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Big Brother After Dark - Halfway Party Is Our #BB14 Glass Half Full? Or Half Empty? 8-9-12

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Wednesday, and in the wee hours of Thursday where I live.

Danielle is in her final day as HOH, with Janelle and Frank on the block.  Someone is going home tomorrow.  I think almost everyone is voting Janelle out, however people are saying to her face that she is staying.  Janelle seems to feel good about her chances.

I feel as clueless as Janelle at this point about the vote.  I want to believe, but I believe I'm probably in denial.


1.  The show opens with the HG milling around the kitchen, admiring their pictures on a large sheet cake.  The feeds were down for an hour or so earlier in the evening, indicating that tonight was the Semi-Famous Halfway Party.  Big Brother always holds a little party when they get to the halfway point.  There is pizza, and a cake with each houseguest's picture.  They usually let the Have Nots enjoy the party, but that is not an issue this year, of course.  (No Have Nots this week, not even Ian.)

Some people always want to cut off their picture and save it, but that picture is printed on fondant and that stuff is perishable.  Also, I'm sure the ants would love it.  I'll bet Ian wants to preserve his face.  Usually the halfway party is when the HG are told that the Jury is starting, but I'm not sure this is the case this year.  There are too many people in the house right now, but I guess we'll figure it out when we hear them talking about it.  Or not talking about it.  Whatever.

Mike is impressed with how great their pictures look on the cake, and is going to use the same bakery for Brady's birthday cake on September 30th, his first birthday party.  He then says for all donations and gifts to go to Our House Productions LLC.

Right Mike.  I'll get right on that.

Wil "met a woman who is a mermaid at children's parties".  Britney brings up the mermaid on RHOC for Alexis's child.

No one seems drunk.  Usually the Halfway Party involves drinking, and they turn the feeds off so they can hear music, and probably some announcements from Production.  But tonight everyone sounds sober.  Probably because they need to get up early on Thursday to prepare for the live show.

2.  Janelle met with Britney and seems to think Shane is voting for her to stay.  Britney said Shane isn't a liar, but she also says that Danielle did not intend for Janelle to leave when she was nominated.  Janelle doesn't think Mike Boogie will work with them, but she thinks Dan will vote to save her since he would likely be the next target if she were gone.

Janelle says Dan makes her nervous.  Britney doesn't look Janelle in the eye when she says everyone is voting for her.  Britney says Dan got called to the DR but then didn't come back up to the HOH afterwards---she thinks that is weird.

Britney, whispering:  I got called to the DR and they told me I wasn't allowed to say how I was voting.  I got called in just for that.

Janelle:  Since when?

Britney:  I don't know.  I guess they're cracking down.

Janelle:  What if I wasn't nominated?  Are we not allowed to talk about who we're voting for?

Britney tries to explain herself. (This might be a lie, of course.)   Janelle says that Dan said he would vote for her if Shane would.  Britney admires one of Janelle's pink sweaters--it is loosely woven like a net and Janelle says she will leave it for Britney if she goes.  Britney protests, but Janelle says it was $10 at Roxy and where is she going to rock that in Minnesota?

They both agree that they wear different things in the BB house then they do at home.  More bright colors, different nail polishes.  Janelle wears more dark colors at home.

Britney:  Do you think Danielle and Shane are together?

Janelle is confused and says yes, but Britney worries that they are closer than she is with Shane.  Britney feels like the odd man out in their conversations.  (Is that real, or she trying to blame the vote to evict Janelle on them?)

3.  Now Britney says that Shane is close to Frank, and if they go to the end than she will end up like "Janelle or Scrubika on BB7".   Janelle describes Ashley as "super loyal" and says she is her number one supporter in the house.  Wil also told Janelle that she doesn't have to keep asking him about his vote--he's solid to keep her.

Now Britney says that Janelle should never have gone on the block.  Janelle said it seems like someone was making Danielle nominate her, like it wasn't her idea.  Britney thinks she should talk to Danielle, just to be sure.

Janelle:  Well, she doesn't even get to vote.  So if the fix is in, it won't matter. I'll find out tomorrow night when I get on the computer.  (!) But she seemed strange---the things she said just didn't make sense.  Like she said that person after person came up there all night to talk about me...she seems strange...

Britney:  You should have never gone on the block.  This is a disaster.

4.  Now we hear Frank whispering to Dan in the bathroom, talking about Danielle and Shane spending so much time together.   Frank says that Jenn and Ashley have been getting close, but claims they said that Joe needs to go next.  Dan finds that hard to believe.

