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Big Brother After Dark - More Allegations...Whispers.....and Lies! 8-25-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Friday, and in the wee hours of Saturday where I live.

Frank is the HOH, and had just nominated Danielle and Dan for eviction.  Pandora's Box happened today.  Supposedly Frank won a small amount of money by opening the Box, and the house guests had to scramble to find coins and it sounds like crew were on the roof throwing balls at the house guests.  Ian won the "Golden Power of Veto", which apparently allows him to Veto a nomination.  I don't think he gets to play the POV, and I think the Power can be used for a week or more.

The situation got ugly, and it sounds like both Ian and Dan ruffled feathers with their behavior--pushing and shoving to try to win. I think Dan yelled something at Ian like, "I'll rat your ass out in a heartbeat!" 

That shows you what Dan is all about, and why he is so quiet all of the time.  If he said what he was really thinking, he would have been booted a long time ago.  Anyway, Dan has been worried what Jenn and Joe thought about that comment, because they were right there when he slipped and said it.


1.  The show opens with Danielle laying on the HOH couch chatting with Frank. She is telling him why she had problems with Ashley.  Ashley had apparently yelled at her because she was jealous of Danielle's friendship with Jenn.  Ashley thought Danielle was going to "take Jenn away from her".  Plus Danielle remembers that Ashley and Janelle had said catty things to her in the early weeks of the game.

Now she tells Frank that she had problems with Boogie, particularly his choice to play for the $10,000 instead of the HOH.  Frank says Mike thought he was safe, so that's why he did it.

(I am from the South, but listening to Danielle's accent really makes me crazy.  If she doesn't stop saying "Boogie" I might have to stab somebody.  He's gone Danielle, stop saying his name please.)

In the backyard Britney is sitting in the hot tub in a bikini, with only her legs in the water.  Britney likes to show off her body, but she is one of those people who acts like she doesn't.  She's married, for God's sake!  It is getting cooler in California, and both Danielle and Ian are wearing jeans, which is nice to see for a change.

Dan is all bundled up, laying next to the hot tub, asking Britney and Jenn about living in NYC.  Jenn is talking about the Virgin Megastore and how it closed when Forever 21 bought the building. Jenn and the other employees spraypainted something all over a wall (?) that said Forever 21's clothes were shit and they hated them.  The Lowes theater also closed---they were paying about $70 per square foot to lease their space in Union Square because they had been there so long, so the owner of the building sold it and it was better for them.  Jenn used to DJ in the record store for special events and worked in Marketing.  Now she talks about working with Salt and Pepa and how cool Pepa was.

Pepa didn't want to be interviewed, but when she met Jenn she really liked her and was happy when she introduced herself as Jenn City.  Jenn had about 30 minutes to prepare for the interview.

2.  Ian is spending time alone in the backyard, swinging in the hammock and whistling.  The water in the hot tub is really hot so Jenn has to get out to cool off, too.  They wonder what happened to all of the towels in the house---Britney is having to use a small hand towel and she complains about it.

Jenn jumps up to do some laundry and Britney said she didn't make that comment so that Jenn would do that, but Jenn says everything is "straight filth" and she is down to her last towel, too.  I mean, she literally jumped up from laying down next to the hot tub and went over to get started.

Dan's sweatshirt has a football schedule printed on the back of it. He has Britney look at the dates and is trying to determine if the football games start this weekend.  The think next weekend will kick off the season.  Dan misses his wife Chelsea and knows now that he won't see her until September 19th.

Now Ian comes out to the hot tub and Britney and Dan tell him they are going to try and get a quick meeting in, but "fucking Jenn" has been siting there the whole time.  Ian is whispering about his DR session and says "they didn't give him anything".  I think they are trying to get hints about what is going on, and what is going to happen.  I think Ian said they asked him if the new alliance will benefit him more than the Silent Six, or something along those lines.   BB warns them not to discuss their DR sessions.

Jenn is back out there now, and they notice some nasty paper towel that is "swirling in the hot tub".

Jenn:  Let's clean it out!  Fucking shit!

Britney and Ian go inside.  Britney is going to change and then they are going to meet in the hammock.  Outside Dan and Jenn are alone and Jenn tells him that she'll "take care of Danielle in there with every fiber of her being".  Dan says Danielle is really loyal--he just doesn't want her to do anything stupid.

