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Big Brother After Dark - Can the Zingbot Take the Heat? 8-12-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Saturday, and in the wee hours of Sunday where I live.

On Saturday morning, the POV players were chosen, and then the HG waited all day for the competition to start.  Finally, around 7:00 pm BBT, the Zingbot appeared on the scene and then the feeds went to TRIVIA while the POV took place.

Frank won the POV.  I know Production was hoping someone else would step up to the plate and win something.  It's kind of boring if the same people keep winning over and over.

Anyway, Frank winning the POV could set the stage for a big backdoor this week, just like last week.  Surely Britney and Dan are nervous...


1.  When the show opens, Frank is sitting in the HOH with wet hair, discussing the situation with Mike.  It sounds like they are still planning to evict Wil, and not use the POV.  They are very wary about Britney, with all of her relationships in the house.  Mike thinks that if Dan and Britney are leery of them, Frank not using the POV should ease their fears and keep them safe next week if one of them wins HOH.  (I'm not so sure about that....)

Ian joins them and they congratulate him on his hosting tonight.

Ian: It was a good one for me to host....and it would have been a good one for me to play.  As soon as I saw what it was, I was wishing I had made Shane be the dog.  (i.e. to take the POV ticket he won last week from him and stick him with the doghouse prize).

Ian thinks that this week the HOH might have to quickly nominate two people on the live show, and then they will be evicted on Sunday.  Mike goes over that with them and they feel good.  Frank just hopes that whatever happens on Thursday doesn't cut into this "J.C. time" on the live show.  (i.e. Frank's Julie Chen time---he said he got to talk to her three times last week)  Mike thinks Production is eager to start filling the jury.

(I think Frank and Mike are at particular risk during the accelerated evictions--people will be more willing to get rid of them if they aren't going to hang around a long time and make things unpleasant.)

Frank was the Zingbot's last target tonight and Frank thinks he went pretty easy on him. 

Frank:  He even got my catchphrase in there so I'm feeling good about it.

Mike:  The only good one was Danielle.....but that was pretty fucking good!

Frank chuckles and agrees. 

Ian:  I think she's pretty upset, too.

Mike:  She's actually the best person to do a really good zing on, because she cares so much.  This will bother her for days...

Ian:  Well, she's downstairs worried that she's actually being portrayed as like a bunny boiler stalker, you know?

(ha ha ha ha ha)

Mike:  Well, I'm sure she is....

Ian: You think?

Mike:  Well, I don't want to be rude, but you know Shane's, you'd think Shane would be with Kara, you know what I mean?  She's an attractive girl, but with the roles of the show, she's...  I think she has these dreams and ambitions that she's this Princess Kate and then she hears that and she realizes she looks like that to everybody...

Ian:  Yeah.

Frank:  No offense to Shane, but he's not tight enough for Kara.

Mike: Well, their games are pretty well aligned, because he's like vanilla sauce..

Now they discuss Frank's success this week and that they will need to do both a Fast Forward and also a double eviction.  Mike wants to get some bodies out of there.

Frank:  The Zingbot's zing on Ashley was pretty good, because she didn't get it at first.  And that was pretty funny.

Mike:  She didn't see that coming.

Ian:  Now it all adds up, those questions from the Dairy Queen Cashier (i.e. the DR).  They asked, so how did the girls look (in the POV competition)...

Frank:  I'm glad the Zingbot threw out a "Preesh"!  That's my catchprase.

They hope they get a lot of booze tonight so they can get wasted.  Mike wants to wait to eat until he knows about the booze.  Ian doesn't like the texture of the cod.  Frank thought it was too buttery and salty---he's over it already.  Mike liked it.

Ian:  Well....Wil or Joe.  Take your pick.

Mike:  So many reasons for either...

Frank would like to get a Pandora's Box on Tuesday where he can evict two people this week.  Ian says that has never happened, but in BB8 Jen Johnson she knew she was going home and just started eating and didn't give a shit.  BB was going to give her a penalty nomination, but then somehow the HG figured out that they could evict both Jameka and Jen in the same week so Production changed it to a Penalty Vote instead.  Mike laughs at that.

