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Big Brother After Dark - Hiding in Plain Sight 8-21-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Monday, and in the wee hours of Tuesday in my home.

Shane is still HOH, and he nominated Jenn Arroyo in place of Frank Eudy today, since Frank used the POV to save himself.  Mike Boogie is still on the block, and is predicted to leave the house on Thursday.


1.  The show opens with Britney sitting on the patio with Ashley and Joe.  Joe is complaining about having a migraine, and Britney is telling him to go to the DR and ask for medication.  Joe usually takes Imitrex, but did not bring his prescription to the house with him.  Britney says there many different options, but she used to sell Frova in her job as a pharmaceutical sales rep.  (Frova is made by Endo Pharmaceuticals.)  Britney shows Ashley her "scar from BB12" on her hand and the cameras change.

In the bathroom, Danielle and Frank are talking about acne.  Danielle has accepted the fact that her face is going to break out in the house, and likes the way her skin looks better with the make up.  Frank wishes he could use make up sometimes, when his face breaks out, but so far he's been lucky in the BB house.

Danielle says Jenn is apparently very angry at her, and just walked by without speaking to her.  (Jenn's nomination was about 6 hours ago, so she's had plenty of time to cool off.)  Danielle tells Frank that she expected someone else to be nominated. She really likes Jenn "as a person".  Frank wants to chat later after his workout.

2.  Frank goes outside and starts stretching.  His hamstrings are tight.  Mike Boogie is going to wear the same neon yellow T-shirt his has worn for the last few nights for his workout.  Frank says he should have taken Ashley's yoga class, his legs are so tight right now.

In the HOH we see Shane wearing a blue Vermont T-shirt, recounting the conversation he had with Frank when Frank said they looked like yoyo's now.  He is talking to Dan, saying it sucks for him now because if Frank makes HOH, Shane is gone.

Shane:  It sucks for me---I made a big move for the alliance.  And no one is going to put Jenn up again with the way's she's acting....no one should treat Danielle like that right now!

Shane's T-shirt has black and white cows on it.  Dan says all they need to do is win HOH and he tells Shane about BB10, where his alliance started winning and then things took off.  Shane says it is going to be horrible if someone like Joe makes Final Four.  Shane knew he was a target before, but he really knows it now.  He hopes the group can meet once a day to check in with each other.

Dan wants to know what happened with Danielle.  Shane said she asked Jenn a question and Jenn made a "stink face" at her and Shane saw it in the mirror.

(OMG how HORRIBLE for Danielle.  ha ha ha)

Dan reviews the situation..they could have evicted a floater, but then Mike and Frank would still be in the game.  He says Shane's resume will now include knocking out a former winner of BB.  He knows Shane has been carrying the group and Shane wants the others to step up now, too.  Shane talks about when Boogie "threatened him".

(They are making way too much about what happened earlier.  Dan sat there like a pussy and did not say a word while Mike was talking to him. )

Oh, OK.  Now Dan says that if Shane had lost his temper with Mike, Dan would have "taken him in the Arcade Room".  Dan says that Mike Boogie is starting to see the light, and mentions what he said to Dan about none of this being personal and getting over it after the game.

Dan: I think he's one of the most emotional players in the house. And Dr. Will was one of the least emotional players in the game. I watched how he handled things, and he was just like, whatever...I'll bet Danielle is having an emotional DR now.

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3.  They watch the Spy Screen and chuckle about seeing Joe stumble around in the living room.  He is coming up the stairs now.  Joe is waiting to go in the DR and wants them to take his blood pressure.  He thinks he is having an anxiety attack.

He went over to Shane and let him feel his pulse. Shane says it is fast and then Joe sits down.  Both Shane and Dan come over to check his forehead and Dan checks his pulse.  He is clammy and sweating.

Dan tells him to stop drinking the iced tea.  Dan says out loud twice that they need to get Joe in the DR so he can see a medic.  He thinks they might pipe in on the intercom when they are ready for him.

Joe has made no mention of his "migraine" to these guys. Dan just addressed the camera and asked again for Joe to see a medic for his "heart condition".  He thinks it is from all of the pressure and drama today.  He says he "usually goes to the hospital and gets a shot".