Jenn:  Until the end, I will stay with that fucking chick.  I'll run everybody else over to save her.

Dan hasn't had to worry about Danielle's loyalty for one second of the game. 

Dan:  That's why I think it's better for her,and for you if I leave.

Jenn can see a way to win now, and she's excited about it.  Dan says there are really only 5 Jury spots left, and then it is a competition with the Final Three.  Jenn did really well today--Dan says the two of them were neck and neck.  Jenn was up late with Danielle, letting her know everything was okay.  Ian comes out with a Diet Coke and tells Jenn he's going to the hammock, because "that's his spot".

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3.  Jenn tells Dan that if the scenario of Dan leaving on Thursday plays out, she'll be "there for the pick up" and Dan says he will tell Danielle at the door to stick with Jenn. 

Jenn:  I just gave Frank a hug in there--he's looking pretty down and out.

Dan says he's been fighting so hard to win, and he doesn't really have a home in the game, he has no one to turn to. Jenn says Frank can still mend fences with her, and he's trying.

Dan:  But if you have the chance, are you going to leave someone like him in the game?  I can't believe he got through seven of us to win that...amazing.

Jenn:  I think he hurt his game the last few weeks, and he has to repair..

Dan: He can't play next week.  He'll have to win the POV every time.  But if you sit next to him in the end, he has a great shot to win.

Frank told Jenn that everybody likes her, and if she wins at the right time, she could win.  Danielle comes out and Dan says hopefully it will work like that with Danielle too.

Dan:  With her, I'm more of killer and she's got more of a heart.

Dan asks Ian what day it is---he says Day #49.  Dan says it took 49 days for him to see Danielle wearing glasses.  She is wearing a small rectangular pair of brown frames.  She usually puts in contact lenses every day and Dan didn't know that.

Jenn wears contacts, too, and says she is legallly blind in one eye, the left.  She was taking out her contact lenses and her cat always used to sit and watch her.  He was on her shoulder and when she took the lens out the cat swiped at her eye and so she ended up scratching her own eye with either her fingernail or her lens. 

She was on the way to "Nam" which was some sort of guitar conference and party.  Her dad was going to meet her there.  Jenn said she played a little, then went to the Gibson party where you "don't remember anything afterwards".  Her eye was watering so she went to see a doctor and the doctor said she had cut through "8 layers of her cornea" and there "are only like, 15 layers".  She had a big bandage on and missed a photo shoot with Kittie and The Donnas, another all girl rock band.

It took three days to heal, and the doctor said it was a miracle how she healed.

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4.  After commercial Jenn is discussing Ashley.  Jenn says she confronted Ashley about being an actress, and that Ashley tried to "snuggle up in bed with her".

Jenn:  You mean to tell me you're all about tanning? I know about tanning, too.  She definitely knew a lot about it.  I mean, I know about making pizzas, but that doesn't make me a fucking pizza maker.  All of her friends are actresses, and she lives in West Hollywood.  That is gay central, and where all of the actors and actresses live.

Danielle mentions how Ashley's tone of voice changed so much.  And she would be so articulate sometimes and then would seem to realize it and say "Oh, I'm so confused".  They say on Thursday night she looked back at everyone from the door with a blank stare. 

Danielle:  I was like, bye!

Dan says it was weird how she did that.  (She seemed stoned out of her mind when she was talking with Julie Chen.)  A very loud plane flies over the house.  Danielle thinks she scared Joe last night by telling him about her trip to Vegas.  Dan interrupts Danielle by saying that she looks a little like Bristol Palin with her glasses on.  Danielle doesn't like that and is "never going to eat again".  Jenn says Danielle is "way hotter than Bristol Palin".

Dan:  For crying out loud, I meant it as a compliment.  Bristol Palin is pretty.. and Sarah Palin is pretty.

Danielle:  Yes, Sarah Palin is pretty.  I'll leave it at that.

She gets back to the story about seeing male strippers at a show in Vegas.  They pulled Danielle up on stage wearing a red dress and her sister took a picture.  They sent the picture to Danielle's dad and it said "Greetings from Vegas!".  Danielle had to turn off her phone because her dad was so mad at her.

