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BIg Brother After Dark - Early to Bed, Early to be Evicted 8-5-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Saturday, and in the wee hours of Sunday where I live.

The POV was held today, and it was one of those games where the players picked prizes that they could trade later.  And some of the prizes were bad prizes.  Of course.

Danielle - POV
Jenn - Trip to Maui
Frank - Spiritard
Ian - Dog for 24 hours
Wil - $5,000

Usually someone wins slop or a Have Not day or two, but I don't know if that happened today.


1.  Ian was in the DR and had to bark for someone to come get him.  He has to have someone hold his leash and walk him around from place to place.  He is allowed to walk upright, though, and doesn't have to crawl.  And although he has to drink and eat out of a bowl, he can pick up the bowl and drink out of it.

So it could be a lot worse.  And the costume is kind of cute.  He commented that sleeping in the dog house is better that the Have Not room.  It's a cute dog house---Ashley wanted to keep it after Ian's dog day is done.

2.  Frank's Spiritard was a big cluster.  It is a purple unitard with some school letters on it, with a small white cheerleader skirt and pom poms.  I'm pretty sure they were hoping Ashley or Danielle would have to wear it.   Frank was already pulling it down off his shoulders and moving the skirt around.  So I think Production is scrambling to make some adjustments to the costume.  Frank went to the DR and hoped he was getting a new skirt.

3.  Jenn had a whispered conversation with Dan in the Boom Boom Room.  She is starting to realize things about the game and is very careful how she acts around people that are nominated.  She knows joking with them or about them could come back and "bite her in the ass".  Jenn thinks Danielle has done an outstanding job this week---she was pretty low key before this week, but then just blew the competitions out of the water.  Jenn tells Dan that she will not nominate Danielle if she wins HOH.  She feels like she did pretty well in the POV today, and stayed on the Pirate's Ship longer than she expected to.

Janelle and Wil talked in the bathroom and Janelle said that Mike told her Wil was a good liar.  He totally bought the lies that Wil was telling him last week.  Wil said Frank tried to give him a guilt trip about the lies but said he didn't want to burn a bridge with Wil.

Wil says Ian and Jenn knew nothing about Frank and Mike's supposed alliance with Wil, so this whole thing was a surprise for them too.  Janelle ate too much at dinner and her stomach hurts.  She had a huge burger but I think it was a turkey burger.

Britney came in and started yammering about wishing she could see a video of how you would look if you ate junk food, and then how you would look if you ate healthy foods.  She needs motivation to eat better.  (Britney snacks on junk food constantly, but eats small portions of it.)

Janelle mentions that on Thursday night, Joe said right in front of her that the Coaches were now playing for $50,000, rather than $100,000.  (implying the newbies would never vote for a Coach to win the big prize).  She can't believe he would say something like that in front of everybody.  Wil thinks he is the worst player in the game right now.

Wil:  You can still be cordial to people---we're just playing a game.

4.   Frank said he won't get a new Spiritard until after the weekend.  His zipper broke but he is being a good sport about it.  He keeps talking about how his workout schedule is going to change now, since it would be too hot to wear the Spiritard during the day.  He plans to spend a lot of time in the pool since he doesn't have to wear it in the water.

Jenn told Dan that she felt like an afterthought on Team Boogie.  Frank got most of the attention, obviously, and Ian needed a lot of social coaching.  She doesn't appreciate the implication that all she has done in the house is lay around and sleep.  She has seen so much change in Ian since he's come in the house--he's really growing up.

Jenn tells Dan when she was 21, she was touring with a band and she didn't drink--she was part of the Straight Edge scene until she was 23.   She had to explain to Dan what that was, and he asked if the bands were Christian bands.  She started to name the bands that were Christian, and the cameras changed to the HOH bathroom.

So now we see Janelle sitting and talking to Danielle who is taking a bubble bath.   Janelle reported that when she asked "Frankie" what type of girls he likes, he said "young and dumb".  Danielle was nervous during the POV when Frank started "getting eights".    Janelle said it was okay because Danielle was "getting nines and tens".  Janelle was praying on the sidelines and Dani says she was too.

Danielle is never tired of talking about her wins, and what everybody was thinking every second of the competition.  She points out that neither Frank or Boogie  congratulated her on either win this week.

Danielle:  What were people saying when I won?  What were people doing?

Janelle wants to win HOH and would put up people she doesn't talk game with.  Probably Ian or Jenn with Mike Boogie.  Janelle is called to the DR and says she doesn't have any make up on.  She will come back up later.

