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Big Brother After Dark - Janelle's Tangled Weave (No, Not That One.) 8-1-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Tuesday, and in the wee hours of Wednesday where I live.

At the present time, Shane is the HOH, and the nominees for eviction this week are Frank and Joe.  The house guests expect Julie Chen to announce a new twist on Thursday.


1.  The show opens with Frank and Britney talking on Skid Row about Frank's situation.  I think they are also badmouthing Janelle and her lies.  Earlier today Janelle was talking strategy with Britney and proposed telling Wil a lie about Frank wanting him out---Janelle was worried about Wil's relationship with Frank and didn't want him to vote to keep him.  Britney went right to Danielle and told her about Janelle's devious plan.

Frank leaves and there is some discussion about how many beers are left.  Then Britney tells Danielle she is starting to "rethink the whole plan" this week.  (i.e. the plan to evict Frank).  She thinks Janelle's entire team is falling apart.

Britney: We're trying to decide among six untrustworthy people---who should we trust?

Dan:  You pick the ones you know you can beat!

Britney:  Your're right.

Britney starts whispering to Dan that Frank hates Janelle---he knows that she's been talking smack about him.  I think she is implying that if they leave Frank in the game he will target Janelle.  Assuming that Janelle will join the game.  She also says that Ashley is "all over the place".

Britney is not sporting pageant hair tonight.  She let her hair dry naturally so it is rather wavy and she has added two braids on each side to hold her hair off her face.  Kind of a hippie-girl look.  As if on cue Danielle just complimented her hairstyle and Britney complained that it "looked like crap".

2.  Janelle came in with a Tecate beer in a wineglass.  She told Britney that Ashley and Frank also drank beer too.  She burped, said 'excuse me' and that she felt so disgusting and left.  The entire visit was about 15 seconds long.

Dan:  What was that?  That was weird.

Danielle, whispering:  They STALK!

3.  In the Arcade, Frank is meeting with Jenn and Mike.  Jenn is saying that she doesn't want to get caught talking shit, but she had a conversation with Wil about next week.  They were speculating about an endurance contest this week.

Jenn:  If that's the case, I have a really good shot, but then he said he wanted me to know that if he wins, I'm not his target.

Ian joins them and Mike says they are going over what happened today.  Frank is talking about the plan he had to call out Joe tonight.  Britney told him that Janelle was expecting it, and that she was looking forward to it so she could call him out, too.

So Frank is re-considering his choices right now.  Britney also told  him things look good right now for him---that Danielle might vote to keep him.  Mike says Ian's best plan is to "do nothing".

Mike:  If he leaves (Frank) then you need to be ready to play and win.  Also you want them to think that you are here just enjoying the experience---not playing the game.

Mike also wants Frank to stay up all night if he has to, to thwart Janelle and drive her crazy.  Jenn is also going to look for opportunities to approach Danielle and try and shore up votes for Joe to leave.  Now they talk about Britney--maybe she planned this the whole time----to come in and look like she is helping out Team Boogie since they are certain to target Team Janelle.

Ian:  She's not stupid....Britney's not stupid...

Frank tried to talk to Dan and Danielle last night but Wil interrupted with them.  Mike likes meeting in the Arcade Room because you can close the door, and anyone trying to listen outside would be spotted in the hallway.  Mike doesn't want to let Janelle have too much momentum in her conversations with the newbies.

Ian thinks the game might be a rhyme where you have to guess which type of competition you are referring to (POV, HOH or Coach).

After a commercial break, Frank describes a conversation he had with Ashley where he told her he never wanted to backdoor Wil, and that if he was still around next week, there would be retribution.

Ashley:  What's that?

Frank:  Payback!

They all laughed at Ashley's stupidity.  Ian thinks there will be a montage of Ashley's stupid questions on the TV show.  Now Ian says that Ashley went to Penn State, and he has friends who got rejected from that school that are very smart.  Mike says that Ashley might be the world's best actress.

