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Big Brother Affter Dark - Whispers...Lies..and Allegations - 8-18-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Friday, and on Saturday morning where I live.

Shane is the HOH, and about two hours before this program aired, he blindsided Mike Boogie and Frank by nominating them.

A lot of stuff happened after that.  You can get a feel for it here.


1.   When the show starts we see Britney having a tearful conversation with Shane about the evening's events.  If I didn't know better, I would think Britney's tiny ass was on the block.  I would never guess that one of her allies is the HOH, and that she herself won Safety for the week.  She is just the saddest house guest in the world right now.

Shane was apologizing to Britney about blaming the nominations on her.  Britney was calm, and said she can see that he is trying to make moves for himself.  He is sorry she was abused by Froogie.  Britney clarifiies that they didn't "call her names or anything", but that they "told her to save it".  Shane was confused by that.  His hair has a big swoop tonight seemingly sculpted out of plastic.  Not unlike Johnny Bravo.  Shane says that he is very sorry, and still has her best intentions in mind, even if the feeling is not mutual.  Britney just wants to sit alone, so Shane leaves.

2.  Danielle came in and Britney started rehashing everything, and tells her that she "lost BB12 because she trusted the wrong people".  She did some weird angry whispering routine about how she was "the big bad girl who was so evil she was sent home on Day 67 of BB12".   She seems to be either losing it, or playing some sort of weird role. 

She said she read message boards before coming in this year and people said that if Britney was going to be a Coach, "LOL" because she was so bad last time.   Then she did the same weird routine again, but pretending she was a wicked witch.  After a moment Dan came in.

As usual Dan just sits there and lets her talk, staring and telling her nothing. Dan thanks her for not throwing him and Danielle under the bus.  Britney said that she didn't tell them anything about who said what.  Britney leaves and gets called to the DR.

Dan and Danielle stay behind in the Arcade and whisper.  Dan says that "when they come to you, then you have the power".

3.  On Skid Row Frank and Mike are strategizing.  Frank thinks they should put it on blast that Dan came to them and wanted to work with the two of them.  Mike wants to wait until they win the POV first.  Frank knows that Dan is planning on whoever stays working with him.  Mike just wants to go home if Frank is gone, but says he will try to fight.

Frank knew it would cost him in the end for not evicting Dan, but thought that wouldn't happen until a few weeks down the road.  Mike thinks Dan's playing risky and hopes that doesn't cost him the game. 

Frank:  When we say we're loyal, we mean it.  But when he says it, it doesn't come off like that..

Mike:  He's like a used car salesman.  Slimy.....

The cameras show us Dan, whispering with Danielle and Shane in the Arcade.  I think they're talking about Britney.

Back to Froogie, Mike says if he goes home this week, Frank should bond with Jenn, Ashley, Ian and Joe. 

Frank:  We'll tell them, we all got played by these motherfuckers!  Now let's bond together and get them out!

Mike says Dan is working double time right now.  Frank wants to call Dan out and say he knows he sold them out, and Mike will say you better win that POV!  Mike asks the cameras if Showtime wants to see that?  He thinks they shouldn't do it right in front of everyone, but he's down for that.

Mike:  I'll just tell them.  You moved too early dog!  That's what I respected about Rachel.  Last year she said that, it's on bitches!  That's not the way I prefer to play, but I'll do it.  I hope he walks in here right now.

Mike knows Dan and Danielle want them to be against Shane and Britney. 

Mike:  If he thinks he's being slick, we'll go to the end of the earth to expose everything we know!

Frank:  And I'll tell him everything he said when he wanted us to keep Danielle. 

Mike:  Instead of calling everybody out the night they're evicted, we'll do that all week.  And like I said to "the Wizard".  I knew what I was doing when I took that 10 G's.  And I'd do it again every time! I wasn't going to beat him anyway.

Frank:  Fuckin' Dan...

Mike:  He's a sneaky son of a bitch.

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4.  Now we switch cameras to Joe, who is starting a very loud presentation of the Big Brother cooking show in the kitchen.  He is making turkey burgers in front of an audience of Danielle and Jenn.  Dan and Shane are there now too.

He says that everybody loves the Big Brother turkey burgers, so he's going to show us how to make them.  He starts with a package of ground turkey, pointing out that the meat is 97% fat free.  Then he adds a cup of parmesan cheese---the cheap kind in the green cannister.  But that's all he has in there to work with, so I understand.  (Cheese is virtually 100% fat, so there goes the low-fat benefits of using turkey.)   The cameras switch back to the bedroom, but I did hear him add 1/2 cup of Worsteshire sauce.  (Wow so far he is adding a TON of fat and sodium.)  And also 1/4 tsp smoked paprika and some other things. 