5.  Outside by the hot tub Frank has his Spiritard down around his waist.  Ian is walking around his fenced in area around his dog house.  Wil is working out with Britney out there, doing intervals and running.  Mike asks Ashley who she hangs around with in LA, if she has a best friend, etc.  She mainly hangs out with guys, she says, and starts talking about an ex boyfriend and the cameras change.

Jenn came in the living room where Shane was sitting and they talked with Dan about the straight edge movement.

Frank walks Ian in the house to get some Diet Coke.  He takes it back outside to pour it into his bowl.  They are worried about ants so Frank takes one of the dog dishes inside to wash it.

Janelle s back upstairs now while Danielle is in the shower.  Janelle says Mike is mad at Ian for not taking the Maui vacation, for letting Jenn have it.  Janelle says Mike doesn't like people who don't play mean---on All Stars he won the show, and he also won a trip, cash, and a plasma TV. 

Janelle leaves to go to bed early.   She told everyone that she wasn't feeling well.  (This will be a bad move, as we will see later.....)

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6.  They have to hold Ian's leash even when he is in the WC--on the other side of the door.  Joe is holding it just outside the WC door.

Outside Ashley is talking about something that "everybody has" and it is "okay if you regulate it".  Mike nods yes. (What are they talking about?)

Frank read the manual of rules and learned he has to carry his Spirit pom poms everywhere.  Outside Joe talks to Ian like he is a dog and they all laugh.  ("C'mon boy!")  Ian paces in his fenced in dog area.

Mike has on his Brady T-shirt and Joe asks if Brady would be in bed now.  Mike laughs and says his normal bedtime is 7:00 or 7:30.  He turned 10 months old on Tuesday.  His first birthday weekend is the week after the show ends.  He says that timing is good in case he's stuck in the Jury and can't come home.  They will have a big party in the backyard and Brady's first trip to Disneyland.

Ashley took Ian for a walk inside and Jenn rubbed his back while he was down on all fours.  (Weird.)  Ian can't get up on any of the furniture while he is a dog.  Shane says "Good Boy" and gives him a pat on his ass after Ashley encourages it.  (Weirder.)

Outside Frank repeats that his "junk is hanging out of the skirt" and his zipper broke, but the DR said the guy who fixes stuff like that won't be in until Monday. 

7.  Mike approached Danielle in the HOH and says things have changed since she won the POV.

Danielle: I did really good.

Mike agrees, and asks if she is open to hearing some ideas.  She says she is intrigued.  He proposes a strong group of six---Dan, Danielle, Britney, Shane, Mike and Frank---saving Frank this week and putting Janelle up in his place.  He says next week when Danielle can't play for HOH, she will have 5 warriors trying to win for her.

Danielle:  First of all, I know you and Frank hate me.  Hate me!  And that ya'll are targeting me.

Mike:  Who told you that?

Danielle:  Well, ya'll didn't congratulate me when I won!


Mike assumes Janelle is the one who told her they are targeting her and she just smiles.  (Dan is the person who told her that.)  Mike says Frank is very loyal to him and can offer that to other people. Once Janelle is out of the game he thinks the Coach situation in the house will be in the rear view window.

Danielle is worried that Mike will turn on her.

Mike:  Where would I go?  I would be with all of the best people!

They went through the list of who was left in the house, and Mike said no disrespect to those people, but they don't seem to be there to play. Mike stresses that Janelle will cause a lot of drama and twice has been one competition away from winning it all.  She'll do it again if they give her the chance.

Mike:  It's like the Avengers!  We have the brains, the brawn....and we can take out the Chef and the Baker!

Danielle is eating this all up.  Mike says he's talked to Britney about it and she is in favor.  Mike is willing to lead the charge.  He doesn't think anybody would leave Janelle in the game if she is nominated..  Danielle doesn't want to talk to Dan---she wants Mike to talk to Dan and sell it.  She decides to go get Dan and bring him up there so Mike can talk to him.

Mike:  Don't let anybody tell you that we don't like you. I'm not the most effusive guy if you win something, running around and hugging people, but don't let them tell you that.

Danielle can't guarantee anything, but she repeats she is open to the idea.  She found Dan in the living room talking to Jenn and we hear a snippet of conversation where Jenn says her mom got remarried at 50 to a guy who is 29.  (!)

Outside they give  a shout out to JoJo, who Frank calls the "Staten Island Princess".  And Shane gives a shout out to Kara, noting she's only a few miles away.  Frank calls out for Kara to throw a bottle of bourbon and a pack of smokes over the wall for them.

