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Big Brother After Dark - HOH On the Reg, Son 8-24-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 10:00 pm BBT on Thursday night, and in the wee hours of Friday where I live.

Tonight was an EXPLOSIVE live CBS show, featuring the double eviction of Mike Boogie and Ashley Iocco.  Ashley went to the Jury, and Mike Boogie went home.  Or somewhere else other than the Jury.

The parts that I found EXPLOSIVE were as follows:

*  Mike found out as he was leaving that Ian betrayed him.
*  Frank found out that Ian betrayed them, and Frank was NOT happy.  He was a BIG UNHAPPY man.  (Imagine how Psycho Sid would handle this sort of thing, and divide by seven.)
*  During his good-bye video, Ian confessed to Mike about his involvement in the Quack Pack, and his role in evicting Mike Boogie.
*  Ian won HOH.
*  Ian nominated Frank and Ashley.
*  Frank won a POV.  Think Clownshoe, but with Clover.
*  Ashley was evicted, but I'm not sure she knew that.

After the live show, a second HOH competition was held, when the live feeds were down.  Well, FRANK won that, too.

OK.  You know what I know about it.

1.  As the show begins we can clearly see Frank with his HOH key around his neck.  The competition wasn't a physical one, so it's not like anybody had to hose off or anything.  I don't think they were covered in anything gross--they just rolled some sort of ball into some sort of target.  A lot of action was taking place in the house.  A lot of nervous energy, mixed with Frank and his Happy Labrador energy.

People are milling around the kitchen and you can just feel the despair.  Frank is very jovial, as well he should be, and he is chatting with everyone and seems pleasant.  There is a Betty Crocker PiIllsbury Funfetti Cake mix out on the counter, and Britney is nosing around with it.  I think she is still whining about it being her birthday.  Britney's whining is nowhere near as much as someone like, say, Danielle Donato would be whining.  Danielle Donato expected the entire house to celebrate the week before, during and after her birthday, like a 6 year old.  Britney tells Danielle that they are going to use the oven first to cook pizza, then they can make the cake.

Dan went into the DR hallway, and was finishing up some sort of verbal exchange with Frank as he went in.  Dan mentioned someone who "had to win everything but she made it to the end anyway".  Frank said "but I've got a better social game then her...give me some credit bro!"  (Rachel?)

(I don't think Dan ever opens his mouth unless it benefits him, so he must be trying to pressure Frank into thinking he can't win with Dan.  Dan is all about Dan.  All day.  All night.)
Frank spoke with Joe on Skid Row as he started packing his things.  He told Joe that he didn't need to worry---Frank wants Dan out.  All he asked for in return was a vote to evict Dan.  I guess Frank knows better than to depend on anybody like Joe for deals. Frank apologized to Joe if he was rough with him tonight---he was frustrated about Mike, yadda yadda yadda.  Joe says he understands, and he can take it.

2.  Britney is worried, and told Ian on the couch that Dan might throw her under the bus.  Ian will do what he can to save her if possible.  She doesn't think that Frank seems mad at Ian.  Ian said that his decision that he made in the live show was tough.  Ian is swinging one leg back and forth, since he can't sit in the hammock, I guess.

Joe wasted no time going to Shane and recounting his conversation with Frank.  Shane says that is quite a statement----Frank only wants a vote and no future promises.

Britney tells Ian that last week he told her that if Mike left, he would need some people.  She thinks that Frank will keep his word and keep Britney safe.  She whispers that he HATES Dan, so that Ian can remember this when he is talking to Frank.  Britney talked to Frank earlier about her vote to evict Ashley---she told Frank that Ashley "freaking lied to her".  Ian got up and walked away.

Ian is expecting an HOH basket in the storeroom.  Dan is the only Have Not, and Frank had a hand in this as the new HOH, apparently.

 Frank found an orange water bottle on one of the lockers in Skid Row--it is Ian's so Frank brings it to him and tells him to open it up.  Ian did and nearly vomited when he smelled the contents.  He doesn't know what he left in there, but it wasn't water.  Frank said he nearly vomited, too, when he smelled it, and Britney can still smell it in the air around the couch.  Ian didn't even remember that water bottle.

