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Big Brother After Dark - Chilltown Freezes Over 8-4-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Friday, and in the early hours of Saturday where I live.

Once again I was plagued with insomnia and watched most of it live.  The nomination ceremony usually happens in the late afternoon on Fridays in the BB house, but yesterday they occurred much later.  I think it wrapped up around 7 or 8 pm in the house.  There was a lot of dramatic activity happening, so I'm sure production wanted to let things go as long as possible in there.  You know, to stoke up the drama.

OK.  Here is what you need to know about the show last night.

1.  The show opened with Dan and Danielle talking about her nurse's license how great she is as a nurse.  She says that she could tell Dan lots of war stories about medical situations she been involved with, etc. Dan tells her that he thinks they are both the #1 and #2 hit targets in the house, and that she has grown into a great player and he feels like she would be okay if Dan is eliminated.

It took Danielle a few weeks to get used to Britney's sassy attitude, and that whatever she said about her in the DR was wrong.  She told Britney that.  They are both the same age.  Dan says Danielle seems more mature than Britney, but Britney seems older than her.

Danielle: That's because of my job.  I work with people that are like 40 or 50 years old...patient's families..I'm like their boss!

They watched Mike Boogie on the spy cam and Dan said he didn't understand why he wouldn't come up and talk to Danielle before the nominations.

Danielle:  That's because he's a jackass. 

Dan:  His mind is being controlled by Robin right now.   (in Production???)

She said "sit down highlighter!" when she saw him on the Spy Cam wearing a flourescent shirt.   Her HOH CD is from Jason Aldean.  She says that Shane is so mad at Mike Boogie.

2.  In the kitchen they joked that Ashley might be pregnant since her period is late.  She jokes that the night she passed out on muscle relaxers in the HOH may have been the night.and Ian might be the dad. BB will give them a pregnancy test if they need one, but Britney points out it's not like a "regular item" that they keep in stock.  She told them that any 14 year old can go to a pharmacy and ask for a morning after pill. 

They joke about crushing them up and sprinkling them over breakfast every morning, but Britney says they are not intended for use as a birth control pill.

Everyone waited for the backyard to open.  Frank says it was supposed to happen soon, based on what the DR told him. 

Joe says imitation foods are typically worse to cook with then the real thing.  He mentions turkey bacon and how bad it is for you--it is full of nitrates and liquid smoke which are horrible for you. Britney buys the center cut Black Label bacon and Frank likes that too. 

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3.  Janelle talked with Dan in the HOH and they say that Mike is "so obsessed with Frank that he's not willing to cut ties with him".  Dan says Mike won't even talk to him.

Janelle:  Does he not see that if Frank was gone he might be in a better place?

Danielle comes out of the bathroom and is surprised to see Janelle there. Janelle says she came up to use the bathroom since Ian has been "pooping for 15 minutes down there".

The backyard is opened.  Dan and Janelle continue talking about Mike.  Janelle said he is very sensitive and doesn't take jokes well.  During BB7 he would try to come up to the HOH and tell her what to do.  She would say that he should win HOH himself and do those things, and he wouldn't talk to her for 3 days.

Dan:  Why is he up Frank's butt?

Janelle:  Mike doesn't like to play with women. I tried to talk to him last night and he said we all lied to him..

She thinks they need to talk to Mike.  Dan thinks he is just seeing red right now and he wants to wait it out to see if Mike "mans up or not".  Dan wonders if it's all an act-is Mike putting on a show?

While they talk about Mike and Frank, we see a quick camera shot of Mike and Frank running around the backyard, breathing hard.

Janelle says when things don't go Mike's way, he takes his ball and goes home.  Dan says maybe he overestimated Mike as a player.

Dan:  I mean, aside from the Maggie stuff, you pretty much played emotionless.

(Janelle?  Emotionless?  With the Bye Bye Bitches and calling Beau a coke whore?  C'mon.)

Dan points out that after Frank leaves, he can slide back in the game as less of a threat.  Janelle says Dr. Will would be yelling at him right now---he isn't a great player without Dr. Will.

Janelle:  He does stuff like this and gets thrown out!  He was like, 4th out in his season!  He is really pissed that you lied at him Dan.  He just needs to get over it.

Now she says he lived in a house "with like, 6 dudes until he was 40 years old"!  He doesn't have any female friends at all.  He doesn't like working with us. 

Dan:  Maybe we should approach it like, what would Dr. Will do, and ask him that.

Janelle:  He only cares about his buddy Frank.  His shit-talking buddy Frank.

Wil came in to get something and Janelle says how pissed he is because she is sitting there talking to Dan.  She says thank goodness Ashley is "normal...and loyal".  Dan agrees she is loyal, but can't agree to the normal part.  Dan said Mike "stared at the fire pit the entire time during nominations", and "was shocked not to be nominated".

