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Big Brother After Dark - Ian is Quackers - 8-22-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Tuesday night,, and in the wee hours of Wednesday where I live.

Shane is still the HOH, and Mike Boogie and Jenn Arroyo are on the block.  One of them is going home on Thursday night.  Someone else is going home, too, and may or may not be the first member of the Jury.

Tensions are high, as Jenn reacted very strongly about her nomination after Frank used the POV to save himself.  Jenn's attitude was surprising to the house guests, since she has been living way under the radar this summer.  I'm sure the CBS show will edit her behavior to make it appear as if she has a chance of being evicted, but I don't think Mike Boogie has any hope of staying in the BB14 house at this point.

Mike might have had a shot, but not with Ian playing against him as a member of the Quack Pack.  Mike will learn about that soon enough.  Hopefully Frank will, too, since the two of them have been treating Ian like a weakling who would never work against them.

Think again, Froogie.

OK.  I've said too much already.

1. The show opens with Danielle and Jenn laying in a corner of the back yard doing stretching and floor-work type exercises.  Like leg lifts and stuff.  They are talking softly but I can't hear everything that is being said. Danielle is leading and counting the number of reps.

Ian and Dan have a whispered conversation in the Boom Boom Room and Ian wants to talk later upstairs.  Ian has been in the shower, shaving, etc and the backyard crowd said they hadn't seen him in awhile.

On the patio, Mike, Frank, Ashley and Joe were sprawled chatting about road rage incidents.  Mike told a story about an incident where somebody "punched his fucking window" and then he saw him at Whole Foods later.  Mike told him that the guy was big and he didn't want to get in a fight, so the guy just walked away. I'm not sure what started the road rage---maybe a parking lot battle for a space.

He thinks the guy saw him in the store, then went outside to look for Mike's car, which he said was an unusual style and color.  It turned out that the incident happened 5 blocks from the guy's house, near the bar Lola's on Sunset.  Ashley says that Whole Foods is always hopping.

One of the wake up songs was 500 Miles and Frank just figured out it was sung by the Proclaimers.

2.  Ian and Dan are playing pool.  Ian doesn't like much ice in his Diet Coke and says the restaurants try to screw you by putting too much ice in your drink, which they overcharge for anyway.  Ian has "NOLA Bucks" which sounds like his school meal card.  He goes to Panda Express and for some reason Dan says that the Orange Chicken is for hipsters.  Ian argues that the dish is too mainstream for hipsters, and Dan doesn't have a comeback for that.

Dan wonders where Ian got his intelligence, specifically his "uncanny ability to remember things".  Ian doesn't think that IQ is an inherited trait, but his mother is intelligent, and his father is very well-read.  He reads newspapers every day.  Ian is well-read because he read encyclopedia as a child.  In the 3rd grade he used to read the encyclopedia at school during one of the free periods.

He also reads Wikipedia frequently, and browses and learns a lot from surfing that website.  Dan asked if he also writes Wikipedia updates, and Ian said no, not much.    (What about the BB page?)

3.  Jenn and Danielle are now doing an exercise move called the Mashed Potato that refers to an old-fashioned dance, I think.  Jenn liked that one.  Danielle asks her how much she trusts Frank.  She says she knows Frank kept her from being a Have Not, but she didn't know he had a deal with Dan that got broken.  If Jenn stays on Thursday then it's like another reset for her.

Danielle mentions that Jenn had told her that Froogie said if they won HOH that they nominate Shane and Dan.  Jenn says they want Britney out, too.  She knows Frank was really pissed to be nominated yet again, and that they try to sell themselves as huge targets to provide safety for the others.

Jenn:  Boogie has always gotten himself out of situations, so I'm scared he will do it again.

I think they are finished with their workout, and are just stretching now.  Danielle whispers that Froogie is saying mean stuff about Jenn that "is pointless" to try and get Mike to stay.  She also says tey are "offering everybody Final Three deals".  Jenn is not surprised by this, but Danielle warns her that "when she stays, to be careful".