(This is why food in restaurants tastes so good---they add tons of things for flavor and texture that pack on calories and fat.)

Back in the bedroom Mike apologizes to Nana for the rough language and manners in the game right now.   He hopes Dan gets to play for POV and loses.

Frank: Fuckin' Dan.  I'm ready to call him out right now.  I'll be like, homey, c'mon now.  Fool me once, shame on you..fool me twice, shame on me!

Mike:  These fucking castaways are loving this...

Frank is going to let Danielle know that Dan tried to sell her out.  Mike says Dan goes back to that Christian world...that's how he won the last time.  They are going to tell him that if one of them goes, the other will fight tooth and nail to get Dan out.  And they're no way around that.

(Wouldn't that make the floaters happy?  If they just kill off each other?)

5.  Back in the kitchen Joe is mixing the meat with his hands and there is a sick squishing sound.  He tells the crowd he had selected applewood smoked bacon and avocados as toppings.  We see a close up of Ian watching, and Ashley too.  Ian can't sit still and is twitching and moving his head. 

Joe asks the crowd what toppings they like, and they call out red onions, Ian says peppers, Ashley wants cheese!

Back in the bedroom Mike points out how great the episode will be on Sunday.  We will see how cocky he was after winning that money.  I think he had a big dollar sign around his neck, or something like that. 

Mike:  And then I'm nominated...what a great TV show.  So cocky...then BAM!

They keep working on their strategy, and how the conversations might go.  All of Frank's scenarios feature him addressing the Castaways after Mike leaves, but I guess that's okay, right?

Mike discusses taking one of Dan's T-shirts and wearing it under their clothes on Thursday night, ripping it off as they walk out the door and shooting him a dirty look.  The cameras close in on Dan's sad St. Mary's T-shirt spread across a bed adjacent to them.

Mike: I guess I"m not going sailing at The U anytime soon.  (ha ha ha that awful red T shirt Dan always wears).  If there was booze in the storage room right now I'd fuckin' pound it.

Frank gets really hung over so he can't drink too much.  Mike didn't know that---he has a very fast recovery time.

6.  Ian comes in the room and says Joe's cooking show is giving him a headache.  Mike starts telling Ian that Dan is the one they should worry about, not Britney.  Ian wants to know why and Mike tells him that Dan wanted Shane and Britney to target them.  He also told Dan something, and only Dan, but Britney repeated it back to him.

Ian acts like he is scandalized by that--so shocked at Dan's behavior.  Ian thinks that if one of them come off the block, he may go up.  Frank says Joe or Ashley might go up.  Ian thinks Frank would have a hard time beating them in a vote, because people may want to take her to the end.

Ian points out that his key was the last in the box, and Mike forgot about that. 

(Ian ASKED for that from Shane. How embarrassed will Mike be when he learns Ian is scumbagging him?)

7.  Now we see Shane and Joe in the Arcade.  Shane knows that if Boogie wins HOH next week he and Dan would be up on the block immediately, and Joe agrees.

Shane:  I know my neck is on the line...

Joe: Deep on the line.....deep on the line...

Joe says he is behind Shane all the way.  He is guaranteed final six now, because everyone will save him for making this bold move.

(For the SECOND time this season.)

Back on Skid Row Mike wonders if all that went down on Showtime.  Ian says it happened before, but the East Coast likes to watch the feeds at night.  Mike says it is on Friday though, so people might be out.  Ian says Friday night is the night he is most likely to go out, so sometimes he misses the aftermath of the nominations.

(Please Ian, don't lie.  We know you are glued to the internet on Friday nights so you can update the Wikipedia page.)

8.  That Shane sure gets around.  Now we see him, not even 5 minutes later, in the HOH with Dan.  I think Dan is there under the pretense of listening to the Akon CD.  Shane says that Britney did influence him, but she didn't cloud his judgement.  He says Britney is upset about being a target, but he is much higher on the target list than she is.

Dan:  And you'll have times like these in the house.  You just have to get through it, and let your alliance know you will be there.

Shane says that he appreciates the support, and did not tell Froogie that Dan was behind anything. Dan appreciates that, and they say how happy Joe is right now.  Dan says now "Float City" will float along for a few more weeks.