Mike:  Maybe she cheated....I can't imagine someone acting that stupid.

Ian:  She asked me what sublime meant!  How can she not know that?

They all chew on that.  Now Jenn describes a situation where Ashley was acting like her normal dopey self and then she suddenly stood up straight and used a different tone of voice, and then dropped back into her normal posture and tone.

Jenn: It was like two different people!

After Ian leaves Jenn tells Mike that sometimes Ian says strange things.  Like he was shocked that Ashley picked Wil to play with her in the POV last week.

Jenn:  He said, I wonder why she picked Wil.  Because it was smart to pick Wil!  There's a difference between knowing everything about the show from watching it on TV, and actually playing it!  I watched the part about the game!  It's the game!

Mike:  It's like, how can you be so smart and be so stupid?  That's why I don't want him to do anything...and if it's endurance, stand up there all night and don't talk to anybody!  Obviously I need your help with're a girl...

Jenn describes a conversation with Danielle where she said she needed a break from the game.

Mike:  This is a game to win a half million dollars!  You don't need a break!

(It was nice to see Mike having a substantial conversation with Jenn about the game.  She notices more than she appears to notice, apparently.)

4.  Now we see Frank on Skid Row, talking to Dan about Danielle's vote.  He doesn't want to be overbearing with her, and wants Dan's advice.  As usual Dan takes the opportunity to try and get information out of Frank about Team Boogie.

Frank:  Joe went up to Jenn today and said things were looking good for him---now why would he tell her that?

Mike arrives and tells Dan that he doesn't plan for Janelle to have  4 hours without interruption tonight to hammer Danielle about the vote.  They want to stay up late and foil that plan.  Frank tells Dan that if he wins HOH this week, Janelle and her team are his targets, not Danielle.

Frank:  At that point, Danielle is rolling with us...she's completely protected right now.

Mike goes into a rant about how if Frank leaves and one of his remaining players wins HOH, Mike says during the live show he will tell the entire house to not even bother to come upstairs.

Mike: There will be a velvet rope and not one of them are coming up!  Think about it---if Frank goes, what does any one of them have to say to me?  And I'm going to ask to speak at the nomination ceremony! When I run this is the shit I think about----I get pissed and my heart starts pumpin'!

Now they talk about Janelle's tough competitive spirit.  Mike mentions that on her bachelorette party weekend in Napa Valley she and Beau Beasley got into a physical fight with "another gay guy".

Mike says Britney doesn't like conflict.

5.  Now we see Janelle and Wil in the kitchen, joking about how Ashley is really a scientist, and an actress...

They are drinking beer out of champagne flutes and have decided to drink all of their beverages out of the glasses, even coffee.  Janelle is going to braid her hair tomorrow, and then wash it the next day.  She tells Wil that time will start flying by after Week 6.

Ashley walks through the kitchen following Mike, doing the little laugh that Janelle and Howie used to do, calling him a "beefcake".  Shane jokes that Mike is Ashley's type, and Janelle corrects him and say that he is Ashley's type.

Jenn comes in the kitchen dancing with the shoulder rolls on her way outside.  The mood between Janelle, Wil and Ashley is very jovial and it seems trouble-free.  They discuss Jodi again---a favorite joke topic.  Wil says they made a Final 2 deal.

6. Mike goes back to Skid Row and gives Frank and Dan an update on where everybody is in the house. The minute he comes back and sits down, he gets called to the DR.  Frank and Dan continue to talk in low voices, but does Frank ever notice that he is the one doing all of the talking?  Dan just listens and asks questions.

Frank:  The best thing about working with Jenn and Ian is sittin' next to them in the finals.  I can beat either one of 'em.  And no offense to Danielle, but I think I can beat her too.


Frank:  I'm thinking about approaching Shane and Danielle for a deal, and Mike doesn't need to know that.  They thing is, with his ego, you can just work that..