I think she means to be wary of Frank.  She also says that Ashley doesn't talk to her at all anymore unless Jenn is around.  She thinks Ashley is "not allowed to talk to her".  They are pushing Joe to give his answer about his vote, and she thinks once Joe tells them the truth things will escalate and they will be mean again to everybody.  Danielle says she was "bawling yesterday in the Arcade" after they talked to her, and that the "words cut deep".

Danielle is now telling Jenn that she never heard Mike badmouth her, but he does badmouth Ian which is why Shane didn't nominate him.  (not true--Ian is in the Quack Pack with Shane).  Danielle says that Frank is the one who primarily badmouths Jenn.

(She is really working the Anti-Frank agenda hard.)

4.  Now we see Joe with Britney in the bathroom lounge. He is telling her about a conversation with Ashley where she talked in circles about her vote this week.  Joe is claiming to be the swing vote.  (But we know that isn't true, because of Ian's involvement.)

He reports that Ashley said that she wouldn't be leaving "Ian or Frank".  Britney just listens and says to be sure to report back to her or Danielle with new news.  Joe asks if it is okay to go ahead and tell Froogie that he is voting against them---he can't take the pressure anymore and doesn't want to "start any shit".  They don't understand why Ashley is supporting them.  Joe points out that how can she be on anybody's side when nobody even knows where she lives?  Joe says she's told 5 different stories about where she lives.

He also reports that Ashley wants to keep working with Joe, and said that she hopes Britney isn't mad at her.  She told Joe that she is staying with Ian and Frank because "she loves them" and Joe tries to make that into a sexual statement as he jokes with Britney.  Joe jokes that JoJo tried to offer him cigarettes for votes, and Mike Boogie tried to bribe him with restaurant deals.

5.  After the commercial break we see Britney laying in the backyard where Jenn used to be, whispering with Danielle. They are whispering about the vote.  They think Ian will blame the vote to keep Jenn on Ashley, so Frank will be mad at her.

Britney whispers something about seeing a doctor, and they said she was suffering from stress.  I think the area that is bothering her is her neck.  She pointed at it and said that they told her to massage it and I think they gave her meds for it.  She didn't want to take them, because of the upcoming HOH I think, but Danielle said she should take it.  I think the injury related to the Pirate Ship.

BB didn't like Britney saying any of that, and interrupted her several times to shut up about her DR sessions.

6.  Now we see (and HEAR) Joe in the HOH with Shane, tattling about all of the afternoon's events.  He mentions that "Boogie and Ashley are in there sleeping together".  Shane jumped all over that, but then Joe had to admit they were sitting together on the couch.

Joe is asking Shane if it is okay for him to tell Froogie about his vote.  Britney wanted him to wait until later so that she could stay up in the HOH Room to avoid the drama.  Joe and Shane both expect Big Drama when Froogie hears Joe's news.  Shane says they are pissed that Boogie's gone, and Joe is going to set Frank straight about the reality---they will not get enough votes and they need to accept it.

Joe chortles that Jenn is so mad right now, if she won HOH she might nominate Frank and Ashley!

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7. Jenn goes up to the HOH and Shane assumes she wants to take a shower.  She says she is going to hang "out with the girls for awhile, if it's okay".  Shane says of course and tells her that he would never have nominated her if she didn't have the votes to stay.  He gives her a hug and she seems relieved, but I'm sure she's wondering why he didn't tell her earlier.  She's been on the block about 30 hours at this point---Shane's had plenty of time.

Jenn wants Shane to know that she isn't that close to Mike anymore, and all he does is sit out there and complain.   Shane starts giving Jenn a blow-by-blow of how nasty Mike was after the POV meeting.  I guess he's forgetting that she was right there, too.

Now we see Mike and Frank on the patio talking about Joe.  Frank wants to grab "some of those motherfuckers by the shoulders and shake 'em" to get them to listen to reason.    Mike says after he leaves Frank will probably always be the target.  Mike is going to go to bed soon--he's tired for tonight but they can try again tomorrow to make it work.

Mike:  It's not even that sophisticated of a's just retarded on his part.  (Joe)

Mike goes to bed, leaving Frank on the patio.

Frank:  Nighters, dude.  Peace.

