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Big Brother After Dark - Crunches and Conversations 8-13-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Sunday night, and in the early hours on Monday where I live.

As of today, Frank is holding the POV but the ceremony to use it (or not use it) will be held sometime on Monday.  Wil and Joe are on the block.


1.  The show opens with a meeting with Mike, Frank and Britney to discuss the vote.  Mike says he plans to tell everyone that he will be happy to listen to what they have to say about this week's vote, but that he can't confirm what is going to happen.

Mike: I'll just say that I've been in trouble for discussing the vote and they are watching me hard..

They think that Wil might be worse to have on the Jury than Joe.  Joe might be angry at first but will then just get over it and cook for everybody.  But Wil would present a bigger problem for them, creating negativity on the Jury.

Note that Frank is HOH, not Mike.  Britney's hair is very fluffy and wavy today.  Last night Ashley braided it for her when it was still wet and it looks good today.  Britney left the HOH and then Joe came up and said he was ready to work out.  He doesn't look happy about it, but he's ready.

Shane has been setting up a "Boot Camp" of sorts, with different training intervals that the group goes through sequentially.  Jenn has been doing it and enjoying it and Joe has vowed to do it for two weeks.  (If he's there that long.)  Joe lost 5 pounds in the first day of being a Have Not but I don't know what his latest numbers are. )

2.  Shane and Danielle were laying in the hammock talking about the first competition, the Teddy Bear Bed Hop with Ian, who was sitting next to the hammock.  It was a hard competition and Danielle was surprised how heavy the bear was they had to carry.  Ian wants to watch it on TV, and Danielle is upset about the shorty shorts they had to wear.  She said she promised her mother she would be modest on TV, and she hopes that her mom knows she didn't pick those shorts out.

 JoJo's team got good pajama-type shorts that covered more.  Shane went over to get the workout started, while Wil, Ashley and Dan are sorting out the booze in the kitchen.  They got 6 beer cans and a bottle of red wine.

(I distinctly remember Danielle saying in her pre-interview that her parents had no idea she would be on the show.  Another lie perhaps?)

3.  The Boot Camp class has started, and Shane has incorporated Frank's HOH jump rope into the series of exercises.  Frank has an interesting jump rope style, first moving his feet together sideways and then hopping on each foot.  He makes it look easy.  Then there's Joe...this workout is VERY hard for him and he had difficulty moving the rope and jumping at the same time.  He ended up just jumping up and down for the remaining 15 seconds or so of the interval.

Jenn is Gung Ho about it and even counts out some of the intervals out loud instead of Shane.  She wears an odd romper type of garment--black with silver studs--over a jog bra.  I think Jenn is probably a lot smaller than she appears in her baggy clothes.

4.  Britney and Ian were laying in the hammock whispering.  I thought at first that they were whispering about backstabbing or lies, but I think they were talking about the Wil vs. Joe vote instead.  Britney wanted to know who Ian would put up if he is HOH and he said if they have another endurance they can talk about it "while they're up there".  (i.e. make a deal,  I guess).

Shane is creating the next series of intervals for the Boot Camp group.  Shane just got up from laying on his back by jumping to his feet.  That's no joke, BB fans.  Shane is strong and nimble.  Jenn is a good listener and makes sure she understands each interval and the proper form to use before they begin.

(Every one of these house guests should get out there and work with Shane.  Mike is right about the value of the training--they would pay $75 an hour for this outside of the BB house.  I heard Shane try to persuade Danielle yesterday to start working out with them and she put him off.  If Joe can do it, Danielle can do it.)

5.  Inside the house Wil just opened a container of hummus and is snacking.  Dan made "Tuna Mac"  today and just said that one pot of that cures "a lifetime of mac and cheese cravings".  Dan is eating a small bowl of mac and cheese that he made and holds up the bowl in victory as he eats a spoonful.

He holds up the box of Ralph's Macaroni and Cheese and says it is quite possibly the best product on the store shelves.  You might walk right past it in the store, but you would be wrong, he says.  He inspects the box and sees it comes from Cincinnati, OH, and says that it is no surprise to him that it came from the Midwest.

