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Big Brother After Dark - Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda 8-3-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 10:00 pm BBT on Thursday night, after a live show and near the end of a long Endurance competition.

During the live show, the Coaches were given a choice to either enter the game or to pass on it.  If one Coach chose to "Reset", then the entire game would reset.

In the Diary Room, Britney, Dan, and Janelle ("Thanks America!") chose to Reset.  Mike Boogie shockingly said "no thanks America".

Because the game was reset, there was no eviction this week. So we didn't get to see that great blindside we were expecting. (Thanks Alison!)

As the show begins, the Endurance Comp is in it's final moments.  Only Danielle, Britney, and Ian are left.  I was actually live blogging this at the time, with pictures, so you can look for that if you scroll down a little through the posts.


1. Frank asked Mike if he was "goin' with Janelle" and Mike said no, he thought of Frank like Dr. Will now and he was ready to "ride or die" with him.  You could see some of the worry leave Frank's face as he said that.  That was a relief to him.

Mike told Frank that last night Wil was going to turn on them and vote Frank out, as well as Danielle.  Frank believed the Danielle part, but is having trouble believing that Wil was putting on an act with him.  Mike said they can look into it further, and see what comes up.

2.  All of the newbies say now that they have known all along  this was going to happen --it all seems clear to them now.   They also seem to think that Jodi has been in sequester the entire time and was just sent home.  (No, she's been home since July 12th.)

On Skid Row, Mike approached Dan to find out when he knew about Danielle's vote.  Dan is shady about it, saying he didn't think it would ever happen because they were going in the game.  Mike says he was right, but he certainly took a huge chance at the risk of Mike's top player.  (I'm pretty sure Mike knows Dan is a stone cold liar.)

Mike also knows that Dan knew about Wil---Mike refers to him as a "Double Dealer".  It also seems like Britney and Janelle are going to blame the Reset on Dan---I don't think they are going to cop to the fact that they chose to Reset, too.

Janelle told Mike and Dan that Frank told her two weeks ago that if the Coaches are coming in he was going to target them immediately. Mike listened, but clearly doesn't believe it.

Mike:  Let's grab some bodies and go.  (i.e. build a team in the house)

After commercial, Janelle is saying that each Coach should have had the choice to stay a Coach or not.  After Janelle leaves Mike tells Dan that Frank isn't a threat to them---he just told Janelle that he was targeting the Coaches--it isn't true.  (I don't think it is.)

Mike tells Dan that anytime he hears Mike complain about the Reset, to remember it's not personal.  He understands why Dan did it---he was down to his last player and "she wasn't going to win, anyway".  Britney came in and they gave her props for doing such a great job.  Britney wanted to talk to Ian while they were up there, so Ian swung from one position to another to get next to Britney so they could talk.  Mike missed seeing that but seemed impressed that Ian did that without falling so he could talk to Britney.

The cold is what got to Britney---her legs were shaking.  Britney announces that Ian just took a shower with her and Danielle.

Dan:  I know you're shocked Mike, but I'm ready to make a run at this with you.

Mike:  I like your attitude.  We'll find a place to talk.

3.  Shane is walking around shirtless, crunching on snacks.  He came to Skid Row and chatted with Mike and Dan about what was hurting them after the competition.  (He's light and breezy since he knows he will enjoy a week off, I guess.)  Jenn walked through with a curt greeting to the two coaches.  (She's just pissed in general, I think.  She tried to start a Girl Power Alliance last week and that might be a good option.  I think she's embarrassed that she did poorly in the competition, too.)

Joe's Have Not status is coming to an end--he wants a steak, but Dan says Production usually orders pizza for them---it usually just appears in the storage room.  Frank offers to ask the DR if they should start cooking or not.

Dan is concerned that Mike told Frank about the blindside tonight.  He asked a lot of questions about where Mike told Frank, and what he said.  His agitation is palpable.   Mike reassures him that Frank won't cause trouble in the house--he knows how to stay cool.  Mike's conversation is tense with Dan, but they both indicate they will make the best of it and work together.

Frank comes in and says the "last three weeks are a waste".  He tells Mike that he said he was coming after the Coaches when Willie was in power---it was just something to say.  Mike understood and said don't worry about it.  Frank reports that Joe is rallying the newbies to vote out the Coaches.