Mike has told Ian and Jenn that if Frank leaves, they are both sitting ducks.  Frank just talks and talks.  Frank thinks Mike knows he is the best chance for Mike to win.  Now Mike is back and says the DR visit was "about shit....circles".

7. In the kitchen Janelle and Wil are talking about extensions, and the proper way to remove them.  When they are removed, a lot of real hair comes out with them.  Janelle's hair thinned out a lot after the took her's out.

Shane asks Wil about "convention" (i.e. sequester).  Shane remembers Wil as being blonder back then. Wil confirms that, and says he got new extensions just before he came in the house--it took 8 hours.

Janelle:  OK.  Here's my story.  I did buy some extensions right before I came in.  They were virgin, Russian, like tracks.  And...I'm a psycho, so my hair would have been down to here (motions to the back of her waist) and it looked awesome, almost like a porn star..

Shane:  I was going to say that!

Janelle:  ...and here's the thing.  They said it was all natural, never been dyed, I paid like $400 for the hair, but it wasn't my color.  So I had to bleach it so it would match--this was two days before I left.  So I put my hair product on it, wrapped it up in Saran wrap, and put it in the microwave...

Wil:  OH MY GOD!

Janelle: ..listen...I put it on High for a minute and a half --high heat. I took it out, it looked bleached blonde, so I waited 40 minutes with the heat on it.  When I rinsed it out...(giggling) the track was broken down to here (shows hair about 3 inches long).

She couldn't get her money back since it was her fault.  She has plenty of hair now..she just wanted a little something more.  Ashley wanted to bring in her extensions--they are clip on natural hair but she didn't "want to be like Rachel".

Janelle:  So, everyone on Survivor Sucks who says I have a weave this year, you can KISS MY ASS!

Shane: Yeah!

Ashley gives a shout out to Shannon, Shane's sister and he appreciated it. She is a paralegal who got her masters in criminal psychology and wants to work for the FBI.  She had a 4.0 in school and is very passionate about her career.

Shane and Shannon are the first in their family to go to college.  His Mom went to flight attendant school, but didn't pursue it because she was scared of heights.

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8.  After commercials, we see Shane in the HOH with Wil and Ashley.  Ashley leaves and Wil tells Shane he is "tired of playing Janelle's game, and after next week he's not going to play her game".

Wil:  I don't like the way she plays the game...she is so fake and everybody sees right through it.

Shane says he isn't going to let Britney make his decisions, either.  They both agree that Ian needs to go based on his potential to win Q & A competitions.  If someone from their team wins HOH next week then they both feel the possibilities are endless.

Wil:  I'm just going to tell Frank, you're safe, and then blindside the fucking shit out of him.

Shane:  Good.  Good.  As long as you're trustworthy.

Wil:  I'm focused on the HOH.  And I want Ian to be scared as shit.

He confirms that he will be "through with Janelle" soon and he didn't come in the house to win for her.

Wil:  I took a lot of Willie's meeting to heart..

Shane:  Oh, me too.

These two have not been the best of friends, so it is interesting that they are making a deal now.  They say that if they can get to Final Four, then it will be balls to the walls at that point.  Shane is going to tell Mike that Frank did it to himself, trying to screw over Joe.  They say that Danielle can tell Frank that she was put on the block by Frank--what could she do?

They leave it on a good note and Wil heads back downstairs, picking at his hair along the way.  He goes to the bathroom and Janelle says she would like to speak to him.  She also says she would love another glass of wine.  (Hint to DR.)  She just used Frizz-Ease and loves the product.

9.  Now Janelle and Wil go into the Arcade.  She says she's been wanting to talk to him all day, and she knows he is mad at her.

Wil:  I'm not mad...I'm just upset.  I was hurt last night...I felt like a worthless player in this house last night because you said you had to kiss ass to keep me in here...

