Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ashley Heard the Audience Groan #BB14

when she cast her vote to evict Janelle.  Frank jokes about his HOH letter, that his family would have had to write it while he was on the block.

Shane shaved today.

Frank joked that Nana wrote a letter that says "Frank, I hope you're not reading this, because I'm kind of a Janelle fan.."

Danielle just sits and stares, jiggling her legs like crazy.  I was kind of hoping Ashley would win so she could spend some time alone with Shane in the HOH.

Maybe Danielle is mad because she didn't get her one-on-one interview with Julie. 

Jenn asks if Julie has a sister.  The cameras give the fans a bittersweet tribute to America's Favorite Houseguest.

Frank is hoping to get Biggie Smalls Ready to Die and Jenn hopes so too.  Frank keeps mentioning a Snickers with Peanut Butter bar.  He wants some of those Pretzel M & Ms, too.

Jenn talks about the new Korn album that includes dubstep tracks. 

Is Dan worried?  Maybe just a little?  He should be.  Mike pointed out to Frank this afternoon that Dan was "just a little too good with everybody".

Meanwhile, I can't even imagine Danielle living downstairs with the common folk, can you?

Britney came very close to winning HOH this week.  I wonder if Britney remembers that Mike and Frank do DR sessions together.  They'll be laughing at you Britney.   Hope you're happy now.

Or maybe you're wondering who's talking to Janelle now, and telling her what really happened last week.

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