Britney comes into the room (Skid Row) with wet hair and Mike says he wants to find out who knew about the blind side.  Britney says she thought Danielle would vote Joe out.  I think she also failed to cop to pushing the Reset button.  Britney says she is confused now and plays dumb.  After she leaves Frank whispers that "he can't trust her as far as he can throw her".

Ian came in wrapped in an towel and apologizes for not winning.  Mike says don't worry about it and asked Ian how it ended, and what deals were made.

Ian:  As soon as it was just the three of us we were like nominations, no backdoor, no blindsides, and that is about it.

Mike:  As far as I'm concerned, we're still a team and nothing's changed for me.

(Ian, Mike and Frank are in the room, but not Jenn.)

Ian left to get some warm clothes, leaving Mike and Frank to talk.  Mike is calm as he gives his take on the situation.

Mike:  There's a lot of opportunity here to start some trouble, obviously.  Joe's running around, yelling from the hilltops to get out the coaches,   Dan's feeling his oats, obviously (i.e. feels he has some power after Danielle won tonight) and maybe he'll get his girl to put Joe's ass up against a coach.

Frank:  Absolutely.  I'd like that......I don' trust anyone....

Mike:  I pretty much trust you...and Ian.  I don't trust too many people at this point.  The only reason why I think it's trueaobut Wil  is that he joined every conversation with them before and during the show----he was holding hands with the girls before the thing...

Frank:  I want to believe him, because he straight up told Kara to her face that he was votin' her out, and I asked him in the bathroom during the show if we were okay, and he said yeah. The only thing....I'm worried it's my ego tellin' me that I had his vote... (smart)

Mike:  Yeah.  I'm just super fuckng paranoid about everything....the whole game.

Frank:  Do you think Dan's saying this stuf to get us riled up?

Mike tells Frank that Dan was upset about Mike telling Frank about the blindside.

After the commercial break Britney joins the group and they are bitching that they should have kept JoJo and evicted Danielle, because then Dan would be gone.

Britney:  You couldn't given us a few more cigarettes?  (i.e. JoJo's bribe to Joe)

Britney is playing dumb about Wil's vote.  Mike says Joe and Janelle told him point blank that Frank was gone---and they brought it up to him--he didn't ask.

Britney:  So...they're trying to throw Danielle under the bus?  Because if you had Wil's vote, why would you need Danielle's vote?

Mike:  No, I think Joe was trying to blame Wil for coming up with the idea to be a double agent.

Britney:  I'm glad I didn't even have a vote last week--this is too much for me!

(She has a Final Four deal with Shane, Danielle and Dan.)

Biritney:  I wanted to see the "vital information" given at the door when he left.

Frank thinks both Janelle and Dan hit the Reset Button.  Britney implies that she didn't--she doesn't like playing this game and it was sold to her that she would be a coach and relax for the summer.  Now they bitch about going to the Jury.

Mike is demanding a Xanax tonight and Frank wants one too.  Mike isn't going to ask for it, he's demanding it.  (ha ha)

Frank wants to ask Wil about the blindside. Mike says to go ahead, whenever you can get him alone.  Mike refuses to to the HOH--he doesn't care if he's nominated.  They are short on beds now downstairs since the Coach's room was closed.

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4.  Now we see Danielle and Shane in the Arcade room.  Shane is eating a sandwich on wheat bread and talking.  The bread is not toasted, making the sandwich appear floppy and not very tasty, in my opinion.

Danielle:  Told you I'd win!

Shane apologizes for not believing her.

The guy from Production who kept telling them to watch their elbows was Heath.  They call him Heath Bar Crunch.  Danielle says she ended up locking her elbows for the last half hour.  Shane mentions getting to see her family pictures, but Danielle isn't finished crowing yet.

Danielle:  I'm the first girl to win!  The first one!  I beat Janelle!

Shane tells her that rumors are going around about the blindside.  He wants her to be prepared if Frank says something about it.

Shane:  I guarantee you it was Joe, Janelle and Ashley.

Dani goes through each person, and who did or didn't cheer for her.  Joe cheered for her.  Janelle cheered for Britney.  She never saw Frank--they went inside after he fell off.  Shane is pissed that he got a lot of blood on his hands, with nothing coming out of it.  Danielle assures him he will be safe all week.  Nice big hug from Shane as he leaves the room.  Maybe Danielle is looking better to him right now.

5.  Jenn chatted with Danielle about her win while Dani was in the shower.  Jenn talked about how relaxed her posture was up there, and it looked like she would fall asleep at times.