2.  Downstairs Britney and Danielle are lounging in the bathroom.  The Zingbot said to Danielle that Shane had a special gift for her after the show...a restraining order.  Danielle is acting like she doesn't understand that but so far she seems okay.

Shane was there too and Britney tells him that Ian is upstairs in the HOH and Shane should go up there too.  It was a puzzle competition and Danielle wishes she could have played, since her memory is so good "as a teacher".

Shane:  I wonder if they would change noms...

Britney: Of course.....I wouldn't put anything past Boogie.  You would need five votes.

Shane mentioned that he put Frank up after the POV when he was HOH.  So he's worried about it.  He's going to plead his case tomorrow. 

In the kitchen someone made fresh salsa and they can hear them talking about it.

3.  Back upstairs, Ian tells us what his Zing was, performing it in a Zingbot accent:  Ian, for a chemical engineering student, you don't seem to have much chemistry with the ladies.

Mike thinks the win is like a missed blessing.  He likes the non-risk factor, but the rest of the week will now be so boring.  Ian says he'll take the boredom and Mike agrees.

Mike:  We have 116 hours with nothing to do.

Ian:  We'll have the backyard, though, so I can entertain myself.

Mike:  Yeah.  The indoor lockdowns are horrible.

There is a long period of silence and Mike gets called to the DR. 

3.  In the living room Ashley, Jenn, Wil and Dan sit and talk.  Jenn has on a different outfit that looks strange.  I think she is wearing a blue shirt and pants---I'm used to seeing her wear black and red all of the time.

Frank is downstairs now and they all are tasting some salsa that Joe made.  Britney did too---isn't she a Have Not?   Maybe they can have salsa.  There are avocados in the salsa and Britney is fishing them out.  Joe says that he makes salsa with all kinds of ingredients---the rules don't say what type of salsa it can be.  Joe is going to make a fruit salsa tomorrow and Britney is excited. 

Britney put the salsa on her fish.  Ashley can't believe Joe made the salsa in "like, 5 seconds".  The camera shows Wil sitting silently on the couch, arms folded. 

Now Frank is picking at the cod on the stove (even though he has said he was "over it") and Joe announces that as soon as the Have Nots have eaten, everybody can have the cod and salsa that he made for them.    Frank and Ashley dig right in without waiting.  Danielle won't eat the fish so I guess that's okay.  Shane and Britney are both eating with Joe.

I'm watching Joe eat, and his table manners are terrible.  He holds the fork like a shovel and says he could eat that meal all day---it's good. 

The salsa has garlic, red onion, baby tomatoes.....Frank said it is the best thing he's eaten this summer.  Joe says it is great on the fish and he would put that on a menu, with a side of Thai sticky rice.  Shane likes the soy on the fish.  Every one is eating except for Ian, Mike (DR) and Danielle. 

Jenn is talking about something that happened to Missy Elliot, but her mic isn't hooked up or something so we couldn't hear it.  It has got to be a good story, because they all are like "what"?  and "what did she do?"

Maybe they were talking about how she lost weight.  Joe says this salsa recipe will be in the BB Cookbook.  He studied salsas for 6 months---different ethnic tastes and recipes.  He can make a dozen different types in 10 minutes.

Ian and Danielle stand at the kitchen sink and discuss how they won't eat the cod.  Frank says again that he loves the salsa.  Joe had to make due without a jalapeno and Frank says it is so fresh and delicious.  Like a father, Dan is trying to persuade Danielle to try the dinner---if she doesn't like it she doesn't like it, but the upside is that she will enjoy it.

4.  Britney picks at her plate and watches Frank closely.  She's worried about his power and I can see it in her eyes.  Wil is now eating a green salad that I think he made himself and forks at the greens silently.  No trace of the former Wil's personality..  There is still a large piece of fish left in the pan.

(Wil needs to get his ass up to the HOH and start pitching a blindside of Britney. It might be too late but what has he got to lose now?)