(My dog HATES it when Frank whispers and wants to go outside now, to get away from the sound.)

Now Frank is projecting what will happen next week with the nominations, with Shane having the "POV ticket" he won in the competition.  Frank thinks everybody in the house would put Joe up on the block.

Dan points out that Joe asked Ian to work with their alliance (Ashley, Jenn and Wil) so why would those people nominate him and vote him out?  Frank says Joe is actually by himself, with "the castaways".

Dan says that Janelle came to him and said Frank is acting like he has the votes.  Frank said she came to him and apologized to him (for what?) and then said that she thinks either one of them could go home.  Frank told her that until the votes are counted, no one really knows.  But Jenn told Frank that Janelle feels certain she has the votes.

(I really want Frank to stop whispering.  PLEASE.)

Mike is the one who came up with the name Castaways.   Dan says Joe has "no couth whatsoever" and he last talked game with him in Week #1 when he suddenly said "I want Frank out.".  Frank says nobody wants to talk to him now, even Wil.

5.  Now back to the Arcade, where Britney and Janelle are talking about Joe.  According to Britney Joe is running around now badmouthing Wil.  She doesn't understand why he isn't badmouthing Frank, since he is the one nominated with Janelle.

Janelle told Dan that if Wil is lying to her, Dan is likely the next one gone because Wil would have the votes to do that.  Janelle thinks Dan is a smart guy and should be able to figure that out and see the dangerous potential.

Britney is now saying that if Janelle is getting voted out, maybe no one is telling her since she would tell Janelle.   (Britney is trying to cover her ass now....)

In the kitchen, everyone seems to be drinking coffee to stay awake for Showtime.  Ashley is eating a huge bowl of cake and vanilla ice cream and doesn't close her mouth while eating. (Gross.)  Ashley has been having back problems but is feeling better now.  The backyard is still open, so the competition tomorrow should be a simple one like questions or true or false.

Ashley puts another big slab of cake in her bowl.  Looks like chocolate cake.   Someone wrote "CD PPA" on the side of one of the pizza boxes with a black marker.  I think they also have huge trays of pasta but they are covered with foil so  we can't see..  Britney just defaced Joe's picture on the cake but we went to commercial before I got a good grip on what she did.  She used a spoon and was giggling.

***continue reading after the jump***

6.  Now we see Janelle and Dan in the bathroom chatting.  Janelle is folding her laundry and Dan accuses her of pushing the Reset button.

Janelle:  Why would I do that?  I had three people in the game and a good chance of winning $100,000.

She asks him if he wants her to call his wife if she leaves, if he has a message for her.

Janelle:  Well, don't send me out to do that, but I'll be happy to call if you'd like me to.

Dan:  I'm sure she'd like to talk to you.

Janelle asks if they ever plan to visit Minnesota.  She has family in Cadillac (sp?) Michigan and might go there next year for a family reunion.  Dan says his entire family are BB fans and would love to meet Janelle.  Janelle says her family has mentioned Dan to her and her Aunt said she should work with Dan.  Dan says Violet will be walking by then and Janelle might even have a second child.  The reunion is always the week after the July 4th weekend.  She missed her "Polish family reunion" in Minnesota this year because of BB.  She has so many Polish cousins she can't even remember all of their names.  They all watch BB and are fans of the show.

Janelle is packing up her things.  She is putting some of her toiletries in her suitcase so that her BB bag won't be so heavy.  (The evicted HG only carries out the BB logo duffel bag---Production takes the suitcases from the storage room.)

7.  Now Britney is in the HOH saying that she feels so badly about having to lie over and over to Janelle.  She finds herself avoiding Janelle so she doesn't have to lie, but then she feels mean about it.  Danielle is sitting with Wil and Ashley, listening and snacking.  Ashley says she has been wanting Janelle out "for a long time".

Danielle says the last time she talked to Janelle is when she came up to the HOH and accused Danielle of backstabbing her.

Wil, in an angry tone:  She told me to stop fighting with Joe!  What the hell have I done?  I haven't done anything!

Britney:  She told me downstairs that Joe is really loyal, but I told her to tell Joe to stop badmouthing Wil around the house so much.

Wil:  He talks about me all the time!  And he broke my fucking sunglasses!

Danielle is plowing through a bag of white cheese puffs.  Ashley is snacking on something else from a plastic bag.  Now Wil is telling everyone he DOES NOT have a Final Two deal with Frank.

Wil:  The only lies I've told are to Mike Boogie and Frank last week.