Outside Mike is going hard on one of the intervals that makes my back hurt just looking at it.  It is that one where you start on your feet and jump down into push up position and then back up on your feet.  Now Shane is even having trouble with one of the exercises and says they need to change it.  Basically it involves laying on the weight bench and pulling yourself up using the bar.  I just watch Frank do it and make it look simple, but Shane had problems so they create something else to replace it.

(Damn Frank is strong.  Frank the Tank.)

***continue reading after the jump***

6.  Ashley and Wil whisper on the chaise lounge outside about Janelle.  Wil thought she was against him, but Ashley says no.  Wil goes inside to "check on his chicken".  Dan is talking to Danielle about her Samurai training inside and it sounds annoying.  He is trying to tie Mac and Cheese to the game somehow.

Now Wil has his chicken dish and it looks good.  There is cheese melted all over it and red sauce, I think.  Ashley doesn't want a bite but thanks him anyway.  She is watching Ian and Britney talk on the hammock.  She didn't know Britney was there so she walked over there to talk to Ian and they "were all weird with her" so she left.

Wil tells her that they are all working together and Ashley says she didn't know that.  Ashley cheers for the work out group and tells Jenn the sheen (of sweat) looks good on her.   The camera gets some extreme closeups of the bites of Wil's food on the fork.  Ashley says she's "dying to work out".

Inside Shane tries again to get Danielle to sign up for the next class.  He said Jenn is "adapting and doing awesome".  Danielle is dancing around and humming.  She looks like she is doing a cheer routine or something in her head.  BB has to tell her to stop singing.

(Danielle is known for getting in trouble for singing in the house, as well as her microphone issues.  BB now tells her to QUICKLY attach her microphone.)

7.  Frank eats some of the Tuna Mac straight from the pan and says it would be better with chicken.  He discovers that the drawer at the bottom of the stove is a warming drawer and not just storage.

Danielle and Jenn dance around in the backyard, doing different steps in unision.  Jenn has good rhythm, as you might expect.  She created a new dance called the Reset and now they do the Dougie (or whatever it is).  Wil came over to teach them the Charleston, but that isn't the dance Danielle wants to learn.

She is wearing her bathing suit with a long T-shirt over it and the camera does some close ups of her legs. Not the most flattering shots, as you might guess.

Mike Boogie comes over to show her the "Roger Rabbit" and Jenn yells "Awww Shit"!  They compliment his skills and Shane says because Mike is tall and lanky it looks really good.

Mike:  It's an old school dance---but not as old as the Charleston.

He gets up again to show them the Running Man and that reminds Danielle of Chris Brown's Run It. Mike does that dance, too, in slow motion.  He's got the moves.  I'm serious.

(Maybe that's where the nickname Boogie comes from?)

8.  Mike tells Ashley key pointers about talking to the internet viewers.  He says to not look at the camera directly, but to just talk out loud.   He says he does it in the morning when there is "nothing else to watch".

Wil comes outside with two oatmeal cookies with peanut butter inside them like a little sandwich. (Yum.)  He starts whispering with Mike and says that he doesn't want all of the talk from the last few weeks to impact this week.

Wil:  Would it do any good to speak with Frank?

Mike:  Well, everybody just seems to assume that he will leave the noms the same..but you have plenty of time to say what you want to say...

Wil says he and Ashley are close, and that is what they have to offer if he stays. Wil apologizes for bringing up the game and Mike says it is okay.  Mike asks Ashley why she feels so good today.

Mike:  You didn't get a shot today or anything, right?

Ashley starts talking about pain from the needle of the shot, blah blah blah..

Mike:  I saw you carry like, 30 towels today, so you must be feeling least you have four days to rest...

 Mike AGAIN suggested she start doing some stretches to help her back.  He said it was a gift having Shane around because he charges people $75 an hour to train them-she should take advantage of him while they are in the house. Mike said he learned  a lot of new things from Shane that he will take with him outside of the house.