Britney make a pot of "dessert coffee".  Danielle is eating a real candy cane, the Christmas kind.  Jenn loves the salsa and is stabbing at it with chips.  Ian is eating a bowl of chips and salsa.  Britney goes over to Danielle and is trying to tell her she needs to eat some real food.  The cameras close in on Danielle's face as she sucks on the candy cane.  Of course.

Will is wearing a pair of denim cutoff shorts that I haven't seen before.  They are longer than his usual shorts but are skin tight.  Danielle is listening to a song in her head and is tapping her candy cane on the counter to it, then standing up and dancing around, now sitting back down thumping on the counter, playing the drums.

Ashley sits in one of the nomination chairs with Frank.  Mike is on the couch and Dan is eating one of Frank's mini Ben & Jerry's ice cream cups--Strawberry.   Ashley is "finally full" from the salsa and the fish.  She feels good.

Frank kept "his wand" from the competition and Ashley is jealous.  Mike wonders how to even describe the competition to someone else--I guess he was talking about it in the DR.  They discuss who is working in the DR---Frank says that "Brown" was in there last night.  BB tells them to stop.

There are only 5 ingredients in the ice cream that Dan is eating.  Frank mentions that he has Janelle's favorite ice cream up there in the HOH fridge---Cherry Garcia.  Mike is saying "Preesh" now, BTW.  Usually Frank is "just boozin'" when he goes to Mercato Pub and doesn't get appetizers there.  Frank gets a vodka and water, or a vodka and soda recently.  Dan likes Scotch and Soda.  Frank likes Makers Mark and Diet Sprite, with a dash of soda water.

Mike:  Our Diet Coke at Geisha on the gun (bar gun) is kind of syrupy, so I always add soda water to it.

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5.  I think they had to wear costumes tonight that look like scrubs, but with a colorful logo on the shirt.  Ashley and Jenn are still wearing their costumes, which is why I noticed Jenn's different clothing.  Ashley's costume is a burgundy red color.   The logo says "Zingbot Labs".  (No wonder Ian said it was a good competition for him.)

Ian likes to drink White Russians at home.  Mike doesn't like to drink too much when he plays poker.  He likes to have about three drinks so he is kind of aggressive, but not too agressive.

Mike:  I've learned that lesson before.

(Was it this night, Mike?)

Shane had 11 shots of vodka in 10 minutes during college and blacked out.  He got to the party late and had to catch up. He was a sophomore and threw up the next morning.  But he doesn't remember much about the evening.

Ooooo...then Shane tells the story of going down on a girl with her period.  Mike says she should have given Shane a head's up about that.  The camera changes thank god.

Jenn is getting ready to eat dinner.  I think she is eating the leftover carnicitas from Thursday night.  She made a plate of nachos with it.  It looks cheesy and delicious.

Mike wants us to tweet Geoff Stilts and tell him Mike Boogie said his brother has better hair.  He says Geoff will understand. 

Shane is talking about Tucker Max now and tells a disgusting scatological story that I won't repeat.  After all, Jenn is trying to eat. 

Wil gives a shout out to Big Bar in Louisville Kentucky.  He hopes they are "guzzling them down for him". (It's a gay bar.)

6.  Britney says Jenn is so considerate to leave the fish for the Have Nots.  Wil is starting to talk again so that is good to see.  Britney whispers in Danielle's ear, and vice versa.  So rude to the people sitting there.  I did hear Britney say that Danielle can "take that with her".  I interpret this to mean a lesson, and not an object.

Mike is talking about different bars in LA.  Shane gives a shout out to Memphis from BB10 and asks Mike if he sees him out and about.

Mike:  I've seen him a few times.  But he's always been a gentleman when I've rolled up on him...

Wil thinks the Zingbot missed a lot of good things about himself to make fun of.

Britney and Wil talk about Janelle, but this time Britney decides to compliment her.  Britney says Janelle was her favorite Big Brother player of all time., and that she was scared of her incredible ability to win competitions.  She then says that Janelle is the most beautiful person she's ever lived with or been close to on this level.  Wil says she was so beautiful in the morning and they both say her skin is flawless.