Now they go around and around talking about Janelle's lies about what Danielle said, and then Danielle denying that she ever said those things.  (At least they will have to find something new to talk about next week.)

Ashley wants to know what Janelle said about her, but Danielle doesn't want to tell her until after Janelle leaves. Wil begs her to tell Ashley so "she'll feel better about voting Janelle out".

Wil, to Danielle:  She said you were just Dan's puppet, and you would float to Final Five.

Danielle, eyes bugging:  She said that?  After I won HOH?

Now Danielle wants to tell Ashley what Janelle said, and makes them promise that it won't leave the room.

Danielle:  She came up to me when you and Joe were on the block and wanted me to vote you out.

Ashley: I knew that..I knew she was campaigning against me.

8.  Britney came up with a glass of milk and  some cookies.  Danielle wants half of one.

(Didn't she just have pizza, cake, ice cream, and cheese puffs?)

Danielle says Janelle is delusional.  Ashley says that karma is a bitch and comes around to bite you in the BB house.  Britney says that in her season when someone she hated won HOH, she just stayed downstairs and didn't come up and kiss ass like Janelle does.

(Didn't Britney take a BUBBLE BATH with Rachel when Rachel was HOH?)

Shane came in and now they start bashing Joe nonstop.  Britney is thankful for the halfway party because it saved three avocados from Joe's clutches tonight.

9.  Outside Dan is racking up a game of pool with Ian.  Mike is running with Frank, who has his Spiritard at half-mast.  His cheerleader skirt flaps in the breeze as he runs.  You can hear the sound of a saw or drill in the background.

Now Janelle is up in the HOH talking about what she will wear tomorrow.  She is going to paint her nails red.  She asks Danielle to see her red polish and Danielle holds up her hand to show her in a sluggish fashion.  Now Danielle starts a conversation with Shane about how fast her fingernails grow and Shane seems fascinated.

Britney starts asking the girls about their dream weddings.  If Ashley could get married anywhere in the world and money was no object, she would choose to have the ceremony on a beach, but doesn't feel like she's traveled enough to choose one beach in particular.  This allows Britney to start talking AGAIN about her own wedding and all of the international traveling she's done.  She knows of one beach that is gorgeous and exclusive but says you have to be Catholic to get married there.

Ashley: I'm Catholic.

Britney: Oh, then call me when you're ready and I'll hook you up.

Shane asks if Britney has all the hookups for discounts and Britney has to tell him no, she just has recommendations.  Janelle asks a few probing questions and Britney finally admits this exclusive place is in Cancun.

Janelle.  Oh.  Cancun.

Britney had made it sound so exclusive, so she backtracks now and says the glass chapel is over the water.  She wanted to get married there herself, but couldn't she wasn't Catholic.  She thinks the location is great because so many people would love to go to Cancun and can get cheap flights there.   Janelle got married in a cathedral and had to submit a letter from her church to confirm that she was indeed Catholic.

10.  Janelle went to a wedding in Spain where the bridal party wore bright pink, and all of the guests had to wear black and white.  It was beautiful, she says, and all of the flowers were bright pink, too.

Danielle says she might use Azure Blue, since it is her sorority color.  Britney was a bridesmaid in bright pink one time and it was pretty.

Outside Ian paces with his pool cue, talking to himself.  Probably drilling himself for all the BB facts.  Now Dan returns from wherever he was, and they start playing pool.

They joke about "DIAF", which means Die in a Fire.  I guess that is an acronym that all the kids use.

People are getting called to the DR in quick bursts.  Janelle was just called in the last 5 minutes, now someone else.  Frank and Mike are still running out there, back and forth across the yard. 

Now we are back to the HOH, where Shane and Danielle are laying in bed talking to Ashley who is gathering herself up to leave the room.   Shane tells her that the only times he and Danielle have kissed were in public, and everyone saw it.  They joke about being like brother and sister.  When Ashley leaves, the two of them lapse into some girltalk about their weight.  Shane says he is so fat and they argue about that.  He also tells Danielle she's got junk in her trunk, and cushion for the pushin'.

Now they plot about getting HOH again next week and getting Joe out, and maybe Jenn.  Danielle wants to know why Shane would keep Ashley over Jenn.  Shane explains Jenn is more of a threat--he saw her play badminton and says Ashley has a better social game, but her back problems are going to hold her back.

Mike told everyone next week is likely a Fast Forward week and they all believe him.  If this week is questions, Shane wants to throw it to Dan, Frank or Ian so he can play in the Fast Forward HOH comps.  He is worried to throw it to Mike and Danielle agrees.