8.  Ashley walks out and replaces Mike holding a white bowl and spoon.  Frank asks her what she is eating and she says tuna with relish.

Now we go back to the HOH where Shane, Jenn and Joe are chatting.  Joe says that Frank is all over him now, waiting around every corner to hound him for his vote.  Shane didn't realize that both Frank and Mike were making her life harder, because it is "2 against 1".  (I guess he means campaigning.)  He says she can come up and hang out any time---it's stressful down there and she's tired of the shit talking.

Jenn says she's not trying to shit talk Mike, but she's been spouting facts about Mike.  Like his restaurant that grossed $9M the first year.  Shane says "someone" told him that Mike had a Bentley that he just sold because he had a son.  Jenn thinks ego is Mike's issue,and mentions how he played in BB7 and BB2--he had one strong partner and said what he had to say to people to stay in the game.

Britney is sitting there now, and points out how mean Froogie was to Dan, even though no one confirmed to them that Dan was the one who told Shane the news about his potential nomination last time Frank was HOH.  Shane seems like he is justifying why he originally nominated Froogie, and Jenn says, that she understands, and that no explanation is necessary.  She knows they were livid about it and she was giggling about it in the Arcade with the girls.

Britney:  I just feel for you Jenn, I really do.  I've been in that position...

Supposedly Danielle wanted to soak in the bathtub with Britney, and that is who Britney is waiting on.  I think Jenn is coming up to sit with them in there.  Britney went to look for her, and to see if there was any booze delivered to the storage room.

Jenn asks Joe "what's up with Ashley?"  Joe says that it sucks for him to tell her this, but she came to him and asked him to vote for Mike to stay, and that she wanted Joe to blindside Jenn so she wouldn't be mean to Ashley all weekend.  Jenn is pretty calm at this point, but says that obviously Ashley is being influenced by Froogie.

Joe says that he is going to announce his vote to Froogie later, and that they offered him a deal.  Jenn is also calm about this, too.  Joe thinks "Boogie is going to throw a" when he hears Joe's news.

Jenn:  Why does everybody hate me all of a sudden?

Shane reassures her that is not the case---those guys are just trying to stay no matter who they hurt.  Jenn says she has done nothing in the house but be true to her word and be an honest person and that doesn't get you anywhere in there. Joe starts going on and on about when he was on the block, and how hard it was to be up against Wil, etc.

After commercial Jenn is still talking with them and both Shane and Joe tell her to be happy that she's never been a Have Not and sleeping on those beds!   Britney was up on the block twice in BB12 and left in the double eviction week.  Now Dan shows up with his dirty (as in, NEVER washed) shorts and red headband.  He sidles up on the couch to hear the latest news.

Joe starts telling the story about Ashley asking for his vote.  Britney chimes in that you could see how hurt she was that Joe would not vote for Mike to stay.  She was very upset.

9.  Now in the backyard Frank and Ashley are talking low on the couch about who they will nominate if they win, and who will go.  Frank is preparing her for the double eviction.  Frank needs her to win the Q & A or quiz HOH, so he can win the physical HOH that will surely come next.

If they do a knock-out competition, he wants Shane out first so he doesn't have to compete against him.  He says he might just "have to start playin' dirty".  Ashley hangs on every word and adds her comments here and there.  Ashley's stupid act is a thing of the past at this point.  Frank and Mike both wish they had been working with Ashley earlier in the game, and says they talk about it in the DR.  Frank thinks Mike's comments when he's pissed really upset Ian, and Frank has had to talk to Ian about it afterwards, to keep him on board.

Frank doesn't think this rubs off too much on him---people don't think he's talking bad about everybody.  But if Mike stays they have a much stronger team.  Frank loves Ian, but he is so "wishy washy he scares Frank at times".

The cameras show us Ian rocking back and forth in the hammock like he is possessed, and then back to Frank and Ashley.  But you can hear Ian rocking, of course.

Ashley:  I felt for sure that Joe would really be on board.

Frank points out that Joe has invested time with everybody, but he has to choose a side now.

Frank:  We're all pretty decent people...except for Dan.

Frank thinks Joe doesn't want to "hurt Shane's feelin's". 