(Don't know if this is true or not, but I read today that those two have not been released from sequester yet.)

8.  Now we see Dan in the HOH, alone with Mike.  Mike jumps right into it, listing the players in the Avengers alliance, to get Janelle out.

Mike:  One thing I never do, is come up here and tell you what other people said.  That's all she does.  And you and I both know she is a beast.  She can win competition after competition and we'll be in the Jury House, kicking ourselves.  I know it's super aggressive, but we can just go after it like gangsters and get her out of here.......No more more waffling....we would all know exactly what the others are going to do.

The POV today showed Mike what Jenn and Ian are all about--they're not here to play hard and win and he can't roll with them.  Jenn just wants to lay back and be social, and Ian traded a trip to Maui for a dog suit.  (Mike was very angry at Ian after this and made his thoughts clear.)

Now Frank comes up and Dan listens, saying he will take it all under consideration.  Wil comes up and Mike asks him to leave please.  Now Wil goes downstairs to the Arcade where Danielle and Britney are talking about Janelle.  Wil said seeing those guys upstairs scared him. Danielle pretends to be scared to, saying all of those people up there make her nervous.

Now Shane goes up there too, and Mike starts pitching the Avengers idea, and finally the Janelle plan for the week.  Shane likes the idea, and mentions that all of the newbies want to evict the Coaches but that seems stupid.  Danielle comes back up with candy from the POV and Mike continues pitching his idea to Shane. He tells Shane that everyone else in the group is on board, but they haven't had a group meeting yet.

Danielle says she's not afraid to make a big move.  She knows that if she pulls this trigger, it's going to be on in the house.

Danielle:   Janelle's gonna cuss..she's gonna scream!

9.  After Mike leaves Shane exhales and he and Danielle start discussing it.

Dani:  I trust him more than I trust Janelle!  And if we take her up she can't team up with Boogie!

Britney and Dan come in.  Shane complains that his "legs are ashy".  Dan has Ian on a leash.  Danielle said Wil just told her that he was working with Janelle, although Janelle has told her they aren't.

Shane doesn't think Frank has proved himself in competitions, and they can remove him later.  He says the same of Wil, saying he hasn't done well.  Britney says that Janelle is "all over the map".

Dan would much prefer to have Mike and Ian in their group.  Shane would like to evict Frank, and then team up with Mike and Ian.  Dan didn't get a chance to bring that up yet with Mike.

Britney:  And what about Ian?  He just came up here and we made him leave.  We have to tell him something!

(Yes, you made a deal with him yesterday.)

They discuss what to do with Ian, and Shane points out that Mike is only trying to save Frank.  Danielle has a bad, bad feeling about Janelle since Day #1.  Britney says Janelle has burned her, too in this game.  She runs around all sneaky---she never says Final Four or Final Two, but she implies Britney will be safe.

They agree to keep thinking about it.  Danielle is convinced she is "Boogie's #1 target".  If Janelle goes home the other players will go after Mike and Frank.  Dan says that even if one of them is on the block, they would have the votes if they include Mike and Frank.

Dan points out that Mike "made his living on Allstars changing his vote at the last minute".  Danielle says that they would only need to work with them for one more week.

10.  Now we see Mike and Frank whispering in the Arcade.  They have hope and are getting cocky.  Mike points out that Ashley would "never win HOH".  Mike thinks if they work the "male" aspect with Shane about how the four guys would dominate the competitions that will help convince him.

Mike says Dan is a bit of an enigma, but he has to be taking a good look at the plan this week.  They know they have to make Dan comfortable with them.  Frank points out that they should mention needing them for the fast forwards and double evictions---they need proven winners on board to win the competitions.

Now Janelle is up out of bed and went up to the HOH.  Britney considers making a pot of coffee and Ashley shows up too.  Britney is going to play pool with Ian.  Shane is going to work out.  Janelle doesn't seem to notice that anything is up.

Upstairs Ian has joined the group and Dan is holding his leash.  Britney asked if Mike hurt his feelings today and he said yes, a bit and that the comment he made was unnecessary.  Ian was talking about comments Mike made later, but Britney was referring to comments Mike made during the competition.

Britney:  He was saying that he didn't know what you would do with the POV, but he felt like you needed help with aiming the ball.

Ian:  Nothing about him is selfless.....but at the end of the day you're rolling a skeeball down a ramp and anything can happen.

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