She talked about another time when she was in New Orleans and was supposed to be in Alabama.  Her mom caught her because she wouldn't Skype or Facetime her, or something like that.  She was skipping school and her Mom was upset about paying for college and the extra mileage Danielle put on her car.

She launches into another story of sneaking out with a friend whose parents went to church with her parents.  The camera had to show us the Occupied Sign on the bathroom door while she named names about who lied to who and how they got caught.

Danielle was a rebel child and drives fast, too. She tells a story about skipping out to go to Panama City Beach.  She decided to "drunk dial" her dad at 2:00 am to say she loved him.  That is how she got caught.  She also got caught at a Bret Michael's concert when she was 16 in "Downtown Huntsville".

(Panama City Beach is known as the Redneck Riviera, so you can only imagine what Downtown Huntsville might be called...)

5.  Britney arrives fully clothed, and says she is a "drunken texter" but not a "drink dialer".  Britney says that is worse, because the evidence is always there, and she always seems to text people who are not out that night, and are sober.

Danielle brings up Dan's Bristol Palin comment, and Britney knows why Danielle is offended.  Dani says she would rather look like Sarah, so Britney kind of patronizes her and says, okay you do look like Sarah Palin.  Danielle moves her hair around so that it looks like she has bangs, and they say, yes she really does look like Sarah Palin!

Dan asks her to "speak with an Alasken accent"  and they make jokes about this.  Now they laugh about Tripp and Levi Johnson.  Jenn mentions his "fake relationship with Kathy Griffin" and says she "can't believe that kid took his dick out for Playgirl".  Now they laugh about the various reality shows the Palin family is involved. 

Dan lied to his friends one time and said he make out with Clarissa from "Clarissa Explains it All".  Britney says her real name is Melissa Joan Hart and she has a few kids now.  Now Dan brings up what big tits the girl from Full House has---they can't remember her name and Dan finally comes up with Jodi Sweetin.

Jenn:  She's got some big ass titties?

Danielle:  Oh, Jessie Stamos was so hot!

No one corrected Danielle about that name.  We see a brief shot of Joe sleeping on Skid Rock, snoring loudly.  Britney is talking about the Olsen Twins and all of the videos she owned starring them.  She lists It Takes Two and How the West was Fun.

They launch into a discussion about movies and who likes what.  Britney won't watch a movie that is less than a "B-" because it is a waste of her time.   It is important to remember that the Quack Pack wants to hold a meeting, but they need Jenn to leave them alone.  Ian is across the backyard, waiting, and only Shane is missing from the group. 

6.  Britney went inside and got herself a big piece of her leftover Funfetti birthday cake.  Shane watches her eat and asks her how it is.  It's good, she says.  Shane goes over to the little outside fridge to get a drink.

Ian announces they got a bottle of wine and four beers.  Britney announces that she would rather have her cake calories than booze calories. Jenn FINALLY went in the DR and the Quack Pack quickly met on the patio, after they wrangled Ian over.  He was going to the hammock and Dan had to ask him to come over for a "quick QP meeting". 

Ian says he thinks they are all on the same page. And that Dan can throw the POV to someone else if he wants to, but that is a huge risk.  Dan wants to know if Ian will use his POV power on him, and Ian indicates he will, telling Frank that Frank said himself that Joe doesn't deserve to be there.

Jenn came back and the meeting broke up.  Britney got some one to light up the fire pit and it looks warm.  Ian paces in the house, talking to himself.  Then he came back outside and Britney is saying that BB is loving giving them only 4 beers, just to torture them.

They can't get the fire pit to work correctly, and Britney jumps up and says "Danielle is going to blow us up!" when she is fiddling with the propane knob under the table.  They think that the tank might be running low. (Isn't Shane a construction worker?  Can't he address the problem?)

As it turns out, Shane is concerned with other topics.

Shane:  No one wants to drink's just too many calories...

(Oh dear.)

7. Now Britney tells Danielle and Shane that the DR "talked to Ian for like, 20 minutes about it, saying "are you sure you want to do this?".  Then we went to commercial.

BTW, it was time for the Showtime commercials, which occur almost exactly every 20 minutes.  So maybe the crew was prepping for the changeover and forgot to listen to what was being said. 