Shane:  I tried to tell them what they wanted to hear when they were up here...they want to win the POV and put you up, and they brought up Final Three again, so if you hear that....

Dan:  I wish you had seen Season 7, because he would not be acting like this if Dr. Will was here.  Will made all the decisions....Boogie won a few comps, but Will made the moves.

Dan says Ian said something to Mike by the pool about him being there because Will wouldn't do it. 

Dan:  Mike went from zero to 60 and said, who told you that!  He was really mad about that.  Dr. Will made people mad in the game, but was always calm and friendly...never made people mad....never acted like this...

**knock knock**

It's Frank at the door, coming in and asking "Where's ole Brit at?"

Shane and Dan are both lying back on the bed.  Frank said he had a long DR tonight.  Shane asks if he wants to talk alone, and Frank says he's "makin' the rounds tonight" and he didn't want to just lay in his room.

Dan says the Akon CD is long---17 songs.  Shane knows that the game plays with your emotions.

Frank:  I'm getting kind of used to bein' on the block.  I'm like the whippin' post--it's like let's all put Frank back up on the block.

Now Ian shows up, with a mug of water and complaining of a neckache.   His neck is sore from falling in the competition and jerking back as he fell.  Shane's a little sore, but he was more sore from the Pirate Ship.  Dan and Ian hurt more today---Ian says the "frickin' pirate ship was like Candyland".

Today they were locked down outside and then they came back in there were balls on the ground that led to the Arcade, where there was a ball with a "?" on it.  They think that might refer to the POV competition, but Frank thinks it may be Pandora's box.

Ian says that the Pandora's Box door will have a big question mark on it.  Shane says he didn't watch the show much before BB14--just a few years, so he doesn't know what half of "the crap is in here".

Ian asked about the games they played with the We Love Big Brother guy.  Ian got them all right, but Shane missed six or so.  Shane asks if they made him "take his shirt off in front of the beach thing".  Ian did, and he "did a thing with taking off his sunglasses".  Frank had to "catch a football with one hand".  I think they did this for the SupePass promos.

9.  In the kitchen Jenn is shuffling around and is talking about taking more Advil for her back pain.  She shows Ashley and Joe some little heating pads that she has in her waistband that are making her feel better.  She was icing her back but after sitting in the hot tub twice today, she thought the heat felt better so she requested the heating pads.  She's used them before so she was familiar with them.

Ashley:  Oh shit!  I'm asking for those!

They seem to think that the pain is muscle-related since heat helps it.

Upstairs Ian is describing the confinement punishment that might come up. He talks about previous seasons where they are in the Have Not room for 24 hours, with slop, bread and water.  There is a toilet in the room behind a curtain.  Ian thought this would happen this week, since there were no Have Nots--BB was going to use the room for the confinement.

Now they discuss Wil, and his career as a recording artist.  Ian explains that he does parody videos, and Dan remembers one about "Hey Girl Do Your Thing"  and Wil's long explanation about it.  He now understands why Wil did so many impressions in his speeches.

Ian leaves and Frank immediately asks Shane and Dan, "Hey what happened to the Silent Six?"  Then Britney comes in and Frank repeats it.

Frank:  I'm gonna look like a fuckin' idiot with all that bloggin' I did about the Silent Six.

Britney sits down and crunches snacks without speaking.

Shane:  You really blogged about it?

Frank:  Yep, I said the Silent Six were runnin' the house, exclamation point!

They make small talk about Shane's stuffed dog, and how much he drank.  He had 4 beers and a glass of wine.  He got a piece of glass stuck in his foot but took it out.

(Britney and Danielle were in the HOH bathtub with Ashley and Danielle's wine glass fell and broke all over the HOH floor.)

Britney is silent and Frank asks if she wants a hug--she looks like she needs a hug.  I didn't hear her respond, but there was no hug.  There is awkward silence and Frank asks if they'd like him to leave.  They say no, and they watch Jenn on the Spy Cam talk to Joe.

Frank forgets that Jenn is 37 sometimes---I think they were discussing her injury during the commercial.  They talk about Ashley doing yoga for 10 years, it keeps her flexible.  (What about her back?)  Dan tried yoga with his wife once and had trouble getting in and out of the car the next day.

Now Britney is talking a little about Shane's stuffed animal. Britney has been pouting, big time.  The DR told Frank that the name "Ted" is trademarked--I don't think they can call him that and maybe that is why we didn't see Ted in his Spiritard very much on the CBS show.