10.  Britney is going to make cookies and can't decide to make one or two batches.  I think she decided to make one but keep the oven hot in case they want more.  Frank wishes she wasn't going to make them, but will probably eat a couple of them.

Up in the HOH Jenn is still talking with Shane, Dan, Danielle, and Joe.  Joe says that he is "absolutely destroyed by all of the drama and it doesn't sit well with him".  He mentions that he saw the medic again and Dan asks if it was "Tartar Sauce".  Joe said yeah and Dan says I'll bet Tartar Sauce is so sick of us.

(That is the nickname that they use for the medic--I think his last name is Tarter.)

They mock Ian's ankle injury and Joe says it really looks like nothing.  Now Jenn is talking about how 'horrible that week with Janelle was' and Jenn mentions the personal attacks that Janelle made on her.  She brings up the comments Janelle told Danielle about JoJo calling her fat---Jenn knows women are sensitive about that so she would never say something like that about any woman in the house.

Jenn doesn't want to "start any fights tonight, and she's not interested in Wacky Wednesdays".  I think she is referring to Ashley and says if someone starts shit, she'll be "wassup?" and she feels alone.  Shane tells her she doesn't have to feel that way.  Jenn is enjoying one of Shane's Blue Moon beers.

Shane says that Mike told him he's going to get clowned on the TV show, because his DR sessions were confident and enthusiastic.  Shane says "they're not going to let them re do those DR''s going to be on TV like that, and and show how they were nominated".  BB tells him sternly to shut up about all of that.

11.  In the kitchen Britney talks to Ashley and Ahsley says a bunch of stupid things about her actions. She claims she told Froogie that she was campaigning for them, but she hasn't really been doing that.  She doesn't know if Froogie has "some elaborate plan". 

Britney says it's been an awkward week, and next week won't be much better.  Ashley thinks the guys will be the worst towards each other, and that the girls should stick together.  Britney says Jenn told Danielle she wasn't mad at her anymore.  They can hear them laughing upstairs and Britney points out she's in there laughing now.

Froogie talked to Britney about her vote earlier, but stopped talking to her about it.  She thinks they might have their votes already, or know they can't get them.  Britney points out that she doesn't really have a problem with Frank...they've had some nice conversations and he was nice to her.

(Britney keeping her options open there....)

Britney's cookies are ready to go in the oven so she sets the timer and has some trouble with it.  She is just mashing buttons and saying "No...Off! .Off!".  Finally she sets it.  They are just slice and bake cookies.   She sits and waits at the counter.

12.  Outside Frank is talking to Ian on the couch.  He thinks that if Shane goes next then they can get Britney to work with them.  Ian agrees.  He is wearing large brown eyeglass frames and an orange T-shirt.

Ian says that he doesn't want Mike Boogie to go.  He says he might have to walk in the Arcade room after its over (implying he may cry).  Ian says they will soldier on, and that "Mike will be asked back."  Frank points out that he plays an honest game and Britney knows that about him.

Ian thinks Joe is a ticking time bomb and will get 6th place at the best---even if he gets some safety for voting with them this week.  Ian asks Frank if Mike goes, is his final three Ian and Ashley?  Frank says yeah of course---they've been together the whole game and that's the best way to be.

Frank tells Ian they can get Shane and Dan out, then get Britney on their side to get Joe and Jenn out, then put Dani and Brit against each other.  (Ian is just sitting listening to all of this....on behalf of the Quack Pack.)  Ian walks off and Franks addresses the "SuperPass show"---if we are voting right now to give someone a special power, please give it to him because he needs it bad!

13.  Now in the kitchen Britney and Ashley are trying to justify Boogie leaving by saying he can see his baby, and that babies are only young for a short time.

Britney:  Poor Janelle!  She's the one who really wanted a Coach's alliance and she got sent home first!

Britney points out that the Coaches would each bring one person to the alliance.  She says she had only one person, Shane, and leaves Ashley hanging about who Janelle would have taken.