Janelle says the right things, but Wil reminds her that they newbies came in the house having no idea that the Coaches would be there.  He had his own idea of how he wanted to play--he appreciates her advice, but doesn't want to feel like an idiot about it.

Janelle pulls out a Kleenex out of her waistband and dabs at her eyes, her voice shaking.  She is so sad that he would feel that way--she just wants to keep him safe and the last 24 hours without having a real talk have been hard.  She thinks her team is the strongest and the words just came out wrong.

Janelle:  I'm looking out for you.  You know that, right?

Wil knows that, and is glad Janelle picked him.  He wouldn't want to work with anyone else, but he admits he felt too much pressure to play the way Janelle wanted to play.  He doesn't want to pretend to be nice (to Shane) when he wasn't feeling that genuinely.  He felt like an outcast all weekend due to this.

Janelle indicated that the DR told her Wil was in jeopardy last week and she didn't want to tell him that and upset him.  She says this more than once, indirectly.

Janelle is not scared to call Frank out tonight (with the lie she made up earlier today).  She is upset that he called Danielle "Sweetcheeks" this morning.  They discussed how nervous Ian gets.  Janelle demonstrates how he was rocking back and forth when they were picking POV players when it looked like Frank wouldn't be picked.

10.  Suddenly there is a BURST of energy as the cameras shift to the HOH, where Britney is running and says she needs to pick out her outfit for Thursday.  Danielle and Ashley are there, too, watching her hold up clothes and talking about them.

Danielle comments that one of Britney's dresses would "make her look huge". Britney is going to wear her boots tonight because it is "too cold for flip flops".  She decides on Ugg boots in case they play volleyball later.

Ashley launches into a rambling discussion about how Frank, Dan and Mike were talking about "the Game" and the Coach's twist and how she told them to live in the moment.  Britney grew bored in the middle of this and picked up her wedding photo and stared at it, waiting for an opportunity to turn the attention back to her favorite subject, herself.

Britney:  We can talk about how gorgeous my husband is (turning the picture around so we could see it). This is my wedding day, the best day ever!

Dan comes in and calls for Danielle to come into the HOH bathroom with him to talk.   After she leaves Britney starts in on Ashley (obviously regarding the lie Janelle planned to tell tonight).

Britney, lowering her voice:  Did you really hear Frank say he was going after Wil?  Because Janelle keeps saying you heard that...

Ashley:  I told Janelle....either I'm going crazy....

The camera changes to the bathroom, where Danielle is whispering to Dan.  She is telling him that Ashley is driving her crazy.  I think she also said that "they" are trying to push Ashley on Shane.

Dan is eating one of the HOH mini-Ben and Jerry ice creams.  Looks like vanilla.  He wants to go downstairs to talk.

11.  Now they are in the Arcade Room.  Dan tells her that Frank and Mike will protect Danielle and that Mike Boogie is going to be LIVID if things don't go his way.  Dan thinks either way might be okay for Danielle.

Danielle is leaning towards evicting Frank, but she feels that Team Janelle is asking her to keep Joe, but is doing things to bother her personally.

Danielle:  Like, just now I walked through the kitchen and Janelle was telling Shane, Ashley likes you!

Dan laughs that she is jealous.

Dan:  No one gets between me and my Shane!

Danielle:  I would never say that.  If he wants the hippie, drug-loving, overdose girl, then..

Dan:  I command you to stop liking Shane!

Danielle:  Fine.  Done.

Dan:  You're not going to date him after this.  You might have one or two nights of passion after a bar...

Danielle:  There's no passion!  (true)

Now Danielle is getting upset, saying Dan thinks she is "chopped liver", since he mentioned that Shane was the Vermont 2008 Cosmo Guy of the Year.

Danielle:  I'm not losing the $500,00 because of him!

Dan: You're flirting with it..

Danielle:  What, with him?

Dan:  You have to play this game like an can't let your emotions cause a haze and cloud your judgement.

Now she is trying to say that he is her only friend, and acts like she doesn't have the hots for him.

