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Big Brother After Dark - Life Goes On Without Janelle 8-10-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Thursday night, and the the wee hours of Friday where I live.

This was the night Janelle was evicted, so pardon me if I wasn't chomping at the bit to watch this episode.



1.  The episode begins with the HG sitting around the hot tub.  Wil is talking about how Willie implied that he had special powers during his HOH, but he didn't.  They all suspect there will be a Have Not competition tomorrow.

Britney sees dirt in the hot tub and says BB used to clean it, but it is nasty now.  During BB12 they would complain about how dirty it was, and then someone would clean it during a lockdown.  Wil hears actual crickets and gets Ashley and Britney to quiet down so they can hear it too.  Ashley loves the sound.

Jenn used to live a block from the police department in Brooklyn so she heard sirens all night long.  She moved into a new place but only stayed there one night before "going to convention".  (sequester)  Britney went to her "first convention" for BB12 around Memorial Day, but they went later this year.

Wil thinks there was increased pressure this year to ramp up casting due to competition from other networks.  (i.e. Glass House)  Wil says he thinks they did a great job as far as diversity.  Britney says that they had a new casting website this year.  Shane says that Robyn Kass is cute and Jenn says, "she sure is!".

2. Wil went around the hot tub and asked everyone what they missed most.  He kept changing the rules as they went-sometimes it was an object, sometimes a non-family person, etc.  Shane chose his phone as the object, and his dog as the "person".  Jenn picked her phone as the object, and her three band mates as the people.  (Erin, ______ and Josette, is what I heard.)

Danielle picked her iPad, and then she said her friends and named a few names.  She DID NOT list Trey---maybe because Shane was right there?  There was hesitation in her voice as she listed names.  I think there was a Jeff in the list but she clarfied who that was.

Britney chose her Clairsonic skin machine and she couldn't choose her husband or her mother, so I think she chose her dog Molly.  I don't remember hearing Ashley have her turn.

3.  Frank got called to the DR and everybody cheered that he would be getting his HOH room key.  So they all moved to the living room to wait.  Frank ran to get Mike Boogie, who was asleep in Skid Row.  He told him he was going in the DR, so I guess they want to do their little Chilltown-like DR session.

While they wait Wil does his Sharon Osborne imitation.  He does that A LOT, and then Frank is there saying "who wants to see my HOH room?".  He takes Ted with him.  Ted has a cute little matching Spiritard now and Frank stopped to find his pom poms.

(I guess we'll see a Ted segment on Sunday's CBS show.)

Frank is wearing his glasses so he looks different right now.  There is a picture of Nana and some blue jean cutoffs.  (We saw him pack those in his intro video.)  There is a picture of "Zebra Cake Chris" and a CD that wasn't Biggie Smalls.  I didn't recognize the band--it is M83.  It is electronica and Mike says "oh great..".  (He wanted to hear some rap.) 

He sees his Snickers with Peanut Butter and is thrilled.  There is "sush" in the fridge and California Pizza Kitchen pizza.  Frank also got his NASA cap that he's been talking about and says they hooked him up.

The letter was from Nana.  She misses him and loves him.  Chris is in the Dom Republic but Daniel and Jonathon are there.  There has been a drought so everybody is wanting feed---she's been busy busy busy.  (Frank has said Nana is a commodities broker so she is involved with feed and grain, etc.)  She is proud of him and says to mind his manners.  She signed off that Frank was a precious human being and she loved him.  Awww.

Frank got his jump rope and "that is tight".  There is a picture of Frank with really short hair and they are freaking out over it.  He got some "new house shoes".  There are three bags of coffee and Britney is excited.  Frank is happy to have a big bag of Starbust ("Flav Reds---the best kind!")  He got 6 beer bottles and put them in the fridge.  I see a box of Fruity Pebbles and he also got Kashi Go Lean.

Dan likes M83 and wanted to listen to it.  He "hated to be that guy" to listen first but Frank said to go ahead.  Dan recognized the first song and I guess he had some college memories of it.

4.  Britney says he looked like he won a million dollars when he saw those Starbursts.  He loves them and says the ones he got are the best ones.  Frank is stoked about the jump rope--that's how he likes to start his workout.

Frank got boxes of tea and after prodding from Britney he says he doesn't really drink it.  There is a picture of Zebra Cake Chris, Jungle Juice Daniel, Sir Kahn (not sure about that one) and Frank on a night out.  Frank doesn't remember where they were going in the picture.

Britney wants to discuss the various teas she enjoyed in New York but keeps getting interrupted.  She tried it a few times but finally gave up.

Ian says the "second haul was the best haul", meaning that he got better stuff in his HOH room this time.

(Well, he is one of the stars of the season.)

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5.  OMG That bitch Ashley just became the first one to leave the room and Wil went with her.  When she left she said the following in a "Janie doll" voice, "I'm going to go wash my face with all of the Mary Kay products!"

Ashley:  Oh, I'm so mean!

(Janelle left almost all of her skincare stuff behind for the girls--a lot of Mary Kay products and some Chanel stuff I think.  I guess Ashley doesn't appreciate it.)

