's having fun, too,  but Britney's not stupid.  Social game is all she has.

10. The card game is fun, but doesn't offer much in the way of scheming and information to report.  It is funny to see them bet with Splenda packets and Tootsie Rolls.   Ian went downstairs and came back with snacks.  Danielle grabbed the package of Chips Ahoy cookies and ripped tem open.  It was a noisy process since they are wrapped with cellophane.  Now Danielle eats a second cookie, and Ian gets one too.

Ian is nursing a can of Coors.  Dan wants a few of the cookies put in the microwave for him.  Frank has something wrapped around his neck---it may be part of his Spiritard.  It looks like a choker made out of similar material.  I know they've been cracking down on his Spiritard costume infractions like not carrying his pom poms.

Outside Britney is having a snack with Wil and Jenn.  They are eating popcorn out of the microwave bag and Wil is recommending that they have powdered Ranch dressing in their kitchen to use for turkey or bison burgers.  Britney says maybe one day "they can take control of their kitchen" and they all know this means that they want Joe out of the house.

(Britney is trying to see if Joe is really with them...I'm guessing.)

Jenn starts going off about not being able to make tacos because Joe used all of the ground turkey.  Wil wants Joe to only cook one night each week.

Wil:  Those quesadillas made me sick for two days!  I had to take Pepto Bismal!

Jenn:  And those pork chops were rare---I was sweating it out for a while there.

Britney says the turkey burgers he made this week weren't as good as last time.   She saw him putting them in the microwave to finish cooking them and they skeeve on that.  Wil went inside to make some tuna salad (if he can get in the storage room) and after he leaves Jenn and Britney start giggling about Joe.

Jenn is telling Britney that Joe approached them for an alliance and they snickered at him.  (Yep, Britney is definitely fishing for info here.)

Apparently Joe has been denying what he said after last Thursday's live show.  He said loudly that the Coaches "were now playing for $50K instead of $100K and Jenn heard him say it.  But now he is denying it and Jenn isn't going to cover for him. 

Wil came back outside with a jumbo can of unopened tuna fish-maybe he's hoarding it.  Britney is telling Jenn a ghost story that Joe told them last night.  He came up with a story about how he and his buddy were standing by a bridge and he lost his watch and found it with thick dust on it and greek words.  They all laugh about Joe's "Tall Tales".  Then Wil imitated Joe and it was a pretty good impression.

11.  Back at the card game Danielle won a big hand.  Mike looked the cards and said she had a 90% chance of winning.  Or something like that.  (When I go to Vegas I just sit with the high rollers and drink the free drinks.)

Shane definitely fades into the background when he's in big groups.  He is easy to forget about when he's not in power.    Ashley just sits and watches.  Danielle just went all in on her next hand.  She won again and stands up and does a cheerleader type motion.

Frank says the one King that Danielle was holding has a mark on the back of it that makes it obvious.  Danielle snaps at him that he shouldn't say it to everybody.  (The hand is over, though.)  Frank wants to make a new blue King so they have one without an obvious mark on it.  Janelle goes downstairs to take care of that.

Dan doesn't want to wait for the new card, so he calls down for Janelle to bring them a blank card to use as the blue King in the meantime.  Janelle didn't understand so when Dan called it out again Danielle rolled her eyes.  Now Frank has to yell it down there too.  Frank is wearing his Spiritard off the shoulder and I see that the choker he was wearing earlier is his headband.  I think the headband is required, too, because now Frank is complaining that it is hot, too.

Now Frank leaves and says he'll be back.  The remaining group of Ashley, Joe, Danielle, Shane, and Mike are kind of quiet.  They see another camera that they didn't know about.  Ian comes up and Dan went in the HOH and came back with candy for Danielle.  She immediately starts gnawing on a Twizzler.

I think Joe said he forgot about the cameras recently and was itching his butt or something like that.  Joe starts talking about wanting to go to Vegas.  Frank gets himself a Twizzler and Mike eats a cookie. 

Shane went in the HOH to listen to the music.   They deal another  hand for the six of them.

12.  Now Britney and Wil are laying int he double chaise lounge and Britney is eating what I think is a mini pack of Skittles.  They discuss what happens in a Fast Forward and Wil thinks they might have two of them.  He calculates that the timing of the game is half over this Saturday, but they still have so many people.

Wil wants to have all of their plans in place so they know who needs to go.  They discuss that Joe seems to be the next target, but Wil thinks that might be a ruse.  I think they said Danielle would be next, and they hope that they can get them both out at once.

Jenn comes out and they start joking about Jodi again.  (I think Evel Dick is having Jodi on a a guest soon so that should be interesting.  I hope he lets her talk.)

Janelle comes out to smoke her last cigarette.  She says it is the last cigarette of BB14, since no one has any more of them.  Jenn's hair is curly and Janelle says she likes it like that.  Jenn hasn't worn it like this in about 10 years.  She uses a Chi, but has a back up model for travel that is the same one they have in the house.  (Baby Bliss Pro?)  Janelle says it is burning her hair off and they say that the microplates are too hot.  Or something like that.

Janelle appears to enjoy her smoke, and says she doesn't really understand poker.  Of all the players left in the game, Frank had the most money when she left the game.

Back at the game they are betting and Frank notes that Mike has a lot of tootsie rolls.

Mike:  The great thing is that this journey doesn't have to end tonight.  We can all take our stacks back to our rooms and play again tomorrow.  (He doesn't like to stay up late.)


  1. Danielle is in fact an LVN. Someone on another forum check the nursing board of Alabama for her name. But I think in one of the pre-show interviews she said she has a BS degree and was looking forward to passing her nursing exams, so she may already has finished nursing school to become an RN but just needs to take her exams and get licensed. And nurses do not make a lot of money unless they are being compared to someone who works the drive through (I'm not trying to be mean, but I work in health care so I know).

    1. The average salary for an RN is almost $70k. Last time I checked people working at a drive through don't make 20% of that. I think you overestimate how much you know of the health care industry.

  2. she is 23 if she is making 30 or 40 grand a year that is like a million dollars in her head.

    i'm sure if she compared her W2 to Mike's it would be a drop in the bucket.

    That lie is going to bite her on the ass in a few weeks. Women are held to a higher standard with lying its not fair but that is the game.

  3. In 2011 in Alabama the average RN makes $69,100 working full time with experience. That is not a lot of money. Also Danielle is an LVN/LPN and their mean income in Alabama is just over $42,000. With experience. But I guess if the average household income in Alabama is $42,081 (from 2006 to 2010) that could be considered a lot. However cost of living in Alabama is much lower than other cities.
    I work in health care as a Respiratory therapist and we make the same amount and work the same hours as RN’s so I do know quite a bit about health care. However, if you are going to compare Dani to other houseguests (and not just the coaches) she is not by any means rich. Not very many people would consider an RN to be rich, unless your standards of wealth are very low.
    I used, and the 2010 as resources for income, the Alabama state board of nursing is were you can find Dani’s nursing info. This does not include her schooling online licensing and board exams.

    BTW I'm 23 and I make more than 45k and I don't think it is a lot of money. I live in AZ and the cost of living her is not much more than in Alabama but I try to be realistic with myself.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Sorry guys I meant 2010 census and the State board does not include where she went to school it only has board exam and licensing info.


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