Britney tells Ian to "do whatever he needs to do", but to still watch her back.

Britney:  You took a huge risk tonight, and showed us what we need to see, and we need to have your back now.

She wishes she won that HOH.  Probably due to her birthday...of course.  Ian has his leg crossed over the other, and is rocking that back and forth.  I don't think he is capable of sitting still.  Dan has sidled up on their conversation and is sitting in one of the red nomination chairs.  (How appropriate.)  They don't speak, they just watch the people in the kitchen.

Ian leaves and Dan asks Britney if Ian thinks he is going up.  Britney says no, but whispers that Ian "needs to push Dan and Joe" for nomination.  Britney said she told Ian that he will "have to vote for Dan", and then she said Ian said he knows and sighed.  Britney mouths to Dan that he "can probably get Jenn".

Dan is silent, wheels turning.  He is not wearing a headband tonight.  He thinks the ball game was much easier in practice.  He and Britney aren't sitting very close to each other, and Britney covers her mouth as she speaks so it doesn't look like they are talking.  She picks at her face constantly.

3.  After the commercial Frank has joined Britney and Dan, and they discuss the ball rolling comp.

Britney:  I guess there's always next week.  Eff my life.

They all laugh.

Dan asks Joe if he can make that banana slop bread.  Joe can make the slop bread, but Dan can't have any banana candy sticks so it can't be flavored that way.  Shane has joined them and Frank says he now has 3 HOH and 3 POV wins under his belt.  Before he came in the house he said he would have 3 and 4, respectively, so he tells them he is almost there.

They wonder what will happen tomorrow, since there is no Food Comp.  Maybe a Luxury competition.  Dan hopes that America will award him some extra food.  (They did:  Mozzerella and Matza)  Frank recommends Mike's protein coffee shake and says it is delicious.   Frank says the slop burgers Joe made were great and he always at them "on the reg".

Frank:  I feel like I deserve a Maker's Mark.  C'mon BB.

Rachel got a bottle of Patron when she was HOH, but they can't think of anyone else who got hard liquor in their HOH basket.  They rehash the Clover competition and where their clovers were hidden.  Frank found his first clover and didn't think it was the right thing.  He was nervous he would run down with it and find it wasn't the right one.

Frank wishes they had a crowd back there to watch. When he heard the crown cheer when he found his last clover he was "lovin' it".

(Everyone heard those cheers and knows what's up with America loving Frank.)

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4.  Everyone sits around and waits.  For the pizza, I guess.  Frank says the pizzas were "super thawed out" so they should cook quickly.  The crusts got a little overdone so the cheese could melt--that is why they should be frozen until they are cooked!  Joe says he is going back on low carbs tomorrow.  Of course.

Danielle and Britney are licking the cake batter off of the spatula, and the bowl. 

Dan mutters to Joe that he doesn't think he has much of a shot to win against anyone.  He points out that he will act the same all week, even if he is nominated.  Dan asks Joe who he thinks will get put up with him.  Joe says Shane is his guess.  Joe worries that Production will forget to put the grill back out there, forgetting I guess that Dan won't be eating food this week.

At the kitchen counter Britney eats a slice of pizza and continues to lick the batter bowl and spoon.  Frank laughs about Janelle thinking he was a lumberjack.  Some one else said they thought he was an underwear model.  Frank hopes the next competition is for "choppin' wood".  He is hoping to get a T-shirt that says Preesh but doesn't think Production will make it for him.

Britney starts singing Sweet Caroline and they don't warn her about it.  Shane says they play that at Boston Red Sox games and Britney says they play that in every bar across America.  Frank sings another line from the song and BB wakes up and asks him to please stop singing.

They are locked indoors right now but hope to go outside soon.

They discuss karioke bars.  Frank doesn't like to do it but did sing Night Moves one time with a friend of his.  Jenn says it is hot in NY.  Frank says there is a bar in Memphis where on the outdoor patio you can only hear the person singing through the speaker, not the music.  Everyone sits outside and laughs at the singers.