Janelle knows they need to win the next two HOHs or else a Coach will leave before jury.  She points out that every Coach that doesn't go to Jury will make it harder and harder to win at the end.  Janelle called Frank an Ogre and  lumberjack, pointing out how huge his hands and feet are.

Dan:  Somewhere, on Jokers, they are creating a picture of lumberjack with an ogre's face.

Janielle:  Thanks, Jokers!

Janelle mentions how Will stopped him from using the Coup d'Etat on her in All Stars.  She thinks Dan should try and talk to him, since he seems to respect his game more.  Dan wanted to know what Dr. Will would do in this situation. Janelle said that Will would explain the moves to make, and then he would do it.

Janelle:  Will, like drug his ass to the end.  Because Mike didn't know what he was fucking doing.

Dan chuckles.  He didn't expect to have to tell a 42 year old how to play the game.  He doesn't get the whole Frank devotion.

Janelle:  It's a bromance.  He's frickin' in love with a straight male!

Dan mentions that the two of them go into the DR together and do some little routine in there.  Janelle is disgusted.

Janelle:  Are you serious?  Oh my God--we've got to get Frank out of here!

Ha ha ha.  She wants to wear Mike's "Where's Will?" T-shirt to the POV because that's what they need---Will in there to straighten things out.

4.  Mike and  Dan spoke in the storage room for over an hour.  I'm sure the Showtime cameras wanted them to move around a little for some different scenery, but they stayed right there for a long, long time.  The main objective of Dan's conversation was to get Mike to agree to join the Coach's alliance in the game, but Mike wasn't willing to do that, given the way everyone worked against him last week.  Mike wore a flourescent yellow T-shirt, and Dan wore his boring blue Dearborn's Finest T-shirt.  (Dan actually IRONED it before the live show.  Yes, you read that correctly.)


*  Mike is clearly aware that the plot to blindside Frank last week wasn't a last minute plan.  It had been in place for at least 24 hours, and Mike knows that Teams Dan, Britney, and Janelle had joined together to to blindside Frank.

*  Mike is very distrustful of all of the Coaches now.  He says everywhere he looks, he sees someone he can't trust.  Late last night when the HOH competition was winding down, Dan indicated to Mike that it all came together too late for him to talk to Mike, and that he wasn't sure of Danielle's vote.  But now Mike said directly to Dan that he knows Dan knew as early as the night before that Frank would be blindsided.  And Dan had to acknowledge that yes, that was true.

*  Dan has concocted a very flimsy excuse for his actions.  In earlier conversations with Mike this summer, Dan kept insisting that he expected the Coaches to enter the game, but Mike wasn't so sure.  Mike thought that would be counter-productive to the entire Coach concept, (true) and would be too confusing for the viewers at home.  (also true)  Back then, Mike made a comment that if Frank wasn't in the game, he might be open to entering the game as a player.  (Because he would feel that his chances of winning were not as strong with Ian and Jenn.)  So now Dan is trying to use that as an excuse, indicating that he thought if Frank was gone Mike would be ready to play the game. And Dan claims he was nearly positive the Coaches would start playing last week.

*  Mike thought this was entirely ridiculous.  He didn't mean that he wanted Frank out of the game so he could play the game, and he knows that Dan understands this.  Mike kept saying, "why would I want to evict the one person in this game that I know I can trust?"  He keeps pointing out to Dan that to go farther in the game, you need someone like Frank around to win competitions and act as a target.

*  Dan looked pale and defeated during this conversation.  He really wasn't gaining any ground, even though he kept trying to use his bag of conversational tricks to persuade Mike to think his way.  He kept repeating that he wanted to "roll with Mike in the game", but that didn't mean very much to Mike, apparently.  Dan also hoped that this experience wouldn't hurt their relationship outside of the house.

(Dan has often said that it meant a lot to him that Mike called him after he won BB10 to congratulate him and give him some advice about handling things.  Mike has seen so many BB players stay in California to chase the entertainment industry and end up getting off track in life.  Mike told Dan that if he loved his job in Michigan and his life there, to just take the money, go home and stay there.  Dan appreciated that advice, and said he took the initiative to call Jordan after she won BB11 and offer her the same support.)

*  Mike is still very perturbed with the whole BB twist, and feels misled and angry about it.  He said the DR is "going crazy" in there after Mike's reaction to this whole thing.  He indicated that one of the reasons that he keeps getting asked to come back to BB is that he is so expressive in the DR and tells it like it is.   He feels that Dan is "clowning him" in the DR and the thought of that is embarrassing.  He doesn't like it in the game, and he doesn't like the thought of people "outside" seeing that.

*  Mike understands why Dan would want to join forces with Janelle--at least she wins competitions.  He wants to know what Britney brings to the table---she won't win anything...

