Thursday, August 9, 2012

BB Household Chores #BB14

All of a sudden the house guests have a million things to do.  Joe is going to iron his chef coat for tonight.  He's waiting for the iron to heat up, and nosing around in the storage room.

 Danielle is going to vacuum and has a difficult time figuring out how to empty the dirt cannister.  Frank barked a few suggestions from the sidelines, but then came over to help her.  Frank finally figured out how to open it.

No, Jenn is not wearing a sari tonight.  She has red hair dye on half of her head and is waiting before she can wash it out.

Shane and Ashley chat about tonight.  They wonder what the HOH will be.  Shane thinks maybe questions, or a knock out competition (where people eliminate each other).  I have no idea what is in Ashley's bowl.  I thought it war a bowl of raisin bran or something, but she just blew on it so it is something hot.

1 comment :

  1. It could be raisin bran. My mom heats raisin brain and grape nuts. Weird, right?


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