(I'll bet.)

5.  Now Danielle picks Britney up off the ground and wants everyone to spank her 25 times for hir birthday.  Danielle grabbed what looks like a flyswatter to spank her while Shane and Frank held her of the ground.  I'm not familiar with that particular birthday tradition, but it looked like good clean fun.  Britney is sober, however, so maybe not so fun.

Joe continues to obsess about the Weber Grill.  He hopes it will be outside, but worries that it will be gone and it'll "take 'em another fucking week to put it back".  Ian just walked right in front of the camera with a big piece of pepperoni pizza.

Jenn had "Oops I Did It Again" stuck in her head for several days, so she's happy to change it to Sweet Caroline.

The wake up songs today were Def Leppard's Pour Some Sugar on Me, Bon Jovi's "You Give Love a Bad Name" and Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal.  They all love Smooth Criminal and Jenn is humming along and playing an imaginary bass.  Frank says that song is perfect for Dan and no one says anything. Jenn says that song has a great bass line, and that she often plays Smooth Criminal during sound checks, or Billie Jean.  (Both songs have distinctive bass at the beginning.)

Jenn talks about the Virgin Record Store she worked in (as a marketing manager) did a big event for the Thriller 25 year anniversary edition--it was remastered and she says it was spectacular. 

(Jenn is a real musician, I guess, because she appreciates the instrumental layers of so many different types of music.  Who would have thought she is a Michael Jackson fan?)

Joe loves these cool nights.  Jenn can smell September in the air.

6.  They can't sing Happy Birthday, but they can sing the Jolly Good Fellow song for Britney.  Jenn says the songwriters need to get paid their pennies, too.

Ian sits and rocks in the dining chair. Then he is called to the storage room to get his HOH basket.  He went in alone and was surprised to see three framed pictures of his family.  One picture is a small round frame with a picture of him as a child.  There is also a picture of his brother Ryan, who works in an appliance store in Pittsburgh.

Ian took the pictures to the living room and set them down.  Then he had Frank help him bring the basket into the living room.  He got a cute Pittsburgh baseball hat, lots of Kit Kats, Pop Tarts, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, and lots of other goodies.  Bottles of Guiness beer, too, but only three.

He reads his letter from his mother.  She says several times that she just can't believe he is on the show.  The whole family is addicted to the show and he is the "talk of Tulane", too.  He is missing some good baseball this summer.  She never thought she would be watching him on BB.  At the end she sayys to be good, and to play an honest game and be true to himself.  When he reads the last part he tears up.

(I wonder if there are codes in the letter?  Her sentences were extremely simple---very short and they kind of sounded like a 7th grader wrote them.  I guess I would expect her to be a little more colorful and witty.)

He is wearing a long set of Mardi Gras beads from his first year in New Orleans.  He is very surprised to see Goldfish crackers---he cant believe they found out how much he likes them.  He got two different flavors.

Dan says in BB10 Keisha was the "short" HOH and she only got a small basket, with no pictures.  Ian puts one box of Pop Tarts in the freezer.  (Why?  They are certainly shelf stable.)  Dan studies Ian's pictures closely, looking at items in the background and commenting on it.

Frank:  Your mom's a pretty lady!

Ian:  I'm sure she appreciates that!

7.  After commercial they all talk about New Orleans.  Danielle has been there about 6 or 7 times and she and Ian both go to Piano Bar frequently.  She thinks she may have seen him there sometime.  Ian sits and studies his letter, reading the words to himself over and over.  (Or cracking the code?)

 They sit around and talk about digging in those balls.  Danielle thinks the balls were heavy--some of them were filled with liquid or something similar.  Shane went to McDonald's when he was riding in a van during sequester.  Frank went to a deli and Danielle says they tried so hard to keep the van people from seeing each other, but they all did.

Frank jokes that his HOH letter will be from "Juice and Cake" and that they will say Dear Frank, please stop winning.  I heard Frank say recently that he can't call them Jungle Juice Danielle and Zebra Cake Chris and I'm guessing that it is because those are products.  So he has to call them Juice and Cake from now on.