Poor Ted is a has-been already.  Even before being evicted.

10.  In the living room, Danielle is taking Joe and Ashley through some floor stretches and leg lifts.  We quickly went downstairs and Joe was groaning loudly about his buttocks.  He is feeling the burn!  Shane went and watched the action over the railing, probably making sure Joe's form is good.

Danielle tells him to flip over so they can work on the other side, and Joe says "you can't flip a whale!".  (ha ha ha)  Now they flip and Danielle is making them do leg lifts on the other side.

Frank and Britney are still in the HOH with Dan and Frank tells her he's sorry.  (Why is HE sorry?)   Britney says it's okay, and he's probably pretty bummed out too.  Frank says every time he is up on the block, he knows he's one step closer to going home.

Frank:  I've had to fight so hard.  Every time I haven't been HOH I've been on the block. And I worked so hard to just get in here.

He points out that it's not like he's on the block because he's lyin' to people.  Maybe he should have played a dirtier game. The camera closes in on Britney's face.  Her eyes are wet and she is nervously picking at her face.  A guilty look, you might say.

They see Mike on the Spy Cam and Frank laughs that he's changed his hat again--he has a lot of hats. 

Frank:  I asked them in the Dairy Queen if they could make me a shirt that says "Preesh" and they said, yeah Frank, that's what we've got back here, a guy who makes shirts for you and hats for Mike!

11.  Now we see Joe finishing his leg work and it was not pretty, BB fans.  He looked like he was having some sort of leg seizure.  The living room clapped when he was finished.  Shane came back in the HOH when it was over and Frank says that the "yelps were excruciating".

Downstairs Danielle has them get on all fours for some butt work and Jenn compliments her teaching technique.  In the HOH Frank tells them the expression "a gentleman never asks and a lady never tells".  Maybe they were talking about Ashley?

Britney feeds the fish and is still acting like it's the end of the world.  In the living room Danielle is having them do the Pilates "100".  (Oh I hate that.)

Now Frank is talking to Shane and Britney---Dan has left the room.  Frank starts telling them that he thinks Dan wants Shane and Britney to square off against he and Mike.  He tells them what Dan said about being a Final Three, when he came in the room and told Frank he was going to roll with the two greatest winners in the game.  Dan also wanted him to blog about the Final Three.  Frank wants them to know that he's never lied in this game, and that he's pretty sure that Dan has been making the same sort of statements to them.

Frank:  You know, I've fought very hard to be here.  And I want Mike to be here, because he's the only person I feel like I can trust.  And even when ya'll have come after me and put me up, I didn't come after you...

Shane acknowledges that Frank is a man of his word.  Frank says Britney's name never came up last week, but the only thing they've said to Dan is that if Britney was gone, they thought they could work with Shane.

Frank:  He's lied to us so and Mike have been so burned by him.

Britney:  I heard it too, that you guys would put up me and Shane.  If you heard the same thing, you'd go back and tell Boogie.

11. Now on Skid Row Dan and Mike are talking and Mike is grilling Dan about what happened.  He wants to know just "what the hell happened between last night and what just happened".  Dan starts hemming and hawing about how after nominations Mike and Frank "wouldn't even look at him".

Mike is smiling in an amused fashion, like he can't believe what Dan is trying to tell him.  He is saying that it is either Britney or him, and they should get down to the bottom of it.  If' you're going to make a move, then say you are going to make a move, and let's go.

Mike:  Somebody's making a move, because my key wasn't in that box! 

12. Now we go back the HOH, where Britney is doing a long schpeil about how she feels.

Britney:  Frank, YOU need to understand how I feel---I keep thinking this is BB12 all over again...I trusted people and then they got rid of me....I was so hurt back then and I keep thinking it's going to happen again!

(Britney didn't even have an alliance with ANYONE, not even Lane, or Ragan, or Matt.  She just hung out with people and stayed out of the way.  So I don't think that comparison works.)

Britney: Look at what happened to me in the first week here!  I had to sleep with one eye open!

Now Dan comes back and says Mike wants to talk.  Dan looks grim as Shane says "about what?"  Mike comes strolling right in, wearing a different hat that he wore in the last scene.

Mike wants to "have an open forum", indicating he already spoke with Shane, and Britney.  Dan wants to talk with just Mike and Britney, the three of them.

Mike:  Just us?  With Britney?

Frank:  And not me?  I'm on the block now too, Champ!

Mike:  I can't imagine what you would have to say to me that doesn't involve him.