 (I think Mike is suspicious of her----maybe that she is using the pain to get out of competing, not necessarily fiending on pills.)


(Some people online think Ashley has some sort of pill problem, and her back issues stem from her desire to get pain pills from the DR.  If you think about it, this kind of makes sense.  She started with this "pain" way back when Willie was HOH and when they gave her shots last week on several days to ease the pain, she still complained about the pain.  Also she shows NO SIGN of wanting to take the advice that Mike has given her about stretching----he has talked to her about this numerous times over the last month.)

 9.  Inside Jenn is discussing her views on religion with Dan.  She believes in a higher power because she has seen evidence of it in her life.  Some people in her group may think that is ignorant, but that is what she believes.  Most people she knows are atheists, although she does know one girl who is a Satanist.  They butt heads about their views, but ultimately respect each other.

Dan does most of the listening, taking it all in.  He seems to respect Jenn but I doubt he would ever meet anybody like that in his daily life.

Outside Wil and Ashley talk to Mike about various topics.  When Mike was an assistant to some sort of director, the movie studios used to send the Academy voters huge gift baskets with the screening copies of the movies.  If the movie was set in Paris, for example, there would be Parisian chocolates and snacks in there.  Supposedly they changed the rules 20 years ago and now they can't send gifts with the screeners---too muck like bribery I guess.

Wil describes some project he has on hold for when he goes home.  He has some sort of local Louisville panel that he does short webisodes with about beauty and health topics---someone has approached him to create a 30 minute show.  His business partner is a former newscaster who has several Emmy's and Mike seems impressed with that.  Wil's belongings are all in storage and he is going to look for a shotgun fixer-upper in Louisville when he gets home. Mike asked if he could get one for about $150K but Wil said he is hoping for less.

He described the area where his parents live as "in the middle of the action".  They have lived there for three years and their home is near bars, art galleries, and great restaurants.  That is also the area Wil would like to buy a home in.  There is a problem now with kids putting graffiti on the walls of  buildings in an area that is being cultivated as a little farmer's market.  Some kid threw a Jack Daniel's bottle at Wil's dad's head one time.

Mike asked if anyone put graffiti on Wil's parent's house, but he says it is protected by a gate with a security code.

(I have heard Wil say that they live in a converted elevator factory, but it may be split into a number of lofts---they might not own the entire building as I originally suspected.   FYI they shot Wil getting his BB invitation on the rooftop of that building, sipping champagne.)

 Mike and his partner may be opening a restaurant in Istanbul.  The investor group there is just paying them to use the name (Geisha House?) and Mike says there is very little risk for them if the deal goes through.  Mike has already agreed to terms, and his partner Lonnie was going to go visit the location to consult with the owners.  Mike gave his partner Power of Attorney to close the deal while he is gone.  They have been business partners for 12 years, and friends for years before that.  Mike couldn't even consider doing BB if it weren't for him keeping an eye on things.  If the deal goes through, Mike will likely visit Istanbul in January.

10.  Dan does the lazy guy routine of taking his pot of Tuna Mac right off the stove, with the spoon still in it, and puts foil over the whole thing and puts it in the fridge.  I guess that is better than nothing.

The POV was a puzzle that included some sort of pipes that needed to be put together.  There was a piece of "U tube' that Ian couldn't figure out what to do with, and no one else could, either.  Britney said the Frank didn't use that piece, and he won.

Ian couldn't see the entire puzzle from where he was as the host, but he is very troubled about not playing and not being able to win it.  Britney made some comment about it in the DR and told Ian, and now he is obsessing about it.

Britney says they got some good stories out of Joe today,  and Mike starts to talk about one of his old roommates and the way he started every story by saying "true story.." and the cameras change.

Danielle is in the hot tub talking to Shane and Joe about her body.  She could easily lose weight in the house if she wanted to.  She feels that the smaller she is, the less self-confidence she has.  She also says she "could lose about an inch in her waist".  Shane is talking about your body type being something you are born with, and the cameras change.

