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Big Brother After Dark - How Many Wrongs Make a Right? 8-27-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Sunday night, but in the wee hours of Monday where I live.

Frank is the HOH and is Head Carrot this week.  Dan and Danielle are on the block for eviction, but there are two POVs that could be played tomorrow afternoon.  The 24 hour punishments ended earlier today, like Dan's 24-hour House Party, Franks 24-hour chum dunk, and Britney and Danielle's ankle shackles.

So much drama.  Dan held a "House Meeting" earlier today where he told everyone that Danielle was dead to him.  He also pretended to fall ill after being released from the House Party and Danielle went to get a medic for him.  She told Britney that he seemed to be under mental stress, rather than physical stress.


1.  The show opened with a very friendly meeting between Dan and Frank.  They are discussing Ian's betrayal of Frank and Mike last week.  Dan was waiting for Frank to ask him at some point if Ian was the one who gave the other side information. (Obviously Dan has just told Frank all of the dirty Quack Pack Details.)  Frank knew when he heard Ian tell Mike to "Get to Steppin'" that something was up, and Ian was nervous around him since then.

Dan tells Frank that Ian was mad at Frank that night Frank had the date with Ashley, not just out of personal jealousy, but he told Dan that he was worried that he might lose her support in the game.

Dan:  I told him, you can't cover every angle, kid, but then I realize that he did have every angle covered...he thought he had Ashley.

Frank, grinning:  He didn't...

They both chuckle, and Frank gives a shout out to "Barb and Auggie" (Ashley's parents).  Frank is wearing that ridiculous costume, which is funny.  Dan says that the night where Mike and Frank confronted him about being the rat, it was very hard for him to just sit there and take the heat, instead of bringing Ian's name up.  Dan says all he could do is just sit there.  If Dan can make it to the end, then that is what he came here to prove.

Frank:  If we can get Britney out, we can get rid of Shane later. He might make final three with us, but he won't win that last HOH Q & A. 

Dan says if Joe is with them, Frank says it is Wrap City.  (Would Dan take Frank to the end?)

2.  Dan leaves the HOH and Joe and Ian come right in.  During the meeting Dan made some sort of allegations, and Joe is really pissed about them. He says you can't just drop a bomb like that, you have to back it up with facts.

Now we see Dan approach Danielle in the Arcade.  She is sobbing that Dan "broke her heart" and Dan is looking at the camera and trying not to laugh.   She says that he humiliated her in front of the whole house.  Dan said he wanted to tell her ahead of time, but he knew she wouldn't cry if she knew in advance.  She tells him the whole house is mad at Dan for what he just did.

Dan:  I'm trying to save both of us...I think I just made an alliance to save us...with Jenn and Frank.

Danielle:  Did you know you were going to break my heart like that?

Dan didn't know she would take it so hard.  He tells her that "Jenn loves her, and is steamed up for her".  (What?  No...)  She is mad that he used her feelings, but she has stopped crying and is curious now.  Dan tells her she still needs to act sad.  They need to "roll with them" for a few weeks, and that Frank wants "this little piece of dogmeat out".

3.  Now in the HOH Frank is chatting with Ian, Jenn and Joe.  Ian says after Dan's display tonight, he is 3000% against using his Golden POV to save Dan.  Joe wants to know if Frank is good with Dan, i.e. what just happened when Frank met with him.  Frank said that Dan just wanted to show his respect for Frank's hard work, and that he wanted to clear the air a little.  Frank gave no indication that he formed an alliance with Dan.

Back to the Arcade Danielle tells Dan she "just threw up her dinner".  Dan gave her a hug.  Now Danielle is mad, telling Dan what everybody is saying about him now.  (I'm sure nothing would please Dan more than this stuff.  It's part of his plan.)  Joe told Danielle that he expected Dan to start campaigning against her now, but Dan says that he would never do that.  She is still unloading on him but he says "it got us through this week, didn't it?"

Danielle:  So now we have to work with Frank for the rest of this game?

Dan:  Let's see what happens tomorrow morning.

4.  Back up in the HOH they talk about Dan being near tears during his House Meeting.  Britney brings up that he said "no matter what happens Frank, you will always be my nemesis". 

Britney:  And he took a cheap shot at Danielle, too, when he told Shane some day he would meet a nice girl!

Frank said he didn't think he meant it like that, and he thinks Dan will try to smooth things over with Danielle.  Ian and Britney show no sign that they suspect Dan has betrayed them. 

In the Arcade Dan tells Danielle that he had 24 hours to come up with a plan, and that the 24-hour House Party was the best thing that ever happened to him in this game.  He said he had to fake being sick, too.  After the House Meeting Danielle told Dan that Jenn was so mad at him, and she was saying "who is telling lies about this girl"? 