Dan grimly agrees to move forward, saying they will try to answer honestly.  Mike says that they want to get out in the open who said what..who told Shane that Mike and Boogie were going after them. 

Mike: She never said your name, but I'm assuming it is you.  I'd love to know what happened, and who said what.

Britney:  That comes down to me saying who told me, and I dont' want to do that.

(Danielle told her last night.)

Mike is trying to get to the bottom of it, but no one is talking.  Shane says if they heard something, maybe it referred to later weeks of the game.  Mike points out that they did discuss that they could use the POV last week to nominate Dan, but they decided not to, to stick with the group as it was a great alliance.

Mike says Frank said they did it to Janelle, they should do it to Dan.  Mike says that he was not willing to do that, and he may not have even voted for Frank to win the game if he did that to Dan.  Mike says if they send one of them home this week, then you are leaving one mad person in the game, and that there will be enough Castaways in the game to band together for the votes.  Mike believes that Dan was behind the nominations, and will continue to believe that unless Dan can tell them any different.

The room is silent.  Frank wants to know if that means yes or no.   Mike says the silence means yes.  Dan says he doesn't throw people under the bus, so the silence should tell them something.

Frank:  How 'bout we take the Mr. Myagi out of this conversation!

(ha ha ha ah)

Mike says maybe Frank should leave the room if that will get him to talk...Frank asks for confirmation and Dan just says if they want him to, he'll take the heat.  Mike tries to get some other sort of response from him and he is silent.  Dan asks Britney how she feels, and she struggles for words.

Frank, to Dan, getting heated:  What I'm sayin' right now is I don't like you pushin' off questions on other people without anwerin' any of 'em yourself!  You aren't sayin' shit!

Shane tries to step in with some soothing words.

Mike:  I didn't even go for the fuckin' jug, man.  I was so sure about our commitment.

Britney said she heard they were coming after she and Shane, so why would they leave them in the game?  Frank thought they were all going to six, and then playing after that.  Why couldn't they have told them this before the HOH, so Boogie wouldn't go for the 10K?

Mike, laughing:  That wouldn't have been smart if you wanted to screw us.

I feel I must comment that Shane's hair is still holding up in it's styled position.  Dan promises them on his wife's life that he didn't say that.

(What does that mean?  What does that ever mean?  Is someone going to hurt his wife if Dan lies?)

Ha ha Frank says I don't like everybody swearing on their dog, and their wife...

Mike: I never really understood that.  I mean, you're still going home to your wife!

(ha ha ha Me and Mike Boogie think alike. I'll take that as a compliment.)

13.  Mike points out that the people who "fell on their ass all night" want this to happen, for the strong players to go against each other so a floater can win. Shane offers to leave if they want to talk and Mike says he's not even sure what they are trying to sell now.  There are still options to think about.

Mike:  How is everybody going to feel if Joe wins a few competitions when there is no one left to play against and we have to put his key in the slot?

Mike says he isn't any more mad now then he was before.  He was in the DR and said that he told them last week that he was so happy they didn't backdoor Dan last week, and even used the phrase "gettin' jiggy with it".

Mike:  And now they want me to redo that in great is that for them to have the cocky guy who is so happy about their alliance and then look what happens...

The cameras change to the Arcade and BB warns Mike not to talk about Production.

We quickly see Ian, Ashley and Danielle whispering nervously in the Arcade.  It's like they heard their Mom and Dad discuss divorce or something.  They are just quivering in a corner waiting to see what happens.

14.  Finally Shane and Frank leave the HOH room so Mike can talk to Dan and Britney. Mike points out more info about his DR sessions, saying he supported Dan all the way.  His biggest concern in the game is looking like a sucker, and getting played.

Dan just sits silently, as usual.  Britney wants to know why Mike is having a witchhunt to find out who said what, if he is telling them now about the discussion to nominate Dan last week.  Mike admits that Britney and Danielle will hide behind the guys---he has talked about that with people. 

(How great are things for Shane, when he is the one who nominates Mike and Frank but isn't being blamed for it?)

15,  As the show ends, Britney and Dan are alone in the HOH.  Dan points out that Ian is the source of the information, and he is the first one to tell them that Mike and Boogie were going to flip on the alliance.

Dan:  So I'm covering for that kid, and taking the heat.  You won't hear his name coming out of my mouth.  I'll take the heat.  But he needs to know what I'm doing for him, the problems it is causing..

***Whew what a night***

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