Ian thinks that the DR must hate that, but Frank says No, they seem to love it.

(Frank better calm down with the bragging.)

Ian examines a bag of Rice Mix and he says he loves those, and can't believe it is in his basket.  (They must have asked his roommates for ideas.)  They discuss the question that Frank missed--it had to do with JoJo and the time she hosted the POV wearing the green bikini.

(From the FeedWatcher archives, I bring you the following reminder of this important event.)

8.  Shane makes an object out of brown Play Doh that is supposed to look like a penis and Danielle says the length may be average, but it is way too thin to do any good.  They change the subject to New Orleans.  Ian has never been part of a Mardi Gras crewe, but he says that Shelley and Lawon hosted a float last year.  Danielle can't believe Ian didn't stand on the bar and throw beads to the girls.  Ian says he was under 21 last year, so he couldn't really do that.

(What??? Please.)

Ian doesn't have a fake id.  Jenn had one that said her last name was Rodriguez and she was from Delaware.  Or something like that.  Jenn says that the next time Ian goes to Mardi Gras, he "best be throwing some beads at the ladies".

Ian studies his letter again.  Dan mentions that the letter said "Uncle Ronnie was sending them updates of the live feeds" and asks Ian if his Uncle Ronnie is THAT Ronnie.  Meaning Ronnie from BB11, of course.  Ian denies it.  Dan asks if he is sure, and he says no, it's not that Ronnie.

(Dan has been watching Ian read his letter and is thinking the same things I have been thinking.  I think Dan is going to slit Ian's throat in this game.)

Everyone is digging in to Ian's Kit Kats.  Joe is all over them and I can hear the wrapper rustling.  Frank just '"started getting into Kit Kat's but his favorite candy bar growin' up was Butterfinger."   Jenn and Ian split a package of Kit Kats.

They start talking about Taco Bell.  They all love the new tacos with the Doritos shell.  Joe says he has "eaten 6 of them in one sitting".  (We believe you Joe!)  Jenn gets two of them, but she asks to get them with chicken. Frank didn't even know you could do that.  He recites his normal Taco Bell order and it was stupendous.  I think it was 7 items and Jenn can't believe he eats that.

Frank:  Sometimes I just need to scratch that Taco Bell itch.

(ha ha ha)

Dan says the Taco Locos have less calories then a normal taco.  (!!)  Dan asks Joe for his recipe for Doritos chicken.  He just crushes the Doritos in the blender and then dips the chicken in an egg wash and coat them with the Doritos.  Then a quick browning in a pan and finish in a 350 degree oven.

Frank can't wait to try the tacos with chicken.  He worries that they will "take away the Tacos Locos" but Jenn doesn't think so since they were such a hit.  Jenn used to get two of the chicken flatbreads and she was good after that.  Jenn knows the Taco Bell in Union Square is open 24 hours, but the Brooklyn location closes in the early morning.  When she is out of town and sees the full sized Taco Bells she asks, can we go there?  The locations in Manhattan are co-branded with another restaurant.

9.  Danielle has iced the cake and brings it to the living room.  There is a thick layer of vanilla frosting and the Funfetti is sprinkled over it.  Dan, the Have Not,sit and grimly sips a mug of protein shake.  The cake looks like something you would see a bakesale, but you know it will taste good.  Joe has his bare feet up on the coffee table, right next to the cake.  The camera notices this and lets us know.

Oh, we see it.  We see it.

Frank wishes he had asked for Radiohead instead of Biggie Smalls.  Shane says Biggie is so good, but Frank is so hyped up that he kind of needs something to calm him down.  You know, so Frank can chill.

Britney is out of the DR and they all gather around the kitchen counter while Britney cuts the first slice.  It is in a rectangular pan and Britney cut a square about 2 x 3.   A corner piece.  Joe cut his own piece after that and Britney said "Oh...a big boy piece!".  Everybody is digging in and Frank says "nice job Danielle".