6. Now Wil and Ashley whisper in the bathroom about whether Shane will work with them or not.  They are hoping that Dan will go up this week---Ashley says "you never know".  Wil thinks Joe and Danielle might be going up on the block.

Back in the HOH Britney talks about how bad Diet Coke is for you.  Frank thinks Diet anything is probably bad for you.  Ian liked the Dog House because there was an air mattress in it and it was so much more comfortable than the Have Not room.

The worst part of it for Ian was not being able to get up on the furniture.  And the not bathing, but he tacked that on afterwards like he didn't really mean it.  Jenn and Joe got up next and left.  Frank left the room and Ian said he was happy for him. Mike said it certainly has been a rollercoaster for Frank this season.

Britney left and came back saying they got 8 beers and a bottle of wine.  Everyone perked right up and scampered downstairs except for Dan.  Dan was still listening to music and said he drank the last two nights.  So I guess he's taking a break.

Frank went down to Skid Row and got an armload of clothes.  I guess he didn't pack everything after all.  He was pretty sure he'd stay.  Mike is going to stockpile his beers to save for another night so he can get a better buzz.

7.  They still have at least one third of the Halfway cake left over.  Chocolate layers with white frosting.  There is saran wrap loosely placed on the cake on the kitchen counter.  (Hello ants!)

Now I see Joe and Shane in the Arcade.  Joe is upset about the vote and Shane says he wanted to give Joe time to cool down before talking.  He is saying the decision to evict Janelle was very last minute, and he may have been able to tell him 15 minutes before the show, but the timing wasn't right.

Joe asks Shane to tell him honestly as a man, has anything been said about Joe at all?  Shane says that people thought he was doing some of Janelle's dirty work but but didn't really go into detail.  Joe would have changed his vote if he knew---he feels he was set up to be the only one. He knows that Jenn told him she was absolutely voting to keep Janelle.

Shane handled the conversation nicely, saying he was worried Joe would run and tell Janelle, creating a scene. He said it was based on the personal attacks Janelle made on people, and that Joe's vote could be considered a sign of loyalty, not isolation.

We saw Mike and Dan talking in the HOH with Frank.  Dan was discussing what I think was a conversation about Janelle's compensation for the show.  Mike was saying "it could be, if BB really wanted two women and two men", implying that they might have paid more to get competitive female coaches in there.

(I guess that's possible, if all they could get was Britney for the other female.  No disrespect to her but she was not in the other Coach's league.)

Dan said that "at first they approached him with $15,000 for the whole thing".  Mike was expressing surprise and then the camera people woke up and changed the view.

8.  Joe went to Danielle and repeated his conversation with Shane.  Shane went and talked to someone about what he said to Joe.

In the HOH Mike was going over that moment when Janelle was evicted.  Frank said he was holding her hand but Mike didn't notice.  Mike was staring at her the whole time.

Mike:  It's really great for me because the last three people who have gone are people I didn't care for----JoJo, Willie and her.

Downstairs Joe comments on how big the crowd roared for Janie when she left.  Shane says she has a lot of fan support.

9.  In Skid Row Britney and Danielle are going to bed.  (Is that allowed with Showtime not even half over?)  They are talking about what was said to Joe about the personal attacks.   Danielle brings up Janelle saying she had chunky legs and Britney starts saying that now that she's married, she doesn't care what she looks like.  Danielle will feel like that too.

Danielle: If I ever do get married...

They discuss Britney's comments about Shane being a douche in the outside world, and Danielle says she would have dumped him and moved on a long time ago.  Britney feels there is an obvious divide in the house now.

They whisper that they have to be careful what they say to people this week, so no one guesses they will go home.  Danielle thinks the guys in their group will go after each other, and she says that Dan or Boogie would want to take either one of them to the end because they think they can beat them.

(Britney is easier to beat than Danielle, I think, since she has won nothing so far.)

10.  Mike discusses his comment when voting Janelle out about Erin Brodie.  He was going to shout out to just Erin, but decided to add Will's name for context.

Mike: They made it look like Will was banging her the whole time last know they edit that stuff.

He says that Erin "stuck by him".  Mike wonders if they will cut that out for the West Coast feed.

Outside the group is talking about Janelle and some people are more kind than others.  Ian does the math and says Janelle has spent nearly 180 days, about six months, playing the game on this same soundstage.

They all chew on that for a minute.

11. Upstairs they are still talking about Janelle in the HOH.  Dan comments that she didn't have much to say on the show tonight and Mike thinks she was pretty resolute about leaving.  He says once she had her hair curled and the jewelry on she was ready to go.

Dan wonders if Janelle's fans are giving Danielle a hard time.  Mike says yes they are all roasting her on the internet for evicting Janelle.  (That's the least of it, Mike.)

Then they have an interesting conversation about Danielle's lack of confidence.  Mike thinks she is a strong competitor but has two personalities.  She needs a lot of assurances and they aren't always going to have the time for that.  They discussed Janelle's comments about what JoJo said about her body and Dan says that he tried to tell her who cares what she said about you?