After the commercial Jenn is back so they are talking about Ashley.  Britney thinks it is nice that she "has a week to herself" in the Jury House.  Jenn is pretty sure that Ashley is an actress.

The cameras shift for about 30 seconds to Joe in bed, snoring.

Now back on the patio and Shane remembers Willie's house newbie meeting. Jenn says it got off to a bad start and there were "a zillion of them in there".    Now the conversation changes to Britney being a mom someday and Shane tells Ryan through the camera to be aware....he says Britney is going to "use that as an excuse".  I think he meant that Britney would gain weight and blame it on the kids?  I think that may be what he was referring to.

Britney's new Facebook is her last name.  Shane "jokes" that his includes something about being Mr. Vermont. (He uses it on Twitter.)  Britney says she has a Facebook copycat who changes the picture every time she does, to pretend they are her.  She says "Lane and them" followed the fake Britney on Facebook until Britney talked them about it.  She has had to contact certain organizations to tell them not to tag pictures to the fake Britney's facebook and sometimes they don't believe her.

8.  Jenn is putting on her foundation and I think she said she has to go in the DR.  It is some heavy stuff, that foundation.  She's breaking out more dark eye shadow, too, using a multi-color powder eyeshadow collection. 

(I wonder if that is Mary Kay?  Probably not.)

For some reason Danielle is carrying Britney around and Britney is making fun of the way Danielle hums.  It is very high pitched and I would like it to stop.

(So would my dog, who just started barking from two rooms away.)

OMG Dan went outside and started making the Quack Quack sign.  They all started quacking and then Dan said, "Frickin ' Production is trying to talk Ian out of using the Veto!"

The camera change to the Bathroom door, and then go to Joe in the kitchen while we hear BB warn Dan and Ian by name to stop talking about Production and their DR sessions.

They change conversation to the endurance in BB11 when the cliques "graduated" and had to swing around and get hit with the diplomas.  (OMG I loved that!)

***You know it is entirely possible that Ian is making this up.  It is great because Dan believes it but no one, including the fans would ever believe he made it up, because we can't hear what was actually said.  It would be a brilliant lie, actually.***

Britney says she didn't realize how good she had it up there in the Coach's suite for 2 weeks.  Shane and Danielle say that first Have Not stretch was tough.  Dan tells Shane that he could be "shomancing Kara instead of Danielle" if they had voted Frank out back then.

Danielle jokes about it, but surely she will get pissed off later.  Oh, now Danielle is repeating the comment to Jenn and is indeed pissed.  Jenn listened, and her ruling that it was kind of mean, and if it were her, it would "sting a touch".  So Dan apologizes and goes over to hug Danielle.  Dan is eating a box of Tam Tams, thanks to America's Choice.

9.  Ian and Britney have a whispered conversation about working with Frank.  I couldn't hear what was said, but I think Britney indicated that if Dan was gone, Danielle would work with Frank, and she and Ian.  She said she or Shane needs to win the POV, so they have control over what happens and who gets put up.

Back outside they are STILL talking about the remark Dan made to Danielle.  Dan says he didn't meant to be cruel, and that he talks in the DR about them all the time.  He makes fun of Shane's pink tank top and recently talked about Britney's husband.  In the distance I hear BB saying to stop talking about the DR sessions but the voice is faint, at best. 

There used to be a "metallic swink" in the backyard that sounded like an electric cricket (not the hammock, either) so maybe they got complaints about it and turned down the outdoor microphone or something.

Now Britney talks about how the DR has to get a soundbite about what is was like to walk out in the backyard for a competition.  She does it in a valley girl voice that is pretty amazing and says she hates that.  Like, "Oh my Gawd when I walked out into the backyard it was like a jungle!"

Shane:  I know everyone hates that, so I always try to nail it.

(Have they EVER used footage of Mr. Personality Shane describing the back yard?  Even though he "nailed it?")

They all make fun of the way that Britney says "water".  Now they talk about JoJo and who is going to be drinking with her.  Britney sets them straight and says the finale night is crazy and people are going to be grabbing at them and trying to interview them, and their significant person is going to be there and they will barely be able to speak.

Danielle: Shane, are you going to have a drink with JoJo at the finale?

Shane:  Yes.  I'm going to have a drink with everybody, Danielle.  Calm down.