Dan gives her the "rock" with his knuckles and she tells him he is "really something".  She is smiling a little and asked if "they" knew he was going to do that.  Dan said no.  Danielle starts talking about her DR session and how she discussed Dan's health and BB tells her to shut up about that.  Dan says when they leave the room they should say that he apologized for saying things that way, but that it will take some time for her to forgive him.  

Dan:  Just for the record, you are much more loyal than Ian.  He has deals with everybody..Final Two Deals, Final Four deals...with everybody.

Now he says they need to get Jenn to use the POV.  Frank is going to talk to her first within the hour.  Danielle is thinking now about what to say to her, and how to play the conversation.  Dan doesn't think that she would ever use it on him, but would save Danielle.  Danielle wonders who would go on the block.

Dan:  Are you sure you want to hear this?

Danielle:  Britney?

Dan nods and counts the votes for her to stay.  He thinks she will have four votes to keep her and evict Britney.  When she talks to Frank, he says don't say you have a final two deal with me or he will cut you as soon as he can.  Just tell him that Dan explained why he did what he did, and that you understand.  Dan thinks Ian will be next to go, and any other options are "way down the road".  He says she might want to wait a little while to go up and see Frank, since everything "is so fresh" right now.

Now Dan tells her about the meeting with Frank he had where he told him the truth about all of the deals to date.  Then Danielle got him to admit that he has a Final Two deal with Frank and Dan nods, saying that Frank thinks that, but his real Final Two deal is with Danielle.  Dan says "there is no one that he can win against in the end, but if he can get one of his players to the end as a Coach, then he will feel good about that."

Danielle:  So, you're now asking me to turn on Britney and Shane?

Dan:  No, you don't have to.  If I stay or go, you're covered.

Danielle:  I should have known you would use my emotions.  I should have known...

Frank is going to tell Jenn that Dan gave him some new information, and explain that the two of them can work with Dan and Danielle.  He says Jenn is "raging" now, but they plan to approach Jenn tonight.  Dan says that Ian blew up the plans earlier that they had with the Silent Six.  Even with the Silent Six, they were going to target Britney and Shane first within the group.

Dan says that when people are enraged, they don't make good decisions.  He says he can act like an assassin in the house, and then walk right outside and return to his normal self.  Other players think this is real life, but to him it really is a game.  He knows his best move right now is to stay in the Arcade Room like he is ashamed, and to lay low.

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5.  Now up in the HOH Frank and Jenn are alone, laying in the HOH room.  Frank says that when Dan yelled at Ian that he was going to rat him out, that was the turning point for Dan.  He told Jenn that Ian was involved with an alliance and voting Mike out wasn't a last minute decision for Ian.

He proposes that the two of them work together with Dan and Danielle.  Jenn is confused, and Frank says that he knows this is confusing, but Dan realized that "he let Britney and Danielle get too close", and that they needed to be split up. He had asked Danielle to let him win the POV, but she said she wouldn't do that.  The truth he says, is that if Danielle is on the block, she will stay over anybody who she is up against.

Now Frank tells her about Ian telling Mike to "get to steppin'" and how that is a reference to what Mike "said to someone in his season".  Jenn is reeling from this information, and is just taking it all in.  She asks if Britney knew about all of this, and he says Britney is covered right now from all angles.  When Frank won HOH Dan told him, "I know your're going to take a shot at me, but if you swing and miss I might still save you next time."

Frank says Dan came upstairs and said there was some stuff he needed to know.  He also says Dan told him that Shane has never trusted Ian, and that they might be able to get Shane to evict Ian. 

Jenn: So Ian is the rat.

Frank:  Ian was the rat the whole time...we've gotta do this for Mike.

Jenn: I understand about your relationship with him, but I don't have that...

Frank:  I'm just jokin' when I say that, but this is the best move for both of us.

He goes through all of the scenarios in the coming weeks, and points out she and Danielle can work together.  Britney is dangerous, because she has both Ian and Shane close to her, and Danielle is too.  He says Dan is downstairs right now talking to Danielle and patching it up.  Jenn says he has a lot of patching to do.  Jenn asks Frank to swear to her this is all true, and he does.
6. Now Frank goes into the Arcade and Dan leaves so he can talk to Danielle.  Frank sits earnestly in his carrot costume.  He nods his head and the green leaves bob a little.  He confirms to Danielle what Dan told her, and says Jenn wants to talk to Danielle about it to make sure it's cool.

Britney knocks on the door and comes in.  She comes in and hugs Danielle.  Frank tries to make a joke about his chum baths.  Danielle is still whispering, but she really doesn't need to anymore.  Britney gets that and talks in a normal tone.  She says that Jenn is worried about her and wants to talk to her. Frank says she's upstairs listening to the Biggie CD.  Danielle heads up there.  Her jeans swish as she walks.