(Please Danielle, stop embarrassing yourself....)

12.  Now we see Janelle at the hot tub talking to Joe.  They are saying Frank has to go--Janelle never wants to see him again.  Now Janelle mentions what she will say if Frank starts trouble tonight--that Frank wanted to get out both Ashley and Wil.

Joe:  I think we all need to stick together.  Like with Britney...

Janelle:  Britney doesn't want any part of it.

Janelle is smoking and wants to call Frank out "on all of his lies".

Janelle:  Let him hold a house meeting---I don't care!  I'll be there all day!  He's an annoying, overgrown frickin' lumberjack!

She discusses that Wil wants to blindside Ian on Thursday, to help him win the HOH.  They both think Danielle is on board to help them on Thursday.  Janelle is wearing jeans and a pale pink long sleeved T-shirts with a button placket.

Janelle points out that she signed a contract that said "no jury house for her", indicating that she will not be joining the game.  (Earlier today they were talking about having individual cottages...)

13.  Now we return to Dan and Danielle.  She says she is "too afraid to throw the next HOH".  Then Shane interrupts them, saying that Ashley is following him around like crazy.  They can't trust her because she will run and tell Janelle everything.

Dan cautions Shane that Britney is playing very emotionally, and is angry with Janelle after Janelle turned her back on Willie.  Shane says that he knows that about Britney, and is making their own decisions.

Right on cue, Britney walks in and they discuss how untrustworthy Ashley is.  They know she goes right back to Janelle with all info, but she says both Ashley and Wil don't enjoy being on her team.

Dan jokes they should play 'telephone' with her, telling her something and then waiting to hear what comes back through the grapevine.

After commercial they are talking about Janelle's offer to Shane to let him hold her wedding ring as collateral for two weeks safety.  Dan did the same thing with his grandfather's chain, giving it to Memphis for Final Four.

Britney was gossiping that it probably cost $30,000, and they paid cash for it. (!)

Dan:  Here's the difference between us and them--if she goes back on the deal we won't steal it. We would give it back.

They decide on a Final Four deal if Dan and Britney join the game.  Britney tells Dan she doesn't want to join the game, looking him in the eye when she says it. (I believe her, because she knows she won't win.)

Shane says Janelle has three players in the game, but Britney says they aren't good players.  They think they might compete to bring someone back, and they plan to choose Kara.  Now Britney says she threw competitions in BB12.

14.  Out at the hot tub Team Janie would like to do some real drinking tonight.

Joe:  It would be great to just get hammered one night each week....

Janelle:  Oh, what would I do for three dirty martinis!  How fun would that be?

After the commercial it is just Joe and Janelle out there.  Janelle wants to talk to Dan and Britney--she knows Mike told them something and she'd like to know what it was.

Plus, she's hungry too.

The entire cast, except for Teams Dan and Britney, are sitting around the dining table, joking about masturbation.

15.  In the Arcade Room, Britney mentions the BB commercial that said 'Four Big Surprises' and says that was the Coaches, that they would never have mentioned the coaches coming into the game before they came into sequester.

They mention how Ashley plays dumb, and covers her tracks that way.  They know they can't trust her, and Britney thinks she will get busted at some point.  Britney tells them that Janelle wants Frank out so badly, because she thinks the Coaches will join the game and if Frank and Boogie bond together they will be unstoppable.

Britney agrees that if that happens, it is bad.  She makes guns out of both hands and blows both sides of her brain out to demonstrate just how bad.

Dan tells Shane that he read on TMZ that Mike lost $125,000 playing one hand in Vegas.  Shane can't believe that.

Britney: Hello!  He doesn't care about the money!  He's a multi-millionaire!  He's here for the title!

Now she tells Dan that Janelle said she is sick of talking to Dan because he never tells her anything.  They laugh about that.

(I saw Janelle tell Dan that to his face last night.)