11. Now we see Ashley in the Boom Boom room eating chocolate and telling Wil that "they didn't give her nightly dose of medicine tonight" and BB warns her not to talk about her DR sessions.  They whisper with Jenn about her conversations with Dan, I think.  It is hard to hear what they are saying.

Now Joe is at the hot tub talking about his sky high blood pressure.  He takes meds for it and says the "bottom number never goes below 100".  He says he had shoulder surgery and his blood pressure was 210/130 and they wouldn't let him go home.

He starts talking about getting medicine in his IV to bring down the pressure so he could be discharged from the hospital and Danielle starts asking a bunch of medical questions.  I guess she forgot she is a kindergarten teacher....  She was asking about his meds and if they removed some of his blood and we went to commericals.

12.  Ian tries to avoid fast food if possible.  He did win a bet by eating an entire 40 piece chicken nugget order with a large fry and diet Coke.  He did eat it so the guy who bet him had to pay for dinner---it was $12.

Dan's wife is obsessed with McDonald's Sweet and Sour sauce so for their first Valentine's Day he got a bunch of the sauces and put them in the shape of a heart on the kitchen counter.  She loved it and "dips a bunch of stuff in it". He mentioned his condo and Ian asked if he bought it with his BB earnings.  He said he made the down payment with some of it, but doesn't elaborate.

Ian mentioned a girl who lives in Winter Park FL who he would like to go to the finale of BB so he could make out with her.  I think this is a BB alumni, since he mentions the BB Wikipedia page.  Britney didn't even know there was a Wikipedia page, but Ian says her name is all over it.   Britney asks Ian to tell her who she voted to evict each week in BB12 and he did it. Britney says it was scary to hear that.

Then he does the same for Dan and BB10.  He says he pictures the Wikipedia page while he does it. He assumes they voted for the person who left, and he would remember if they voted differently from the rest of the house guests.

Ian was pissed about the order of the people voting last week on the live show.  BB had Ian go last but they shouldn't have since it wasn't revealing anything.  (They usually have the questionable votes last to build suspense.)

13.  Frank reports that Mike has a stomachache and he thinks it is from the cod yesterday, and all of the salsa and beer.

Britney goes over to the hot tub and starts taking off her clothes.  She is wearing her bathing suit but Frank calls out that he "saw a little booty cheek" in the glass reflection. Ian saw it too.  Frank tried not to look but end the end he had to.

Frank had 7 beers last night.  I think Mike had 4.  Ian wants to win HOH now just for all of the beer.  Shane wants to update his HOH request list to include beer.  Dan says he would stab himself in the arm in order to see a picture of his wife.  He clarifies that he means a butter knife, and a superficial flesh wound.

Dan asks to use Frank's HOH bathroom, but I'm guessing he wants to check in with Mike Boogie who is up there alone, I think.

14,  There is a crowd now at the hot tub and they are drinking red wine.   Britney says she married a guy who is the perfect mix of her father and her step father.  Wil says if you look at a picture of his parents, he is a blend of both to them.

(If I were Wil, I would get my ass up to the HOH and remind Frank about the plan to backdoor him two weeks ago....Dan and Britney were all in favor of that. I would ask Frank, "are you going to waste your HOH to evict the gay guy who is not part of a strong team?")

Frank misses lasagna.  He loves it and says even a Stouffers lasagna would be good.  He has two mini California Pizza Kitchen pizzas that he might cook up really fast.  One is Barbecued Chicken and the other is Four Cheese.  Ian is jonesing on the cheese one.  Frank goes upstairs to get it.

Ian made a turkey fajita for dinner.  Now Mike and Dan are sitting in the living room talking about Shaq playing for the Celtics for two years.  Dan forgot about that.  Mike said Shaq wanted one last paycheck, but he wasn't in shape, he was injured, etc.  Now Frank joins them and they start talking about different basketball teams.

Mike is eating a bowl with turkey and cucumbers, etc.    Mike says he feels better now.  I won't elaborate about what he that it was gross.

Now Mike tells them that Wil asked him if he should talk to Frank.  Mike said they won't use the POV, but he can talk to him.  Dan is sitting right there, listening to him.