Now Jenn sits up and makes sure no one is outside.  They sit down and Jenn asked if "she was ready to do this".

Danielle is just stunned and can't believe this is happening right now. Jenn assures her it is.  This is happening, and Jenn lets her know that she suspected Dan would do something like that, but didn't know it would be as bad as it was.  Jenn knows she is making herself a target if she uses the POV, she will need some help in there.

Danielle:  Oooo you're getting on my level---a badass!

They decide this is a smart move, and Danielle says people will assume that Frank made Jenn do this.  She asks if Britney knew about Ian being a rat and Danielle nods.  Now Jenn thinks about the way Ian and Britney were acting, and it's all fitting together. Danielle tells her that Ian is the reason Mike went up on the block. 

Jenn says in the meeting they had just now, Ian was being so cocky.

Jenn:  He said he'd be an answer to a question on Teenaged Jeopardy, and then he said he was kidding, but he had all eight of us eating out of his hand.

Jenn knows it's going to be bedlam if she uses the POV, and says that Dan "pulled a rabbit out of his ass".  Danielle says that the two of them will still be final two, because Dan and Frank will always be the targets, not them.  Danielle also told Jenn that when Dan was apologized to her, he "cried himself for about 10 minutes" because he was so upset about what he did.

7.  Britney comes up to the HOH and gets in the bed.  She's not ready to listen to the CD yet.  It is really quiet so Danielle conjers up a reason that Dan was mad at her.  Something about her performance in the POV---Dan feels betrayed.  She said she "went for spots", but I guess we don't know yet what that means.

Out at the hot tub Shane is griping with Joe and Frank about BB getting stingy with the booze.

Danielle and Britney are alone in the HOH and Britney tells Dani not to say things to Jenn about Dan being mad at her--don't do anything to make her want to use the POV.

Frank and Jenn whisper in the bathroom. Jenn says don't fuck me on this Frank, and he says he won't.  She doesn't want him to be using her for the POV, and Frank says he isn't.  He says he likes how Jenn and Danielle are ready to play the game now. 

Back upstairs Britney is quizzing Danielle about exactly what Dan said to her when he apologized.  Britney is picking each statement apart and turning it against Dan.  She's really going to town on Dan.

Frank came in to change clothes and told the girls about "J.P. and Jessica" who said to him that they've noticed him being in the hot tub a lot during the day, and is not wearing his Carrot Costume. Frank told them that it's been getting cold out there and he's wanted to keep warm in the hot tub so now he has to wear the Carrot Top in the hot tub now as well.

Danielle:  They're getting a little crazy with the carrot costume...

Frank left. Britney said that she figured out that Dan wanted Danielle to throw the POV to him, so he could use it on himself to evict Britney or Shane.  Danielle points out that nobody wanted Dan to get it, but he's mad at her.  Britney went off on how selfish Dan is and how ridiculous and called him a "self righteous douchebag".   She's really rubbing it in. 

Britney said she did her best in that competition.  Now she says that everybody downstairs was crapping their pants that Dan was up here cutting a deal with Frank, and they thought Dan was going to spill his guts up here.  Even Joe was scared that Dan would tell Frank about the Headhunters Alliance.  Britney forgot all about that alliance.

Now Britney starts again complaining about Dan, and Danielle gets into the act a little, going off on a tangent about what she gave up to be here.  She says Britney knows more about it than anybody...if she's not back in school by October she has to reapply for next June!  Britney is consoling her and bad mouthing Dan, trying to make her friend feel better.

8. Outside at the hot tub Shane asked Frank what Nana would be doing now, if she's watching the Showtime.  Frank says that no, Nana has to get up early for work in the morning, but his mother might be watching.

Frank:  Hi Mama!  Wish I had a stogie right now!

They all laugh. Frank went inside and had a lively argument with Britney about which side of the bed is the "driver's side".  Britney and Shane both say it is the right side, and Joe does too.  Frank disagrees.  Britney sleeps on the left side with Ryan, but always on the right before that.

Frank sleeps on the side of the bed that has the CD player on it. There was a quick joke about Ashley--I think she may have stayed up there late one night.  Ian thinks it would depend if you were left handed or right handed.  Frank has never heard of the term Drivers Side for the bed.  Britney thinks that should be a casting question for the show---do you sleep on the driver's side?

Danielle and Jenn have a quick whispered conversation.  Jenn wants to check in with Dan but he is in the DR.  Danielle is going to let him know she wants to see him.  (I think Dan can fit that on his schedule tonight, don't you?)

9.  At the hot tub Frank and Joe grouse about why women can't make the first move sometimes in relationship. 

Frank:  I mean, when you're dating and having whatever relationship you have, why can't she make the move sometime?  I had this girlfriend who would just say, do you want to have sex tonight?  And I was like, you can't make a better move than that?