Britney says Janelle can play nice to anyone anytime she needs to.  Shane says Joe and Ian both need to go next.  Dan likes Wil and Shane does, too.

Britney: I like how he calls Janelle out!

Now Britney brings up the Ashley situation from #10 above, and says that Ashley told her that "I don't remember saying that, but Janelle says I did!"  They all laugh at Ashley, and now Britney tells them that Janelle wanted to make up a lie to make Frank look bad, and this is it.

Both Dan and Britney say this is dangerous--she's a good liar and they're not willing to play like that.  Britney thinks Wil will be loyal to both Joe and Ashley as long as they're in the game.

Britney: Janelle actually convinces her into thinking she said things she never said!

(As they discuss Ashley, remember that Danielle thinks Shane may be interested in Ashley.)

Britney discusses how before the POV was used, Janelle wanted people to keep Joe over Ashley.  Britney now tells Danielle all of the things that Janelle said about her, and Danielle listens, wide-eyed (that Danielle is clingy, doesn't like to be alone, needs to feel a part of the team, etc.).

Now Britney shows her true colors, telling them that Janelle was her BFF when Willie was HOH, and then wouldn't talk to her the next week.  (In reality Britney's inability to control Willie is what drove Janelle away at that point.  But Britney is over her head with the other Coaches, and has been for some time.)

16. Mike comes in the room and says that Frank just told the entire cast his technique when using his hand on a woman.  Ashley did some sort of demo ("a short one") and then the topic of BJ's came up.

Mike:  Frank said that he usually can't come with a BJ, then Ashley said....

**commercial break**

(WTF, Showtime?)

Now we're back and Britney is talking about herself.  Mike says she is so young but she seems like an old person. (She's 24.)  She says that the most they drink at her house is to drink a bottle of wine at home in the bathtub.

Britney's husband had Lasik surgery.  Shane wears contacts and is scared of the surgery.  Mike had the surgery at 4:00 pm and by 9:00 am the next day he could "see everything".

Now Janelle comes in and they are talking about Botox.  Britney says it is preventative and prevents wrinkles.

Now Janelle says she won't get Botox because there haven't been "10 year studies" on it and she doesn't want to hurt her children.

Janelle:  After I'm done having kids I plan to get a total tune up.

They all laugh.  Mike wants to know what that entails, and asks about liposuction. She says yes, why not?

Mike:  Do you guys know Will had lipo before BB7?

They all act shocked and Janelle said she is the one who called him out.  She saw the incision marks on his stomach and asked him about it.  She said it was old school style, not the micro lipo technique.

(I heard him say on the live feeds that he did it himself!)

Britney whispers that Tara Reid had bad lipo, and Mike says Tara didn't "wear the compression garment", but Dr. Will wore it after surgery.

Britney:  I haven't had plastic surgery, but I'm not against it.

Janelle is going to go to the doctor after she has all of her kids, and take a picture of herself at 25 to use as a guide.

17.  In the dining room they are eating nacho chips with melted cheese and have been laughing a lot.  It is easy to see that this group could band together after the Coaches come in.

Ian usually masturbates once each day, but hasn't done it, not even in "convention".  Joe can't believe this and asks him if he's about to burst.  He nods yes, he is.

They discuss athletes holding out on it to prepare for competitions.

Then we return to the Arcade where they are talking about vaginal rejuvenation surgery.  They don't understand this, so Danielle explains it, saying "her friend" had it done.

Janelle:  Because she was like, banging all the time?

Danielle:  No, because..

The cameras go back to the dining room.  (WTF Showtime?)

Jenn has a sex story to tell, but wants to wait until after Showtime ends "because she'll hear about it".  Frank says that he went shopping at Macy's with a girl and she was in the dressing room trying on bras and Frank tried to go in there.  Frank wants to wait until after 12:00, too.

Jenn:  They'll have to buy SuperPass for that....

Wil does a fake commericial for SuperPass, saying you'll hear wild sex stories....

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