Now we go upstairs where Joe is telling Jenn that Boogie offered him a piece of his dream....that he could be friends on the outside with him, and help him get an agent to he can have a TV show.  And now Mike is "taking that away from him".  Dan tells him that he can get there on his own.  Joe is going to do some more "cooking schools" in the house to lighten the mood.

Joe is "doin' no carbs right now", but he can make them whatever the'd like to eat for breakfast.  He said that after Danielle asked for pancakes.  Dan says "what about a fritatta" and that sounds good to most of them.  Shane thinks he could make another cheesecake.  They turn on the Spy Cam and see Ian walking around the kitchen with an oven mitt on his hand--it's yellow like a duck.  Ian walks up to the camera and uses the oven mitt like a puppet, saying "quack quack quack quack".

Jenn thinks this is hilarious and jokes that Ian is chanting "I'm on the camera!".  She is clueless about the quacking, as was Joe.  Danielle laughed and laughed.

14.  Joe watches the screen and thinks Frank is walking around looking for him.   Jenn says she knows she talks about Wil a lot but things that he said resonated with her.  Danielle tells her that before the POV, Mike tried to make a final four deal with her, Frank and Ashley.  Jenn was very surprised by that.

Now Danielle tells her how Froogie approached her to nominate Janelle and made a lot of promises back then.  Jenn thinks their cocky attitudes are one of the reasons why they are in the spot that they're in.  Danielle is sorry to tell her all of this.  Jenn says she definitely had her suspicions, but this information validates them, but it still hurts because she thought she was cool with them.

Danielle is nearly in tears as she tells Jenn that Jenn being mad at her after the nominations really hurt her---Jenn means a lot to her in the house and she wanted to tell her so badly what the plan was.

Danielle:  They're douche bags!  Douche bags!

Danielle assures her that she will never back stab her, and for her, "this is personal".  Jenn agrees, and says this was probably one of the most hurtful things.  Jenn felt better this morning after some good sleep, and she really felt it was "super important" for her to speak with Danielle today.  Dan didn't know how close Danielle was to Jenn, but she told him "that's my girl!".  She says Dan was very upset about Jenn being hurt, too, and he would never nominate Jenn.

Danielle:  You're not playing this game by yourself.  You're not..don't think that..

Jenn is happy to hear that and Danielle comes over and gives her a long hug.  Jenn gets up to find  a Kleenex to dab at her eyes.  She says that she loves the fact that she and Danielle are so different from each other--when she first saw her she knew that she would like her.  Danielle tells her that Froogie is telling her that Jenn was going to blow up on her and Jenn said they were pushing her in that direction.

Danielle thinks true people are rare to find in life, and she is thankful to have met Jenn and Dan, people who have pure hearts.  Jenn was hoping for Dan to pick her for his team.  She tried to talk to him in that short time they had to mingle, but "JoJo was with her and dominated the entire conversation".

15.  Downstairs Ian, Britney and Dan are throwing something around like a football.  Shane is yelling from the sidelines.  Joe is wiping down the kitchen counters--I think the cookie pan is still out there.

After commercial we see Joe outside talking to Frank, who is laying in the hammock. Joe is telling him that he is voting Mike out.  It is a calm conversation but Frank is persistent, telling Joe this is his best option, that he is not part of the large alliance upstairs and they will discard him quickly.  He and Mike are looking for someone to "ride or die" with them.  Joe says that he thinks Mike leaving is best for his game, but that doesn't mean that he is in an alliance with "them".

In the final minutes of the show Britney is watching the Spy Screen with Jenn and there are long periods of silence.  Ashley is up there too and is very quiet.  Britney wants to feed the fish and they notice there is one fish who is swimming sideways, and he doesn't come over for food.  Britney thinks he is a goner.

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  1. I hope that Boogie is leaving the house tonight. Out of the two him and Frank, I think Boogie is a bigger threat. Since it is double eviction night, though who knows maybe both will leave. I missed the POV competition last night, so this morning before heading into work at Dish, I watched it on the Hopper. I was able to skip over the commercials with the Auto Hop, which was awesome because it gave me an extra 20 minutes to finish getting ready. I wasn’t surprise when Frank won the POV, but I do hope he does not win HOH tonight.


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