The DR is cleared for Joe and Joe heads downstairs.  Dan says this never happens, with so many people getting hurt and "knocked out".  Dan looks over the railing and sees Danielle with her head in the fridge.  He asks her to "come up and bring a couple of cookies".  Dan and Shane wait in silence.  Dan just wants to make it to Thursday with nothing crazy happening.  He is worried about that glass box they found with the question mark on it.  Shane isn't worried, and says that he thinks it was related to the POV counting game.

4.  Now Danielle is eating a large bowl of Froot Loops in the HOH.  She recounts her encounter with Jenn.  She asked Jenn "Hey...what'cha drinkin'?" and Jenn didn't answer, but "slammed the microwave door and put down her glass and walked away".

Dan:  You know she's 37, right?  And you're 20-something?

Danielle:   I don't know why she thinks I knew more than Britney!  She can sit outside and whisper and giggle with her, but she won't even look at me!

Dan:  She needs votes!

Danielle:  Well, obviously she doesn't think she needs mine!  I'm not HOH!  I didn't win POV!  I'm nothing this week.

Dan wants to get Britney up there to chat.  (I'll bet he does.)  Dan points out that maybe Jenn needs to get put up next week, too.  And the attitude you have when you are on the block has a lot to do with the game.  He thinks Britney will "have a lot to say about it, since they're spilling their guts to her".

Dan:  If she doesn't say anything, then I would think that is weird.  If Ashley's in the final two, you guys might not see me at the finale....

Shane:  Dude..what if Ashley and Jenn are in the final two?

Dan says Shane and Danielle have the "Dan Disease" now, since they have been consorting with him.  He gets irritated by the "go between" people, who can to back and forth between the groups and socialize.

Dan:  Like, I trust Britney, but she's social with everybody...both groups...

Shane:  She's in the best position right now....I made these moves for her, and now I'm in the hot seat now...My fear is that she will throw the competition on Thursday...

Dan:  She and Ian....yeah they're in the best spot.  We'll see what Britney has to say about it....Frank won't make it through the game at this rate.

(Now I think Dan is targeting Britney....that sneaky little bastard...)

Now they discuss Joe's racing heart. Danielle asks questions and starts giving her medical advice and the camera changes.  (Ironic, huh?  That Danielle could really be of help to Joe, but is lying about her job.)  Danielle has finished her cereal, and is starting on the cookies now.  I did not see her offer any to Dan or Shane.  She is wearing a side pony braid.

5.  Now we see Frank and Mike doing laps and push ups.  Mike does his with his feet on the deck.  I can hear the hammock squeaking, so I know where Ian is.  I can also hear Britney's chatter.

Now back upstairs Dan is proudly saying his blue and white flowered swim trunks have NOT BEEN WASHED since BB10.  I think he said he found them in the garage, and just picked them up and put them in his luggage.  He thinks it is good luck, apparently, since he wore them then without being washed.

Shane says that he had a conversation with Frank and Frank said that when they spoke before he was emotional, and was sorry but he felt Shane was an ass to lead them on.  They discuss them "doing their Chilltown shit" in the DR and Shane wonders if they will recut the footage to make them look better.  Dan doesn't think so, and that the episode will be great on TV.

They discuss how Jenn hasn't done anything, and hasn't even been a Have Not.

Danielle:  Jenn hasn't done shit!!

Dan:  And she came up to me and said, I guess now I'm the big target!  And I thought, you'll never be a target in this game.

They watch Britney make her way up the HOH staircase.  Danielle needs more carbs, apparently, so she starts eating Spicy Doritos, with her mouth wide open for all to see.

(So far that is Froot Loops, cookies, and Doritos for Danielle, within a time period of 20 minutes.)

6.  When Britney comes in they tell her that "Joe is having a heart attack in the DR" and they laugh.

Britney doesn't know why Joe is so upset--he's been getting along great with Frank and Boogie.  Now they say that Frank and Boogie yelled at Ian for talking to them---Ian said he was just being cordial.  Britney said that when she did yoga with Jenn and Ashley, Ashley said they were letting go of all of the negativity in the house and Jenn said, "there's plenty of that!".  But otherwise Britney says Jenn didn't say anything about Danielle, or the situation with the nominations.