Ian and Dan quickly whisper in the bedroom about meeting in the arcade.  They want to be sure they "have the same story for Joe", or something along those lines.  Now Ian displays his pictures to Britney, who was in the DR when he first presented them to the group.  She sits at the dining table and sets the pictures up around her dining area, so she can see them while she eats.  She is loving Ian's childhood picture.

I can promise you that no trace of the Funfetti Frosting remained on Danielle's fork after she was through with it.

Frank graded Danielle an A- on the cake and she argued she should get an A.  She accuses him of not even tasting it.

Ian and Dan whisper in the Have Not Room.  Dan wants to know how Ian explained himself to Frank.  Ian says he told Frank that the pressure got to him and he only had 30 seconds to decide.  Dan gives him some instructions and says he's not "ratting Ian out".  He makes the Quack Pack gesture when he says this.

Now in the dining room Shane congratulates everybody on making Jury.  Danielle is rather smiley, considering the waterworks tonight after the live show.  Apparently she was upset about what Frank said to her during his "455 talk with her".

(I know that Frank was going to pull Danielle aside just before the show went live at 4:55 pst and tell her he has a special power.  The feeds were down so I don't know what really happened.)

Britney has a whispered conversation with Dan in the Boom Boom Room and he is telling her what they should tell Joe.  Britney goes into the living room to tell Ian how much drawer space Mike Boogie left behind.  I think she said it was a 5-drawer cabinet.  (!)

10,  Now Britney is with Danielle, lounging in the bathroom.  Britney starts into the nomination whispers, saying why would Frank nominate Dan and Joe.  Britney thinks Frank would be stupid to do that.  She seems like she wants Dan on the block, but Danielle doesn't want that.  She is very glad to be rid of Ashley.

Now Jenn comes up and the game talk halts.  They can't believe they are the only girls left.  Jenn leaves and they discuss the HOH competition.  Britney hopes it is endurance---but Danielle thinks it might be a quiz. 

Joe comes in the bathroom and talks low with the girls about the nominations.  He is doing a lot of talking here, but no one's ever looking for Joe.  He's always going to tattle and gossip, no one's ever coming to him for all of this mad game talk.

10.  Frank finally got the okay to go into the HOH room.  Everyone still goes and looks, but the level of excitement just wasn't there.  Frank is bummed that he didn't get more beer, but he got Snickers Ice Cream Bars, sushi, and lots of snacks. His letter is from his Mom.  It's a great letter and she says how much she misses talking to him and keeps forgetting she can't just call him.  She mentions what a rollercoaster this has been.  His brother has started a landscaping business and "named it after him".  At the end she said, "P.S.  I'm glad the cigarettes are gone!"

They all laugh and Frank says "Zing!".  Ian points out that the first week they came up to the HOH, every seat was taken and people had to sit on the floor.  They can't believe there were 16 people back then.  Shane looks at a picture of Frank and says that he definitely was rocking a mullet.

Britney dreams of a luxury competition this week.  She throws the name Batman out there.  Frank would love to see that, but he knows the movie is from a different studio so BB wouldn't show it to them.

(Remember during BB6 Janelle won a visit the set of Two and a Half Men and people backstage let her know how big she was on the show. She appeared before the live audience, too.)

All of Frank's friends are back in Arkansas or the Memphis area.  Dan was the first one to leave the HOH Room tonight.  He's tired and is going to go to bed.  Ian said that Dan set up a soft place on the floor to sleep on in the Have Not room.

OMG.  Joe says that when he was a Have Not they weren't allowed to go to bed on the floor before midnight, when the Showtime show ended.  They didn't want Showtime to show them laying on the floor.  Britney confirmed that situation.

Frank says he asked for Fruity Pebbles and his "stove top oatmeal" but hasn't gotten these items yet this season.  It's funny that 24 hours ago Frank was persona non grata and now he is surrounded by everyone except Dan, hanging on his every word.

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  1. Winning the Golden Veto, Ian got himself 2 extra weeks. So of the remaning 8, he should be 6/5th place finnish. Unless he makes a bold move with Shane, Brit and Frank for a solid final 4. Then the question becomes he's selling but will they buy what he's selling???
    Keep in touch, in 2 weeks Ian should make a no buyers market and make his exit.


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