Britney:  And then for a new mother with a 7 month old to be rocking a two piece?  I'd be lucky to be in a one piece.

7.  They are getting some sort of special treat tonight that the Have Not's can't participate in.  I guess it is booze.  Britney mentions Nana's letter to Frank that mentioned the drought.  They discuss how hot and dry the Midwest must be.  Wil cautions us not to go outside.

They loved hearing Lady Gaga this morning.  Wil pulled the covers up over his head so he could just enjoy it.  Wil says the story reminds him of Britney moving back home to marry her husband (who was her high school sweetheart).  BB also played Nelly's Hot in Here and Danielle liked that one.  Britney did not.

Frank discusses the Zingbot and liked him coming in here.  I think he might have passed out!  The Zingbot may have passed out!

Frank:  Obviously the Zingbot almost passin' out was not fun, but it was great to see that motherfucker come in the door and give us all a good zing!

Dan:  Did you hear Britney's BB12 Zingbot story? 

Frank:  Yeah, he almost passed out in the kitchen and had to take his gloves off and yelled at everybody to get him out of that fuckin' thing!

They all crack up.  Frank says Britney was a "fucking trooper and kept her mouth shut" today.

(Wow, so I guess that costume is really hot, huh?  You'd think they would install a fan inside it or something.  The Zingbot must need that paycheck really bad, to not even get credit as a performer.)

8.  Wil and Britney list all of Lady Gaga's songs.  Danielle ate something that might have been that last piece of fish, but I'm not sure.

Danielle is going to do card tricks for them---she sits in the nomination chair next to Frank and starts shuffling.  The camera shows us Joe staring intently at her.  (ha ha ha)

Danielle asks Frank to pick cards--she is asking him questions about which cards he is mentally picking and he is kind of giving her a hard time about it.  Now she says that his card will be the 10th card she pulls out but she has the deck of cards hidden behind her back.  Frank says that she 'pushed him' into picking the card she wanted him to pick.

She is going to do another trick now and Frank jokes that she is "raising the bar".   Now she spreads out the cards so Frank can see them and asks him to pick on but don't tell her.  Yadda yadda yadda she reshuffles the deck and lays out cards.  The trick went on and on but in the end they were all impressed that Danielle guessed the right card.

They call for Wil to come over and try it, but Britney does instead.  She was impressed, and then Danielle did another trick that amazed everybody.  Frank says he figures out each trick--Mike tries to guess too and Danielle just grins while they talk.

Danielle says it is a "mathematical thing" and shushes Frank and says she will tell him later, but not in front of everyone.

9.  Jenn and Wil whispered in the storage room.  She is going to try and figure out what is going on and will let him know.

Wil:  We'll just wait until the POV ceremony and then go from there.

They are hoping that someone else gets put up on the block, but if not Jenn is going to start working votes to keep Wil.  She is going to approach Danielle about her vote.  She mentions what Janelle said to her about not taking too many guys to the end.

Jenn:  It's a big boy's club...just make sure you work the ladies..

Jenn has noticed that the big group dynamic that has formed isn't always working.  Jenn says that Joe really pissed off the girls and they won't forget that kind of thing.

Jenn:  We can all cook our own food....

10.  In the living room they are still pestering Danielle about her card tricks.  Dan thinks he can figure it out and is giving her a hard time about it and is being kind of a dick, I think.

Ian:  Dan wants her to perform actual magic!

They all laugh. Ian is holding his small teddy bear.  (Where is Ted and is he wearing his Spiritard?)

Frank:  I'm just really enjoying the card tricks, and talking about the Zingbot fucking passin' out!

Britney, in the distance:  It wasn't passing out---it was a heatstroke brain damage kind of thing....

Now they talk about hardboiled eggs that have been in the fridge since Kara was in the house.  Mike wants to "hammer a few beers and then eat".

Now Dan is holding the deck of cards and wants Britney to slide her card in there but she sees the way he is holding the deck to trick her.  They are having fun and laughing.  I think they are locked down inside still, as the crew cleans up the backyard from whatever went on out there tonight.