The cast was in the dining area and kitchen, decompressing.  Mike wants to take a 1/4 Xanax and "knock the fuck out". Wil counts the weeks left and tries to figure out when the double evictions would be.

They are running short on food--Ian is cooking chicken and is probably starving from being a Have Not.  There isn't much to choose from, apparently.  Joe is making steak and eggs.  Joe points out there are still pork chops in storage, and some ahi tuna.

6.  Shane had a private talk with Frank.  I've got to tell you, Shane is an unbelievable liar.  He did a fantastic job with Frank.  I think Frank totally bought that Shane didn't know about the blindside.  In fact, I think Frank thinks he just told Shane about it now.

Shane created a kind of "us against them" feel with Frank that was totally deceiving.  Now, Shane may make some adjustments to his game now that the Coaches are in, so he may end up working with Frank. But if I were Frank I wouldn't turn my back on him for an instant.

Good for Shane.  I feel like he is just gathering steam here.  Evil steam.  And that is kind of awesome.

7.  In the kitchen Janelle and Frank ate pepperoni pizza at the kitchen counter.  Ian is frying chicken on the stove, and Britney is shredding some chicken to make barbequed sandwiches.  They discuss that America just voted to allow the Coaches a choice--they didn't make the actual decision.

Dan has been in the DR for a very long time and everyone notices it.  They all know they are going to be sore.  Britney thinks her arms are going to be paralyzed tomorrow.  Mike goes into the DR and Janelle and Britney both want to trade their alcohol for Xanax tonight. (That's great if they give them Xanax.  Nice.)

Frank:  I wish the house coulda voted on that shit!

Britney:  Those frickin' people up there working were having too much fun making us miserable.

They all think the people waving the birds and spraying the bird poop were aiming right for them.  Everyone seems to think they got it worse then everyone else.  The birds were on long poles and two young guys were shaking them.

8.  Now we see Dan whispering with Janelle, who is in her bed reading her pink bible.  He is talking about his DR session, but they let him do it.

Dan:  They asked me what I thought of Janelle.  I said she was a badass on BB6.  And a badass on BB7.  Then she left, and had a baby.  And now I think she may be even more of a badass on BB14.

Janelle:  I just couldn't hold on any longer. I'm the biggest girl in this house!


Janelle:  Danielle's not comin' after me, is she? I mean, I've been talking to her this whole game.  In the kitchen....they're starting a riot.  How are we going to convince Danielle?

Dan asks her if she wants to join all four coaches together, with a couple of newbies?

Janelle:  We have to, or else we're fucked.

She knows Wil and Joe are leading the charge against the coaches.  Frank "scares Dan to death".  Janelle thinks she has Ashley, and that if Frank is up against Wil he will go home.

Janelle made the "throat slicing" motion when she talked about how Joe and Wil felt.

9.  In the Storage Room Dan tells Danielle he confessed to Mike about the blindside.  She is upset and says that Britney and Shane have both been denying it and so has she.

Dan:  I'm sorry.  I just got so excited in this game I told him.  It doesn't happen often.

Dani said you need to tell Britney, and then Britney comes in, confronting Dan.  She is not happy.  And now Danielle brings in Shane, and he is nice about it, but Britney is steaming.  Dan is apologizing but Danielle is now being targeted according to Britney because now everybody  knows now she is a liar.

Dan wonders if he should stage a fight against Danielle and they shoot that that idea down.  Britney says they should agree to blame it on Wil.

Danielle:  The only way I can convince Frank to trust me now is to not put him on the block.  Janelle didn't cheer for me once!


Now Dan leaves and Britney is PISSED at Dan, saying he threw all three of them under the bus.  Britney says Dan needs to say that Wil told him that.  And then she goes into a deal with the three of them, and the other coaches too.

Danielle wants to nominate Janelle, and send her out of the house. She is worried about Janelle winning Veto.  Shane wants to vote out floaters.

10.  Wil talked to Frank, and Frank told him he knew about the planned blindeside.  Wil admitted that it was a possibility, but it wasn't a sure thing as Joe had said.  Wil tried to leave the possibility open  that he would have kept Frank.

Frank wants to be sure he can trust Wil.  He doesn't think Wil is the kind of guy to "run around telling stories" and Wil assures him he isn't.  I really expected some fireworks with this conversation, but it was pretty calm.  I guess Frank can't afford to piss people off right now and doesn't want to seem vindictive. 