(ha ha ha)

Inside Jenn and Dan go in the Boom Boom Room and whisper.  They are hurried, but Dan gives her a big hug and they shake hands.  Jenn says she "knew the kid was up to something, but she didn't know what".  Dan said he doesn't take doing stuff like this lightly.

10.  Jenn goes outside and Joe shouts and points at a rat running across the backyard.  Britney starts shreiking and screaming and Frank says they saw one last night by the grill, too.  Shane grabbed Britney's shoulder and she screamed and screamed, jumping around and running.  They are all laughing.

Now we see Dan laying on the floor of Skid Row, on his stomach.  (Is he allowed to do that as a Have Not?)  The cameras linger, so I think something really juicy might be going on outside.

Now we're back to the hot tub and Joe is telling a story about his cat Sam bringing a baby mouse into the house and letting it go.  Joe let it loose in the front yard but his wife was screaming louder than Britney when that mouse was loose in their house.  Sam was so mad that Joe took the mouse back to the yard.

(ha ha ha)

Jenn tells stories about how her cats pat her face frequently.  Britney has  never had a cat.  Joe says the best thing about cats is that you can leave them for a few days.  Joe has two cats, Sampson and Gidget.  Gidget's got cauliflower ear--he's an old cat.  Joe called the vet and the vet said it would cost $400 to drain his ear.  Joe and his daughter bought a syringe and took care of the cat's ear themselves.  (I can't say anymore about the story.  I am literally sick about what Joe said.)

Jenn's first cat Silly had a thyroid problem and couldn't keep weight on.  Joe tells another horrible story about his pet at the vet, complete with throat slitting and a trachea.  I have to just tune it out.  OMG now he's got to put the pet down, or she could get medi-vac'ed to some hospital for surgery.  Joe approved that and then they said it would be $12,000, with half of the money down up front.  The vet said the odds were probably 25% of survival even with the surgery.   So they had to put her down. 

11.  On a lighter note they talk about BB superfans who were on BB--which superfan went home the earliest.  Ian says that Ronnie(BB11)  went home pretty early, but Mike from BB5 probably went home the earliest..  Ian thinks Mike was similar to himself, he was very quiet on the show. 

(I remember Mike getting in trouble for being kind of a blowhard Republican type.  I think he went home first on BB5.  They called him "The Don".  I seem to recall some sort of pass he may have made on Diane Henry, but maybe I'm wrong about that.)

Britney asks Ian if BB12 was just a total amateur version.  Ian tries to be diplomatic about it, but says he doesn't understand how the Brigade slipped right through.  Britney says that it didn't slip through---Kristin knew and Ragan did too.  Nobody wanted to do anything about it, including herself.  Britney feels she had a Final Three deal with Lane, but I don't remember that.  Maybe because I knew it was a lie due to the Brigade.  Now she repeats that the Brigade didn't go unnoticed---people knew but there were other people in the house to evict first, and the Brigade were all personable people so everybody put it off.

Ian brings up Brendon and Rachel being huge targets and Britney says shes' "finished talking about BB12".

(WTF was that?  Maybe she's scared of them now....) 

Ian says he'd like to play against them and Britney says he may have the chance.  Britney and Jenn discussed good places to go in NYC for a burger. Britney is a leading expert of dining on the Upper East Side and tells Jenn where to go in town for a good burger.    Now Joe starts talking about how odd Dan's performance was today, wearing black to his "funeral". 

Now Britney is on Skid Row and sees Dan laying on the floor.  He says he feels ashamed and embarrassed--he took things too far and he knows it.  Britney sits on the floor with him and asks if Danielle knows how he feels.  He says yes, but sometimes he just gets carried away.

Dan:  Everybody's pissed at me, huh?

Danielle:  I don't know if they're pissed at you, but people are starting conspiracy theories about what you were talking about.  Frickin' Eagle Eye Joe is out there saying something's not right...and he thinks people may be sleeping in Pandora's Box...

Dan hopes that after a good night sleeping, things may be better tomorrow.  Now we see Shane consoling Danielle about the meeting where Dan was mean to her.

Shane:  I'm still here for you..

Dani:  You are?  You promise?

Shane does.  Promise, of course.

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  1. I love reading these live feeds and knowing what is going to happen ahead of time. I think Dan is a mastermind and he is doing a good job at playing the game. I think this season has been the best so far. I haven’t been able to watch any of the episodes live, but I always make sure I catch it in the morning on my Hopper with the Auto Hop feature. It will automatically skip over the commercials for me, so it gives me time to get ready before I have to head into work at Dish. I cannot believe Dan’s plan has worked and he will be saved at the POV ceremony.


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