Dan says that Danielle had some eating disorders that bother her and Mike said, yeah, a lot of girls have that and are sensitive about it.  They discussed how Britney is good with the guys, and also with the girls.  They think she needs to go but is not a huge threat to Frank at the moment.

Dan says that he had a hard time with both Danielle and Kara.  Kara had horrible anxiety and Dan said they had to "go outside and talk her down about going to the bathroom---she needed to go so badly but was afraid to go".  And then he would be talking to one of them and the other would walk in and want to know why he wasn't talking to them.

Mike:  Oh my god.

Dan:  Yeah, last time I was with different.

They think they could work with Wil.  Frank could nominate him as a pawn, and then no one would expect they were working together.  Dan brings up nominating Shane.  Frank doesn't want to make Shane mad, because he is playing for the POV.   He will do it if Shane says it is okay, but that isn't likely.

Mike likes that idea because it will make Shane the top target of the 4 guys in their alliance.  Frank knows that he had an easy time winning HOH tonight.  Mike just guessed at his answer before even hearing the music---he thought he'd have a one in three chance.

Now they talk about Ian, and he jumped up on Frank monkey style after Frank won tonight and gripped him really tight.  Frank thinks that will look really funny on camera.  Dan would like to be sure that Ian makes the jury and they all say yes, of course.  They would like for him to make it at least that far.

Mike says he will get to have a "pink bar next to his name on Wikipedia, whatever that is".

Now they discuss Ashley and how ditzy she is.  Tonight on the live show some one said that CBS was showing the first taped package and she didn't know what that was.  Mike says it would be horrible to have her on your team tonight and have her pick the wrong people and mess up like that.

Mike: One of us needs to win this.  When you look around, there's not a lot of other people who know what's going on.

12. They discuss Willie.  Dan wonders if it was true that Willie was going to be a granddad.  He thought that might be a "Hantzism".

Mike: Well, yeah I think it's true.  He kind of fits my idea of who that guy is.  Had a baby in high school, was a bad dad, and how his kid is in the same type of position.

Outside at the hot tub Jenn is telling a story about how her ex-girlfriend ended up in a bar with some friends and some girls she made out with.  The girls started talking in the bathroom and compared notes and a bunch of drama ensued.

Jenn:  My friends call me 'Fucking Jenn' because I get myself in these situations..they're like 'Fucking Jenn!'.

Back at the HOH they talked about the HOH competition.  There was a bass guitar in the backyard and Jenn went over and touched it.  Production stopped that immediately.  Dan wanted to grab it at the end and bring it in the house.

Dan:  I really wanted to hear her play it.  I really wanted to..

(I thought he was going to tell her secret to them but he didn't.  You know, about being in Kittie.)

They talk about inviting Joe to eat with them tonight.  Mike was saying it was nice of them to "invite Joe to join them" but then says it is an awkward feeling to be in his shoes and feel so alone.

13. Frank says they asked him in the DR about his dream he had about JoJo.  He is worried that was on TV tonight but Mike says they can't use very much of that on TV.  I think in Frank's dream JoJo didn't have any panties on, so Frank threw her up against the wall.  Or something along those lines.

Frank told them in the DR that , "Big Frank (pointing at his head) tried not to think about that stuff to keep his head in the game, but Little Frank had other ideas!"  The DR guy said they couldn't use that.  Frank got yelled at by Production for telling us that.

14. Britney and Danielle had a conversation about men who had tiny penises and go on ad on to Dan to update him about how horrible that is.  Dan listened to them giggle about it but kept his mouth shut.  Danielle said when that happens you just have to "pull a Code Five and get out of there".  (ha ha ha)  Britney describes a relationship where she overlooked that negative feature because she liked the guy, but looking back at it she cringes and wishes she hadn't.

Ian says that someone took his bag of pork rinds that Willie threw at Janelle.  Danielle said maybe Janelle took it but Ian doesn't think she would go through his stuff.   They ask him where it was and he says it was "in his stack of collectibles".

15.  They all got ready for bed and turned off the lights in the bedrooms by 11;30.  We even saw Frank in bed with Ted, who was still wearing his Spiritard, turn his lights off and tuck himself in.

Downstairs they all giggle and it looks like a big slumber party.  I notice Ashley walking around with no sign of pain.  Oh I take that back, she is walking with her hand on her hip very slowly.

Mike got called to the DR just as they turned the light off.  He said "Big Brother Come on!" but went in there like a good house guest.  Shane and Ian waited in the dining room, crouched down to scare the girls as they walk down the hall.  It worked.  They screamed. 

Danielle cleaned the pores around her nose in the bathroom mirror.  Wil continues to do the Sharon Osbourne voice and it is less funny the 1,000th time you hear it.  Skid Row is more quiet than the Boom Boom Room.  It is very dark in there and I just watched Danielle feel around to find the bed like a blind person would do. That is the darkest room in the house and Dan made some sort of deal to sleep in there tonight with Joe, I think. 

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