Wil told him that it's a new game today, and things can change and they can work together.

11.  Janelle sat on a bed on Skid Row with Ashley and Joe.  She was discouraged and the group was sad.  Janelle tried to figure out what to do and then said that Wil only cared about himself.  Frank came in and she rallied and went to go put on makeup for her DR session.

Frank and Ashley discussed the bed situation with Frank. They are out of space with no Have Nots, no Coach's room, and no new beds.  Everyone is going to have to share.  They want to hint to Danielle that she needs to invite Britney to stay up in the HOH.  At one point someone said Shane could stay in the HOH, and then Frank said no, that probably wouldn't happen.

Right on cue, in the dining room Danielle was discussing the beds with Shane.  They know there will be no Have Nots this week, so that is causing a pinch with the other beds.  Ian is going to sleep in Mike's bed.  Wil is sharing with Janelle but offers to switch.  Britney says Janelle won't want to sleep with Joe (i.e. since she is married).  They decide three people need to sleep in the round bed.

There is so much drama that Ian offers to sleep in the Have Not room, looking exasperated.  (awww)

Janelle asks if she can sleep in the HOH with Danielle and she gets a blank look in return.

Dani:  Well, Britney already asked....

(Danielle is being a total bitch not to let Britney sleep up there with her.  That would solve the problem.)

Now Jenn offers to move to the circle bed and they go round and round.  Selfish Danielle just sits there, staring.

Janelle:  I can't sleep in bed with a guy...duh I'm married!

Wil:  What do you think I have, a vagina?  (joking)

Mike is out of the DR and as he walks in the kitchen Britney greets him with "Ian's going to sleep with you this week".

Mike:  Fantastic!  Let's keep this night going!

Everyone laughs.  They mention Mike taking Xanax.

Joe:  What is Xanax?

Jenn:  A special treat..

Britney:  It relaxes might want to look into it Joe.

Joe says he takes medicine every morning for high blood pressure.  When asked about it, he couldn't remember the name and scurried off to find it.   Joe came back and showed Britney---he had samples.  Britney said it was a good product.  I think she said it is a "Forest" product.

12. In the bathroom Janelle and Britney have a moment talking about how their backs are against the wall.

Janelle:  How can 4 people go against the whole house?

Britney:  I never would have thought that no one would go home tonight, and then all four of us would go in the game.  Never. It would have been great to have Frank go home, and then the first Coach to fall would go home, too.  Then Frank and Boogie would be gone.

Janelle:  All we have to do is each have one person close to us to bring to the table.  That's all we need....(the Brigade approach).

Jenn comes in and they change the subject to their husbands, and what they must be thinking about all of this at home.  Now they talk about the damn bed situation again, and try to remember who said they would sleep in the circle bed.

Janelle explains again about not being able to sleep with a guy and Jenn understands.  Jenn agrees to move to the circle bed, so Frank could sleep with Joe.

13.  Mike explained to Ashley that he had a bad experience on an airplane with anxiety and he was sitting next to a doctor who talked him through it.  So that is when he started taking Xanax and decided to get some to bring into the house.

He goes in the storage room to get the pills and they are in a ziploc bag that says Boogie.  Mike laughs at that.

Ashley got a baggie, too, with Tylenol in it.  Wil inspected them to see if they were Tylenol PM but they  weren't.  Joe jokes that he'd like to get hooked up with a baggie, too.  (ha ha ha)

Everyone now seems to know where they are sleeping, but there is still discussion about having to move beds, etc.  I'm sure that someone will talk about Danielle's selfishness at some point and then they will all pile on.  (But maybe not until after nominations...)

14.  Dan pulls Danielle into the Have Not room and he seems sorry about spilling the beans to Mike.  Dani tells him the competition was so hard, her legs were dying.

Dan says that Mike was on the sidelines talking about her swagger.  Dani points out twice that she only threw challenges before because he told her to.

Dan:  It's not like you pulled a card or guessed a name and won HOH.  This is one of the big ones.  You won one of the big ones.

Dani:  I hate Janelle!  I hate her!  She didn't cheer for me once out there!


Dan:  And she just asked you to sleep up there with her!

Danielle:  Fuck no!  No way.

Dani wants to nominate Janelle but wants to put her up next to someone who won't go home.  She mentions that Janelle is trying to start a Coach's alliance.  (Duh Danielle---Dan is the one who approached Janelle about it!)

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