Danielle is all cranked up about Ashley not talking to her, either.  She hasn't spoken to Shane either today.  Shane wants to go outside but is waiting until Froogie finishes working out.  Britney says that she laid in the hammock and talked to Ashley about buildings in New York, but they didn't discuss the game.

Then she says they did discuss Ashley's vote to keep Mike Boogie.  And Ashley had mentioned that she told Shane that if he didn't nominate her, then she would vote how he wanted her to.  Shane was glad that Ashley remembered that.

7.  Outside at the hot tub Jenn and Ashley are chatting.  Jenn says that Danielle tried to talk to her in the kitchen but Jenn didn't hear what she said--Jenn made a whispering noise "ssssp ssssp ssssp".  Then Jenn decides to address Danielle's romantic issues.

Jenn:  Hey Trey, the boy she really likes, she's in there with Shane right now, not you!

Ashley:  Trey, fucking Trey!

Jenn:  She ain't sleepin' in the bed with 'chu right now, kid.


Jenn:  Wil, don't contact him!  Look what they did to your homey!  Call him and tell him something different!

(ha ha ha  Wil said he would call Trey for Danielle, to reassure him of her undying love.  Or something like that.)

Back up in the HOH now Britney is telling a lot more about what was said outside, even though she just said  nothing was said.

Joe reports that Frank and Ashley were all tangled up on the hammock and demonstrates with Dan.  Joe says Frank was "in deep".   They all laugh and wonder what the picture session will be like on Tuesday.

Danielle tells a harrowing story about coming out of the toilet and saying "Hi" to Ashley, and then like, Ashley said like "Hey", and Danielle was then just like, "Awkward".

(Well, that sounds just horrible.)

Joe appears to be feeling much better, jumping around and laughing.  And he is eating Doritos Artisan chips and drinking iced tea.  I have watched him close the Doritos bag twice and put it away, only to pick it right back up a few seconds later.   And the Doritos that Danielle is laying waste to are a different bag altogether---I want to be sure you have all of the relevant facts.

Joe just opened his Doritos bag again and ate a few more chips.  Danielle is making it all about her, saying she is getting so much blame this week and Britney says that Dan didn't do anything, either, and he's getting burned at the stake.

8.  Ashley and Ian are in the bathroom lounging and Ashley reads his palm.  She says he will have a long life and have kids.  Ian seems visibly uncomfortable with all of this.

Outside Mike and Jenn discuss how Joe is all of a sudden so tight with Shane.  Mike remembers last week when Shane wanted to evict Joe, and now he is kissing his ass for a vote.

Mike:  Shane is so stupid.  Can you imagine looking like he does, and sitting in a small town that he hates, and bitching about it.  I mean, sack up and get out of there and try something.  Like, even in Boston or something...

Jenn:  Yeah, just try something.

Oooo.. Now Mike mentions a story Shane told him.  About a guy in Dallas who found Shane's picture on the internet and asked him to visit him for some sort of modeling job.

Jenn:  I said during the story, that guy is gay...

Mike:  And Shane's such a sucker, that he paid his own plane ticket!  Because Dallas is such a mecca for modeling!  And that guy was telling his buddies, look, I've got a live one from Vermont! And he's paying for his own ticket!  They were all partying with their fucking apple martinis!

Jenn:  And he's worried about Dan clowning him in the fucking diary room...he's got way more to worry about than that!

Frank, arriving on the scene:  Everybody at home watchin' is clownin' that motherfucker!

Mike:  Shane said, the guy was kind of shady, making moves on me, so I locked my door at night!  What the fuck was he doing staying at his house!  It's not like he was 19!  And Jenn is the one who said that guy was gay!


Mike:  And he keeps saying he was in Cosmopolitan...I guarantee you it was only the online edition.  

Jenn:  Yeah, and then some girl saw him through that, and they talked online for awhile, and then he finally met her and she was nothing like she said she was....so this guy..

Mike:  He's an idiot.  A moron.

Jenn:  I'm so glad I said what I said to him as I left the room...

She told him she hoped that whatever deal he has with Dan works out great.  Mike says that they expected everybody to really cool about what happened, and to not be angry.  Jenn agrees.  She's going to speak up and says they should expect it the whole time.

Jenn:  So get your Xanax.  Ask for it early!

They all guffaw at that one.  Frank compliments her on that crack.