While they talk they are bumping hands like kids playing in a car.  Now they wrestle thumbs at Danielle's insistence.

11.  Shane is bitter that he is 26 and has never been out of the country.  He brings up Britney being younger than him but visiting lots of countries.  Danielle says in the south "the schools send you over there".  He says he is kidding about being jealous and the cameras change.

Wil is in bed on Skid Row talking with Janelle and lying about his vote.  Wil even says "bye bye Frank, see you later!" for good measure.  Janelle says she told Frank she was scared of him because he is a good player.

(Wil has beautiful flawless skin.  I guess he shaves his face, right? I see him shave his legs in the shower, but I don't know how he keeps his face so smooth.)

Upstairs Danielle and Shane are pulling the skin on each other's arm and he is punching her sciatic nerve.  Like children and she complains in a flirting tone.  He says he is trying to massage her but she says that's not the way to do it.

Danielle:  If you want to wrestle, let's wrestle!  Take the headphones off and let's go!

Now they are play wrestling and he pulls her hair and they are tangled up giggling.  She is laying on her back on top of him and there are some compromising shots of her shorts giving her a wedgie as they roll around.

(I sure hope Trey isn't watching this.  He might break up with her.)

Now Shane grabs her arms from behind and makes her do the YMCA arm movements.  (Bizarre, right?)  They were having fun and wrestling hard.  Showtime got a few closeups of her ass that their viewers will like.  When Shane got up he said the bed was all messed up and he was sweating.

12.  Now we see Janelle and Jenn in the Arcade.  They say they have a deal for Jenn's vote, and Janelle discusses that she made a big mistake by taking too many guys with her to the end in BB7.  I think Jenn was bringing up how Mike has just blown her off this week, because Janelle refers to it and says actions speak louder than words, and she will do her best to protect Jenn.

Janelle: It will be a miracle if I can stay in here, but if I stay I'll protect you.  We need to get these guys out.

Jenn:  So we don't need to talk much..just check in with each other now and then..

Jenn says Janelle's nails look nice and Janelle thanks her for the vote and says she' sweet about the compliment.

13.  Then we see Jenn report back to her Team Tits alliance and say she "played up the whole Girl Power thing" and she "just wanted to get it over with".

(I don't know if Janelle really expects to stay on Thursday, but I think she expects to at least get a few votes...)

13.  Back upstairs Shane and Danielle are talking about who paid for their college. Danielle's dad didn't go to college, but went straight into the Marines.  Danielle got scholarships so she didn't have to take out student loans.  She says she had a 4.0 in high school.

Danielle says "not to tell Dan the whole butt massage thing" and Shane says okay.  He shouldn't give Dan any more ammunition to work with.

Outside Ian and Britney are chatting about how he can hook up with Kristin from BB12 in Vegas after the season.  Britney jokes about her bringing her hippietard with her.  Ian says if he doesn't make the jury it won't happen, because he will go right back to New Orleans for school.

Britney gives him conversational topics to use with Kristin---like penalty costumes, being a floater, etc.  Ian will ask her if he should have "grabbed a lifevest".  Britney says to approach her once she's had a few drinks and Ian is so glad that there will be alcohol at the event.

(Is he kidding?  The people at the Vegas party are just stumbling around every year...)

Ian saw Kristin on "Baggage" and says her baggage was cheating on her boyfriend on national TV.  Ian says her boyfriend was "fat" and is hoping that Kristin "likes ugly dudes", because that will help his cause.  Britney tells him not to be so down on himself because that's not attractive for dating purposes.

(How great would it be if Ian gets to bang Kristin in Vegas!  C'mon Kristin---he's a virgin!  Throw him one!)

14.  In the Boom Boom Room Jenn is talking about conducting interviews for a magazine (or maybe a school publication) and she interviewed Pepa from Salt & Pepa.  Pepa had a book out at the time with "a lot of dirt in it" and she didn't want Jenn to bring up all of that stuff.  So Jenn just asked her basic questions and she brought up some of the controversial stuff herself.   Jenn only had 30 minutes notice about doing the interview so she was cramming with Pepa's book, the internet, etc, going crazy trying to put interesting questions together.

Dan and Ashley were listening intently to this.

15.  Britney is playing pool with Ian who is now eating a cookie.  The cameras change to the Boom Boom Rom where Wil, Jenn and Dan are playing the Question Card game.

Jenn is answering questions:

Turkey is her favorite food.
Trust is the most important element of a marriage.
A tattoo of a woman's lips on her ass is the tattoo she would get.