*  Mike says on his best days, when he's "running shit in the BB house" he doesn't like to be there.  He hates being in the house.  He's "not like Dan", who loves being in there.  Dan nods at this.

*  Mike knows why Dan pushed the Reset button, and they think Janelle may have too, except Mike doubts it since she had three players in the game.  Neither of them think Britney pushed the Reset button.

*  Dan said he would be ready to cut Danielle loose when he needs to.  Mike made some sort of comment about knowing that "Shane would be at the mall with Danielle after this..they will go shopping".  Mike said he assumed that Danielle's nominations were Dan's nominations, and he nodded.

*  Mike repeated over and over that 'actions speak louder than words' and this viewpoint makes Dan seem very shady to Mike.  When he left the room he said he had some enemies in the house, and it seemed that Dan is one of them.  He also said he didn't have a lot of options, so he might be open to ideas, but at the moment he didn't care very much.

5.  Janelle interrupted the meeting twice, once to come in to gather up all of the alcohol and again at the end of the conversation to come in for baking supplies--she is making more cookies tonight.  After she left Mike told Dan that he knew Janelle was a straight up liar.  When Mike left the room, Janelle went right in to talk to Dan.

Dan told her that Mike was upset.  Janelle pointed out that it was okay for Mike to blindside and scumbag people every week during BB7, but couldn't handle it when the same thing happened to him.

Janelle was wearing a bikini she has been seen in on the CBS show, with a towel wrapped around her.  When she was talking to Dan his head was basically the same height as her boobs and he must have felt uncomfortable about it.  

Dan thinks that Mike will come around, but it might take a few more conversations.  Janelle thinks they need to get Frank out of there so Mike comes around.  She wishes Dr. Will was there instead of Mike, since he is more logical and doesn't play with such emotion. 

Janelle:  The official Chilltown move is to stab your opponent in the house!  He stabbed James Rhine, Danielle Reyes, Marcellas and Howie in the back----all of them! 

Janelle also pointed out that Will saved her---he didn't let Mike use his Coup d'Etat to backstab Janelle.  She says that Wil (BB14 Wil) is already telling everybody that the Coaches are working together.

Dan can't understand why Mike would think Dan is scumbagging him in the DR.

Janelle:  Because he is the one who does that...not us!  He's paranoid about it because that's what he does! 

Janelle swears that Frank told her that he would target the Coaches if they came in the game.  He said that Dan and Mike would be on the block first, then he would go after Janelle.

6.  Danielle, Shane and Ashley lounged in the HOH and they are counting the days and the number of evictions. Shane thinks they will have at least two double evictions and Ashley says she dreads that---she hates those weeks.

Now we see Dan alone in the storage room putting peaches in the refrigerator (no no no that is not what you do with peaches!)  He is directly addressing the camera, saying that he thought he was going to play with one of the biggest badasses in the game and now he is having to "coach him up".

Back in the HOH Britney has arrived and all they all talk about Frank's mood tonight.  He made a comment that it sucked that everybody was talking about him being nominated, like he expected everybody to know.  They start mocking Joe and his "tall tales" he told over dinner.

7.  Now at the hot tub Wil is talking to Joe, Jenn and  Ian about the nominations.  Joe says that being nominated is a roller coaster and Wil says he was kind of relieved to be nominated.  If he goes home, he goes home. 

Wil promised himself that he wouldn't bad mouth someone he is nominated against.  (Really?)  Joe thinks they are going to backdoor someone this week, and Jenn agrees.  They seem to think that Wil will come off the block and someone else will be backdoored.  (Probably Mike or Janelle)

Joe discussed Danielle up on the ship walking the plank---he said that he was watching her and whenever people up there started talking about being in pain, she would look over at them and roll her eyes.  Jenn said it was hard to take up there, knowing that 23 and 24 year olds were up there, too.   Joe admitted that he didn't want to be the first one to fall.

Now Dan comes out and Ian has just finished his third can of Budweiser.  He weighed 115 at the end of last week, so he's feeling a buzz now.  They say getting that much beer in the BB house is a big thing. 

8.  Danielle got a necklace in her HOH basket that her niece Megan made for her with beads.  She tried to figure out what all of the beads mean---there is an elephant that she understands, but the rhino stumps her.

Out at the hot tub Ian discusses that for an endurance comp the TV show will often display a time lapse view of the sky to demonstrate that hours have passed.  He says they show a "gibbus" (sp?) moon on TV sometimes when there hasn't actually been one for weeks so he knows it was altered on TV.  (i.e. they use stock footage)

Back in the HOH they discuss Joe's mac and cheese tonight.  Danielle liked it, but not all of the extra things he put in it.  They all agree on that.  Britney wishes he had just made plain mac and cheese and as the show ends they watch Dan on the Spy Cam come up the stairs to the HOH.  Danielle compares him to a turtle.

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