Mike:  Get the full bar!  You're going to feel uncomfortable!

Frank says that people will watch Jenn go off on TV and say "that's my girl!"  Jenn says she will still come out of this smelling like a "god damned flower".

Jenn:  If I happen to stay here, I will be on the fucking jury and you'll be in fucking trouble.  I'll be there playing my guitar and singing....

Mike says her bass guitar is "in the back" and Jenn says she "will have it sent to her, no trouble".  Dan came outside and walked around the back yard alone, then went back inside.  Frank had a great workout but would have liked some really intense music.  They would like it if BB could play some really loud music outside early, like from 7:30 to 8:00, so they could work out to it if they'd like to.

9.  Now back up in the HOH Joe and Shane discuss what the house would be like if Willie were there---he flew off the handle at something that wasn't even that tense, so they can imagine what he would be like now.  They decide it is a good thing he's gone.

Joe has opened the Doritos bag again and is crunching steadily.  Shane is going to go outside to exercise.  Joe is going to go out there, too, but he's not going to work out.  Not after his "health scare".  Shane's just going to do a quick workout, to "relieve some stess".

Now we see Britney chatting with Ian and Ashley in the bathroom.  She says that "in the DR they gave Joe some oxygen".


Britney says that the drama must be getting to him, but Ian says that it is probably a "Joe-aggeration".  Ashley says she heard Joe tell Frank in the kitchen that he loves all of the drama.

10.  Outside Mike is telling a story about some friends he had that he had a falling out with.  They were two girls who made a lot of money doing bottle service at his club when it was really hot (Les Deux?) .  They call him a Muppet and he called them Bottle Monkeys.  He says when they left they filed a class action lawsuit that is pretty common, because the lawyers start asking "did you get meal breaks?" and the cameras go right back to the bathroom.

Britney says that Mike and Frank make Brigade jokes around her.  It doesn't hurt Britney's feelings, but she knows it was intended to.  Ian says that Mike made comments about Wil's bad attitude when he was on the block and it is ironic.  Ian said that he "took part in the braggadocio this morning, but he won't do it again".  He mentions his "mountain bike" comment as his big moment.  He also made a comment to Shane while Shane was cooking that it was the best decision he made all day.

After Ashley walks out Ian whispers to Britney about the Jury.  Ashley is coming back so he says he will talk to her later.  Ashley is eating a banana now.  She never ate them when Wil was here because he despised them so much, and would comment on them whenever any bananas were around him.  Ian finds that strange and has never met anybody who hated them.  Britney loves bananas, but hates artificial banana flavor.  Ian wants the other half of the banana, so Ashley shuffles back to the kitchen to get it for him.

She is carrying it, still in the peel, and the banana fell on the carpet and they all groan.

Ashley:  Naner down!  Naner down!

She took it back to the kitchen to dispose of it.  Britney wants one, if there are more in the storage room.

11.  Outside Frank and Mike are talking in low tones.  Mike is going to talk to Joe and ask him how he thinks things will go after he is gone.  He is also going to bring up Joe's dreams of being on TV.  Does Joe think making a cheesecake at 3:00 am for 700 people on the internet is going  to help his career?

Frank wants to try and talk to him first before Mike has to go there.  (Mike sounded like he was going to get mean.)

Frank:  He needs to fucking know, that they're fucking using him this week, just like they fucking used us last week.  I'm going to go find that motherfucker now!

They go back in the house to find him.

Now Ian and Britney are each eating half of a banana with big bruises on it, still on the bathroom lounge.  Britney just ate a huge bite with a big bruise on it.  Ian is holding his half in a way that indicates he is aware of the huge bruise, and that he plans to avoid eating that part.  They are talking about Janelle, in a nice way for a change.

Britney:  I miss talking about Violet.  I'm sorry Janelle.

Ashley:  And thanks for all of the Mary Kay make up.  I'm sorry I was jealous of your relationship with Joe.

Ian:  She and Joe were really tight..

12.  Now we see Frank having a sit down with Joe on Skid Row. He wants to mend fences right now, and makes it clear that if Mike goes, and if "they" win HOH again, it looks like Frank and Joe will go on the block.  He is offering loyalty to Joe, and he appreciated Joe's loyalty to Janelle.  He isn't offering Joe safety for next week, but for the rest of the game.

