Wednesday, August 1, 2012

BB Key Surprises #BB14

It looks like they are locked down inside today.  If that is the case, there is an extensive set being built for the live show, and we all know what that means.  (Endurance competition!)

The first year Frank got a BB key, they served it to him in a pizza box and he was very surprised.  The next year he was expecting it, but they put the key inside a box of Rice Chex  and he found it while making a bowl of cereal.

Wil said he was on his parent's rooftop and was asked if he wanted "another glass of champagne" and that is how he received his invitation.  I have heard Wil say that his parents live in an old elevator factory that has been renovated near downtown Louisville.  The ceilings are extremely high, and his mother uses a long pole to pull down folding racks of clothes in her closet.

(I guess he will inherit that house? Lucky little bastard...)

Joe says they put his BB "invitation" in a kitchen drawer and "he missed it".  I think they had to tell him to go back again and BB told Joe to stop telling us about that.

Jenn loved the first song today and Frank said both he and Mike both said "Jenn's loving this".

Frank sings a few bars of Sister Christian before we go to FISH.

I predict a long, frustrating lockdown for these people.  Frank sings the first line of Night Moves and gets away with it.  It's one of his favorite songs.  Joe likes John Prime and thinks he is a great songwriter.

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