(If I were Dan, I wouldn't let Wil out of my sight for the next 24 hours, until the POV ceremony is over.)

Now Dan asks Danielle if Wil was talking to her about the game and she says they were talking about sex. Frank says "Ewww".

Danielle asks Frank if he dreamed about her last night---she heard him talking about it. He said he dreamed she was one of his renters, and there were a bunch of "freeloading hippies" that he had to evict but apparently Danielle paid their rent for them.  Or something like that.

15.  I just had to fast forward through a conversation about Frank's bathroom experience this morning.  Sometimes I just can't take it.....

Danielle gave Jenn a shirt that BB gave her in her HOH room.  She didn't like the dark color and thought it looked more like Jenn.  Frank got a blue shirt but they don't like him to wear it in the DR because it blends in with the wall.  Joe has a shirt like that, too.

Outside at the hot tub Ashley says if she had it to do over, she would have brought a bathing suit cover up like Danielle is wearing tonight---she feels like she has had camel toe in every outfit that she brought in the house.

(I think Danielle's cover up looks like a nightgown.)

Now Mike is telling a gross story about having a doctor remove some big piece of oatmeal out of his ear canal that got in his head during one of the BB competitions. (BB7, I think.)   He had been ill for a few weeks and the doctor couldn't figure out why until he found that obstruction in his ear.

Mike:  Basically I had Slop Ear.

Now at the hot tub they talk about catching Ian talking to the camera when he is by himself.  Wil says that BB doesn't like that.

Wil: Every time he says that something is absolutely going to happen in here, it never does.

16.  Now Wil says at the hot tub that he is sorry for the way things went down with Janelle and he loves her.  Jenn gives out Janelle's website for Mary Kay and also  the "many blogs" she thinks she must have.  Jenn toasts her and calls her a great competitor.

Wil says she is the most beautiful person he has ever met, and even without make up she "is a Barbie Doll".  I think Wil is buzzed now.  Britney was outside during this, talking about gearing up for this week's endurance competition, if there is one.  I didn't hear her join in with the Janelle love with Wil and Jenn.

17.  In the living room they talk about the Banana Suit.  This caused a big stir this afternoon in the house and I don't think it has been resolved yet.  Apparently there was a box found in one of the bedrooms with a question mark on it.  The box contained a Banana Suit. No one knew where it came from, or how it got there.

(I have read that Mike Boogie admitted he brought it in as a joke, and it has been in the room on that chair for 10 days.  But I didn't see this with my own eyes or hear it with my own ears.  Big Brother goes through all of their luggage, so I can't imagine them approving of the Banana Suit.)

Now at the hot tub they keep talking about Janelle.  Now Ashley and Britney are trying to spin it like they did her a favor by letting her go home to her baby.

Ashley:  She got to come here and experience it...and now she can blog and do a Super Pass show...

Britney:  And she made some money out of it...

Now Britney talks about how she had Lane had an alliance last year.  (Did they?  I never heard them have that conversation, or even anything that alluded to it.)  She thinks there is a some sort of weird connection that the names were Lane and Shane. Both with "ANE".  Now she talks about Matt Hoffman, that he works with Evel Dick on his website.

Britney says that Matt brings people together because of the web chats---he reaches out to people to get them to participate.  Jenn knew Boogie from the Famous Food show and says it was a good show and should have been on the Food Network instead.  She is a big fan of the 36 Mafia (or something like that) and she knew they were going to appear on it, so she watched it in reruns and also online.

She said Mike was the Big Boss on that show but seemed fair to the contestants.

Britney goes in the house and Team Tits starts talking.  They HAVE to win the next HOH.  Jenn says she is not scared to make some big moves.  Ashley brings up the possibility of backdooring Dan this week and brings up last week's surprise nomination of Janelle as an example.

Jenn points out that its not what people say, it's what they don't say that matters.  Jenn thinks that if he doesn't make a big move this week, Frank is foolish.  And there might be something else going on that they don't know about.

Now Wil thinks that Britney is scared to death about being backdoored, based on comments she made about not complaining about something until after the POV.

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