Ashley is eating a "halfway chocolate" and says she's going to get "white girl wasted tonight".  Then she says she is kidding---they never get enough booze to get wasted.  Both she and Jenn like their Zingbot Labs costumes--Ashley plans to wear hers in the house.

11.  Mike asks Danielle where she learned the card tricks.  She says she saw it on TV and he prods her about that.  She says she saw a TV show where they explained the tricks.  Mike is suspicious--I can tell.

Dan has a game to play where no one has to move from their seat--it's called Murder.  Whoever gets the blue Ace is the murderer and kills others from winking at them.  Once you are killed you wait a few seconds and then "die".  If you get caught winking, someone can call you out.  Ian says he hates the game.  Dan says if you get the Red Three you are the murderer.  He explains the rules again.  If you're not the murderer, you can't wink at people as a ruse.

Dan walks around with the fanned deck of cards and lets people choose.  Jenn says "she's good" and skips the play this time.  Dan says the murderer can wait a few minutes to start killing if they want to.

Everyone is looking around.  It's actually kind of exciting.  Mike thinks he knows who it is, but Frank says you have to catch them winking.

Frank: It's Britney!

Britney: How did you know?  I didn't even start winking!

Frank:  She smiled real big when she got her card.

Mike agrees.  Jenn saw it too. Ian says the game sucks.  They decide to play again.

12. I think there was some sort of penalty prize that someone got stuck with today.  They mentioned that they don't know when it will start.  (??)  Joe is involved with whatever it is.  They are still hoping to get booze tonight but it is very late.  Mike says that Janelle drank "half of the booze every night".

They started playing Murder again and Frank called out Danielle right away.  They have a new rule that you can't start killing someone within the first 20 or 30 seconds to create more suspense.  Mike is drinking a beer but it is from his stash---he's drinking his second beer now.  He is negotiating with Ian about getting a "cash advance" on one of his stashed beers.

Now they are playing a new game and Mike says that Britney has on "her pageant face so it might be her".  Britney is dead now, so it's not her.  They all look around and Dan says there is a good murderer on the loose.  Lots of nervous laughter.

Frank:  Someone's takin' their time.

Mike:  We're gettin' better at this game.

Frank:  Yeah, like Dexter...

Someone calls out Ian as the murderer.

Mike:  Damn! I would have liked to see him kill about 7 people!

13.  Mike says he tried to describe the competition on the DR and had trouble doing it.  Someone else is going to have to do it for them, maybe Ian.  Mike mentions that his "home girl' is in the DR tonight.

They got some beers and Dan handed Mike two very cold beer cans covered with condensation.  Mike was happy--with four beers on an empty stomach I guess he can catch a little buzz.  They started playing team charades and they got into it.

Wil was playing on a team with Frank and Shane and forgot his animosity in the spirit of the game.  For those keeping track, Ashley is moving around playing charades and does not seem to be in pain.  At one point she kept getting down on the ground and curling up in the fetal position as she acted out a movie.


  1. can someone tell Britney to close her mouth when she eats. I have to fast forward through her segments while she is eating, teach her some manners.

  2. This card game is not called "Murder", it is
    "Assassin", and the real rules actually mirror the Big Brother game fairly well. The rules are as Dan has described, except there is one "host" who has all the players put their heads down in between rounds. The host is the player who draws the 2. The Assassin draws the Ace. In 2 seconds, the Assassin raises his head points at the player he wishes to kill. After the Assassin chooses his target, he puts his head back down. The host then has all players raise their heads, and the host tells the chosen victim that he is "dead". Dead players can no longer play. The remaining living players then vote on one person to kill (takes a majority to execute), in attempt to execute the secret Assassin. If a majority is not reached in 2 minutes, the players put their heads down and go on to the next round.

    The game takes an understanding of friendships and personalities (for instance...would Frank execute Boogie quickly, in attempt to throw the rest off his track, or just to mess with him?) and a great poker face.


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