Joe says that Jenn's attitude isn't helping her much.  He just heard three people talking like they would vote against her.

Frank:  She's out there going off...and she just said out there that people at home will be watching her go off and say "that's my Jenn"!

(Frank is the one who said that outside!)

Joe:  I wouldn't have thought you would have a chance...but now...

(Frank is still the target.  Jenn's anger isn't going to help her win any competitions like Frank's will.)

Frank:  You saw what they do with us, and we had a deal.  So you know what they'd do to you...

Joe says that he can't believe she would act like that on the block.  And she knows she's a pawn---you can't be more of a pawn when you're on the block with Mike Boogie!  Joe says Mike needs to calm down, and Frank says he is---he just worked out and is settling into it.

Joe will let Frank know tomorrow, and wants to know how Ashley is voting.  Frank says it looks good.

(Frank and Mike think they have Ian's vote too, but they don't know about the Quack Pack.)

13.  Now Mike is whispering with Ashley in the Arcade.  Ashley is wondering about the scene they made in the living room and Mike describes how Joe accused him of bullying.  Mike says he and Frank agreed that now Mike needs to act like he's given up.  Ashley noticed this and was worried, but Mike lets her know that he is still fighting to stay in the game.

Mike was worried about Joe thinking he's a bully but is trying to let him know everything is cool.  Ashley is friends with Jenn and still wants to spend time with her, and Mike understands that.

Ashley:  Joe is really scaring me!  He's running up and down the stairs all of the time..

Mike:  He has to know that he has no place in their structure...and Shane can't win HOH next week.  And if Frank and I are both here, we'd be the ones on the block, not him..

14.  The camera abruptly changes to Dan and Danielle playing cornhole. Dan is doing a lot of smacktalking as he wins and Danielle giggles.  I fully expect for him to pull her ponytail and give her a nookie now.  Maybe even pop her bra strap and accuse her of having cooties.

Now back in the HOH Joe is talking to Britney about something Frank said to him about Shane.  Frank had indicated that Shane was going to nominate him.  And Joe tells her that Frank said "Jenn is about to blow up out there, and she doesn't care".  Britney does not want to be out there when that happens.

(The stories just get more outrageous as they are passed along.  So fun to watch and probably not unlike the gossip in big offices....)

Joe was breathing heavily and dropped down in one of the tableside chairs.  I was waiting for him to open the Doritos bag, but the cameras changed.

Back in the Arcade Mike and Ashley are talking about needing to keep Jenn fired up, so that she will blow.  Mike tells Ashley that she "is a fucking gamer!"  He is impressed but says maybe she's been playing hard all along, but he didn't know it.

15.  Now Ashley brings Ian into the Arcade and asks him if he  wants Mike Boogie in the game.

Ian: Yeah..

Ashley asks if Joe will vote for Mike.  Ian just wants Joe gone.  Ashley says that they can do that later, but they need Joe now to vote for Mike.

Ashley:  As much as I like Jenn, she's not going to be able to protect us like Frank and Mike can.

Ian:  Good point.

There is a long silence as Ian pretends to hear voices in the walls.  He never specifically said that he would vote to keep Mike, though.  He just said he wants Joe out next week.   Ian isn't making a lot of eye contact, but Ashley is really pushing for him to help her out there.

Now he talks about how he should have traded the dog costume to Shane for the POV ticket.  Then he could have won the Zingbot POV and made sure Joe was evicted.

Ashley:  But no matter what you're going to vote for Boogie?

Ian:  Yep.

Ashley:  And even if we're not sure about Joe?  You'll vote for Boogie?

Ian: Yep.

All Ian seems to want to do is badmouth Joe.  They joke about how the next HOH would be "hauling a stack of bricks", or a "half million dollar cook off', or "how fast can you grill?".

Ian sings for some time before the cameras change, as he plays with the little labrynth game on the table.

16.  Now Joe is reporting to Britney all of the votes Frank thinks he has to keep Mike.  Joe wants to just tell them they will vote to keep them and then go against them on Thursday.

Joe:  We won't have their votes on the Jury, anyway....that's one good thing Janelle did for me, is to tell me to always count the jury votes...they'll have 3 votes, and we'll have 5...