No name ever, says Jenn about the tattoo.  The next question is what is your favorite saying.  Jenn says "Destroy Everything" and tells them what song that is from.  She clarifies that the next line of the song is "Decimate what makes you weak".

Dan's phrase is "Act as if".  Then he veers off into another topic, and says he was thinking about what he and Jenn were talking about earlier, and he wants to get "Until the end" engraved inside of his wife Chelsea's ring.  He says that phrase really touched him and he's been thinking about it.

(Jenn must have told him about being in Kittie, because that was the name of their last album.)

Jenn touches Wil's leg as she says to Dan that "someone knows" and talks a little bit about that album.  She thinks engraving that on the ring is a beautiful idea, and Dan does too.  Note that Jenn had to remind Wil that Until the End was the title of the album---he forgot about that.

(Jenn told Team Tits about her background the other day.  You can read about it here.)

16.  Now Ian talks about his first "serious girlfriend" as Britney grills him.  I tried to follow the story, but basically he met her in high school and she was the grade beneath him.  He went the upper high school in the 10th grade while she was "still in intermediate so he didn't know what was going on all year".

When she got to the upper school in the 10th grade, Ian was in 11th grade and "she was dating some douchebag".  The cameras moved quickly on that. 

In the bedroom they tell Wil that one of his eyes is lighter than the other and he appears shocked to discover it, too.  They ask him if he has a glass eye and he jokes about it. If he gets a tattoo he says he's going to have spots shaved on the back of his head so he can have two eyes tattooed there. He wants to be able to move his hair and scare people.

Now they talk about Jodi, and Wil wants to leave a shrine to her in the house.  Jenn was going to share a bed with her on Skid Row before she left so suddenly.

17.  Wil put make up on his face to look like a cat.  No big deal, just black lines.  For some reason he paints Ashley's face in the same way.  They talked about the cake fight they had tonight.  Dan says he didn't start it, but was attacked.  Wil said it stopped the whole party.

Now Wil is whispering about Janelle, and Dan starts in on her too.

Wil didn't see BB6 or BB7, but Dan says Janelle was so straightforward back then.  She won competitions and then people knew exactly what she was going to do.

Now they start discussing snacks.  Both Wil and Ashley are big snackers at home.  Ashley likes to make "homemade popcorn" with olive oil and also baby carrots and fruit rollups from Trader Joe's that include a lot of fiber.

18.  In the backyard Britney and Ian talk about the logistics of the game.  Britney won't get excited until they get to day #40--that's when things will be "really rolling'.  They discuss how the live feeds will be down if there is a fast forward for a few days.  (Yes, that's true.)

Britney talked about the fast forward in her season where the HOH picked the Have Nots right on the spot.  Britney got picked and remembers it bitterly.

Britney:  I met Mike O. at the wrap party, and he told me that they change the competitions around depending on what is happening in the house.

Ian's jaw drops: Who told you that?

Britney: Mike O, he ....

And the cameras change immediately.  (Mike O'Sullivan is the guy who used to be in charge of all BB competitions since BB2.  He left to work on the Glass House this year...)

19.  Wil got into "St. X" creative writing program as a freshman, which was rare.   The school was very strict and Wil begged his family to leave when he was a junior.  They let him go to a smaller school that he said was much better.

He didn't have long hair then, but his tone and mannerisms are what got Wil bullied and made fun of.  He says the things people complain about now are nothing compared to what he had to go through back then.

He says one of the years was like being in hell, and he worried about suicide all of the time but doesn't like to talk about it.  It was like his idea of what hell was like and people still come up to him when they see him out in Louisville and apologize to him for it.  Dan gets him to clarify that the people who apologize were the ones who didn't stand up for him, not the bullies themselves.

Every day things would happen like someone pouring Coke in his locker to ruin all of his textbooks, and it escalated from there.  His parents went to the school to talk to the principal but that only made it worse. 

Britney came in with Ashley and kind of stopped the conversation by changing it to topics she likes, like complaining about ants and Joe.   She reports that here is a new colony of ants by the pool table.

20.  BB gave them a little basketball net, about 2 feet tall that they are moving around outside.  Joe approaches Shane and says that Jenn is going to vote for Janelle to stay.  Shane just totally told Joe that they will have enough votes for her to stay.

(Joe is going to be more surprised then Janelle tonight.)

Now Britney is talking to Ashley about Ian.  He's like the new cool Ian and Ashley jokes that "he doesn't care".

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