10.  Jenn noticed during the live show there was a girl sitting behind Julie Chen that was "pin up style, but with half her hair black and the other side white".   Jenn thinks she was "kinda cute" and would love to talk to her.

The camera takes us to the HOH room several times to see Frank Eudy hugging his pillow on his right side, sleeping like a big huge baby.

Britney is mixing up a sugary mix of coffee and milk in the kitchen and sprinkles cinnamon on top.  She's so classy.   We can hear Frank sleeping on the sound, though, while she is doing this.

Now she goes outside and looks up at the camera as she closes the sliding door, saying 'Bye" to us.  That is rare, for Britney to look at us directly like that.

11.  Outside Jenn is telling them about a cancer charity she works with, because a friend of hers died of cancer.   She is talking about someone in a circle friends she has and Dan implies it is really her girlfriend.

Jenn:  No Dan...I do have female friends that I'm close to but not like that....we're too good of friends to mess it up with that...

Dan:  With a night of passion?  With a few minutes of passion?

Jenn said her friends teased her about being in the house with the cute straight girls, and that she was going to get with them.

Jenn:  I said no, not on TV like that!  Not with my moms and my grandmom maybe watching?  But my friends and I, we have hand signals we're supposed to do so I can let 'em know who....and what...

Dan:  You mean your friends who are watching the live feeds?

Jenn:  Well, more on the live shows....hand signals to indicate what and who...

(I am going to rewatch the show from Thursday and pay attention to this.  I think she said "the other night..." when she was describing the hand signals.  Like she might have had something to tell them about embarrassing as that would be after Ashley's stoned performance.)

Britney tells them only the top three house guest's families get to sit in the audience.  If you are the top three you can have two people, otherwise they have two.  Danielle says they keep calling Danielle's mom, even though she told them to call her "sister".  (Who is really her god sister.)

Jenn says her friend Deb (or Dez?) is in med school but would probably come.  Dan says he's not a big LA fan, that there's a lot of trouble to be had there...Jenn says if Vegas is right after the finale, she's in and she'll pay her share...whatever.  Shane just wants to take a bus or something and "just get drunk the whole way".

Jenn:  Hell yeah.  We could rent a limo...I have friends who could drive....

Dan wants to make sure Memphis is at the Finale for him if he goes to the Jury House this week.  Britney tells them that Mike Boogie said the DR told him that if he is evicted this week, Dr. Will will be there.  Mike claimed to have been told that last week.

This has been the longest Jenn has ever gone without playing her guitar.  She says that she could get all kinds of people to show up and play after the season ends....all they have to do is to ask her and they'll be there.


  1. how do you slice through 8 layers of your cornea when the human cornea only has 5?

  2. Well you get a wild ass cat that has jumping at wounded eyeballs issues and then go to a very religious eye doctor that prays for your eye, applies one bandage of mystery medicine and you are cured the next day and no one can believe you are well expect you are legally blind in that eye.

  3. I appreciate this site and all the extra tidbits, interviews and recaps you provide. But some of the personal opinions you could keep to yourself.

    Britney shouldn't sit at the hot tub in her bikini because she is married? What are you suggesting? Women once married should hide their bodies and never show skin again? I don't know how your sharing of that opinion does anything to help the recap other than to demonstrate that you have a conservative bias.

  4. I watch Britney and will continue to provide my observations and opinions.

    She is VERY competitive with the other girls and is constantly flaunting her body in comparison to theirs.

    And if you read last night's BBAD recap, you will see an example of the FILTHY SEXUAL comments she constantly makes to the guys in the house. She likes to discuss her ANUS frequently---I don't think anyone, married or single should be saying that for all to hear and document. And on her birthday she sat at a table of men and discussed giving her husband BLOWJOBS.

    There are many places you can go to read about Big Brother. This is my website so I will continue to do things however I'd like to do them. You can choose to just ignore it if you'd like.

    OK "Anonymous"?

  5. Dear Feed Watcher,
    You handled that comment really well. It is your site and you can damn well put any spin on it in any fashion you choose. Besides, Britney did say all that sexual stuff on live TV. I personally like Britney (I know lots of folks don't) but I think she says a lot of that stuff to try and be funny. I do not know that just guessing. You rock this site and it is your business. I come here to get the truth of whats going on, on the show.


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