Britney wants to think about it.

Joe, drinking tea:  Oh...and they want me to cut back on drinking tea.

Britney:  Oh..they do?

The cameras change to Frank talking to Ashley in the kitchen.  He is recounting his conversation with Shane.  Ian walks in and is very noise as he washes a dish, slamming things around and speaking loudly to the cameras.  Frank continues to speak and Ian is right there, listening to all Frank's plans.  Hiding in plain sight.  Ian crashes the ice cubes and coughs loudly over the sink.  His microphone must be turned up very loud, I can hear the cubes clink in his glass as he walks away.

Frank is cutting up iceberg lettuce to make two salads.  Ashley says it doesn't seem like Mike Boogie eats very much.  Shane came in and said he actually notices Mike eating very healthy.

Frank:  Tryin' to look good for TV!  We all are!

Shane: Yeah..

Ashley:  Not me. I don't really think about it.

Shane might take Ashley's yoga class tomorrow.  She says they get rid of the negative thoughts and Shane thinks he needs that.  He says he might need to sit on the other side of Jenn, so she won't make the "laser eyes" at him.  Ashley says yes, he might need to do that.

Mike is on the scene and is helping make the salad.  They have a big variety of chopped veggies now.

17.  Now Shane is up in the HOH and Joe tells him what Frank just told him about what he heard from Shane.

All of this talking in circles is hard to keep track of sometimes.  But trust that the same tidbit of information gets passed around again and again and becomes a huge deal.

Now Joe is saying that they will be behind closed doors from now one, and won't go off to the side to speak with them.  Shane says he knows what is going on down there in the Arcade Room, and they need to avoid it.  Joe tells Shane that he "just had his blood pressure taken and it was fine..he just had a panic attack and it's embarrassing".

Now we see Ian and Britney rocking in the hammock and talking about Ashley--why is she all of a sudden so tight with Froogie?  And why is she campaigning all of the time for them?

Right on target Ashley comes outside to sit with them, saying how bored she is.  She and Ian started a staring contest to see who could go the longest without blinking.

The cameras go right back to the HOH, where Joe is saying that "one of them" will win $50,000.  Now Shane describes how the final weeks of the game go, and how the last HOH contest is really two contests.  According to Joe, everybody needs to pick Joe for the Final Two.  Joe slips and says that no one would want to go to the end with Shane, but then backtracks and says "no one will deny Shane if he is there at the end."

Joe:  I have to say it...everybody thinks this week is double eviction and I think so too!

Shane thinks they need two double evictions, or a fast forward. He picks his right nostril and I think he wiped his hands on his shorts right afterwards.

18. Outside Britney is bitching about being in the BB house.

Britney: Just think, after this summer I would have spent half a year of my life in this god forsaken hell hole.  When I die, I will have to know that I wasted time in here for 6 months...like a prisoner.

She thinks it is as if they were hospitalized when they are in the house.  Ian thinks it is like jail, but Britney points out that as far as jails go, it's not so bad.

Britney:  They should do that...Big Brother15 Jailhouse Rock,where everybody is a felon.

Ian thinks BB16 will be "Good against Evil".  He wants to wait a year so that he can finish his degree first.

(I have heard Ian tell everyone several times that he will be on the Evil Team.  They all dispute that, and don't even ask why he says that. They just laugh at him.  He's practically admitting his strategy, and they all just sit there.)

Britney goes to the DR and Ian starts rocking wildly, like a mental patient. 

19. Inside Frank is eating his salad out of a small mixing bowl, and Mike is finishing his from a dinner plate.  Lots of loud salad crunching noises emit from their microphones.   Well, that must be Frank's microphone, because BB just asked Mike to put his mic on.

They mutter about how gung ho Ashley is.  And Frank mentions that Ian can't stop saying that he wants to evict Joe.

Mike:  What did you do to this chicken?

Frank: Put it in a little olive oil to brown it, then garlic salt and coarse black pepper.

Mike, eating bits of it from the pan:  It's awesome.  If they're going to leave plates out, then I will too!

Frank laughs.  As the show ends, Ashley walks through and he accuses her of "giving him googly eyes while he's tryin' to eat".

The kitchen counter is covered with used plates and cookware.  Mike adds his to the collection.

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